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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from the u.n. investigators issued a damning report on myanmar's crackdown on the ranger using the word genocidal intent they also say military commanders must face justice for crimes against humanity the army's brutal offensive a year ago led hundreds of thousands of revenge of muslims to flee the country look at the latest from our correspondent in the region. in germany hundreds shorn far right protests in the eastern city of chemical starts
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off looking for a little stabbing of a german national unity spiritual police enfolds people various national. also on the right into mali the procedure is done by us who called out and yet they have no idea what they're doing they just have a knife and they cut the cruel practice of female genital mutilation we need to women from somalia who fled the country to seek help at the german reconstruction clinic. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with the united nations investigators have released a damning report on myanmar's military calling for the prosecution of its commanders for crimes against humanity the investigators say the military commanders orchestrated a campaign against the country's range of muslims with quote genocidal intent. they
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also announced they now have enough evidence to prosecute six top generals for those alleged crimes. the mission has concluded that criminal investigation and prosecution is warranted focusing on the top tech mentor generals in relation to the three categories of crimes under international law genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes we have examined the period since two thousand and eleven the violations we have identified during this period are part of a history of abusive military conduct going back at least half a century. there miles brutal crackdown against the ranger began a year ago the army has always denied accusations of ethnic cleansing that the ensuing campaign of arson rape and murder prompted some seven hundred thousand people to flee to neighboring bangladesh we're going to take a look back now to hell that crisis unfolded. a never ending line
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of refugees streaming across the border from me amar to bangladesh. they fled after security forces launched a brutal offensive against them last august. just looted and torched their homes they raped tortured and killed thousands of ranger. across the border in bangladesh the refugees have settled in sprawling camps. as they've tried to settle in here with stories of unimaginable horror that have emerged. soldiers came into every house and shutters. they looked me up in my house and then set fire to it i have burns like this. i got pulled over and
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was over my body. conditions in the camps the cramped and squalid the huts here are flimsy and built on hilly sandy ground prone to landslides. really. this year's monsoon brought more misery for the ranger who stuck fled here with her five children after her husband was killed when the military stormed their village. two of her previous shacks in the camp were destroyed by water she is now hoping for a sturdier shelter and then i had to sell my pulse is all and even rice for this month i had to sell to build the house my relatives told me to make the house strong even if i were to go hungry. aid agencies have warned against an outbreak of water borne diseases such as cholera and diphtheria that most would rather bear life here than go home it didn't even if we have to
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sleep in a trench it's better than being back. but they're not meant to stay here in january min mon bangladesh agreed to repatriate the revenger within two years. and man has started building transit camps to house the return knees but the un has said conditions are not yet right and so far barely a handful of ranger have returned. because pulling all southeast asia correspondent on this story about. bust you for cover of the revenge of crisis in myanmar and bangladesh for many months now is the damning nature of this report surprise you at all. well the un has spoken out strongly or u.n. officials have spoken out strongly against me and mars military in this respect
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before they've called it. a textbook example of ethnic cleansing what happened there in me and maher but of course this is the official report of the u.n. fact finding mission and of course that carries a lot of weight especially because it's putting forward such a stark allegations against me in my military and even naming the senior figures who are responsible for these atrocities that were committed and i think you have to understand that this comes even though. this fact finding mission wasn't granted access to the region in myanmar where these atrocities actually happened but the investigators hope to hundreds and hundreds of refugees trying to corroborate their stories and cross-reference them with satellite imagery so yes this report does carry a lot of weight and it will have to wait and see if this recommendation or this
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demand by the u.n. fact finding mission to take this to the international criminal court will actually happen that depends on the u.n. security council of course myanmar's military. gives a different version of events they say their offensive a year ago in revenge or communities was justified how do they explain their side of the story how do they justify that offensive. well so what they're saying is that these were all just anti-terrorist measures that they had to take after thirty military police outposts were attacked by a terrorist group last year pretty much exactly one year ago and this is so they had to conduct these clearing. clearance operations as they call it but of course the un report makes a point in saying that no no anti terrorist operation
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justifies the scale and and the atrocities that were committed in indy's operations where women were gang raped where children were killed where were men were killed the houses were burned down and in effect seven hundred thousand people were driven from their homes so they were un report says that these that this reaction was grossly disproportionate and they're saying it amounts to crimes against humanity ok but so many thanks to the belgian heartache there are southeast asia correspondent. turning to germany now a police are investigating a violent far right protest yesterday in the eastern city of camden it's the protest a ruptured after a german national was stabbed to death in the early hours of sunday morning later in the day police say a crowd of some eight hundred far right demonstrators refused to disperse and marched through the city center the german government has sharply condemned the
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actions of those protesters who reportedly targeted people they believed to be foreigners. far right demonstrations clashed with police in kenya city center. versus bottles leading to move offices being drafted in from neighboring dresden unlikely to cope. this is our city they chant in this video shared on twitter they're protesting against what they see is a rise in crime committed by foreigners. the unrest follows the death of a thirty five year old german man in the early hours of sunday during the city's annual street festival. he died from his injuries and hospital after being attacked with a knife. two other men must seriously injured. police sources have issued little information on the crime saying only that the ulta cation have
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been between people of various nationalities government spokesperson stuff inside but stressed that the events in cam that's had no place in a democratic society. this is. it's important for the government as it is for all democratic politicians and for most of the population as well i think to state clearly we do not accept marauding riots like these nor the hounding of people who look different will come from somewhere else no attempts to spread hate on the streets this has no place in our cities we and i can certainly say this for the government utterly condemn that kind of behavior. but tension in the eastern german city of cemex has yet to come down members of both the right and the left scenes have called for further demonstrations. and for more let's talk to doctors chief political correspondent melinda crane with me now in the studio melinda things
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a peer to have happened really quite quickly yesterday in kamloops but there's a question mark over how spontaneous it really was this absolutely was incited and coordinated shortly after that and i think incidentally reports appeared on far right websites that basically accused migrants of southern origin that of course could be anything from southern europeans to northern africans. having perpetrated the attack against a german of with russian roots and following those records there were them calls on those far right websites and on other websites as well for people to take to the streets among the groups that put out such a call were a faction of the local football fans they call themselves as they're known for extremist actions both in the stadiums around the site essentially hooligans they put out a call that was seen by many people that people should go to the streets and show people here who's boss in our city and in fact that was that brought them over
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hundreds of people into the streets and they essentially outnumbered the police from the beginning of the protests ok so considerably straighted to a lot. and. germany has had for many years now a problem with right wing extremism where does it come from what is it about that spirit kemet says in the state of saxony saxony as you will remember is the birthplace of the anti immigrant movement that brought tens of thousands of people to the streets of dresden in twenty fourteen to protest what they called the islam is a show of germany saxony is also a stronghold of the a f d a far right party in fact it was in this state during last year's federal elections the d.f.t. took the largest share of the vote and the problem is not only confined to sachs and the far right has a good deal of support throughout the former eastern germany and it's a bit of
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a paradox because the fact is there are fewer foreign born residents in that part of germany than many parts of the west but there are demographic and historic political factors that account for this the far right thrives in places where people feel pretty where they have a sense of insecurity or frustration that is certainly the case in much of the former east they've seen massive structural change since the fall of the berlin wall since the opening of the east young people leaving de population older people who remained especially in rural areas feeling that they're left behind and then this is an area where many people didn't trust the institutions the political institutions of western germany didn't trust western political parties the mainstream parties all of the pretty fertile ground for the far right to gain a foothold in the many thanks for the. chief political correspondent. ok time to catch up now in so many of the stories making news around the world pope
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francis has refused to comment on claims made by the former vatican ambassador to the u.s. that the pope himself was involved in the cover up of sex abuse an american cardinal francis was asked about the claims on his way back to rome from. there are mounting call for more security at the sports tournaments after sunday's shooting at a competition in jacksonville florida local authorities say the gunman killed two people and injured nine others before killing himself police searching for his motives. and the ugandan pop star turned government critic bobby warren has been freed on bail the thirty six year old will make you have been in detention since all this before he and several others face a treason charge for allegedly pelting president very conservative his motorcade with. turning now to their if it practice of female
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genital mutilation o.f.d.m. the women's rights organization tell the farm estimates that as many as sixty five thousand women living here in germany have been subjected to. the figure has been rising for some years now mainly because more migrants are coming from countries where g.m. is practiced at the reconstruction clinic in both cape brady met one affected woman who has joined the growing calls for an end to f g m her name has been changed to protect identity. i was about eleven or twelve years old several people held me down then they cut me off they laid me on the table i can still picture it i had such horrific pain well then they sewed me together. they tied my legs together for a month so that the wound would heal. them but i had had i types of female genital
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mutilation very anywhere from damage in the clip to sewing up the vaginal opening in some countries the brutal practice is considered a rite of passage a prerequisite for marriage. in somalia the procedure is done by your so called cutter they have no idea what they're doing they just have a knife and they cut. after two and a half years in germany thirty six year old e for seeking advice that balance doesn't flower center which offers reconstructive surgery and consultation for women affected by f g m. dr cornelius johns advises those effects and but germany services an expertise in f g m a still limited. when i studied medicine and was uncovered in the subject. but i know this is changing and i hope that trend continues but i still need colleagues who either know very little or absolutely nothing about this and he got into this according to ted if
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some sixty five thousand women affected by after living in germany an increase of twelve percent on last year. around this is due to the increase in migration from countries where female genital mutilation is particularly prevalent in the german this means countries like somalia eritrea and iraq. in a statement to deutsche avella gemini's family and women's ministry described female genital mutilation as a human rights violation during this legislative period the ministry also plans on what came all closely with germany's youth welfare offices but when it comes to some parents taking that young daughters back to their home country for a so-called vacation circumcision there's very little that all thora to all the german government can do. volunteers and teachers therefore play a huge role. the only way to really gauge what's going on is to have a vigilant society particularly means people who work in close contact with
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families who might potentially subject their daughter to. these people she was particularly attentive. ted if estimates that fifteen and a half thousand girls living in germany are in danger of. her three year old is among them. miami goodnights three year old daughter has been circumcised but if we sent back to somalia who i'm one hundred percent sure that her grandparents will make undergo the procedure. but for the first. well just three doses it's already too late. to make that was our fate those of us who had the experience to do but i'm a fighter. i hope that these women are healthy and i hope that at some point you switch a little star. report that i did all these great brady who you know joins me in the studio for a little bit more background the first thing i want to ask you about is. female
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genital mutilation of course isn't practiced in germany yet we have i think sixty five thousand women living in germany who are affected by and you know why is that in waters germany what are the or thought she is doing to address it of course there are some cases the rack ace's where this is carried out in germany but here we're talking about women who were already subjected to this in that childhood and now we're seeing an increased number of affected women livin in germany largely due to the increase in migrants coming from those countries where female genital mutilation is really prevalent so for germany specifically in the past few years that's largely being somalia eritrea in parts of iraq as well as the numbers of migrants increase so do the number of women living in germany who were subjected to this. it's not that easy to to gain access to these women or at least to talk to them they there is a certain risk to you know talk about this very vexed issue. very controversial
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issue you met some women who've you know had this procedure. performed on them you know how how is it talking to them what brings them out. to talk about it because there's already especially these women that are in germany comes back to integration and making sure that these women have access to you i mean specially other german women as well there was one lady that i spoke to that said she had no idea that this wasn't the norm until she made some german friends and after a couple of years was having quite a frank open conversation and realize. i'm the only one in this room being subjected to this and so these support groups are really important in getting women to open up about this because then of course this can help them as well to alleviate the medical conditions which they're often left with and the lifelong chronic pain and the complications that arise in all sorts of situations as a result of female genital mutilation you would in your report. reconstruction
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clinic. tell us a little bit about you know what kind of clinic does you know doctors are actually able to reverse. reverse but they can alleviate some of the pain of course in terms of this lady here that we saw just in the report just now she was seeking advice that was her first appointment that day and many women just go to see what medical advice is available to them but also psychological help of course this is also another side of the side effects lifelong side effects that women have to live with but in terms of surgery that often applies mainly to women like this lady if are in this report and basically they then just open the wound which when they were sewn up as a child which of course can at least help reverse some of the complications especially when it comes to using the bathroom and mental pain for example in the infections that can arise from that ok ok it's very disturbing story and
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a very disturbing practice in many things. turning to some sports now sunday's big match in the bundesliga saw two of defending champions by munich's closest rivals facing off dormant and light after an early goal by the visitors like it was dortmund who then equalized in the twenty first minute. using an acrobatic move to try to score an own goal then helped. take the lead and then there were more acrobatics in. the way axel before connecting with that overhead kick in front of the net for one of the final score for georgia but. now there's a new trade deal in sight for north america more from christophe first of all it was a bargaining marathon over the weekend u.s. and mexican trade negotiators are reportedly close to squaring away their differences to update the north american free trade agreement disagreements between the two countries have been
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a major obstacle to renegotiating the deal which also includes canada us president donald trump has been a harsh critic of critic of nafta using mexico of using it to take away jobs from americans cavanagh canada's top trade negotiator has also expressed optimism. here in germany sentiment among business executives improved significantly in august that's according to a monthly survey by the munich based evil research group its latest poll of company head shows that they are more satisfied with the current business climate germany's record trade surplus and beyond going goshi ations between washington and brussels to prevent further frictions in trade has boosted sentiment this is the first prize following months of declining business sentiment. not for some more analysis let's bring in our financial correspondent paul christian brit standing by the frankfurt stock exchange paul sentiment among german business
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leaders is picking up does it show in today's trading session. and christofias it was actually a surprise how good the mood is among german businesses so much so that the info institute is now considering correcting its growth outlook for the year the next is one of the most or is the most important gauge for business sentiment in germany so that's a very positive story here it does show of course that german executives are very much reliant on trade are very much aligned export you mention it in. the negotiations the improved situation between the e.u. and the trumpet ministration in the u.s. has helped to bring up that sentiment back for the first time in nine months especially automakers who are now not facing tariffs on their products as well paul
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stay with the automotive sector tesla c.e.o. musk says the company is the state public through all this by peddling different ideas in recent weeks what do investors make of that short term. well he can't seem to get out of the crosshairs musk tesla's experiencing a sell off here in germany especially in early trading this morning this may be an indicator of what is about to come when wall street opens. and yeah this is exacting you know this back and forth not really knowing what course the company is taking is of course not a positive sign and it will not pulling out now will not get out of the eyes of the wall street watchdog the f.c.c. which is looking into his original tweet claiming that funding was secured for taking the company private and we'll check whether that was actually you know had
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a sable basis for that statement reporting from the frankfurt started saying paul thank you. nissan has launched a brand new electric car model aimed squarely at the chinese market the government there has been pushing it will be lucky not least because of syria's worries about air pollution. this is the first electric sedan that nissan has designed especially for the chinese market and it is now set to go into production in china a market in which no car maker wants to be left behind. as the biggest market. from my point of view we want to be in first thing that we would have to go is a life and there's a lot of. people. like other global players needs to produce electric cars in china to stay
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competitive on the chinese market they are the market is dominated by local rivals which have been heavily subsidized by the chinese government since beijing relax rules on electric car makers earlier this year in a bid to boost development there's more room for foreign brands and it appears to be working g.m. and folks will also be launching electric car models designed for the chinese market this year. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you today un investigators are calling for the prosecution of myanmar's military commanders for what the investigator say was a campaign of genocidal intent against the country's muslims the crackdown a year ago forced hundreds of thousands of to flee their homes. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin and more news coming at the top of the hour thanks for watching. we've.
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no most head. and arts twenty one special on arts and culture from india. the worlds of sound. creative types. critical voices. encounters with a new generation of indian artists on. next. in
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shanghai. presents. come and see a preset trace it moves ahead. at the hind classic specimen. to sixty minutes to. see. the scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering of not forgotten. cities in troy morris they have survived but do they also have
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a future i really understand people who say they're the ones based here but i also admire people who want to stay here and so decided to create something. out of darkness. the more stark september second on g.w. . hello and welcome to art's twenty one. on this edition we found out a few million creatives working in germany france and their native india out of the view their vast country with its population of one point three billion and its five thousand year history.


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