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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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and lou. this is g w news live from the u.n. investigators call for genocide charges against myanmar as military leaders in a damning report on myanmar as crackdown on the revenge of last year the u.n. says military commanders must be investigated for crimes against humanity also coming up. here in germany hundreds join followed by protests in
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the eastern city of pemex that's after the fatal stabbing of a german national jaring a dispute that police say involves people of carriers nationalities. that will also be taking into yeah mile germany's name a nazi village all the residents there are far right sympathizes with the exception of one couple we've made the low miles to stem the tide of extremism every summer with a music festival to promote tolerance and in somalia the procedures down the line some called common they have no idea what they're doing they just have a knife and they cut. the cruel practice of female genital mutilation we meet a woman from somalia who fled her country to seek help at the german reconstruction clinic. plots who can keep by munich from winning their seventh straight honestly go tribal after the first weekend of the season don't mince the side making the early. running through demolished to strong like sixty on sunday.
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hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us united nations investigators have released a damning report on myanmar's military calling for the prosecution of its commanders for crimes against humanity the investigators say they orchestrated a military campaign against the country's range of muslims with quote genocidal intent they also announced they now have enough evidence to prosecute six top generals for those alleged crimes. the mission has concluded that criminal investigation and prosecution is warranted focusing on the top tatmadaw or generals in relation to the three categories of crimes under international law genocide
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crimes against humanity and war crimes the way in which sexual violence has been taking place in myanmar is particularly brutal and take it from a former special rapid tour on violence against women. the scarab tallaght the unsystematic nature of rape and violence indicate that they are part of a deliberate strategy to intimidate terrorize or punish the civilian population there used as a tactic of war considering that accountability is currently attainable domestically in myanmar. the impetus must come from the international community. now myanmar's brutal crackdown against the russian ship began a year ago the army has always denied accusations of ethnic cleansing but the ensuing campaign of arson rape and murder prompted some seven hundred thousand people to flee to neighboring bangladesh we're going to take a look back now at how that crisis unfolded. a
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never ending line of refugees streaming across the border from me and mark to bangladesh. that they fled after security forces launched a brutal offensive against them last august. soldiers looted and torched their homes they raped tortured and killed thousands of re-injure. across the border in bangladesh the refugees have settled in sprawling camps. as they've tried to settle in here with stories of unimaginable horror as have emerged. soldiers came into every house and shot at us. they looked me up in my house and
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then set fire to it i have burns like this. and it was all over my body. conditions in the camps the cramped and squalid the huts here a flimsy and built one hilly sandy ground prone to landslides. through the world where this year's monsoon brought more misery for the ranger. mr kim fled here with her five children after her husband was killed when the military stormed their village. two of her previous shacks in the camp were destroyed by water she is now hoping for a sturdier shelter and then i had to sell my pulses all and even rice for this month i had to sell to build the house my relatives told me to make the house strong even if i were to go hungry as. aid agencies have warned against an outbreak of water borne diseases such as cholera and diphtheria
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but most would rather bare life here then go home it didn't even if we have to sleep in a trench it's better than being back. but they're not meant to stay here in january min mind bangladesh agreed to repatriate the ranger within two years. their man has started building transit camps to house the return knees but the un has said conditions are not yet right and so far barely a handful of a hinge have returned. ok let's talk now to laura hague an expert on myanmar with amnesty international in london laura thanks for joining us what is your reaction to this really quite damning report from un investigators are you satisfied with the central conclusion that they have that there was genocide or intent in the way i mean last military dealt with the ranger. well thank you i mean this is
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a place straight report from the u.n. comes a year after this campaign of violence prompted this exodus of their inject it is a really important step i think towards justice and accountability but i think it's the expense themselves make clear it is the international community that now has the responsibility to act and ensure that these military commanders who i was told this operation crimes under international law are held to account and you know as i say it's a positive step that as i don't want to go before we see these people in the dock how likely do you think it is that these very senior generals the commander in chief and five other very senior generals from myanmar as military how likely do you think that these. going to come to pass that they face a court of law. well the five finding mission were very clear that they want to see the situation referred to the international criminal court and that's something that the u.n. security council should do the reality for us is that it is likely that his allies
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on the council may actually block. but i think this is where the fact finding mission to be very clear that actually i shouldn't stop the evidence collection preservation that needs to happen and you know they are could just as often long been a week and we can't get out we do get back and this report is a really important step towards that and of course the report also singles out the civilian government led by. saying it effectively contributed to the commission of atrocity crimes is that justified. absolutely that's justified i think the report is very clear however it is the military that were responsible for the. violations against american john actually it also goes into a lot of detail about military abuses elsewhere and not magazines other ethnic minority states but of course the civilian government while it doesn't have control of the military has i doubt them to continue these abuses and punish they've blocked investigations that go to the fact finding mission from god and they show
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that they have absolutely no willingness or ability to investigate or hold the military to account and i'm just looking to the future laura what needs to happen in myanmar. in order to allow range of refugees to return home. where there are two things are really crucial for a injured to return home to fast is accountability and that's international counterbalance he. cannot be expected to return to a place where they have been raped killed their houses and by the security forces and their security forces are allowed to continue as they wear but there's also an underlying system of discrimination and segregation that needs to be dismantled rack trying to say is an apartheid state returning that for the very enjoy the moment means not being able to move being confined to camp villages not being able to get to hospitals being segregated schools that have to stop as well so accountability and dismantling apartheid and the two central components of a safe return to the right engine ok the views there of laura hague from the
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international in london laura many thanks thank you. time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world iran has taken the united states to the an international court of justice in a bid to have american sanctions lifted iran's legal team called washington's decision to reimpose sanctions earlier this year naked economic aggression tehran is asking the court to one of the suspension of the sanctions for as long as the case goes on which could be years. pope francis has refused to comment on claims made by the vatican's former ambassador to the us that the pope himself was involved in the cover up of sex abuse by an american cardinal francis was asked about the claims on his way back from rome from. and the ugandan pop star turned government critic bobby weiner has been freed on bail the thirty six year old will make a had been in detention since august the fourteenth he and several others face
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a treason charge for allegedly pelting president you're very moved seventies motorcade which started. here in germany prosecutors have applied for an arrest warrant for two men syrian and in iraq in the killing of a german national early on sunday morning the incident sparked violent far right protests in the eastern german city of quetta and its police at a crowd of some eight hundred far right demonstrators refused to disperse and then marched through the city center. the german government has sharply condemn the actions of the protesters who reportedly targeted people they believed to be foreigners. far right demonstrators clashed with police in kennett city center. patterns vs bottles leading to more officers being drafted in from neighboring dresden and liked to kirk go to mass start. this is our city they chant in this video shared on twitter. they're
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protesting against what they see as a rise in crime committed by foreigners. the unrest follows the death of a thirty five year old german man in the early hours of sunday during the city's annual street festival. he died from his injuries in hospital after being attacked with a knife two other man was seriously injured. state prosecutors have applied for a warrant of arrest for two men from iraq and syria. government spokesperson stephens i about stress that the events in canada has no place in a democratic society this is which the feebleness figure it's important for the government as it is for all democratic politicians and for most of the population as well i think to state clearly we do not accept marauding riots like these nor the hounding of people who look different will come from somewhere else no attempts
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to spread hate on the streets this has no place in our cities we and i can certainly say this for the government utterly condemn that kind of behavior. tension in the east in german city of candidates has yet to calm down members of both the right and the left seems have called for further demonstrations. wanted to talk about on the story so with me now all of us sound like one of our political correspondents and federico badger from our social media desk. i want to start with all of the prosecutors now focusing on two suspects one iraqi one syrian how is this going to affect the mood in kemet and you know is the far right going to start seizing upon this i think this is what we're experiencing right now in cabinets of prosecutors talking about that attack carried out by a syrian and an iraqi as an attack without proper reason just after a verbal fight with a german citizen and so we've witnessed these protests yesterday in the city of
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camden violent protests and we are now hearing that the far right if tea party is apparently teaming up with a bigger movement and preparing further protests that are going to take place next week and certainly these incidents are playing in to their hands. off the far right in general their argument has always been that because of open door policy in the in the refugee crisis that because of that we are witnessing a surge in violence here in germany and that's certainly an allegation that cannot be proved but that comes at the heart of their argument and they will now say look we've always told you we always knew that was going to happen and this is happening and that migrants are only causing trouble here in germany the problem is that we are witnessing some sort of a mob justice year where people are targeted that have nothing to do with the with the incidents we're talking about and this is also why folks personal the government said that we cannot take this any longer and there was condemnation from
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chancellor merkel spokesman earlier today fredricka. that this what happened in kemet on sunday looked as though it was spontaneous but i believe that it's not quite the full truth social media was involved with that absolutely i mean these fire right and that the whole fight on saturday night began when a group of foreigners were because a group of foreigners were harassing a german woman but it was the allegation that was the allegation that they were making no police themselves rejected this rumor and they even tweeted on their official account saying that the investigation at that point found no indication that harassment played a role in the fight that broke out yet both right wing groups and also news media picked up upon that rumor and it started circulating on social media.
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for immigrant groups to be able to get to rally their supporters and they used their facebook groups to send out messages like this one saying this is from an extremist group called a chaotic candidates it reads our city our rules we call upon all fans and sympathizers of kenya it's. to join us this was from a football group and we saw how that played out in reality that's right because the local hooligans were heavily involved in some of the violence later on and so so basically rather than being spontaneous what you're saying is that a lot of this was orchestrated on social media and i mean what we saw yesterday in kenya has happened before and it's likely to happen again i mean we saw that activists that both on the right and on the left are using the same tactics are using social media again today to call for more protests in kenya these social media groups are by large public so they're known to us or it is they can be monitored these coals for action can be monitored and clearly something went wrong
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yesterday the police were caught by surprise they will very likely be better prepared today but we'll see in the future whether both police and also media have learned a lesson here in how to prevent the interest speech a line from becoming real violence on the streets and today you're right there are calls for further protests today exactly on others and media as well and so but this time the police will be watching. back to you i mean in general eastern germany has in recent years ever since unification really had a problem with right wing extremism just just remind us you know where that comes from why is that this is an interesting figure to look at and that's that eastern germany has by far less migrants than western germany but ironically the far right. party and as well the movement are that's where they are the strongest in eastern germany right so one take would be a to look at it through the historic person perspective and that is that eastern
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germany separated from the west has a completely different situation when it comes to migration or used to have until the wall came down so in other words less migrants hardly any migrants really so one might argue that. the people there are some of the people there might feel overwhelmed right now by the amount of refugees of migrants coming into the country again by far less in the east than in the west but also the wall has come down thirty years ago so you might want to dig a bit deeper in finding answers one interesting point might also be to look at how people in the east or many people feel themselves in the process of reunification and there are people who feel as losers of this process their own rural areas where as germany is booming overall then these rural areas are not you just have to take your car and take it to the eastern border a one hour from here in berlin where you find diligence without
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a bakery for instance hardly any perspective so that the question is what does it have to do with migrants the answer is probably nothing. certainly these people are prone to these right wing propaganda and we are now having these this part of the right wing a tea party in parliament for the first time since the end of the second world war and a lot of people feel like they're overwhelmed by the migration situation ok all of a federico many thanks to both of you. we're going to stay with the problem of right wing extremism in eastern germany and take you now to what's known as the neo nazi village that's because the village of yamato has been almost entirely taken over by far right sympathizers in recent years there is a notable exception though the no my is every year in all this courageous couple takes a stand against extremism i staging a music festival promoting tolerance. reports. village
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of yama has eleven houses with roughly sixty residents it looks a delight but this is anything but a knowledge ermine village. get it off list once a year yama residents to get low my and her husband organize a festival in their backyard. it's not your average summer gathering actually it's a protest twelve years ago when they started it as wanted to take a stand against neo nazis in this case that means almost all of their neighbors they say. for years the couple tell us they have been terrorized by them until one day their bond caught fire that was a direct attack they get says because of all the indian flag on the on we have become very vigilant in these past years especially after the acid attack on us we have installed security measures too it's a very difficult situation there is a constant sense of danger. the burned down barn was located just
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a few meters from their home. but behind me is the property of the little maya family here hundreds of people enjoying life music in a form of protest against neo nazis and others the far right use meanwhile when we turn around we can see on the opposite side of the village there's another little party going on when clear a notorious right wing extremist in germany has invited his like minded friends to come all the fall barbecue and inspect the police station just in front of his house to make sure they can intervene in case of any confrontation. it's crystal clear whose turf this is the flag of the form on german or empire is clearly visible from everywhere a moral shuls the residents vision of a german area and family. and a signpost points the way to fitness birthplace. and to leave no doubt
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eight eight is neo nazi cult for heil hitler. these are only some of the nazi symbols we can find in that image. and he used the unofficial basia spend. his criminal record includes illegal possession of weapons and assault. so over there there leftists and we are not and we have to listen to nazis out the whole evening my own garden friends i was told to get out because i'm a nazi so i said i live here you don't. they play music against us we have a nice day barbecue together we'll probably do this every year now against the left wingers. the crowd next door at the festival doesn't seem to care much they're here to support the message of build it and tossed. tolerance and
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democracy. ok time now for some business with monica germany's company leaders in an upbeat mood yeah i don't know quite the reason christopher but it's true sentiment among germany's executives improved significantly in august and that is according to a monthly survey by the munich based efore research institute its latest poll of company head shows that they are somewhat more satisfied with the current business climate sherman is record trade surplus and the ongoing negotiations between washington and brussels to prevent further frictions in trade have listed sentiment this is the first rise following months of declining business climate. found that we would like to cross over to paul but it's our man in the front for stock exchange this week paul german business leaders more optimistic again to investors share that feeling. just want to have a true per cent optic in the business climate is actually
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a big surprise so much so that the eco institute it gives out this gives out this index is considering to correct its growth outlook for the year the index is considered the most important gauge of business climate and it looks like the german boom party is going to continue where there's also shows of course is that german executives are heavily reliant on exports on trade and with the calming of the situation between the us government and the e.u. that situation is much more comfortable for executives now especially in the automotive industry where they work tensions and talks of tariffs and to be imposed on german products oh i talking over exports and feeling comfortable just very briefly paul. is still posing a challenge president marcos says that he's aims for
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a special relationship with the u.k. post breaks it and keep e.u. unity that sounds familiar is it doable. and just when we thought we didn't have to think of breath said for once but mccraw is not the only one who is on the one side the hopeful but on the other parent buckling up for a hard right as hard breaks it seems more likely the german industry is the association has actually warned of heartbreaks and said saying it is growing. more the risk is growing day by day and the consequences could be worse than the british government is ready to acknowledge publicly all right but it's there at the front of stock exchange thank you so much. this has launched a brand new electric aimed squarely at to the chinese market the government there has been pushing evil billeted not least because of serious worries about air pollution the new model will be built in china and the japanese maker hopes to gain
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a foothold a hit off of foreign rivals but it might be the domestic companies it has to worry about. this is the first electric sedan that nissan has designed especially for the chinese market and it is now set to go into production in china a market in which no car maker wants to be left behind. as i want the biggest market the guns are bad it can be from michael any point of view and if you want to be a day in china first thing that we would have to go is how much we can the wife and i and there's a lot of fuel both supply in jet outwits capable of so therefore that is what we have a good deal. like other global players meeson needs to produce electric cars in china to stay competitive on the chinese market they are the market is dominated by local rivals which have been heavily subsidized by the chinese government since beijing
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relax rules on electric car makers earlier this year in a bid to boost development there's more room for foreign brands and it appears to be working g.m. and folks wagon will also be launching electric car models designed for the chinese market this year. more business coming up shortly christopher thanks monica still to come on this program the brutal practice of female genital mutilation leaves women with terrible physical and emotional scars the number of women affected here in germany is rising that's up next here on news. just.
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in developing countries it's an industry. and the deadly threat to people and the environment this thing that this allusion to that is a more expensive and is cheaper to bring it down into africa i go it's really. widely polluted news children with such things and then diminishing one also by. the life hazards of electronic waste in forty five minutes. hijacking the news. where i go wrong the news is being hijacked the target was but still has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them whack
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and one. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about the fear and balance or removed it's about being truthful. funny was important golf and i were. these creations. just brand will come left office icon of the. book what do we really know about the man behind the torch.
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what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer to some small. start september not w. . come back your. top stories at this hour you. u.n. investigators are calling for the prosecution of myanmar's military commanders for what the investigators say is a campaign of genocidal intents against the country's range of muslims the army's brutal crackdown a year ago forced hundreds of thousands of ranger to flee their homes. and here in germany hundreds of people have taken part in violent anti immigrant protests in the eastern city of camden it's the marches was sparked by the killing of a german national prosecutors have applied for an arrest warrant for two men in connection with that killing a syrian and an iraqi national. turning now to the horrific
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practice of female genital mutilation or f g m or than two hundred million women and girls worldwide are affected by f g m it leaves them with a lifelong scars both physical and emotional and sometimes even proved fatal now recent figures show that the number of women living in germany affected by f g m has reached an estimated sixty five thousand that's an increase by the way of twelve percent on last year experts say that increase is due to the arrival of migrants from countries known to carry out f g m so you have countries in central africa in northern africa in eastern africa and also some countries in the middle east and asia kate brady has been to a reconstruction clinic in berlin where she met one woman affected by a.g.m. who's calling for an end to the brutal practice her name has been changed to protect her privacy.
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i was about eleven or twelve years old several people held me down then they cut me off they laid me on the table i can still picture it i had such horrific pain well then they sewed me together. they tied my legs together for a month so that the wound would heal. them but i had had i types of female genital mutilation very anywhere from damaging the clit or us to summing up the vaginal opening in some countries the brutal practice is considered a rite of passage a prerequisite for marriage. somali other procedures done by a so-called cutter they have no idea what they're doing they just have a knife and they cut. after two and a half years in germany thirty six year old e for osieck an advice at berlin's doesn't flower center which offers reconstructive surgery and consultation for women affected by
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a. dr cornelius joins advises those affected but germany service is an expertise enough jam us delimited. when i studied medicine and was uncovered in the subject. but i know this is changing and i hope that trend continues but i still need colleagues who either know very little or absolutely nothing about this and he got into this according to ted if some sixty five thousand women affected by after living in germany an increase of twelve percent on last year. this is due to the increase in migration from countries where female genital mutilation is particularly prevalent in germany this means countries like somalia eritrea. and a statement of deutsche avella germany's family and women's ministry described female genital mutilation as a human rights violation during this legislative period the ministry also plans on
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working more closely with germany's youth welfare offices but when it comes to some parents taking that young daughters back to their home country for a so-called vacation circumcision there's very little that all thora to all the german government can do. volunteers and teachers therefore play a huge role. the only way to really gauge what's going on is to have a vigilant society particularly means people who work in close contact with families who might potentially subject their daughter to. these people should be particularly attentive these are. estimates that fifteen and a half thousand girls living in germany are in danger of f. g.m. . her three year old is among the. miami goodnights three year old daughter has been circumcised yet but if we stand back to somalia who i'm one hundred percent sure that her grandparents will make undergo the procedure. but for the first.
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eldest three doses it's already too late. you can't even make that was our fate those of us who had to experience that but i'm a fighter. and i hope that these women are healthy and i hope that at some point this ritual will stop and. that report from judo these cape braiding joining me now from frankfurt thomas fonda austins our managing director of the charity wadi which campaigns against if g.m. in asia and the middle east thomas thanks for joining us we hear a lot about how widespread is in africa are you campaign against it in asia or in the middle east how widespread is it there well it is quite widespread what we don't half reliable data i mean we just saw the map you projected on the wall there and just iraq is the only country that is recognized by the united nations and
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yemen we were fighting about eight years that iraq got on to the least so usually if the you and put the country on the least if g.m. should exist we know it existed india in iran in oman in indonesia so in a lot of countries but we don't have reliable information we do think that the number that was given about f.g.s. in the past one hundred twenty million girls and women were wide was totally incorrect and it might be even the double number or more. and thomas when you campaign against f.p.m. one of those sorts of obstacles that you and your colleagues face you know when you're speaking to two girls and women about this very difficult issue. well we start we found it in the more severe rock where we're usually where we're mainly working and in two thousand and four and we were fighting on two fronts one front
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was of course in the field to convince women and the community to stop it and to convince the local authorities to each shoe laws to forbid this practice which was quite successful in the last years and that second obstacle back then was that almost no one believed that if g.m. is so widespread in the middle east and asia so it was a very hot struggle to get the information out to convince people these does exist here we did a lot of studies and then human rights watch and others were starting to support us and finally unicef a group put iraq on the list and that was a very big step forward but unfortunately now iraq is there on as one thing goes out country and we do believe and we have a lot of information that it is what's more what's spread in other asian countries and thomas you know as you rightly say people find it difficult to to understand.
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and grasp how widespread this practice is why is it so widespread what is it. that it's very difficult to understand why it's not stopped what can be done to change people's position towards this. well it is changing now you have a lot of laws against it in some african countries and even the local authorities in iraqi kurdistan issued a lord two thousand and eleven banning it but of course i mean we are fighting a practice that the hundreds if not thousand years old and it is about control of sexuality control of women and girls and it plays a very very important role in certain traditions and even from a little religious point of view i mean what we are facing in for example in iraq is the fact that there are some sunni law schools and the predominant one for example in north in iraq or egypt or indonesia of the shofar law school that is
4:39 pm
clearly saying that cutting girls and boys is mandatory so you're not only fighting a tradition you're not only fighting is thirteen have but. self-determination of girls and women you are fighting a religious decrease and that is of course something that takes time and a lot of support ok thomas founder austin sutton managing director of the your charity wanted many thanks for talking to us thank you now more business news we have monica the u.s. i believe is not going to let those executives get away with these or they're not so let them don't let them off the hook so easily christopher in fact fox that the mission scandal is far from over i do make sure that it doesn't happen again u.s. government appointed lawyer larry thompson is keeping a close eye on the german carmaker in his first annual report he's called for greater transparency at the company but also arden's lawyers don't want to share
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certain information with thompson who wants proof that the carmaker is complying with agreements made with u.s. or foreign chase immediately admitted to the u.s. justice department that it cheated of oratory sent to customers with manipulated to diesel exhaust emissions data. right to another comic in our construction work on a new b.m.w. plant in eastern hungary is set to begin next year the german car maker hopes to produce one hundred fifty thousand cars a year there been w. follows other big automotive powerhouses including mercedes and audi who've had plans and hungry for some years now and concerns about the hunt garion governments disdain for the e.u. haven't faced them. just off the autobahn to budapest this four hundred hectare field is to be home to the bavarian automakers new plant and investment worth about a billion euros the german auto parts supplier shift came to debits in more than
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twenty years ago attracted by lower labor costs but is that still the case is a blow that no not because of the low wages it's the proven expertise of the people here our products are highly technologically oriented and the big advantage for us is the professional pull that we're able to draw on. the local man proud of his newest corporate settler the german bottling machine manufacturer co-owners the company has invested forty million euros here perhaps a political component or a president viktor orban has come under fire for his anti european policies but that doesn't seem to bother investors. the city of debrecen and the region have a lot of potential and i don't think investors come here and look at the unemployment i think they come because we have seventy four thousand students in our university and that's what these german companies need
4:42 pm
a well educated skilled workforce but hungary's opposition parties have criticised the b.m.w. z investment they say details of the one billion euro investment are not transparent enough. we don't know how much it will cost for the taxpayers we don't know how many that discounts dave you know that we don't know anything about this and government and these big companies including the b.m.w. makes these special discounts which are kept in secrecy. what about sheffler with its recent fifty million euro investment in a new production facility the industrial bearing company says there are no e.u. funds for such large scale projects. it's not tax exempt we got only state subsidies to cover fifteen percent of the total investment we also need . to make the location of debits and more attractive the hungary in government is
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building a new technical college and it's intended to produce a labor force tailor made for the new industries moving to the city. the new bonus legal season is up and running we've had a full weekend of action this weekend some strong performances from munich and bruce you don't want with me to talk about it all public fairly early as the presenter of up honestly good show pavlik some familiar names at the top right already don't want to buy and what was your take on this first weekend where everybody was waiting to see not what byron would do because we all know that byron are still very dominant for everyone to see what dortmund for done going to do because of course there were many changes at their most notably of course their manager but i think before we actually get into it we really need to take a look at how they fared against leipsic know one of the big teams that's true that . a shock for the hosts after just thirty one seconds i think in the leaves
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of bouncing ball fell to john kerry. who bulldozed it past keeper roman burkey i but dortmund struck back in the twenty first minute. i myself smelters trust met by the acrobatic double. bend in the forty eighth minute to marco toys for a kick headed in by marcel's up it's like six handing their opponents a gift and three minutes later a christian pull the sick corner thomas delaney's header saved by peter c. but so it's still firing home the rebound with the sublime overhead kick. and dortmund weren't done yet in injury time new captain marco to avoid netted his one hundred one just. for one success and dortmund stake their claim to being legitimate title contenders. currently
4:45 pm
on fire you know can they can they do it this season like this season is definitely looking better than last season as let's not forget the last season they were erratic to say the least they had these spells where they looked good then all of a sudden they weren't winning any games at all loads of manager. managerial changes but i mean with players like marco royce who we saw there scoring goals and sort of helping the team gel together seems to have this new approach will say which seems to be working but it is early days yet but what we saw again let's not forget are also one of the big teams in the bowl in this league and the fact that they just they beat them for one ok that was a little bit of a mistake in the opening minutes we'll say from dortmund but overall they looked solid they looked exciting to watch and that kind of dortmund team that everybody really enjoys seeing and also perhaps. they're going to be able to stop biron because it's let's be honest after you know how many years and six consecutive seasons that they've been the top it would be nice to perhaps see another team
4:46 pm
we've been waiting a long time public what about the other sort of top contenders in as anybody else who can cause a headache for we were just mentioning leipzig there and i think everybody also wanted to see how we're going to get on they didn't look as good perhaps as people were hoping but you know we do indeed they have and of course you know they do have a new manager with a child and it's a strange situation for them of course because they're going to have union nigel's mom who is one of the other big teams this season he's going to be taking over next season and he's at hoffenheim it's a rather up for me it's a very odd situation to know that you've got this other manager at another one of the big teams already going to be there next year but i think what they're aiming this season is they've already been playing you know they ended up six and what they need to focus on is perhaps just making it into europe not focusing so much on perhaps a champions league spot for the big teams as well shall they actually last this weekend hoffenheim like i was mentioning surprise leverkusen those big teams that everybody's saying uh they're going to come out they're going to beat it's going to
4:47 pm
be absolutely no problem well that's not what happens and of course you know they've still got these big players you know. i have you know so i say it's early days let's wait and see how things work out much day two but it is definitely. exciting for me than last season remember you telling me the other day that even couzens one of your dark horse favorite they certainly are another match on sunday mights against two teams that spent a lot of money in the so you did for i mean for what you know teams of this managed to be able to spend on they did spend quite a lot they brought in several new players but of course you know mine's last season didn't exactly have the best season ended up very close to that relegation spot and should guard in the end didn't do too badly but the best is if we look at how they got on in that game it was mines who ended up on top this goal in the seventy six minutes but made all the difference robin case all made it all possible by morgan holder bad stupor and then putting them all back ok i have learned many thanks for
4:48 pm
that it's always good to talk football with you people are fairly lierse from wonderfully goetia thanks chris now we're going to move on to formula one racing ferrari sebastian fettle made a quick pass on lewis hamilton in the first lap of the belgian grand prix holding that top spot for the rest of the race to win the event was marred by an early crash that some say might have been fatal to one driver if not for a safety device added to cars this year it's called the halo and it may have been heaven sent for driver look like. in the high speed chase of a formula one race accidents are just one turned away sunday's belgian grand prix trials on the very first corner when nico who can read did so that back a good friend and go along. alonzo's car came crashing down on charlotte clare's all drivers thankfully walked away unharmed with the clear particularly fortunate
4:49 pm
to escape serious injury. is apparent savior the high and low titanium ring that sits above the cockpit to protect the driver from flying debris or flying cars it was introduced at the start of the season despite a national resistance from formula one teams due to its aesthetics and potential hindrance to drivers getting out of their cars in emergencies. alonzo said he was sure the hi-lo had saved his fellow drivers life for claire he tweeted that he was happy to have it over his head. if the high low was ever doubted this incident seems to have more than proved its worth.
4:50 pm
now a group of dances that you're watching there is the flying steps of the most successful dance groups in the world they're just one of many many performing groups who have the next year will be taking part in something called ovando bar together that's an initiative funded by the german foreign office with the support of germany's cultural institute good to institute and also the federation of german industries and we want to know a little bit more about this initiative which is why we have robin merrill from our culture desk here robin if this is all about promoting good transatlantic relations between germany and the u.s. which have been a little bit tense recently well they have haven't they yeah what better way to improve them them with the arts as well as other things as well but it was actually together was actually the planning for this was started before trump again president and before relations between the two countries politically at least became a little strained it's basically
4:51 pm
a year to strength of the ties as you said between the two countries with hundreds of events and collaboration's over the next year it's starting on october the third which is a very significant day in this country because it's a bank holiday it's the day of german reunification when the two parts of both well two parts of germany were reunited and it will go on until october the next year the idea is to go to places in the states not just the big cities but also the small towns middle america if you like where perhaps nationalism and skepticism about foreigners is a little stronger one could say anyway as you said it was launched here at the weekend in berlin. germany and the united states voted to bar together the motto of a year of german american friendship the program was launched in a pop up venue on berlin central potsdamer platz the specially designed mobile structure will house exhibitions and cultural events on a tour of the us that targets culturally neglected small town america. the
4:52 pm
this is the biggest growing effort between. science and education business and politics aimed at maintaining the dialogue with our american friends because the us is our biggest partner outside europe. not us and europe one i'm going to be themes on and we want to address the major themes of the twenty first century that is means education digitalisation it means urban planning we want to reach multipliers who can take the ideas that we can only touch upon. us to get with us and what we are attempting here which some describe as a new assessment of our relationship is to get in touch with the people right across the country. we have established that direct contact exchange programs are major factor in determining how another country is perceived germany is perceived
4:53 pm
in the u.s. in finding stock market. best selling german or phone current now a long term resident of california is one of the participants she shows that the rolling germany review will remind the two nations and continents of all they have in common by the continent how both continents have done terrible and wonderful things and would do well to just admit that us. and so much in america is european and things that are going on in europe also have an echo in america. other coffin that. time for americans to meet a german and hopefully see that they can still be. together. when about together the name of german forests foreign office initiative robin business involves politics involved of course and lots of cultural events lots of
4:54 pm
cultural events i think it's the main thrust really very first event. the photographic exhibition we saw very briefly in that report of the the look at the famous lift that saved the city after the second world war i mean this was when the soviet union blocked access to berlin by road rail and indeed the waterways back in one nine hundred forty eight the allies led by the americans supplied the city amazingly by f a ten months and it was one of the foundations of good relations with these exactly what i was going to take the words. of yet it is the foundation of the post-war relationship between the two countries it was an extraordinary piece of generosity it has to be said by the allies who'd been at war with germany just before that and germans especially berlin it's have never forgotten it and indeed it's the seventieth anniversary of the book of this year ok so that's the first event what else is planned well thousands of events i mean that's about three a day on average i mean there's going to be many october fest would you believe
4:55 pm
staged in various places in the states the be serious classical music too heavy metal all sorts of things going on all through the year ok and if we want to find out more we just go to your website indio website d.w. dot com slash culture there's lots more there will be lots more throughout the year telling everybody what's going on ok robyn many thanks for that robin merrill culture editor. a quick reminder four of our top stories this hour u.n. investigators calling for the prosecution of myanmar's military commandos for what the investigators say was a campaign of genocidal intent against the country's range of muslims the army's brutal crackdown a year ago forced hundreds of thousands of ranger to flee their homes. and here in germany a syrian and an iraqi man have appeared before a court of law in connection with the death of a thirty five year old german in the eastern city of chemicals the killing sparked violently anti immigrant clashes of the weekend between police and far right
4:56 pm
extremists. you're watching news here in but then more from us at the top of the hour sara kelly taking over at this desk from me thanks for watching so you're seeing.
4:57 pm
in developing countries it's an industry and deadly. threat to people and the environment it's another solution to this somebody spends the least she thought to bring a dollar to africa i guess really. why would we pollute abused children with such things and then diminishing the law so by. the life hazards of electronic waste in fifteen minutes d.w. .
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moving around beethoven and. his works the goddess fortuna. the monster a country place. the children insist upon twenty. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition true media. control the risks lots with the flow of investment bankers crooked carousels never stopped of a system that spun out of control. probably never. even heard of the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on g.w. . may nineteenth sixty eight and i'm crying echoed around the world. young people in the field against the talents
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generation. did it wasn't possible dusty from the stupidity insistence to serious demanded nothing less than a whole new system in. my maelstrom of the flip flops with the vietnam war plane it's gross margin aeration watch the blood war every day. those who were to remember don't use the first time had a feeling of being part of something. new seeds of civil rights. peace movement. one of. the two sixty eight foot. storm surge in the first. elite.
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elite. athletes. this is d.w. news a live from bergland u.n. investigators call for genocide charges against myanmar as military leaders in a damning report on myanmar's crackdown on the broken just the u.n. says that military commanders must be investigated for crimes against humanity. also coming up here in germany hundreds joined far right pro.


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