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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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mom told. me about. love and respect. this is g w news line from berlin the german chancellor condemns the far right street moms who are pro hunting down foreigners anti immigrant protesters have been taking to the streets in the eastern german city of kenya over the killing of a german man a syrian and a rocky national have since appeared in court in connection with the deaths we will
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go there a lot. also coming up u.n. investigators call for genocide charges against me on mars military leaders and a damning report on myanmar is cracked down on the broken just like un says that military commanders must be investigated for crimes against humanity and it's a big day for trade says the u.s. president after a year of talks donald trump announces quote a really good deal with mexico but will canada now sign up to to create a new version of nafta. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. we begin with far right protests in germany this after a syrian and an iraqi national appeared in court in connection with the killing of a german national earlier on sunday morning the incident sparked violent anti immigrant clashes in the east german city of chemists police say that
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a crowd of some eight hundred far right demonstrators refused to disperse and marched through the city center the german government has sharply condemned the actions of the protesters who reportedly targeted people that they believed to be foreigners. far right demonstrate his clash with police in kemet city center. patterns vs bottles leading to more officers being drafted in from neighboring dresden and like to to curb go to strut this is a policy they chant in this video shed on twitter. they're protesting against what they see as a rise in crime committed by foreign it's. beyond rest follows the death of a thirty five year old german man in the early hours of sunday during mrs he's on you will street festival he died from his injuries in hospital after being attacked
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with a knife. two of a man was seriously injured. government spokesperson. stressed that the events in cannot have no place in a democratic society. this is wish to goodness we get it's important for the government as it is for all democratic politicians and for most of the population as well i think to state clearly we do not accept marauding riots like these nor the hounding of people who look different all come from somewhere else no attempts to spread hate on the streets this has no place in our cities we and i can certainly say this for the government utterly condemn that kind of behavior. attention on eastern german city of cam that's has yet to come down with further demonstrations from both right and left wing groups going forward this evening. and correspondent charlie charles and phil joins us from cabinets where those protests as we mentioned are resuming today so we understand i'm sorry because we see the
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people who are standing there behind you that those are rival protests going on are the two sides big kept apart what is the atmosphere right now. that's right so what you're seeing just behind me is hundreds of far right nationalists back on the streets of kenneth's today and what's very important to note is just across the street just here is a counter demonstration going on just a few meters away they are exchanging treat you have the counter-demonstrators yelling chaunce like nazis out in between you have riot police who are out in force today keen to avoid a repeat of some of the violence that was seen yesterday up until now they have managed to keep the two sides apart they are intervening whatever any scuffles jeev begin to break out the tensions are very high here these two sides are just meters apart and charlotte you've been talking with people there today what have they been
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telling you. that's right we spoke to a lot of the council demonstrators a short time ago when that protest got underway we've met one woman from lebanon and she's been living in germany for a number of years she told us that she was caught up in some of the violence that broke out on the streets here yesterday let's have a listen to what she told me. i saw huge groups of people with a racist mindset it was a right wing mob they were running around freely in the city center they were chasing migrants here with two little police presence and they took over the city and we have been struck i am going on. now she like a number of people that we spoke to his say they simply could not believe the violence like what we saw yesterday could take place here in germany hearing kennett's but she said she was back on the streets today like other people that we've spoken to to show that the views of the nationals just behind me don't represent the views of everybody here in kenya is that they believe refugees
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migrants are welcome here and meantime charlotte we know the suspects there are in custody after this weekend stabbing this is of course what one touched off these far right protests that we're witnessing behind you how much do we know about the suspects and about the incident itself. oh please this you were quite vague about the incident that took place overnight on saturday into sunday the killing of the thirty five year old gentleman they said that they believe several people of various nationalities who caught up in that attack what they've now revealed is that they have two suspects in custody. twenty one of iraqi national and the other syrian nationality but they have stressed that very little is known about the nature of that attack they say that they don't know the motive yet they also say that it's not yet clear exactly what happened during the attack how how that progressed and so they are keen to stress that they do not want any remains there
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a lot of remains on social media about exactly what took place here they are keen to stress that they cannot be secular they just want to base this on the facts. and cabinets thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world police in berlin are cracking down on organized crime they're targeting members of an extended lebanese families to spectate of drug trafficking police have made several arrests and confiscated vehicles and properties the family are suspected of carrying out a high profile robberies including the recent theft from a museum of a gold coin worth four million euros. the ugandan pop star turned government critic bobby wine has been freed on bail the thirty six year old lawmaker i've been in detention since august fourteenth he and several others face a treason charge for allegedly pelting president was seventies motorcade with stones. and russian opposition leader alexina volley has been sentenced to thirty
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days in prison for organizing a rally in late january against the country's presidential elections involving spokeswoman said that the sentence was clearly time to prevent him from tending other protests which he called for next month. pope francis has refused to comment on claims made by the former vatican ambassador to the u.s. that the pope himself was involved in the cover up of sex abuse by american cardinals francis was asked about the claims on his way back to rome from ireland. united nations investigators have released a damning report on the on mars military calling for the prosecution of its commanders for crimes against humanity the investigators say that the military orchestrated a campaign against the country's will hinge on muslims with quote genocidal intent now myanmar's brutal crackdown against the real hinge of began a year ago the ensuing campaign of arson rape and murder prompted some seven
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hundred thousand people to flee to neighboring bangladesh. as u.n. investigators have made it clear me and most high ranking military officials must pay for what they're now calling actions with quote genocide to intend. the mission has concluded that criminal investigation and prosecution is warranted focusing on the top tech mentor generals in relation to the three categories of crimes under international law genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes the un used to call the treatment of the rohingya and a textbook example of ethnic cleansing monday's report is however the strongest condemnation so far based on interviews with over eight hundred victims and witnesses the report detailed a list of crimes committed against their will hinge on murder and false disappearance touches and large scale gang rape the way in which sexual violence
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has been taking place in myanmar is particularly brutal and take it from a former special rapper tour and violence against women. the scale brutality and systematic nature of rape and violence indicate that they are part of a deliberate strategy to intimidate terrorize punish the civilian population there used as a tactic of war. investigators are referring to the brutal crackdown myanmar launched against range of muslims last august fearing for their lives around seven hundred thousand of them fled to neighboring bangladesh now confined to crowded basic cams many here welcome the un stew findings. i'm very happy about as nice me another government has killed tens of thousands of our people right down mothers and sisters killed our children and going to our homes so of course we want justice for this. that. they must be punished by torture just because we're
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muslims and we read islamic verses they have nothing against any of the other one hundred thirty five ethnic groups and meanwhile we are the only muslim community and i just don't want us here. un investigators say six military leaders and now the priority subjects for prosecution including commander in chief mean online but they say impunity in the country had placed the military about the law so the impetus for accountability must come from the international community. and earlier i spoke with one of the three members of the u.n. fact finding mission christopher dominic said i asked him about the mission specific conclusion that the myanmar military had shown genocidal intent and i asked him to elaborate genocide unlike other international crimes requires proof of a specific purpose this is called genocidal intent the actions must be undertaken to destroy a group in whole or in us and we looked at all of the surrounding circumstances we
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looked at the decisions taken by other international tribunals that have examined genocide in the past particularly in relation to rwanda and former yugoslavia and we saw in rakhine state many of the same color lines of circumstances and statements by military commanders and perpetrators a general situation of oppression of a minority group the use of hate speech the brutality and widespread nature of the violence the evidence that these things have been planned in advance and studied them were committed quite deliberately these factors have in the past and the international tribunals to make a finding of genocidal intent. it's been a dramatic start to the u.s. open in new york with top seed women's excuse me with the top women seed and world
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number one simona halep knocked out by stoney is now a.p. while the romanian could not cope with kind of his power and dropped the first set six two halep battle to stay in the game but the estonian took the second set six four this is the second consecutive first round exit for halep the tournament i mean times understand if they do actions our minds take on stood guard both teams spent a lot of money to bring in new players over the summer and it was mine's coming out on top this gold in the seventy second and seventy sixth minute excuse me by anthony need all the different. robin k.'s on and made it possible by taking the ball from the defender and then pulling it back to set into it was the first time the minds when their opening match in five seasons. and this is the time now to get you the full results of the bundesliga season's first weekend of play
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dortmund to be at leipsic for one there you see mine says victory as well wolfsburg frankfurt and oxford also came away victorious and better and head over played to a draw berlin start of the season off with a win and byron munich kicked it all off on friday with a fairly easy victory. well he worked hard to make a name for himself and become a star and then he took off for america when opportunity knocked but this week german football legend. is back for a tribute to munich and a friendly against his former club byron munich a couple of. times tiger and teammates from his new club the chicago fire of major league soccer have come for a testimonial match tuesday and finds tiger's honor the thirty four year old midfielder was with fired first seventeen years.
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still to come on d w news donald trump's new trade pact the u.s. and mexico agree on a framework deal to replace nafta but what about canada. monaco jones will have that story and a whole lot more coming up for you in just a few minutes you're watching t.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks for watching have a great day. on . earth. home to news of species the home we're seeing. here which is on the.


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