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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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soccer have come for a testimonial match tuesday and finds tiger's honor the thirty four year old midfielder was with fired for seventeen years. still to come on deja vu news donald trump's new trade pact the u.s. and mexico agree on a framework deal to replace nafta but what about canada. radhika jones we'll have that story and a whole lot more coming up for you in just a few minutes you're watching news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks for watching have a great day. earth . home to millions of species a home worth saving. here as much as those are big changes and most start with
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small steps global warming tears told stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use how to convert those to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and were determined to build something here for the next generation bloodline theo's the multimedia environment series on do you w. donald trump announced that the u.s. and mexico have reached a deal and make negotiations on the north free trade agreement talks with canada are expected to start shortly will not soon be replaced by two separate trade deals we talked to our financial correspondent in frankfurt. also coming up
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next larry makes millions from water it comes from wells in northeastern france but the source is running dry for the residents of the tell so whose water is it. welcome to new business and the united states and mexican trade negotiators have reached a bilateral deal that could lead to an update of the old north american free trade agreement u.s. president on a drum called it a really good deal for farmers and manufacturers in both countries he suggested calling it the united states mexico trade agreement if a trilateral deal with canada cannot be reached talks to begin shortly also us this it will continue to work for a trilateral agreement. because there is some uncertainty about all of this let's cross over to power blitzer standing by for us to the front stock exchange how first of all what does this deal between the u.s. and mexico consist of. well details haven't been
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officially released yet but there are a few contentious issues were some information has come through there's been reports of people close to the matter one of the contentious issues of course has been automotive production and it appears that one of the agreements is that a higher percentage point of. of car parts will have to be produced in. mexican factories that are more high wage factories that of course would go to u.s. automakers where it doesn't make more doesn't make sense for them to move these productions over to south of the border anymore. another contentious issue that has been trop dropped from the u.s. side is the so-called sunset clause that would end a deal in the greenman if there wasn't a renewal after
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a certain amount of years. and the third one is energy. the issue of energy. outgoing president peña nieto is ready to open the oil and gas industry in mexico the incoming president isn't likely to but there's no idea what how that has been resolved at all just very briefly because donald trump says he could strike a different deal with canada we're still talking about nafta. that's of course a very very clever negotiating tactic technique he wants to close that deal with mexico by the end of the week and canada knows this so the advantage would be on their side but by claiming or by framing that the way that it could be a bilateral agreement he's changing that now forcing can of this and to either be there and agree to the u.s. terms quickly or just not be part of it. but it's there from the front the stock exchange thank you so much. well during his trip to beijing italian economy
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minister minister giovanni told a chinese newspaper that the object of office visit is to strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries to deny recent speculation in the italian media that the goal of his trip was actually to find new buyers for italian debt italy's populist government has promised to go on a spending spree next year they want to cut taxes and boost welfare without yet saying how they plan to reign in dead italy has the second largest debt load of all e.u. countries after greece. alright let's get the asian perspective on this particular issue we're crossing over now to linda hong a correspondent in single poor good to have you with us linda do you know of any investors in the region that would be interested in italian debt well italian debt seems to be quite not so attractive i mean if you look at it you look
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at the g.d.p. to debt ratio it's about hundred ten debt to g.d.p. ratio it's about one hundred thirty percent and that means that it's very hard based on economic growth of one point five percent last year and projected again the same this year that it will be able to service its debt and so it attractiveness may not be that appealing to asian investors which is seeing quite a bit of growth as compared to european economy that's already maturing talking of growth i mean there's a lot of money around certainly since today with hong kong stocks seeing their biggest one day gain in six months what's triggered to that a jump. well those central banks in the old days it would guide the market more stable in the face of a stronger u.s. dollars and the ongoing trade war between washington and beijing the people with you had actually said that it's reviving account a cyclical factor in its daily fixing and that is actually risen strengthened the
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you are today and that was also sent the stock markets in hong kong surging to one of its biggest gains in months and so that is why we are seeing such a rally today. ok so this is the sort of positive aspect of those gains how sustainable would you say are they also given i mean we have three new tensions now between north korea and the u.s. we know that china reportedly is very worried about that how will react investors react to all but well you know there's still a bit of worries about the profitability of hong kong companies and take note that this one day announcement is just one day and there's also worries that in the long term another twenty five percent or two hundred billion us dollars of goods a could be imposed on trying to make goods. and this is actually despite all the french off the currency being strengthened by the chinese government there's also the u.s. still doesn't seem quite happy on friday u.s.
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president although trump said that they're not sending my own gol you advised against it because the chinese is not doing his job so we're seeing actually quite a bit off tension still going on and uncertainty in this area in the home there in singapore thank you so much. this ung has launched a brand new electric car model aimed squarely at the chinese market the government there has been pushing immobility not least because of serious worries about absolution the new model will be built in china and the japanese make a hopes to gain a foothold ahead off of foreign rivals but it might actually be the domestic companies it has to worry about this is the first electric sedan that nissan has designed especially for the chinese market and it is now set to go into production in china a market in which no car maker wants to be left behind. china has one of the biggest market in terms of the right people from market economy point of view and
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you want to be in china or think we would have to consider is how much we can move on and i think there's a lot of local supplier in china with people who put their whole that is what we're looking to do like other global players meeson needs to produce electric cars in china to stay competitive on the chinese market they are the market is dominated by local rivals which have been heavily subsidized by the chinese government since beijing with lots rules on electric car makers earlier this year in a bid to boost development there's more room for foreign brands and it appears to be working g.m. and folks a bargain will also be launching electric car models designed for the chinese market this year. while it is one of the world's most popular mineral water brands victim named after the town in eastern france now its residents accused
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nestlé waltzes the owner of the retail brand of overusing local spring water that supplies the town to maintain exports and ask the says it wants a solution that is in everyone's interest. the machines spin endlessly more than two million bottles are filled here every day water is a lucrative business swiss food and drink giant nestlé had more than two hundred sixty million euros in sales here in the last quarter alone. but groundwater levels have some dramatically according to tests nestle has been pumping out thousands and thousands of cubic metres of underground mineral water for years. and this new notice picked the nestlings shows no consideration. the company does not protect this water resource it exploits it. and the government is not doing its job its just looking on. a company geologist and water
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expert does not even trying to deny the problems with groundwater levels in detail . we draw most of the water that's true and that's why we bear the responsibility. but we also have the responsibility and the will to find a solution with respect to all parties and their interests. it's a kilometer long pipeline is being planned to transport water from the neighboring village to the inhabitants of the village of the town ben already has to fetch water from the neighboring village every day to get to his sheep even though his meadow life directly above the v. town spring. before. nestle the owner has sealed off the wells here they own the land and two wells and both are sealed off resul filmy nestlé denies this. fein is
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a lawyer she has prepared an assessment for the state environment organisation says that. our conclusion is that water is a common good water belongs to everyone and everyone needs to risk. the fact that the population has a right to water and sufficient amount and in good quality quantity and quality is fuel. the brand is on display everywhere in the town and nestle is the chief source of tax revenue here back to plays an important role in the dispute over the natural mineral water from the town. and that is your business update here on d w four now this well coming up in the next hour with my colleague helen humphrey so i see you soon hopefully.
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such a horrible. horrible. in a nine hundred sixty eight and all crime echoed around the world. young people rebelled against their parents' generation. it was an obsolete and dusty full of stupidity and cliche is because she they demanded nothing less than a home to some of the wanted maelstrom of conflict of entire lives with the vietnam war plane which role model generation watch for the common war every day. our documentary takes on a lot of times those who were the new members of the movement for the first time
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and had a feeling of being part of something moves. millions of those events today. in suits civil rights. peace movement. during this period. nineteen sixty eight the global revolt starts september first on g.w. . hello and welcome to tomorrow today the science show on d w. coming up on this edition. cats cute plucky and lovable and they have us totally and then through all . how do they pull it off. the brave new world of grain doping could the election stimulation be used to give our mental faculties
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a boost. but fust is a man's brain different from a woman spraying the x. .


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