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he had the benefit of quite. songs to sing along to download to use the code from super. to be. very good causes into active exercises that are again abundant d.w. dot com slash don't plan on facebook in the uk still. german for free but w. . hi everyone and welcome to a new week of your macs do you love ice cream well i assure we show you some freaky flavors you're never heard of before. a matter of taste of what the ice cream
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creation was from the various. living outside the box visit a very narrow house on lake constance. the sound of success in mongolia check novelty on as a top violinist from austria. i love ice cream well i think i'm not alone with that right here in germany each person enjoys an average of some eight litters of ice cream every year bugs you brave enough to try out something completely new like ice cream that tastes like meat for example or well what about fish if you want to take your taste buds on an adventure you have to go to munich but the strange ice cream flavors are not the only things that are really crazy there. bright colorful eccentric that pretty much sums up much yes minutes from munich an ice cream maker
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with a difference his ice cream comes in some pretty unexpected flavors the beer ice cream tastes like up to no oddities are his specialty and months his talents are known beyond people love the colorful ice cream maker and he's happy to pose for photos for instance in front of his store in the city center. my motto is that people should live happier than they came across a few jokes to amuse their customers and that's also why we have all these crazy flavors which not only taste unusual but make people laugh to business and. says my screams cheers people up it's that simple hi there want some ice cream it's just not here and there are some people taste the ice cream and say oh my god that tastes like beer but some love it other spit it out. for this woman who buys two scoops of sausage flavor ice cream for herself and three for her dog and they leave happy and it makes me happy is sure. that was my ts minces first ice cream shop in
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munich and its interior design was inspired by lewis carroll's alice in wonderland shop is supposed to feel as magical and imaginative as the ice cream creations. roasted chicken meal worms stock fish or schnitzel are just a few of the five hundred flavor varieties the thirty one year old has created today that. the archos one scoop of oreo are screamin it's really good simple little thing for i like yours so much his like it's like. always had them i tried meatloaf flavor once but i can't i liked it. then it's always has a smile on his lips and a balance to the stuff he keeps his eyes and imagination peeled. for new flavors such as macaroon ice cream with champagne passion fruit and raspberries people these anything can be turned into ice cream as long as it's not boring.
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as it's thinking that i think macaroon ice cream is innovative because you can make a type of frozen macaroni that's where you put an ice cream between the morons with disease or you make one big mac or an ice cream with them around goes on top with glitter and it's going to be great. and i think the champagne ice cream will be really awesome and so disciplined the eyes. then uses only top quality produce in his ice cream to achieve maximum flavor should you learn to trade in italy in an ice cream school in perugia the key is in the mix but of course that's menses trade secret prices start at one euro sixty chris coupe and increase if there's something like champagne or gold leaf in the ice cream. sugar is always included but the other ingredients can vary sometimes there's a lot of salt sometimes pizza in around half the flavors there is milk some have
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alcohol and others have fruit the only constant the sugar though there are different types of sugar to. the com welcome to products of the war. materials men's study tourism and wrote his final thesis on opening an innovative ice cream shop a concept he immediately implemented in twenty twelve since then the entrepreneur has opened to more ice cream parlors and he also provides ice cream catering and themed parties his trademark is his top hat he won't leave the house without it. would just make that symbolizes freedom for me i started wearing one at university already and then chose a concept that allowed me to keep putting it on the times alice in wonderland and weathers the mad hatter as the most perfect for a crazy ice cream maker theme. the one key ice cream maker from munich is always up for some fun at work or out and about on his high wheel bicycle where ever he is
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but he has minced is certainly hard to miss. and we continue with a look at some of the culture news from around the continent making the headlines in our express. the building up to the monaco the formed under the chief conductor designate. in the courtyard of bins almost rebuilt city palace on saturday during the special event the orchestra played works by richard strauss and the trick then bass have tickets to the concert was sold for two hundred ninety five heroes proceeds will help finance the remaining reconstruction of the story corps facades the city palace is scheduled to open by the end of twenty nineteen after a six year long construction period. cliff divers jumped off the rooftop of copenhagen opera house on saturday into the harbor they were competing in the cliff diving world series and leapt from
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a twenty seven meter on a platform merged on the roof of the opera house the winner was britain's gary hart to mark this year's tenth anniversary of the cliff diving series seven competitions are being held in spectacular locations next stop on the tour is the city of muster . two male amberley kids have been born in a crimean teigen safari park the two cats are easy to tell apart as one is black and the other is spotted black elmer is in particular are extremely red. only around one hundred eleven it's in total still living in the wild around the border of russia and china endangered wild cats were first introduced to thai can support more than twenty years ago.
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well the two little leopards are certainly a popular photo motive among visit we stay on the topic of animals and cameras but this time it's a bird that takes a picture is so to speak during the floods while the. carries a small backpack equipped with special firm technology but one has already received more than half a million clicks on you tube with his videos in this case the wording bird's eye view really makes sense and this is what it looks like when you discover the austrian capital with. an eagle eyed view of vienna images designed to make target eager to visit the austrian capital. a lot of preparation work went into making this video back home in southern germany bird trainer powell cleaner and as eagle bruno practiced almost every day. it's really impatiently wants to fly north regular training is essential for show eagles today there are strong thermals. these conditions are
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a challenge for eagles and their flights tend to be very turbulent and the bird ascends to great heights and goes a very long way away from the trainer returning from such distances as to be practiced. for bring of the birds of the flight over vienna is pretty out of the ordinary it takes a hot air balloon to get the eagle into a start position that is sufficiently high. the bird has to find powell amongst this maze of streets and houses from down below pulse signals to bruno the entire time nevertheless this is a real feat back and very at the training again as always bruno is fitted with two radio transmitters in case he fails to find the way. or you're waiting and having a bit more of a look around. now it's perfect ready. of
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course the flights over the alps are a lot more relaxing for the bird and trainer. stopped as the city is really something different the eagle has entered on there if something goes wrong if he loses his orientation and we have to move fast that's all we've got all the sophisticated technology. for the second flight over vienna bruno again wears a three hundred sixty degree calmer this time he takes off from the danube tower. he's inside while i decide when he takes off and then i keep my eyes on the goal the whole time and consider how i can help him to find his landing point namely me miss you definit back in training in the alps bruno was already circling over his taking off on landing points but collins decided that he doesn't want his eagle to fly over vienna again. and it is at the end of the day i think the risk is too great so much can go wrong in
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a city. and i think the eagles far. better off here in the wild natural setting of the outlook is resolved you will be in a good enough with. this bird's eye view of vienna is destined to remain unique. in this week's serious living outside the box we take a look at some homes that really stand out from the crowd and make it on the series with a report from the city of constance in south west germany i think it was huisken lives in a very narrow house which partly with this own hands he explains why he chose this on usual bidding. the streets are narrow here in need of book the oldest part of constance and right here in the middle of it is the house that was her skin bought in twenty eleven. the sky.
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the houses the remeasure three meters and when it if i measure it from here it's two meters. and here i have a good meter more. than i reach the end of my nose but those are the x. journal measurements inside it's even smaller places before. but nonetheless he fell in love with the property right away there was this whole story as i was walking through the house i knew that i would achieve something that i liked. always had a soft spot for tiny houses and this was the real high point in this respect. to him. when he wanted it it was small low. today it's his pride and joy. it's the always this is the external wall and this is my gable wall this is the heart of. everything revolves around the stove or and with his glass floor we've
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managed to create a connection between the floors of. the listed property is seven hundred years old. student two for ten years before i took it on. in my. shoes can spent three years lovingly restoring the house the architect designed and built everything himself and the kitchen dining table stairs this clay wall dates back to twelve hundred eighty this. is really sagging outwards so what the work and it was quite an effort to push it back into shape but strangely enough it worked it didn't cause a crack i knew this and. this can loves walls that aren't strange and he loves making things him. self his two grown up children also like to stand by his son movements in particular also helped out a lot. and start doing something to one wall and then you have to spend the whole song they working on it because you discover something that needs to be repaired or
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saved. one hundred square metres of living space on four floors but it's more than out if you want to maybe are fallen in love with his house just like you would with a person pose for would you do it again you don't know. it's going to drastically. but it was hard work physically go hand in other words i know signature shop lots of hosts huisken has created an oasis in the heart of constance i feel has to care for me the quality of life is unparalleled. with that in our house be something for you or how would you like to live let us know all you have to do is go to our web page w dot com slash lifestyle and if you take part in they will be entered into our draw for your max watch so join in and good luck well i don't know how am i a check nobody on lips but there must be
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a lot of instruments in his home fact is he started playing the violin when he was just five years and he's made his passion a profession today he's one of the op coming violinists whites to gain such success he always has to keep the ball rolling in his case quite literally. a good five in concert is like a good football match as in one way check nobody on who's a big real madrid and banks have been fan no. precise technique and clever tactics are essential both on the pitch and on stage but passion is also vital. when he was a teenager technically young played football in the school team his position midfielder has been playing the violin since he was fine. when it's contents be the most when i play the civilians concha under
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a week since every shift has to be a perfect will see the posix in them and the same goes for every pass on the pitch if you want one of those moments like yeah in germany up to the get the people used musical metaphors to describe football matches for. chicken early on was born and grew up in vienna he gave his first public concert when he was seven accompanied by his mother and i mean in pianist his father is a famous iranian conduct a so you could say he was predestined for musical career but he chose his instrument the live himself. i know that's why when there are two or go i thought to myself it's irrelevant whether i have armenian roots or if i did my musical training i'm brianna yes but now i think maybe i'll think differently later . that these components are very important this is a minute i can speak armenian that i can read russian literature in russian and my
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feelings become particularly strong when i play armenian music for example i mean. emmanuel or take nobody on is widely held to be exceptionally talented. last year the upcoming stop paid guest performances in many of europe's best concert halls and released his fist cd. years ago he started playing on a stradivarius provided to him by private sponsorship from beers international violin society. for us you know to get back at the fascinates me the idea that this violin was built in sixty ninety eight that was before mozart even started composing before that beethoven started thinking about his violin concerto longer for architects and started thinking about the ed field our morning or the berliner through our morning and then i take out this violin to play in
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a huge oil and the sound is great. and see clinked. this year the young violinist debuted in the burden for the money he played sebelius is violent culture. music is ninety nine percent hard work and technique and only one percent inspiration he knows that from his father. stella the writer was trying to describe a certain kind of mood and doesn't have an incredible example or i might say for example that today is a dull day or something like that. i wonder what if someone is an incredibly talented and inspiring author would be able to describe this atmosphere in maybe three pages. music is like that too if you have the technical means you can work much more intensively. but. every on is
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twenty three years old he has passed exams and won competitions now it's about winning of an already. the encore in his concert at the berlin film mini is the moment composed by beethoven in his younger simple moves. melancholy. never ian's performance is pure magic. i want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook . you'll find highlights from our programs. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook life. we do love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their
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feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. now it's time again for your max extra two and today we're heading to odessa all of you are out in mellow comes from sydney and australia vote into us and said he would like to know more about ukraine we have chosen a very special destination for him the pearl on the black sea around one million people live there and this makes the third largest city in the country and our history and not tell you told us what it makes seoul special. and disturb the sea is never more than a few streets away only five minutes walk separate the grand opera house from the water's edge even if the black sea is more blue than its name might suggest.
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it's with these beaches mile after mile of them that most tourists come to a desa hard to believe that this is a city of more than a million people. that's how they have lost cinco is a professional guide she helps visitors from around the world discover adesa sites . we begin our tour at the city's most emblematic landmark the potemkin steps it was here that soviet cinema pioneer sigur eisenstein shot his classic battleship potemkin back in one nine hundred twenty five but this place is not only about history. it's not just history case to go up stairs downstairs to the border it's a place for performances communications with musicians and it's not only for tourists but also citizens avoid death and love this place. for all its well preserved historical buildings adesa is not an old city by european standards it is its founding in seven hundred ninety four two russian empress catherine the great
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catherine had ordered the establishment of a city on the site of a small fortress within just a few decades adesa had grown to become one of the biggest cities in the then russian empire. just a few steps from the grand avenues of the historic center visitors found a very different timeless a destiny in the shady courtyards vines grow wild and no one is an any ranch. one place that couldn't be busier is it essential markets prevails locals flock here in the mornings to stock up on fresh produce straight from the produces a nice place to come there are a variety of toys they can fill whatever you like wide white choice and. products and also it's a place for communication so many people like to call on produce and bargain guys to get prices for terrorists where they're sailors and his wife kind of attraction for many people. the city streets bare frequent reminders of a distance jewish past and present jewish street runs right through the heart of adesa it's also home to the city's central synagogue a century ago jews made up
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a third of a desk population today the jewish community numbers just a few thousand members. in the heat of the day we leave the city behind us for the open spaces of the nearest a national park just forty kilometers from the center of adesa the national park is home to some of the region's more charismatic wildlife including the great whites all rosy pelican with a wing span of over three metres and the ability to hunting groups there in imposing sight though they're not always very popular with local fisherman. and if you turn your visit right this amazing display of water at least awaits visitors birds must travel slowly here and avoid making waves the reason the colony of whiskered turns which build their tiny nests on the loose floating leaves.
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authentic odessa and cooking is the name of the game at the grand house was once home to a famous ballerina no visitors come here for regional speciality is prepared the old fashioned way and while the cooks slave away visitors can lie back and have mark or take a snooze on an old fashioned hospital bed. head chef other xander kovacevich shows us how to prepare for schmuck a traditional jewish having starter. chicago it's. just a drag force mark you have to chop up all the ingredients finally right here. you many people use a mincer it's much easier that if you chop it all up by hand it will taste is totally different every single ingredient makes its mark who was the boy. and while the city's geography means fish and seafood essential to address and cooking all that stuff it tells us the trick to getting it right is to take your time. as the
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evening draws in the temperatures fall slowly it's time for a final strong tallia joins us on the city's main avenue and. right now we're in the heart of podesta eats them a tree sticks treatment but this restaurant did process that. so i called it that solves it example desa know our piece every news it's a very you know meeting place so whenever you go here it is not only see the tories but it's also put up place him on this it is a codesa. even if a desk as fifth avenue is a little sleep here than the original that's exactly what makes the chumming just like the city in general. that's all we have time for today but i hope we'll see you again soon on to them thanks for watching by. next time on your own max tucker for gone rollover traveled through seventeen
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european countries looking for the most spectacular mountain peaks of his quest took him from shoots back in the north to greece in the summer now who's photos are featured in a new publication beaks of europe next on your own next. moved .
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from the. sky was on fire. from a damp claim condition a condom at the ramstein air base that using mozzie high to experience the crash. how are survivors coping with the tragedy today. the strain on the american ambassador and the advantage of around.
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fifteen. the fast pace of life in the digital globe thanks to shift as the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the way to use phone lines and interviews with makers and users . should even forty five minutes going to have. more. they took. his word goddess for true love. the maestro. the bomb twenty.
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the fake news alice good to see what's. called. the good news comes to the side by. the play put big dreams on the big screen in. the magazine on the dummy.
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in the german city of candidates several people have been injured in clashes between far right protesters and counter-demonstrators as well as the police the violent protests followed the death of a thirty five year old german man two suspects a syrian and in a rocky have been arrested in connection with that killing a government spokesperson.


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