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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 28, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin an anti immigrant protest in the german city of candidates is met with a backlash several people were injured in a second day of on rasff the german government condemns the protests and warns it will not tolerate violence against foreigners also on the show. drinking tea is one of the few pleasures left in life we visit a family in iran where depressed economy and u.s. sanctions are biting hard. and are killer robots the future of warfare
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experts from around the world meeting in switzerland to discuss how to deal with weapons systems that can fight wars and kill all on their own. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show the german city of kindness is quiet today after a night that saw several thousand people taking to the streets in an anti immigration protests they were met by about a thousand counter-demonstrators the two sides kept apart by hundreds of riot police these protests were sparked by the killing of a german man over the weekend that was linked to migrants. silencer up to began on the streets of chemists on monday as far right demonstrators faced off with counter protesters. a call by a right wing group attracted as many as two thousand far right protesters and around one thousand counter-demonstrators leaving the police scrambling to keep the
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two sides apart the protests on monday and sunday were sparked by the death early sunday morning of a thirty five year old man allegedly at the hands of two migrants from iraq and syria they have been arrested and are in police custody. authorities have given very little information on the altar cation that led to the stabbing. but that doesn't stop the far right demonstrators from demanding retribution. auslander else foreigners get out of our city they chant social media posts include videos depicting what amounts to vigilante attacks on migrants. amongst the demonstrators on monday citizens of chemists who declare they have nothing to do with neo nazis but are simply there to express their anger of the situation in their city. every evening this trouble
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encounters between groups i don't want to say it's only the foreigners plenty of troublemakers. if you want to go out you can't go into the city without being scared of what might happen. i wouldn't call myself part of the mob and i don't want anybody calling me that just because i'm standing here. what happened in chemist's is being closely followed on a national level police and politicians are warning against vigilante justice after two days of violence in chemist's the city remains on edge. and out in can this last five with a camera team. joining us now from there what's coming the day after. by that calm has returned to the streets of kenneth's the now that there is still an undercurrent of tension this really is a city divided that manifested itself last night and the day the four on the
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streets with rival groups of far right protesters and counter-demonstrators facing off on the street behind me now the killing of the thirty five year old german man over the weekend as allegedly by two men one iraqi national one syrian national has really pushed some very. prevalent underlying issues here in this region to the. for these attentions which on's going to go away simmering and have reached a boiling point over the last couple of days meanwhile and more is being learned about exactly what has taken place over the last two days in terms of some of the violence has been reported police have said that stones were thrown from both sides they've also said. and in the last couple of hours they've reported that they are criminal could proceedings against a number of people accused of having performed the nazi salute here yesterday evening which of course is to begin here in germany that's not all that the police
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are saying right now the head of the german police union is warning today about a rise of vigilantism in germany not just in the area where you are what your own pression has just come to that encompass. that's right police have warned citizens here in commit against taking justice into their in hands out of wanting this also comes from the german government it's directly criticize reports that people where on the streets of kenya it's in what they called malta during the hunting down seeking out people who look like they had a migrant background that each of the n.t. it isn't is something that has been reported widely on social media this is a city that is deeply concerned many people about the influx of migrants to this region having said that there are also a huge number of people who want to say that they are this is a city that is still a welcome to refugees for migrants that manifested itself last night in the
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hundreds of counter demonstrators who took to the street to commit ok show what lies ahead for the city what lies ahead for come next is it likely that these types of clashes will continue. that work who's yesterday evening brian for more protests to take place as something out there is going to keep a very close eye on because one thing that we have seen over the last couple of days. it's just how quickly huge numbers of people from both sides can assemble for process and just how quickly things can escalate police have admitted in various reports to being surprised by the numbers of people who took to the streets and there's reports that they were overwound as well by those numbers so authorities will have to keep an extremely close eye on what happens next over the coming days ok and we'll definitely be doing that on cold keeping an eye on developments for us thanks so much for now. while we've also been hearing from police that part of the fan base of the chemist's football club played
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a major role in organizing right wing protests in that city tom you know i have you sports is here to talk about this he's been tracking germany's football fan scene including that in kansas tom who was a did manage to organize so quickly and on such a large scale the events of sunday night and last night. the police are particularly referring to a facebook crew a facebook post by a group called chaotic kevin it's now immediately when the news started to make the rounds on sunday evening that there had been this stabbing this is the facebook post that the coyotes of chemistry posted our city our rules they called them fans and sympathizers of commits to coming down on to the streets with them that show who's in charge of our city they said or no loyalty passion for club and hometown that is about as intimidation really as it sounds now the thing is that was shared hundreds of times it's been deleted but this is a group has links to other groups of
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a similar kind of political bent inside can it's out across the region of course they're on a geographical boundaries with facebook and it's very effective use of social media the immediacy with which that post can reach a very large audience of people who share the political views of a group like chaotic commits is part of the reason why you know the demonstration the eruption of violence and. the evening was so spontaneous ok you've been looking into this for a while now and can you tell us about some of your personal experiences in the depth of this problem not only in dresden but in german football i think of this rather sorry yeah well i mean anybody who watches football in football grounds in germany especially in the lower leagues audience especially unfortunately also in the east of germany is likely at some point to encounter this sort of thing now we're seeing some pictures here from a game last year this is belongs to a group to new society chemists who show in their name to the end boys is no.
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accident bad that n.-s. research stands for national socialism the picture that we're seeing images taken directly from the the youth poster from the nineteenth it again we see here and now that game that which we just saw the pictures that wasn't even candidates that was playing and the candidate seems quite closely linked to another scene of an eco post which is another club with a big problem his son as far as you know estimating and measuring the depth of the problem it's quite difficult because the network is very widespread it's a lot of different clubs and you know very often a club affiliation is subjugated to a political affiliation or certain of certain groups of these fans a lot seat in two thousand and sixteen and a coordinated attack on account of its which is fairly well known as a you know kind of alternative neighborhood in lots it took place which was organized by fans of locomotive lights a dynamo dresden and chemists if see these are you know it's
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a well organized network of fans i'm tom thanks so much for looking into this into this for us today tom get a life from the sports thanks very much. well we have a look now at some of the other stories making the news at this hour the united nations human rights council says that all sides of the human conflict may have contributed to war crimes report by three experts as children have been the most vulnerable people in the three and a half year were saudi arabia supporting the yemeni government against who think the rebels there backed by. france's popular environment minister nicholas low has resigned live on radio without telling president beforehand mccall had picked as an icon of the green movement but he repeatedly clashed with his cabinet colleagues he felt they were too weak on environmental issues. japan has warned that north korea still possesses and poses a dire threat to its security that despite a pledge to denuclearize the korean peninsula babs' defense minister said north
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korea was still in possession of several hundred missiles capable of reaching japan even after the summit between can jump on and president trump in june. the u.s. has told united nations judges that they have no jurist jurisdiction over its sanctions against iran this comes a day after hearings began at the international court of justice where rain lawyers are demanding that the u.n. court's lift sanctions imposed by washington in may but the u.s. argues that it has the right to protect its national security referring to the nuclear threat from iran. in a televised speech the iranian president hassan rouhani blamed the u.s. for conspiring against his country but if you're short of people that iran will overcome the economic challenges more than you think it's not even more which is really not in the you are going to be underway means down there in the white coats to.
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call this indeed the white ones will not be happy if the. middle. oh well meanwhile every day arraign ins are finding that finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the deepening economic situation not everyone blames the u.s. sanctions though many say iran's economic problems are growing. when mary i'm home i'm far makes t. you couldn't tell that her family are really struggling her husband does not earn enough to make ends meet. they can afford new clothes for their daughter or even enough food. show you remember to know if i have to go to bed hungry so be it but not my child our situation is really tough in that respect we're lucky to have just one child i can't imagine how families with lots of children get by. we're already
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living on the edge i have to pay the rent every month we have a bank loan i'm very worried. says he could lose his job any day he works for a company that makes cardboard boxes it's boss. he had big plans he wanted to expand but the currency crisis put paid to that the lira resumed its with decline in part because of renewal sanctions the price of raw material soared his customers can no longer pay him. this machine has been standing idle for almost three months we're producing much less than we used to when customers would order ten thousand cut it's we use this big machine now that they order five hundred we use the small machine over there. the work force used to number forty now just six. over the next few days i shall have to let two or three more go i'm already paying their wages out of
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my own pocket. javan says he needs waste paper to make cardboard but the government is now selling it to china in order to earn hard currency his life's work is at risk and he worries about his staff. you know what about young workers what will become of them they have to earn a living the government should focus on them i'm old i'll get by somehow but these workers will soon be out of a job. all of them are fears he might be one of those about to be searched he doesn't blame his boss or the americans and their economic sanctions. the reason for our economic problems are to be found here in iran it's not foreign powers and i think ninety five percent of our problems are homemade. the powers that be should come visit us and see how we live. it would bring tears to their eyes perhaps they would then make better decisions. says that the underlying
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problems are mismanagement and corruption and that most people in iran would agree with him. or government experts from around the world are meeting in geneva to discuss the future of so-called autonomous weapons systems also dubbed killer robots these systems can operate and kill without any human guidance at all critics are calling for these weapons to be banned worldwide. germany's armed forces already make use of semi autonomous weapons base add offenses to can seek out targets on its own. for now soldiers still have to give the order to fire but fully autonomous weapons are being developed they can select and attack targets without humans at the controls. they're highly controversial supporters say the new weapons are needed in modern warfare and will help people make ethically responsible decisions. warfare is becoming so fast right now that human
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beings are not capable of making intelligent informed decisions like they could in the past others have voiced concerns that autonomous weapons could diminish human responsibility in war we don't want to have happen is robotic system isn't out there causes some kind of mass casualty event and we know humans have all. these activists in berlin are protesting against autonomous weapons they want the german government to campaign for them to be banned worldwide. fairly what's dangerous about artificial intelligence and robotics is that they're altogether removed from human decision making about good and evil about what's useful for people and what's not about a concrete situation human intelligence is still required for that. an international ban on autonomous weapons systems would only be possible with the unanimous support of the united nations but with the u.s.
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and russia both opposed that's highly unlikely. so are we then looking at mass casualty events with no human responsibility thomas cushion meister joins us now is from the campaign to stop the robots and observing the debates in geneva thanks for being worse thomas have killer robots already been rolled out on battlefields and what kind of threat level are we facing right now. so right now we have a lot of systems which could work under certain circumstances certain circumstances on different levels of autonomy we already have existing systems which are able to. look for. targets and to destroy targets without a human in. this decision line so move without human control so we already have them are they out on the battlefield as far as you know right now unbeknownst to us
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not yet there are some reports on testing in syria but as far as we know on the border but in korea there are some systems already in service but as far as i understand this is about testing and unfortunately we could say that these children machines are not on the ground except on the ground now and want to prevent what were your group want to stop that with an international ban on these weapons but weapon producers like the u.s. china russia they're not signing any band can you change their minds. hopefully we can but we need more support from countries there isa i think. concert consensus. there must be a minit what human control over the use of ports. and over the critical functions of weapon but currently there are only twenty six countries for
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a ban but most countries and that does get want to negotiate on a new legal instrument ok ah that's all going well but is it even possible to ban this technology experts are warning that consumer products every day products can be used for on man attacks that non-state actors can use t.p.i. technology for the kind of drones my eight year old place worth. so so we're not against technology. on a local level you know so it basically so what we want is that these technology must be controlled when it comes to use was weapons and this is a port for us and i think of course there's there are countries which are very interested in these weapons use and want to keep them and we hear that every day but i think. maybe it's possible to have a process outside the us when we fail here in geneva you never know ok thomas thank
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you so very much for filling us in on this very overlooked issue thomas titian meyer for us from the campaign to stop killer drones thanks a lot. your love. christophe is here now and if you ever thought that italian debt went away i guess what it didn't i did actually it's a growing problem brian because now italy's economics minister warns that next year the country could smash through the debt ceiling set by the european union now e.u. law to man's that new borrowing does not exceed a three percent quota of a country's annual g.d.p. the euro zone's third largest economy already sits on a huge mountain of that however italy's populist government has plans to boost spending on social programs while slashing taxes and is now looking for a way to pay for it all. the government plans didn't go over well in the land stock market italy's new populist government wants a basic income for everyone and higher pensions and
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a low flat tax for companies that means more spending and less income in an already heavily indebted country investors are questioning the viability of the plan and shedding their italian government bonds it looks like it could get expensive for italy the government has to pay investors more and more interest to buy italian securities at the beginning of the year it was only two percent but with the populists in charge rome has to now offer investors over three percent if the government keeps its spending promises interest rates would likely keep rising and the cost of servicing italy's debt already high could explode economists have calculated the cost of interest on the debt will rise from the current seventy eight billion euros to almost one hundred ninety billion within five years it is government accuses speculators in the financial markets of wanting to prevent the people's wishes from being implemented it says if interest rates in the markets
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continue to rise it wants the european central bank to step in and buy up government bonds at a low interest rate but it's far from clear that the e.c.b. would agree to help italy rack up debt. for more analysis let's bring in our markets man paul broks of the frankfurt stock exchange paul italy's already high debt levels of one hundred thirty percent of annual g.d.p. could explode next year how worried are investors about such a scenario. if the populist government really makes true on all the spending they've got two choices that is either make more money which seems unlikely or cut spending dramatically somewhere else neither of which the government has suggested or shown any plans for. are worried that the talian economy is on a collision course and that of course shows in the bond yields they are up once
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again now at three point two one percent that's bad because it makes it more expensive to. take on that debt and that's actually close to the meltdown italian bonds saw in may when the populist government came in and there was a huge sell off these high yields as i mentioned they add to the problem because they make it more difficult for italy to get rid of the debt and another problem is that the e.c.b. isn't planning on buying much more abundant set it is planning on fading out its bond buying process in europe so that's going to continue to worsen the situation and paul briefly italy's finance minister is in china currently officially claiming that he's not looking for any new buyers for italian bonds what do investors make of that denial. well even if he was you know what we do admit that
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it defeat before he's even started that's unlikely what investors are really worried about is the populist rhetoric though that has brought out speaking of market attacks you cannot make attacks that some have likened to the rhetoric of the turkish president or to watch paul brits in frankfurt thank you. know toyota says it's said to invest around half a billion dollars and writing services over as part of a deal to work together on mass producing cell phone driving vehicles japanese car giants as technology from the two companies will be used in building hundreds of special toyota vehicles that will use ride sharing plan for this after you were announced expanded the bike sharing the latest you'll use seventy two billion dollars it is the world's. most valuable start. at times the months long seemed to be advancing at a glacial pace but now the trump administration and mexico have reached
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a preliminary deal to replace the north american free trade agreement the deal so far known as nafta has drawn harsh criticism by the u.s. president calling it a job killer with much of the details still in need to be hammered out the u.s. president already promises that it'll help manufacturers and farmers on both sides of the corner of both donald trump welcomed the overhaul of the twenty four year trade pact as he suggested a new name for it if canada is not included. this has to do they should call it an app that what they call it the united states mexico trade agreement it will get rid of the name nafta has a bad connotation because united states was hurt very badly by now that for many years and now it's a really good deal for both countries u.s. negotiators were pushing for a sunset clause requiring renewal of the deal every five years but the mexican side succeeded in adding a clause that would give it
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a sixteen year lifespan with the review every six years the two countries also agreed that seventy five percent of a product must be made in the u.s. or mexico to receive tax free status trumps that a trilateral deal with canada is still possible but it's likely that ottawa will have to agree to new terms on the automotive sector he has put the car industry at the heart of his drive to overhaul the trade pact. with canada relatively soon they want to start they want to negotiate very badly. but one way or the other we have a deal with it will either be a tariff one course will be a negotiated deal. and frankly a tariff of course is a much easier way to go but perhaps together would be much better for canada and we're looking to help you know we're looking to help our neighbors to that we can help our neighbors that's a good thing that. the u.s. mexico and canada do more than a trillion dollars in trade between them annually so all three countries are hoping
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to finalize a deal. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you this hour several people are injured after anti immigrant protesters clashed with police and called to counter protesters in the eastern german city of chemists on monday the german government has condemned the mob violence and government experts from around the world are meeting in geneva to discuss the future of a thomas weapons systems killer robots can operate and kill human guidance critics are calling for a global ban. you're watching news coming to you from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news information for all the clocks on our website that's dot com for now for me and the entire team here in berlin thanks so much.
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the reality of the whole thing might blow off in many places of a system that spawned out of control. problems that will do. everything. to crush the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . hi everyone and welcome to new week of you max the you love ice cream well i assure we show you some freaky flavor us you're never heard of before. a matter of taste what the ice cream mentions from the family are.


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