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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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respect. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin after a disappointing performance by his squad at the world cup the german coach she walking live says he deserves some of the blame the face of the media for the first time since his team crashed out in the first round of the global tournament also on the program the u.s. military says it may resume war games on the korean peninsula and so after
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president trump agreed to drop the drills at his june summit with north korea's leader is this the end of the fall in relations between the two countries it's. time terry martin good to have you with us german national team coach walking live has today admitted he failed to motivate players and choose the wrong and chose the wrong tactics in his summer's world cup he was grilled by the media today in his first news conference since returning from a disastrous tournaments some german media outlets had called on him to resign or be fired the german football association extended his contract just before the start of the tournament here's part of what liv had to say today. and despite my close defeat i chipped some my biggest miscalculation and biggest mistake was that
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i believed we could make it past the group stage by playing a brand of dominant possession based football. then get to speed so we've often played well that way in the past but it's a high risk tactic. so in order for it to work the conditions on the squad have to be just right that's it all has to come together so that we can deal with the risks involved couldn't that wasn't the case against the opponents we faced. well clearly things didn't come together at this year's world cup for the german team. sports in munich uncovered the organ learned news conference marc tell us how just what all did live have to say and explaining his team's performance at the world cup. well he gave a very detailed hour long powerpoint presentation it was an incredibly meticulous and as we've heard it was very self critical there only to be created size himself
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for the tactics that they used in russia this position based football he said they should've done more on the counter-attack they should have got round the back of the pack defenses more he also criticised himself for not being able to motivate the team enough he said there wasn't enough and infuse the asm from the squad to try and repeat what they'd done in two thousand and fourteen so there was about an hour long of questions at the end of that power point presentation some of the questions were pretty tough but he dealt with them well he was incredibly humble and he's probably come out of this press conference with a bit more credit given it was so detailed and so meticulous and one of the star players but as it quit the national team after the world cup saying he was scapegoated and discriminated against what will have been his colleagues been saying about that affair. well live was surprisingly critical of message in this press comments some of the generous in the room were
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quite shocked by that because remember. that explosive statement which hiring from the german national team the only man who he praised in that statement was you so everyone was quite surprised that live was critical of he basically said the way he went about his with time was wrong we can have a listen now to some of the quotes. mr touchy feely week and she says it is all chose a different path and he hasn't contacted me to this day even though i've tried calling and messaging him several times in the last two or so weeks. i wasn't able to reach him to difference of the common sense if i have to accept his decision and four months or so i think overall we underestimated the whole situation surrounding the pictures. absolute. german national team squad coach there you are what tell us what changes can we expect in the german
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squad as a prepares for the next tournament. well yes they're playing in the u.a.e. for nations league next thursday here in munich at the. against world champions france probably not the game will have wanted straight up after the world cup one name who is still in the squad is a good one of course was in that infamous photograph with all turkish president earlier one but the key difference and live again made this point criticising is all the key difference was that one made a statement very swiftly after that photo basically apologizing while all talk an awful long time to come out with his statement probably going to one will replace sammy could we could hear it isn't in this squad one of the two thousand and two thousand and fourteen world cup champions international career is probably over but love was very keen to point out that he still wanted experience in his squad that's why some over two thousand and fourteen heroes like manual noir board and thomas
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still in the squad but there are three new names i have to look cara and nicole schulze so there is a little bit of a revolution but maybe not as much as people might have expected but then again they are playing france mark thank you so much as there should be that be a sport in munich. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the united nations has condemned the far right protests in the german city of camden the fatal stabbing of a german man allegedly by two migrants triggered mass unrest protesters gave nazi salutes and attacked people they took for foreigners fresh protests are planned for to morrow. soon rains have overwhelmed. in myanmar inundating around one hundred villages and closing the country's biggest highway authorities have ordered fifty thousand people to evacuate their homes no reports of casualties so far. and police in the philippines are hunting two men suspected
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of planting a bomb that killed two people on tuesday struck a market in the salon in the country's so the so-called islamic state have claimed responsibility. british and french fishing but clashed off the normandy coast in a dispute over scallops french fishermen are only allowed to collect the shellfish from the first of october to prevent storm to preserve stocks but british boats face no such restriction that led to a flotilla of around thirty five french boats attempting to see all their british competitors. in a surprise turnaround the u.s. military says it may reestablish joint military exercises with south korea the war games had been a major sticking point in the run up to u.s. president trumps historic summit with north korea's kim kim jong un at that summit called his military commanders off guard by agreeing to drop the drills the
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reversal by the pentagon comes amid a broader breakdown in diplomacy with north korea over its nuclear weapons program for. historic handshake between two former foes. in the months before their singapore some us donald trump and kim jong un traded insults and threats of nuclear war but the leaders pulled back from the brink to deliver a diplomatic spectacle as an unexpected concession from the u.s. . we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money or unless and until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should. the u.s. military exercises with south korea have infuriated p.r. nyang for decades trumps decision to suspend them surprise both u.s.
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allies in the region and top u.s. military officials critics said he was handing kim a major symbolic victory without getting any concrete commitments that north korea would denuclearize since the june so most terms diplomatic gamble has delivered some modest returns pyongyang has returned what it says are the remains of u.s. troops killed in the korean war it is also put its nuclear missile test on hold though the un's atomic watchdog says it's still developing nuclear weapons and it's the lack of progress on that front that could wind relations back to the animosity that characterized the early months of trump's presidency career yes there are regularly were threats to the united states. they will be met with fire of fury. like the world has never seen. last week trump acts plans for his secretary of state to travel to north korea saying i feel we are not making
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sufficient progress with respect to the denuclearized nation of the korean peninsula and now the u.s. military has hinted is will resume its war games with the safe. we took the step to suspend several of the largest exercisers as a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercisers. trampin can like to raise tensions when it suits their interests the question now is whether they'll dick's diplomacy and return to the brink. let's bring in korea analyst call foster carter now who joins us from eggs that are in the u.k. in the u.s. has suggested they may restart large scale military exercises with south korea what do you make about well it is about sign as as you suggested at the
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same time most of the quotes from president trump the suspension. one sided yet a rather surprising suspension that we had of this what would have been the some us exercises was always conditional only denuclearization process talks going well they're not going well korea hasn't really conceded anything at the moment. not really a surprise that said nothing is imminent or the next major exercises would be in march and april so there is plenty of time to put the train back on the track before that which i very much hope will happen so this is clearly a step back and diplomacy between the u.s. and north korea where does this leave relations between the u.s. and south korea. in a difficult place also because it's important to be aware that while the u.s. and north korea is obviously a very key new relationship good or bad of the nuclear issues or some most
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important issues these are not the only things going on there's also the most criminally gets fences with china approach with bracket not for this purpose but it all started with south korea i was all spurious outreach to south korea for the olympics and really south korea has been the kind of go between south korea currently on the left of center government that believes in engaging will spray which many conservatives do believe and now move jay in of south korea he's supposed to be going to coming out for a third summit in september that's going to be pretty difficult now so it's kind of who but there are some in washington who say south korea is getting out of line i reject that the u.s. i think south korea obviously is uniquely placed because of the tragic division of the country and i think there are a lot of to pursue their own agenda and a basic you know my what i think the op the cigarette agenda so it's all getting a bit tricky so we also have another announcement from the u.s. on friday washington also abruptly canceled a planned trip to north korea by secretary of state by compare north korea has
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warned that the talks are at risk of falling apart is the peace process unraveling . it is slightly on raveling i mean the problem all along was that trump signed up to a remarkably sin document again rather like the north and south korea time and on the correction which has some very concrete things in it until it seems true believed that this was an often everybody was second suggestion that maybe this wasn't enough i do think that north korea if they want both sides are good but not invested it is loss of face for kim jong un to trump if he doesn't go ahead a bit north korea at this point is at risk overplayed its hand definitely they need to that's a phrase of dennis rodman's comeback a member of the do me a solid. into something substantial needs to be done. because so much a fair analysis that was korea analysts and foster carter there speaking to us from exeter in the u.k. . now what better way to squeeze the last bit of fun from the summer sun than with
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a unique sporting event on the croatian island of rob on tuesday dog owners competed alongside their pets in a combined swimming and running race to the prize pretty much fifteen teams in total took part but there could only be one winner of pint sized pup called bonnie there were competitive eating contests go bonnie for the best left dogs and celebrations long into the night for the canine. you're watching to w. news still to come who wouldn't want to visit such a beautiful place but in people as people in the croatian city of the broad nic are discovering this is living in a tourist magnet also has its downside. and of course we lost one of the great music soul music aretha franklin will leave you now with some images of the thousands of franklin fans who have come to bid
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farewell to the legendary u.s. singer she died early this month at the age of seventy six after a battle with pancreatic cancer now her legacy is being celebrated stay with. him which. any time any place.
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you have at the back of. something to sing along downs.


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