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this is news live from burlington coat you can laugh takes the blame for germany's disastrous world cup performance. carrigan saw me first i want to be perfect and. when she did a bunch of years i should have realized that we needed to be less risky. to find out what this means for germany's national football team also on the program. the u.n. high commissioner for human rights condemns far right demonstrations in the german city of cabinets were about another planned this weekend. i'm going to go to
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detroit three times and aretha franklin as they lined up to pay their last respects . i'm from gail welcome to the program germany's national football team coach has admitted that he failed to motivate his place and used the wrong tactics at this summer's world cup you reckon love's appearance in front of the media was his first since returning from the disastrous tournament the german football association extended his contract just before the tournament began when the national team crashed out some german media outlets called for him to resign or be fired despite my knee i'm not close to feed. my biggest miscalculation and biggest mistake was that i believed we could make it past the group stage by playing a brand of dominant possession based football club. then get used to speed so we've
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often played well that way in the past while it's a high risk tactic. so in order for it to work the conditions on the squad have to be just right that's it all has to come together so that we can deal with the risks involved and couldn't that wasn't the case against the opponents we faced in the past let's get more on this from tom get away from day job you thought you were in the studio and sports correspondent mark meadows is in munich where the press conference took place welcome both mark meadows let's start with you what was that what was it like. yeah it was quite heated in here few tough questions for your team love he gave an hour long power point presentation very very meticulous he knows he's got a lot of making up to do after such a will cook debacle and as we heard he was very self-critical he even said it was
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arrogant of himself to think that the tactics of the woman in the world cup in two thousand and fourteen would work for years later he also said he didn't give the players enough fire they didn't have enough infuses him it was his fault that they weren't motivated enough you don't normally hear words like that from a national team football manager or team manager all of a beer hall was also there he's not shown too much self criticism to this point did that change today. well he's in charge of areas off the field he announced via change in the coaching structure thomas schneider will no longer be the assistant coach of your king live he also said he wanted the team to be closer to the fans in the future trying regain their trust after such a dreadful will cope intimated that in the lane and leipzig in the coming months there will be open training sessions so the fans could see the players he also wants to be closer to the players themselves even when they're not on international duty he wants to go to visit them at home to talk about how they're doing and how
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things are how they're feeling so they kind of want a real change in how they approach international football going forward but tom why did it take you know him love so long to make this statement well he says he needed the time to be as thorough as possible he said he wanted to speak to as many players as possible. i think it was probably too long and i think that's the way that it's going to be received that was there in germany in sports in terms like we've heard he said he you know paid too much or laid too much emphasis on playing possession based football. and needed to get a few more counterattacks into his game he was there said as we heard that he failed so light the fire underneath his team these on necessarily conclusions that i think it takes a football manager in usual terms two months to draw everybody knew the team was missing passion at the world cup and yeah it's that was immediate that but i could have been worked out a bit more quickly and it's not matters in music let's talk about measured his
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retirement from the german national team show the world of german football what they love say about that. he was surprisingly critical of measure we might remember came up with an explosive statement saying he was trying from the german national team the only man who was praised in those tweets was you know of but you can live hasn't reciprocated your king live is quite annoyed. let's have a listen to what said. and she chose a different path and he hasn't contacted me to this day even though i've tried calling and messaging him several times in the last two or so weeks. that telephone i wasn't able to reach a good woman she knows to difference of the common sense if i have to accept his decision and four months or so i think overall we underestimated the whole situation surrounding the pictures for tours absolute. let's look forward then tom
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get annoyed germany face a very tough task in the first match in the new nations league next week welcome we expect well it certainly is a very tough test they've got no less opponent than the recently crowned world champions france i don't think it's perhaps the fixture the most players will be looking forward to that much. you know but it remains to be seen how germany will perform to have had a long time to work out what went wrong. and love has said you know he focused on the world cup too much on possession based football he tried to perfect the system early on he what he wants to do in future is to get a bit more defense into the game so i think that's perhaps. a tactical shift that we might see already next week in the in the game against france there are three new players who've been named in the squad that's tito kara have an equal shoots so a few new players in sammy could deraa has no longer been picked i think his career
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in the national team is probably reached its conclusion but of the twenty three players who've been named in this squad seventeen were at the world cup so for people i think who really wanted to see a radical kind of reckoning and break with the past you know two to really hack off this disastrous world cup this perhaps looks a little bit like continuity and i think that was the point disappoint quite a few commentators tom going to be here with me in the studio matters in music thank you both germany's far right alternative for germany party and the anti islam piggy movement announced a joint rally in the eastern city of cabinets this weekend and follows violent demonstrations that over the past few days your arrest was triggered by the fatal stabbing of a german man allegedly by two migrants from iraq and syria. violence . hate speech. and illegal gestures these scenes have
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touched of national debate in germany far right groups taking to the streets of candidates insisting the city belongs to them not foreign as. media from sunday shows what appear to be vigilante attacks in candidates targeting people believed to be foreign assess. five hundred. odd over what. chancellor angela merkel has condemned the violence calm viewers video footage of hundreds of and just hates on the streets this has no place in a state under the rule of law and let me underline that once more it's a tone as conditional by the kurdish t.v. and the fatal stabbing of a german citizen over the weekend sparked the anti migration protests police have apprehended two men one from iraq another from syria over the stabbing now
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officials are also investigating several participants in the protests for giving the hitler salute a punishable offense in germany. germany's political leaders are facing questions about what can be done about extremist sympathies in the country the problem of right wing extremism has to be on the top agenda of the government in six any meaning that we have to finance programs who. get fighting for democracy daily daily daily programs and we have to finance a police bit. but germany's foreign aid the party says the stabbing in candidates and the anger that followed highlight the failures of the country's current approach to migration. this is so if you can follow this is a nationwide story that happened in cabinets but as one can see it stirring emotions everywhere in germany and on both sides it is evident that the political class has failed him this is all from clooney for now candidates and the state of
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saxony remain on edge further protest organized by right wing groups are planned for later in the week. the un's high commissioner for human rights i had to ride out to say it has also condemned the violence in cabinets forgive me for being tough on this. i think it's fundamentally important that public officials throughout europe denounce all of this. we find ourselves in the un that we are one of the few public courses that are doing so and we don't think it's enough. police in the city have been accused of doing too little against violence rightwing demonstrators they don't lose chief political correspondent melinda crane gave us her assessment or that is not likely to change. we heard statements to that effect from local authorities yesterday in a press conference that they gave they admitted that they had underestimated the
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threat and the size of the demonstrations on sunday and on monday at the same time there are various indications that authorities in the region of saxony police authorities have not only not always taken the right wing threat seriously enough but that at least some members of the security services have perhaps sympathized with the right wing for example the arrest warrant for one of the two alleged perpetrators of the knifing on saturday night who is said to be an immigrant better arrest warrant was leaked to far right media sources and we've also seen earlier in the month of august an incident where by police in the city of dresden detained a press camera team after the insistence of a right wing demonstrator who later proved to be an undercover police agent and essentially could be said to have violated the free speech rights of this camera
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team so big questions as well about the degree to which the police services are adequately trained again in those very critical democratic values that they are here to represent. just one of thousands of fans lining up to pay their last respects to aretha franklin us old singers bodies lying in state inside a museum in the hometown of detroit a private funeral will take place on friday but some just like your old music legend died earlier this month from pancreatic pancreatic cancer this reportedly double as much weight. this is where rita franklin learned to say her father was the head pastor of the new bethel baptist church while she was growing up. with
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her upbringing here in detroit and her incredible talent franklin grew into a superstar if i am and for me to be here i grew up listening to meet the franklin my parents listen it's a very differently in the fact that she found the courage if it's just a man or she's a punk town girl we love it she's the queen she was an african-american characters that. you know music for. it. all appear to be rita we appreciate everything that she brought to this city to scout and gave to the world and never forget where she came along this is why we're here today franklin is lying in state here at the right museum of african-american history in downtown detroit. despite her worldwide fame she always maintained a strong connection to her hometown and lived here until her death. here in the heart of detroit people have been waiting in line overnight to pay their final
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respects to the queen of songs people came from as far away as chicago and even new orleans and alabama is a real festive atmosphere here is her music is playing on a loop while people wait and everyone has a story of how she and her music touched not elaborate like i was raised on the beat the fight music and become a. part of my family her music touches everybody in her country it gave us hope when we didn't care for her to give people hope she twisted as she slipped out you know. that's what i'm good at it and i love this so much that i heard someone say she's an icon well the making is she was the leader and she. should get the film. she told herself. it's indisputable that aretha franklin had a global impact. she was a legend in her own time and detroit was proud to claim her as its own.
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essential up to date i'll have more here of the top of the hour monica jerry's house show business update next level at the prospect of a new free trade deal across north america of the day. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. what was so clever the leader of the race last what little coping basement bankers called the carousel with their first strong.


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