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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin tonight the u.n. high commissioner for human rights condemns far right demonstrations in the german city of camden as i eat right out hussein says that political leaders must speak out forcefully against zina phobia a kitten is bracing for another protest this coming weekend also how much of it was almost our consoling me because i wanted to perfect it will find the still means even more when hitting much of a person i should have realized that we needed to be less risky. takes the blame
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for germany's disastrous world cup performance will ask what does this mean for germany's national soccer team. it's good to have you with us the un's high commissioner for human rights has sharply condemned the violence in the german city of kevin it's over the last few days so you'd write hussein says a political leaders should speak out against zina phobia but kim is bracing itself for more unrest after the far right alternative for germany political party and the anti is lump together movement announced a joint rally scheduled for this coming weekend. thailand's. hate speach. and illegal of justice these scenes have touched off an international debate about santa phobia and germany far right groups took to the streets of can
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it's early this week insisting the city belongs to them not foreign us. video from sunday shows what appear to be vigilante attacks in the eastern german city targeting people believed to be far in the us. five hundred. odd over what. the fatal stabbing of a german citizen over the weekend spot the n.t. migration protests police have apprehended two men one from iraq another from syria over the stabbing. now an arrest warrant with its authenticity confirmed by local authorities has been circulated online a scandal according to the german interior minister this so-called snitch saying he'd cannot be that highly sensitive personal information i'm legal procedures are suddenly publicized in this way that it's legal to take care of me that if.
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officials are also investigating several protesters put giving the hitless and a punishable offense in germany. the unrest in cabinets has prompted international condemnation the un has called on all politicians to speak out forcefully against xenophobia. forgive me for being tough on the us. i think it's fundamentally important that public officials throughout europe denounce all of those. we find ourselves in the u.s. we're one of the few public courses that are doing this or we don't think it's enough. for now can that's in the state of sex and he remains on edge that the protests organized by right wing groups are planned for later in the week. i'm joined here at the big table now by carson million's he is the vice chairman of the association of german criminal investigation officers here in berlin mr million's
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it's good to have you on the show. let's just talk about you know these suspicions of these accusations that we're seeing in needs of the police possibly being linked or cooperating with the far right health serious is that well first of all that meat reject that accusation we as police we have to be neutral and the cons for all the police departments in germany of course i cannot speak for every single colleague for every single officer in every single department but as a whole the german police states neutral what about what we're seeing in and also in dresden the we've seen problems like this before and we've we've heard these accusations before and it's like it seems that they don't go away do you have an explanation why this this problem persists there well i don't really have
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a true explanation for that but the police and its nature is. very close to conservatism and law and order and let the groups tend to reject or despise conservative conservatism and law and order so that might be a reason for those accusations that we the police protect the new nazis we heard on the program last night from a professor in dresden he said that police tend to feel more aligned with the far right then the left because they are constantly told by the left we hate you i mean what do you what do you say about that. hatred from the far left side to tell what's our colleagues is truly a problem that is true but we do not align with the rightists. what happens inside a police force if it becomes apparent that
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a colleague does have sympathies with the far right i mean we've got a case now where it's suspected that someone working for the police is also a piggy. worker what happens is that well first of all we have the freedom of speech we have the freedom to have an a political opinion but for a police officer that political opinion has to stay private when we are on duty we cannot openly discuss all political opinions that cannot happen if we find out that someone within the porth tends to. tends to join or has joined. those groups you know there will be an internal and internal investigation are you satisfied with the way the police departments are able to. filter people like applicants you know people who are coming in who
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want to become police officers and they're able to basically determine who is going to be a good officer and to you know could be problematic or you will see to become a police officer you have to undergo for exams the oral exam the written exam the physical exam and the fourth one is to check up on your criminal record what we cannot do is a look inside someone's head you cannot do that but we can. at the police school we can strengthen political education to tell those new candidates that portions of the mock receive and if that strong enough in your opinion i mean is that indoctrination as strong as it should be well it's hard to judge to be honest but i'm sure it can be stronger ok. carsten million vice-chairman here in berlin of the association of german criminal investigation
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officers history as we appreciate your time tonight thank you thank you most of. all more than two million venezuelans have fled their country's growing humanitarian crisis as it began four years ago hyper inflation a lack of food and medicine is forcing thousands every day to seek refuge in the neighboring countries many of them in brazil now the situation in war i must state where most venezuelans enter the country has become increasingly difficult and occasionally violent in an effort to maintain law and order the brazilian government is now sending its army to the border. the honking of horns and flashing lights have become warning signals for venezuelan immigrants trying to cross the border from venezuela into brazil. it is that. the brazilian army are traitors out with all these immigrants.
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it was this sentiment at a demonstration by residents of the brazilian border town of paris the took south america's immigration crisis to a new level on the eighteenth of august locals attacked venezuelan immigrants who'd been camping in the town armed with sticks and stones they expelled some twelve hundred venezuelans and burned their belongings. because of it i work in brazil i have four children in venezuela hallie going to send them food now. the residents deny that their hunting the venezuelans down but insists they will not allow the immigrants to stay in the town. after the attack we made an agreement with the police to not let them gather in crowds assoon as groups of five or six people are seen together we call the police corruption might be the female about the situation is tense here not just for us but for them
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as well they're not trustworthy people. the attack was the culmination of a growing humanitarian crisis that's been going on for more than a year a lack of food and medical supplies together with utility shortages have led to a mass exodus from venezuela since twenty seventeen some one hundred twenty seven thousand venezuelans have crossed the brazilian border into pocket i am. even though a majority of the migrants have already left a number have stayed and the small town is overcrowded. with little support from the federal government and few resources tensions as well as crime are on the increase. going to cause if we could get that money came into my house and store all of my money some of it was a loan from a friend no i can't pay him back i'm for venezuelans who want to stay here and work but criminals must go to jail if you think that. it was the attack on the right
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that unleashed that saturday's fury and fed a wave of xenophobia in the town as a result the number of venezuelans crossing daily into fell by fifty percent the following week. desperation still drives them as whalen's to cross the border but they now spend the night in improvised shelters at a truck parking lot on the venezuelan side entire families sleep here they hope the next day will bring a new life on the brazilian side. some of that dreams are very simple ones like just having enough food to eat. what you eat in venezuela no nothing there's nothing there like yeah. and what would you like to eat. chocolate might. i think one how long have you eaten meat how do. you grow. it's been years since venezuela was
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a rich country that might be fighting them. with no change in sight it will be some time longer before venezuela can end its current humanitarian and economic crisis and stem the exodus of venezuelans looking for a better life. well he failed to motivate his players and he used the wrong tactics on the pitch those are the admissions in the confessions being offered by the coach of germany's national football team today you're walking look spoke publicly for the first time since germany's dismal performance at the world cup in russia of directly after the world cup there were calls for him to resign or be fired but sacking the coach was apparently not an option the german football association had extended lurves contract just before the world cup began joachim lives long awaited analysis of the germany coach took responsibility for tactical mistakes saying his team lacked balance between the defense and the attack as well
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as dedication and passion. this from my i'm a closed one theist miscalculation and my biggest mistake was that i believed we could at least make it past the group stage by playing a grand dominant position based football just a few for one day. according to live this high risk approach bordered on arrogance what's more the coach was unable to establish small working groups of players within the squad during the tournament in russia live said the end of one photo affair involving measured is ill and ill going to one wasn't taken seriously enough since isil quit the team he has not spoken with the coach live rejects accusations made by israel and that's i think that you spend if you remark talking with the d. if he was there ever even a hint of racist remarks in our team and someone just as for personnel changes there will now be only two assistant coaches former assistant thomas schneider is
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to head the scouting department the number of support staff will also be reduced sammy could hear it will be missing from the squad for the upcoming international games but newcomers kai however it's nico shilts until the camera will be there and young star in the roy sunday live left out at the world cup. team manager of the beer addressed accusations the team has lost contact with its fan base on this ng venue no television that's why we will of course continue to work on being closer to our fans and move down to earth with them on the future. in particular opening the doors and gates more often to us so that especially children and young people can see their stalls up close and is in couldn't next week's international match against world champions france will show to what extent he walk in live and his team have dealt with the world cup debacle. or you're watching t w news live
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from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour for all of us here in berlin thanks for the help. i think we'll see you against. some of. the m. one hundred. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and a megalomania. we're so clever the leader in control of the rich lots. of investment bankers ultra ourselves with the first stock.


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