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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2018 1:30am-2:00am CEST

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today. civil rights. piecemeal. nine hundred sixty eight global stocks of. a low and welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and countries across europe facing the challenge of how to respond to racism and xenophobia as well as to the threats posed by the far right in germany is certainly no exception as it was clear recently in the eastern city of candidates the mood turned ugly in the center of the city there were reports of people who looked like foreigners being
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chased down by the mob following the murder of a thirty five year old german man two suspects one syrian and one iraqi were taken into custody while hundreds of supporters of far right groups mcgroarty through the streets so what is the best way to stand up to the aggression and the violence posed by the far right well let's go further north to the small village of yama in the state of midtown book full palm and sometimes described as a neo nazi village and there we meet burkett oh my and her husband holst a brave couple who say they won't back down despite serious and repeated threats to their safety. that yeah this is not just a rock festival it's actually a protest every summer day you get low meyer and her husband organized concerts in their garden in the german village of jama. twelve years ago when they held their first concert the law meyer's wanted to take a stand against neo nazi. it's. rude which in their case they say means almost all
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of their neighbors i get up. at least ninety percent of the people living in this village are nazis and besides hostile to me there's one other couple who say they're politically neutral although we're not really sure how you can be with something like the father in disguise and they broke off contact to us they're so hostile completely alone here and no one speaks to us the nazis bully and taunt us and have committed crimes against us after. first there were dung heaps left by the front door then their barn was set on fire three years ago. an artist friend used the ashes to make a sort of a morial there represents what nazis in the village are capable of. because. we've become very vigilant in the past years especially after the arson attack.
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we've installed security systems to the it's a very difficult situation surely with that there's a constant sense of danger to the world for twelve from come on this is. their barn that burned down was just a few meters from their home. if the other end of the village it's clear whose turf this is the flag of the former german rush is displayed in plain sight. a mural depicts the residence vision of a german arion family. oh oh. a sign post indicates the way to out of hitler's birthplace. and then there's this license plate eighty eight is neo nazi code for heil hitler. these are just some of the nazi symbols in the village. well it's a little bit with their leftist and we're not me and we have to listen to you nazis out the whole evening just look at my own garden fence i was told to get out
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because i'm a nazi so also i said i live here and you don't like to do it they play music against us while we have a nice day barbecuing together when he will probably do this every year now against the left wingers push on here to show the. police are often present in yama so that they can intervene swiftly in case of conflict. treason distanced off people peace village is home to right wing nationalists who opposed the german constitution and all basic democratic order and so of course we keep a close eye on them and nature every event that takes place here in yama is whether its summer solstice or another celebration we always make sure to be present in just a season that started its what is in the night. at the festival across the village a surprise star guest has just arrived singer hair but going to my own. guns cause
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of us we don't want germany to shift toward the far right we don't want racism that we want solidarity. we also want to show the low meyer's that they're not along the line we want to support them in the face of antagonism and threats because it's the one i think that's really important in the current climate with all the uncertainty are good signs and we need to draw strength from each other and be clear about what we want and what we don't want klaus that i would say you know because i was one of these wrong. chris cuomo says. asked. the crowd in yemen is thrilled you're here to support the message you're getting forced tolerance and democracy. tolerance and democracy that's the message but it's worth remembering that the far right scene here in germany is estimated to number twenty five thousand people half
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of whom are apparently ready and willing to resort to violence and as we've seen in recent days they are increasingly well organized. no friends has in recent years been in a permanent state of alarm much of the anxiety due to the constant threat posed by islamist terror the result the security forces are massively overstretched both operationally and just as important emotionally so what impact does it all have on ordinary coke some guys like mixing green earth and join the full simply to catch the us as we find out now there's much more to the job than that and it takes him to some very sensitive locations. the palace of that size is one of france's most famous landmarks and therefore also a potential terrorist target. police officer maxine or no knows the tourist standing here on the street who have yet to pass through the strict security are
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especially vulnerable. that's why he and his fellow police officers need to be especially vigilant in the past terrorist scouted out the targets of their attacks and it's fun. we want to. keep an eye out for people who are behaving suspiciously and i could pose a security risk for instance those who just sit around and take notes or photos before or people who shoot photos from inside a car and keep on driving around in our docket victor tickets with products to spare we try to help those kinds of people right away right there on the budget of on just off the grid but of course the defense front is police have been on constant alert since twenty fifteen when a series of brutal terror attacks by islamic extremists shocks the nation more than two hundred forty people have died in such attacks since twenty fifteen. the french police are to prevent such attacks from happening any time anywhere so officers
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have put in some twenty two million dollars of overtime in recent years almost first and foremost we're here to protect the symbols of friends when i reckon i've got a day day after. it is pretty tough move them all you have to see how you can do it i think i mean i think. you know what if there is an attack on then we're not allowed to think of ourselves. mitnick with the market there you have to ensure the security of others who want them in your ear is secure in their limits and the governor should a terrorist attack a coma or nerve and his colleagues are no longer supposed to wait for an elite unit which in the past often arrive too late the officers are to take action themselves and potentially stop a massacre. there to receive special training as well as bullet proof vests and more powerful weapons but many feel overwhelmed and frightened as in recent years the police themselves have become a terrorist target. on june the thirteenth twenty sixteen just west of paris an
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islamic terrorist killed a police officer and his partner a police secretary in front of the couple's three year old son that shops their colleagues across from. this is who could be pretty the park i'll say there's a real psychosis amongst police offices because we're professionals so. we officers know the repeat people who won't hesitate to identify as and our families track as down and go after us. the lack of free time the hostility they face and the fear of terrorism proved to be too much for many last year more than sixty police officers took their own lives they often killed themselves at their workplace. a member of the french senate has examined the incidents and sounded the alarm he says many officers feel the state has let them down. the. cultural revolution needs to take place in the management of the national police
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there needs to be more investment to buy new vehicles a renovate buildings to bring them up to standards it's simply a matter of safety when it comes to the vehicles that's the minimum demanded of every other administration. but maxime are nerve thinks that will solve all the problems the terrorist threat remains it may not be visible but it's there by the end of twenty nineteen around forty dangerous jihadists who have served their sentences will be released from french jails so for officers like her nerve the fight against terror will continue it's hardly the job he signed up for when you become a policeman closer enjoyed playing cops and robbers and you're like a little action. but for now i go home thinking how happy i am like nothing happened all. even if the terrorist threat has changed his work entirely maxine
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had no plans to continue keeping law and order in france. now what's it like living in a country where the ruling party bears many of the traits of a criminal gang well that's how bad things are in rumania as a result there have been repeated launch scale protests for more democracy but the police have responded brutally and the controversial head of remain is ruling social democrats liviu dragnet has dismissed the protest as a failed coup but to dragnet himself already has a criminal record and could face further charges to find out why we go to the south of the country and the island of bellina on the river danube. telamon county on romania's southern border. not too long ago fifty six year old nikou parsha was taking his boat out on this branch of the danube to go fishing like many others from the air. but now he says he's no
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longer allowed to. run and i'm still just been fishing was the only livelihood i had and i'm furious. with that. the danube island of blaming us spends three hundred forty seven heck tears and is closely guarded. at one time it was owned by the state but believe that he is now in the hands of romania's scandal ridden construction company tell drawing said to have leased bill enough for just fifteen hundred euros a month people say that this was initiated by romania's most powerful politician liviu drug leader of the governing social democratic party he sometimes comes to believe where he has all the space he needs for his hobby without being disturbed by the local fisherman. he nobody in romania ever used to
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get an island. but it's happened here and we fishermen had to clear out. in the capital book arrest drug now has yet another court date on the way he's bombarded with questions and obviously if you're not involved with tell droom why are you worried and what why don't you admit tell drome is run by your clan. in the investigative journalist carmen duma trust who is one of the bravest residents of tower mind dragan is home county she was one of the first to take a close look at drug miss wheelings and dealings was told room. with after i'd thrown something out cars from children would follow me they kept trying to intimidate me. in sticking threatening letters on my door. she lives in alexandria where drug now has his lavish estate built by tel drove around him driving his neighbors live in abject poverty most of them have to live
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on pensions of fifty euros a month. here is rancid in the prefab tenement blocks comment of a trust who reports on the inhuman conditions and tries to figure out why people here voted for drugs in the first place you. remember the last little one time the whole building had no power there wasn't any light. the dog no was the only one who came to us and got the electricity back on. he brought food for us leave you drug drove straight over here personally in his car wash. one floor up an impoverished neighbor is too ashamed to show her face. she tells us that they will have to move away but they don't know where to go . what something has to happen here soon this prefab block is actually not fit for habitation it should be torn down it's in danger of collapse and that they've got
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a real. it's not an isolated case romania is the use second poorest member incompetent officials negligence and corruption are rampant a few weeks ago the government pushed through measures that favor corrupt politicians especially those with criminal records like drug know. a good one hundred thousand people decided that they weren't going to take it anymore august tenth their peaceful protest was broken up by tear gas fired by security team. it was one of the most violent police incidents in romania since the socialists were ousted in one nine hundred eighty nine. this man was one of over four hundred fifty people who were injured the public prosecutor's investigating duma tresco was at the protest and narrowly escaped tear gas grenades. i think it was a few but any normal country would have already had resignations but that doesn't happen here when it when you know what it takes political responsibility no i've
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lost hope that anyone ever will on the contrary if nothing happens i think romania is government could turn even more authoritarian that is morally. the government is trying to make the protests look more like malicious attempted coups carman to the trust who can hardly believe that they'd even try such a tactic. now she's more determined than ever to publish her critical reports from drug in his home district. back on bill ina the now unemployed fisherman eco bar says john doe is heading home. he lives alone his wife and children have left telamon county and their own likely to return they sent him money to live on and put it all i regret i have a voted for his p.t.s.d. policy and i won't do it again and many people in. them drag my name on.
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one ray of hope left to him is that the protests will continue and lead to change in romania then someday he may be able to go fishing in his old territory and make a living again now in a very different though just imagine that a painting has been hanging in your parents' house for many years you've known it since your childhood and then by chance you discover that the work of all it was looted by your grandfather when he served in the german army during the second world war the patient of poland now that is precisely what happened. but he wasn't his only discovery. also a capital of poland in nine hundred forty and today. the invading german verma left a picture of destruction. only callous grandfather post took these photos. it really
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is an odd feeling to walk along here was it all because i know that he once walked on the dolphin was left tenant i'll go scot took the photos off of the german vamoosed marched into poland at the start of world war two rick found some fourteen hundred photos like these now historical artifacts you know i'm sure on them i knew were stored in a closet i did but nobody looked at them like was my grandfather had also written lots of letters back home and i found them unread the reason this is because some things are very personal but he also wrote about the advancing forces. he then saw a photo of this potiche painting that hung in his family how it went on to get them to vote the sweetest my first thought was that we ought to give this picture back to the sun people in charge wrote to the polish embassy in germany and told them what i had found for me it. didn't show up because of these photos show the
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beginning of the german occupation of poland. because we did a show of what daily life was like for the troops there but they guessed that keeps about the it's the first time that anybody from germany has come to us with materials like this that came out that i want me. in the photos was an old film real of general blast of it's his headquarters in spa central poland some of it was clearly films by august koua it shows the soldiers' lives in winter. and what they see if you join sun you get on one religious issue you start thinking about it. and wondering how much your own grandfather might have been involved in it. almost in. all phenomena but from all the images and the many letters he does and i can tell that he probably didn't take part in the really bad operation. but he does appear to have started on an oil painting now it's being returned to novi soames and
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southern poland it was painted by local office frenchie schechner atsic over seventy is off it was looted in the wall it's back where it belongs is the news the quickest it's an extraordinary gesture of humanity man to to build a bridge between our cultures which are so closely tied. for centuries the culture has for brought us together. these experiences of war awaken the demon of slaves and this is a very just or toward reconciliation but just. because i'm just we've not known and was especially hard hit by wall time plundering thousands of aa with an estimated value of a ten billion euros still missing which should be returned to poland the regional museum also suffered losses they just simply doubt i believe these objects are in private hands and even so we need
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a dialogue with the cultural institutions that are under the authority of the german government of. returning looted off it is an essential part of reconciliation and recovering from pos tragedies from the iowa city which will i hope that more people will have the same idea and say it's high time that we came back these are self what it took to keep. order to go and his wife hoping to set an example of us can follow. well they may be older they might be gray but they're also wise passionate and angry they are austria's grannies against the rights and that is precisely their concern that their country is drifting far too far to the right and becoming intolerant and xenophobia the place where these fearless fighters for austria's future gather is vienna's central maria teresa and plants. it's. these are their trademark hand knitted hats that they wear come rain or shine.
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their so-called granny rave on vienna's central square is already legendary. be kept that's when the chore ladies who've decided not to sit around at home waiting for death would getting involved in shaping this country but see you know it's oh oh oh oh oh established in november twenty seven thousand the grannies against the right were spurred into political action after the far right party f.p.o. join the coalition government they have a special song about chancellor sebastian courts in which they caricature him as a big bad wolf oh. there was no process that is our stars cloud sticky root deuced rollo's the billy joel surnow. need. oh yes oh our souls well this guy says here that the fear. oh. oh oh. sixty six
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year old barbara borean was one of their first members. she says being older has its advantages. almost how noisy grandmas have the time and space to get well organized and use our creative resources. so we can go out in public and hit the streets loud and proud and loud awful today barely more home together with the others bourrienne hopes to counteract the political shift toward the right regarding refugee policy she doesn't think a small country like austria should be moving toward a future that's isolated and fenced off the grannies are highly critical of the f.p.o. . mentioned by this scornful towards people because they divide society and treat farming as a scapegoat to distract from national problems. we've seen this before and it's fear mongering sure the iranians. officially the f.p.o.
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has not responded to the protesters. but on chat forums party supporters have called the women brainless hags and a band of fools. a view that contrasts starkly with how many young austrians feel about the grannies. is an idol there older but they're fighting the far right and i told them i know a lot of elderly people who take a different approach to business so it's great to have the support of these older ladies and is not to be seen you saw the thing for you this imo they have a modern political mindset they're informed they see what's happening in austria and what's going wrong and they're fighting it as best they can and the came from what you can. bring in was a pediatrician in africa and central america and worked as a psychologist with worse survivors she has children and grandchildren and wants the best for their futures. she believes it's the language used by the far right
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that's also damaging political dialogue in austria he says of what today's you say empty words but i am opposed and very emotional. that's the big danger. it's not a healthy debate anymore it paints everything in black and white suits and politics is just all about the issue of refugees it's a game to support it to meet the freak needs for. the grannies against the right seem to have struck a chord women across austria are using instagram and facebook to organize regular events and the grannies are telling their opponents to watch out. i. and that's all from focus on europe this time around if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page at the w. dot com forward slash focus on europe or visit all first. page stories for now.
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a whole new pipeline the five keys to sea for food use them you also have a role to play. the united nations has condemned the violent far right protests in the german city of kemet the fatal stabbing of a german man allegedly by two migrants triggered mass unrest protesters gave nazi salutes and attacked people they took for foreigners more protests are planned in the coming days.


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