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moments in the life of a great fashion designer. starts september ninth w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin right wing protesters gathering again in the eastern city of coming. up the rally passes off peacefully with no repeat of the violence seen earlier in the week but the situation in genesis remains tense with groups from both the left on the right planning to take to the streets again in the coming days also on the show. we need
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an indian woman suffering from cancer who's pinning her hopes on an ambitious new national health plan set to be rolled out in the next month but critics fear the prime minister's plan has a fatal flaw. and time to say good bye fans of the world prepared to bin their final farewell to the queen of soul aretha franklin will be laid to rest in detroit later today. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show some one thousand rightwing demonstrators have staged another protest in the eastern german city of camden police say the rally was tense but not threatening or more marked by violence like a protest earlier this week at a nearby venue politicians met with local residents with some of them saying government officials are out of touch. get lost
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they chant. demonstrators are out in force again in chemnitz they're protesting against the town hall meeting with saxony state premier but some in this east german city want to engage with him. it's most important dockyard small i want to talk to him about my feeling that many politicians don't know anything about their citizens anymore and don't know what's going on i saw a report that he wished shot by what's happening here but how can that be up if he is our state premier so management is the president and. the fatal stabbing of a german citizen over the weekend sparked violent anti immigration protests and what appeared to be vigilante attacks on people believed to be foreigners the authorities are also investigating several protesters for making the hitler salute . then an arrest warrant was late apparently by
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a law enforcement officer the man has since been suspended from judy a federal state in crisis the leader in saxony pleading to his citizens to be courageous. and they should learn what countries are we want to live in. the rule of law and democracy is still the pillars of our peaceful life together. i'm standing up for that i'm fighting for that and i'm asking you all to join me. everybody is needed now to take responsibility and to get involved with the mission for now kim nits and the state of saxony remain on edge for the protests organized by right wing groups a planned for later in the week. so what's in store for come and talk about that i'm joined in the studio now by political correspondent nina has a good morning you know do protesters have a concrete set of demands that's very hard to make out in fact those people who
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take to the streets to protest against people. coachmen the representative of the conservative party in saxony they really just come to the streets to voice their anger their frustration about the current situation but they refused to enter into democratic dialogue now the people who did talk to me inside that football stadium they were really that to tell him what was going wrong in their eyes and to look for solutions but what is dangerous about the situation in kemet is that you've got increasingly big groups in different cities specially in east germany where you've essentially just lost them to the democratic values of proper dialogue about concrete sets of demands all they're asking is macca go away ok well one aspect of that in kluges migration that's the core of this protest and the issue is push the right wing populist party the if the alternative to germany to the fore is making
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a lot of gains in the electorate with this issue let's take a listen now to what if the leader alexander galland said to you yesterday. this is america's immigration policy has created a situation where we have knife attacks and my co-leader is absolutely right about this carried out by people who would not be here otherwise. and so there is a cause here and that causes a mass immigration brought about by mrs maskell you must own you from out of was a thought that is a very strong accusation the house the government responding. well i'm glad marco i believe is taking this seriously she has come out in favor of protecting democratic values repeatedly she has spoken out against right wing extremism but of course the big challenge will be now to convince the people on the ground that the government will support local initiatives because i think what is increasingly becoming
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clearer is that it wasn't enough to just say we could do this three years ago michael came on several occasions she essentially reacted to humanitarian to what could have been a humanitarian disaster and let in syrian refugees into the country and then said we are strong as a country we can do this but she didn't say how and especially the local initiatives who support refugees who've done a lot and gone out of their ways to help people integrate they feel lost i mean it's taken until now to come up with a proposal for an immigration law for ok you've mentioned shaphan dos it's three years ago to the day that the chancellor famously said we can do it has come it's proven wrong. i think that is ken this is just the latest in a string of events that we have seen over the past three years where the situation has changed from a welcoming culture initially the world was surprised to see a really open minded joe many welcoming people from abroad who were helping and
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trying to prevent this humanitarian disaster that could have happened because so many people were on the road to northern europe to actually find shelter and that has changed increasingly over the last three years it's just the latest in the string of events and she will have to act really struck me now and you know thanks very much for the insights. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today in australia the catholic church has rejected a recommendation to pray priests break the secrecy of confession to report child abuse and the inquiry found that thousands of children had been sexually abused between one thousand nine hundred sixty and twenty fifteen in australia sixty five percent of them in church run institutions leaving catholic large vowed to end a history of cover ups and have promised accountability. french actor gerard up and is being investigated by authorities in paris over allegations of rape french media say the complaint had been launched by
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a twenty two year old french actress his lawyer says the french film star denies the allegation. the casket carrying the late u.s. senator john mccain has arrived in washington d.c. after a day of memorial tributes in arizona became a lie in state at the u.s. capitol before his funeral on saturday will be buried on sunday at the naval academy in annapolis and merrill. well next month india is planning to introduce what aims to be the largest health insurance plan implemented anywhere in the world modi cares it's awfully don't have to the indian prime minister will eventually provide coverage to five hundred million people across the country that's about forty percent of the population currently barely four percent of indians have any insurance a lot of questions remain whether the plan will work there's more rain for better have gotten out of the car he suffers from pancreatic cancer and has recently had
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an operation she's traveled from calcutta in eastern india to mumbai for such a great treatment has so far cost the equivalent of three thousand euros. but on her family shared a room at a local charity but while the emotional trauma she's facing is hard her financial bodies. i mean. we've already borrowed hundreds of thousands of rupees on treatment and other expenses now i'm starting three rounds of chemotherapy i think we'll have to borrow even more from friends and family in the coming weeks and months. millions of indians shackleton us feet because they don't have access to quality health care that could not change with a national insurance scheme dubbed. after the indian prime minister poor indians could receive up to six thousand euros worth of coverage i merely but what that
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means that they can walk into private facilities that general india's rich there's one problem says the managing director of what card an upmarket south mumbai hospital the procedures have to be provided at x. y. is that costs and door the prices which are really kind of. putting everything in a very kind of constrained on top of our current cost structure was greater than the prices that we're going to get reimbursed for the procedure for private hospitals the problem will be written siling how much they usually charge with the government's mandated rates which have come out in the first instance from the government. allow them to make a profit and been used to making us together so that is their apprehension but you see on the other hand it is also in the hands of public sector hospitals which are going to be allowed as part of that scheme it's also to do with this small nursing
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homes. trying to send a ranger mody unveiled his plan recently to coincide with india's independence day he hopes that after some testing it will be open for business on the twenty fifth of september. hope to bring medical insurance for more than five hundred million people across india this critics. it's a scheme that's too big to succeed mainly because of its scale to its supporters it's a step in the right direction mr modi would hope that many more indians think he's up for reelection in just a few months from now with mounting medical bills that wheat cannot end soon enough for kalpa no i don't know if we spend much more on the treatment than i thought when we get some assistance from the government well that would really help us. as the other carries weight for more news big hope that. would provide
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a window for botching ity to that. the former leader of germany's social democrats martin scholtz has paid a surprise visit to the jailed ex president of brazil ignacio linda silva had been in prison since april on corruption charges schultz last on the back on last year's german election but his s.p.d. has long kept close ties to lose workers' party seeking international support to get little released in time for presidential elections in brazil next month w.'s carolina chinmoy caught up with martin shoals for an exclusive interview just after that visit to lula da silva. it's actually there why are you thinking that today here. i think there is a man who has president of the country fought for brazil. sticking to the very. much the literal corporation in the. who is if. he were
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waiting in a right way the last judgment of the human rights committee of the united nations. in a situation that. the acting justice in the country prevents him to practice and to apply to his individual rights as a citizen of the country and in the context of the upcoming election where he is running as their representative of the labor party this is a complex situation a delicate one and raising a lot of questions and i wanted to discuss these questions with the real labor party on one hand and i asked to meet a friend or a colic with whom i used to work during years and years together in different difficult responsibilities and to whom i have trust do you think that the judicial system here in brazil is being used for political goals difficult for me to. come to a conclusion but some of the behaviors are not their observations of some acting parts
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on one hand of the attorneys or the other end of the judges. leads from me to the conclusion that in this specific case. to accuse a former president of a country to be corrupt. one of the precondition for a fair trial is to complete neutrality of the justice and my feeling is that this is not always one hundred percent assured but this is only a feeling i have no evidences but another feeling is that i can trust to a man whom i and knows. since long time in the series i'm innocent my last question this is a crucial moment for brazil you said to yourself do you think you're perhaps meddling and through a political campaign here in brazil no i think if that case is a worldwide discussed item. i'm here not only to meet the.
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i meet the labor party i met the leadership of the labor party i met the a running mate of mr howard dot so i'm seen see as always in the frame of my international activities or the relationship with the socialist parties also with the labor party here in brazil so it's a modeling and election campaign it is not a corporation and exchange of views between people who are sticking to the same values and fighting for the same goal to strengthen democracy worldwide that's yesterday's martin shell speaking with deed of use carlina chinoy. well in an effort to reduce its dependence on technology from other countries germany is planning a new cyber security research agency like many other countries germany faces a daily barrage of cyber attacks on its government and industrial computer networks the new agency is modeled on the pentagon's cyber defense agency washington earmarks about three billion euros for its agency every year its new german
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counterpart is starting with a modest budget of about forty million. in february twenty sixth seen a number of operations were postponed at a hospital in the german city of noice the reason an attack on the computer systems it's just one example of many the german government wants to better protect the country and its citizens in the future with the creation of a new federal agency germany currently lags behind in cybersecurity. germany should take the lead internationally in cyber security or at least a leading role it's impose its will by name and. several systems are already in place to deal with cyber security in germany the new agency will promote research the german defense minister says the security efforts will require more funding and more urgency from. the we want to overcome these two issues with the new agency it has to function in a different way it will have to tackle issues even if there's
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a chance it may fail. critics claim the government not only wants to better protect itself but also launch its own attacks on but the security gaps will be kept open in the future if will be kept secret from the population and the economy so they can attack others this will lead to even further insecurity. the german defense minister says that's not the agency's purpose and according to the interior minister counter attacks will be permitted only under special circumstances. let's get some sports now on the german football side rb leipzig have secured a place in this year's europa league group stage after coming from behind to beat zoro hans in the second leg of their preliminary qualifier rb led early on through team obama but were pushed to the limits by the ukrainian opponents who supported goal either side of half time to take the lead or the lives they equalised they made it three two with swedish international force bird scoring
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a penalty in the ninetieth minute the draw for the europa league group stage takes place later today. and the draw for the champions league group stage took place in monaco thursday with four german clubs competing in that tournament group a c's brosius dortmund draw alongside europa league champions and let it go madrid meanwhile dortmund's local rivals face the national champions of russia portugal and turkey in and even in group d. and honestly the champions byron munich have what looks like a straightforward task hoffenheim meanwhile who are playing in the champions league proper for the first time in their history face an uphill battle against the likes of manchester city leo and donetsk. well at the u.s. open in new york some of the big names have booked their spots in the third round the twenty six team champion germany's angela had a rough ride in her match against your one of larsen in sweden after winning the opening set the number four's he dropped the second before recovering in the
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decider six two five seven six for the final score there now in the men's category the fourth seed germany's alexander beat nicolas mahut in straight sets to move into the third round later roger federer continued his bid for a record sixty u.s. open title with a comfortable second round win over francis a re the thirty seven year old will play australia's nick curiosus in the next round. well the funeral of music icon research franklin will be taking place in the american city of detroit later today among those expected to attend are former u.s. president bill clinton and a host of musical celebrities including stevie wonder and smokey robinson the seventy six year old died of cancer on august the sixteenth after a career spanning more than six decades. they sing for aretha franklin a homecoming song for the queen of soul. mourning and on ring her
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in her hometown of detroit. she would be deeply honored and appreciate the effect that people for three days came forward out of every system you knew in prepress this city and country so to travel alone miles to recognize her and seeing that you franklin died aged seventy six of pancreatic cancer. thursday was the last day for the public to say goodbye she lay in the church where she began her career as a child singing gospel and where her father was a minister for more than thirty years. this was where our first four performed with her at that the lay in me so to come back and to see her in her father's church you know it isn't a story it's she was a. part of all our lives our sorrow so many times the cobo hall and all over and it
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worser and it's a full. of almost all of the records so. this. franklin was a symbol for black america and so her funeral on friday is expected to culminate in a five hour marathon celebration of black culture and as a testament of her life. and while much more from the tory later today for now those over the business and christophe it looks like now after two point zero zero could be ready for a roll out soon could be brian it's down to the wire and talks over an updated free trade agreement for north america cabot us trade ministers minister said there were risks to all if no deal could be reached jim carr negotiators were working to get quote the right deal not any deal mexico has already signed up to an initial agreement now the caucus taking whether to see canada will make it a three way deal. the talks went late into the night but it didn't look like in
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washington we're any closer to an agreement we had a. brief conversation with investors i had a brief conversation better late as it was team i had a couple of things to say and will reconvene in the morning when i see you and everyone here wondering about the sticking points when you packed on a revamped enough to without a deal donald trump has threatened to impose levies on canadian media case one obstacle is kind of as insistence on protecting its dairy industry trumpets repeated criticize canadian tariffs of up to two hundred seventy five percent on some u.s. dairy products as unfair the us president has set a friday deadline for the three countries to reach an agreement which would allow mexican present in the rate of being in the till to sign it before he leaves office at the end of november the trump administration wants to notify congress on friday congress will then have ninety days to review the matter. a drastic move by
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argentino central bank to shore up the country's nosediving currency has had little effect on markets on thursday the lender hiked its benchmark interest rate from forty five to sixty percent of the peso has continued to plummet losing up to twenty percent against the dollar the latest lot of panic began monday after one desires asked for early release of emergency support funds from the international monetary fund triggering concerns it could be unable to repay its debts. now europe can't seem to control the african swine fever outbreak this year the disease was detected in a total of almost five thousand wild pigs and farm animals this is seven hundred more than the year before the situation in eastern europe is particularly critical the polish government has now announced that it will support farmers financially in the fight against the epidemic. anyone who wants to visit. farm first has to pass through this. infected in fact he's trying to protect his pigs from african
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swine fever but not only them. if the disease were to spread to my farm the surrounding farms would also be threatened by using disinfectants i also protect others who are not yet affected by swine fever the polish government reimburses seventy five percent of the costs for disinfectants tarpaulins and other items scientists suspect that the pathogen is transmitted by humans more specifically by shoes or car tires. many farmers are benefiting from state paid we've already helped more than three hundred of them and we have spent the equivalent of thirteen million euros. wild boars can also transmit the disease governments in many european countries have asked hunters to shoot tens of thousands of them to stem the spread. there is currently no vaccine against african swine fever sick animals have to be cold all that can be done is to contain the
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disease. the sale of high caffeine soft drinks to children could be banned in england the government. is mulling a prohibition and the health concerns it has launched a twelve week public consultation many supermarkets already refuse to sell energy drinks to children but industry observers suggest the move could be a sign of a more heavy handed approach to government regulation energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular among children but they contain high levels of sugar and caffeine and have been linked to obesity and a range of other health issues. so hot stations high blood pressure inability to sleep restlessness and so kids tend to self medicate with them to stay up get you mean those kind of things and teachers are reporting problems in schools because kids going to school having taken the support first and then called sixty will day it's that sort of and obviously the sugar as well with with but then it's ok and he
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says well it's really shaped the proposed legislation would ban the sale of energy drinks containing more than one hundred fifty milligrams of caffeine per liter to children at two hundred fifty millimeter camera may contain double that amount or the equivalent of three cans of soda parents are becoming increasingly concerned i don't think kids should be allowed in the teachings that's going to be posed to mostly go to school. and they should be able to hot button up nutrition through their feet to be able to do some sports teams want to be able to get into the school day helping to i don't believe in the level of a lot of maladies and each time you have done. that to get it right i think maybe yes we should do if you take what you said no we have to get out to use your. public health i think it's welcome the proposed legislation nearly
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a third of children in england are obese or overweight by the time they leave primary school the government is aiming to tuck childhood obesity rates in half by two thousand and thirty. and as a reminder of the top story we're following for you here on d w for a demonstrators have again taken to the streets of the eastern german city of chemist's police say the protest most tense but passed off peacefully earlier in the week twenty people were injured when seven thousand protesters many of them far right nationalists clashed with left wing demonstrators after a stabbing. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour i mean well don't forget you can always kept all the latest news information around the clock on our website that's a call for now from me on the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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more intrigue international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week this week the german city of chemist's witnessed street clashes reminiscent of the mob violence to the way to the nazi what is the root of this hate that's a topic on quadriga join us.
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next. week off line. football is a simple game of football a simple game. not really a mystery. but come back we'll talk about too much of the giving some younger players and if you know the personalities of his team he says he lived too soft for that job it's difficult to understand the answers at least. sixty. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. which is
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so clearly the return control of the rich but that's what plenty. of investment bankers call to carousel would ever stop. everybody was wrong the wanted to ignore the reality that the whole thing might blow up in the face of a system that spawned out of control. that will. cause everything the current investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on d w. hello and welcome to quadriga this week germans witnessed street clashes that reminded some of the mob violence that paved the way for the nazis ninety years ago right when demonstrators rampage through the streets of the eastern city attendants on.


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