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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin i'm calling time on a long running dispute the european union said to end the practice of putting the clocks forward and back in summer in winter e.u. says it's responding to the will of the people we look at the pros and cons of scrapping daylight savings time also coming up. a rally by the far right in the eastern german town of kim its passes all peacefully despite those from earlier in the week but the situation remains tense with groups from both the right and left preparing to take to the streets again to morrow.
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time to say good bye fans around the world pairs of their final farewells to the queen of soul aretha franklin she will be laid to rest in detroit later today. hello i'm terry march and thanks for being with us the days of changing the clocks backwards and forwards here in europe could be numbered that's because the european commission is today proposing an end to the switch between summer and winter time across the e.u. decision comes after an online poll found that a majority of those responding want to get rid of the one hour change to winter time. but the online survey was the largest in the use history four point six million european. took part in it but by far the most of
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those were german in total eighty percent said they were in favor of getting rid of daylight savings time. you commission head. says the people will get what they want. to sell junk. to puzzle months this debate has been going on for years many citizens are involved in it but we had an official survey millions responded and are of the opinion that summer time stay in effect in the future and should stay that way forever to those that will be if you will for those of. well for more on scrapping the time change let's bring in our correspondent joins us from brussels is the e.u. really going to change the way we keep time on the basis of this one survey. i must say terry an extra hour of daylight here in brussels it sounds really tempting and
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yes it looks like it seems very convinced he is now talking to the college that is his colleague commissioners to propose make a proposal in due course this is what a spokesperson from the european commission told me and then they will take it from there and yes they do take that poll very seriously a lot of responses came from germany and so not fully representative at the at that point it's over proportionate participation of germans but everyone in the whole european union participated all countries represented in the speaker's poll ever and so they do take it very seriously and they want to live or what the people in europe want. so what are the implications of scrapping the time change i mean it's been in place for a long time this is a significant change. well summertime all year round in europe will have some some significant changes then the proponents of the summer time who also the people in that survey they also voted in favor of keeping the summit on rather than the
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wintertime the advantages of that would be extra daylight in the evening so there are some arguments about traffic reducing traffic accidents there are some arguments about health factors particularly finland has appealed to the european union now for a number of years that they need extra day late in the evening hours rather then a little bit more daylight in the early morning hours and sold on to a junker has heard all these arguments and here is what he had to say. you shouldn't doesn't pitch a problem now it's up to the number of states in the european parliament to take action the european parliament has been heading in this direction for years anyway it will happen there's no sense in asking people and once they respond disregarding their response behaving as if it weren't put on record people people wanted to bill do it to us for muslims so what are the next steps are we know that john called younger wants to go ahead with this there will be a proposal how soon could europe stop switching between winter and summer time.
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well in two months we'll switch into winter time and i think they won't make that deadline but what they what the pro says now for the season is that the proposal of the commission will go to the european parliament there it's already clear there's a big majority for ditching this unnecessary time change as the lawmakers there see it and then it will go to the council and the only thing i can see that could really stop it is the big question if a number of member states would say we would like to keep the wintertime and a number of member states would say we'd like to keep the summer time all it looks like agree that they would like to do to change that could be an argument to say that's let's leave it there it's only causes confusion in europe but we'll have to see that it looks like there is a majority for the summer time you're right thank you so much for now. brussels correspondent matis there talking to us from brussels now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today and australian filmmaker who flew
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a drone over an opposition party rally in cambodia has been jailed for six years james ricketson was arrested last june and charged with espionage as risk came amid a wider crackdown on freedom of expression by prime minister hun sen's government. in australia the catholic church has rejected a recommendation that priests break the secrecy of confession to report child abuse and inquiry found that thousands of children have been sexually abused between nine hundred sixty in two thousand and fifteen sixty five percent of them in church run institutions leading catholic clerics have vowed to end history of coverup. and ugandan pop star turned opposition politician bobby wine has reportedly been stopped from leaving the country after being rearrested at entebbe international airport as lawyers as wine was heading abroad to seek treatment for torture
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injuries allegations that one was tortured during and an earlier detention prompted widespread protests. german chancellor angela merkel has wrapped up a three day africa visit that focused on strengthening economic development and stemming the flow of migrants from the region on the panel leg of her tour america was received in the cheerio by president mohammad who put hari marcos tour with a round of medals tour with around a dozen german c.e.o.'s has also taken her two gonna and senegal two of africa's fastest growing economies. well for more now we're joined by d.w. funny char who is in panic what came out of that meeting between the chancellor and the nigerian president. when we asked what.
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the three day nations but of course they get the fact that that african nation among them doesn't that you have their eyes ready journey one can only say to the folks in light of your visit for the last three basically of these three i think we should for you nigeria and we ask you ok i'm sorry we have i don't have a clear signal to you there honey i'm afraid we're going to have to leave it there honeypots are in a butcher we hope maybe to come back to her a little later in the day. now back here in germany about a thousand far right protesters have staged another demonstration in the eastern german city of kennett's police say the rally was tense but not threatening or marked by violence like a protest earlier this week at a nearby venue politicians met with local residents with some of them saying officials are out of touch. get lost they chant. demonstrators are out in force again in ten minutes they're protesting
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against the town hall meeting with saxony state premier but some in this east german city want to engage with him. it's most important of all the here tomorrow i want to talk to him about my feeling that many politicians don't know anything about their citizens anymore and don't know what's going on i saw a report that he was shocked by what's happening here but how can that be up if he is our state premier so management is the president for. the fatal stabbing of a german citizen over the weekend sparked violent anti immigration protests and what appeared to be vigilante attacks on people believed to be foreign and the authorities are also investigating several protesters for making the hitler salute . then an arrest warrant was late apparently by a law enforcement officer the man has since been suspended from judy a federal state in crisis the leader in sex and pleading to his citizens to be
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courageous. and they should learn what countries are we want to live in. the rule of law and democracy is still the pillars of our peaceful life together. i'm standing up for that i'm fighting for that and i'm asking you all to join me yes everybody is needed now to take responsibility and to get involved in this but i also mission for now can nits and the state of saxony remain on edge for the protests organized by right wing groups planned for later in the week. our political correspondent nina is following the story for us and joins me now in the studio minute the events in the candidates have forced a discussion about right wing extremism near nazis in germany but there are also a lot of citizens in germany who say. they don't identify with the far right but they're simply concerned about migrant violence do they have
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a point that is the big challenge for the politicians these days to walk this tightrope walk they have to address both problems and of course you know in the refugee crisis in two thousand and fifteen lots of foreigners came to germany they came to places where there was never a big sarah foreigners in the first place so many people are just scared the city is changed there are young male unemployed people in the streets because we don't have an immigration lawyer yet and so many people are just concerned what does this mean for a country statistics show that young males are more prone to violence than other social groups but then if you look at the figures actually the crime rate in germany is at its lowest level for thirty years and actually migrant crime has gone down it went down by twenty three percent from twenty sixteen to twenty seventeen so after they saw the influx of foreigners so politicians really have to get this message across or else they'll lose these people who are talk or they are just want
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to bring in a clip here a very famous clip from exactly three years ago today. i say quite simply germany is a strong country and our approach has to be that we've achieved so much we can do this. we can do this and whenever we encounter obstacles they will be overcome they will be dealt with the government will do everything in its power along with the local and regional governments to do precisely that. bush offered us we can do this chancellor merkel three years ago today an iconic statement from the chancellor there has come it's proven her wrong you know. believe that chemistry is just the latest low point in a string of events where the political debate has shifted it went from a welcoming culture in twenty fifteen where they statement was made where the german society showed itself as being
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a very liberal open minded off was offering to give shelter to all those refugees coming to northern europe and then lots of small incidents started happening and every single migrant crime case was covered extensively by the german media and that also started shifting the debate in favor of the anti immigrant party of the party and so if you've got this shifted debate then uncle americal is losing her narrative lots of small initiatives on the ground saying we felt left alone we didn't know how to counteract this we need more support from the national government and this is something that i believe the government have understood that this is high time that they're showing more support to pro-democracy groups on the ground or else they lose than ours have entirely to the eighth day which is already the strongest opposition party on the national level you know thank you so much to do for you political correspondent. well as need to mention there appears to have been a shift in tone and indeed language when it comes to the topic of refugees in germany
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many ordinary people welcomed the new arrivals at the height of the migrant crisis three years ago one such organization wasn't by center called helps right here in berlin the head of the center told us what she thinks has gone on. today this is a safe and comfortable place for refugees to be the clothing store at mallaby hill . helps run smoothly almost like you've regular shop. three years ago things were very different in twenty fifteen with today the citizens initiative mallaby tilt operates there was scenes of chaos with some fifty five thousand refugees arriving in berlin in a single year the authorities were overwhelmed thousands waited at the arrival center under catastrophic conditions just to register amid the chaos the refugees relied on volunteers for support people like diana henriques.
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from mentions of thousands of people were stuck here in thirty five plus degree heat it was a situation where some had shrapnel in their eye were about to give birth and room pain lying here on the side. more accommodation and a new refugee agency steps taken to prevent the chaotic scenes from happening again refugees are now distributed more efficiently upon arrival but there are still challenges. this is post that's actually sort of the structures aren't sufficient to provide a path for people to integrate into this is sizing if you demand that people integrate we must supply them the opportunity to integrate it's not a one way street it's the government's responsibility but civil society and refugees have responsibility to snap and then finish that mohamed is a refugee from syria who also arrived in berlin three years ago in spite of having learned german quickly and having a permanent home bureaucracy still makes life difficult. i'm an electrician by
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trade i trained in syria and worked as an electrician there as well as in lebanon and turkey but in germany it's difficult you can't just work it was my favorite job but unfortunately i can't do it any more. berlin twenty fifteen refugees were welcomed with open arms people spoke about the german vill commons call to a welcome culture but according to henniker's there's not much left of that now and the mood surrounding refugees has changed the man's opinion let's not i mean there's been a change in the language used by the media and many politicians have changed of course and that's made the situation worse so it's led to a more racist time in everyday life and us as was i took. mohamed has also noticed a change in attitude recently but despite the change in mood he remains optimistic
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he'll integrate into german society as a won't be difficult it's easy if you can speak german and understand the germans it's no problem. the funeral of soul icon aretha franklin will take place in detroit later today among those expected to attend former u.s. president bill clinton and musical celebrities like stevie wonder and spoken robinson the seventy six year old died of cancer earlier this month after a career spanning more than six decades. they sing for recent franklin a homecoming song for the queen of soul mourning and paying tribute to franklin in her hometown of detroit. she would be deeply honored and appreciative of thing to people for three days ford out of every sense to believe in rivers this city and
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country so to travel alone miles to recognize her genius. thousands lined up for the free concert organized by the singer's family there irene inside of franklin's grandchildren took to the stage to thank the crowd and it's heartwarming to see all the love and all the support that you guys gave us and i just want to say thank you and that we appreciate you so much from the bottom of our hearts. franklin's sister in song patti labelle also paid her respects my roof. her. oh my. for her fans it was a final sendoff for the queen of soul. i think she added something. in her life she brought something in her death she brought something she brought us
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together she knew as we were dealing seniors waste soul she listen you know what i'm down reza a series to. franklin civil rights work and uplifting anthems made her a symbol for african-americans. her absence will be felt that her legacy will be kept alive here in detroit. right. from. the u.s. and europe are squabbling over trade again crystal was right terry your president donald trump has slammed the brakes on an e.u. offer to eliminate terrorism cars one of the main issues dogging relations between the united states and europe mr trump has frequently criticized the tariffs on u.s.
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cars saying they are too high on thursday that use trade commissioner reportedly offered to do away with terrorists completely but only if the u.s. did the same the two sides agreed to a terrorist cease fire last month prompting promising not to impose any new automotive on each other for now that is. and it's not just trade relations between the u.s. and europe but that could solve our further president trump said he plans to add tariffs on chinese goods worth two hundred billion dollars that means punitive terrorism would head half of all goods trade with china paul brit's is standing by the frankfurt stock exchange for us paul i'd imagine those are the type those are not the type of headlines for any uplifting friday trading session. certainly in the end of the week markets across europe are down with losing one percent earlier
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and now at three quarter of a percent as uncertainty is creeping back into portfolios and investors are wary and annoyed by the continued power play of donald trump and they'd rather not take the risk instead they're taking the profits that they may have earned earlier this week on a more positive news not helping is of course that emerging markets are under more pressure now and several currencies dropping so no overall not a great day for equities uncertainty creeping back into portfolios despite otherwise positive data coming out of the euro zone. yes actually good news from the euro zone especially on the employment side of life employment is now at the lowest level since the financial crisis ten years ago since the collapse of the u.s.
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investment bank lehman brothers cost not only bankers there's job there are jobs but a lot of other people too we're now at the level of six point eight percent across the eurozone of course that differs within countries germany is what economists call full employment three point four percent while spain and italy still go on double digits more good news inflation is a steady two percent exactly where the european central bank once said so that means by the end of the year it's likely to roll back its stimulus for the economy all brits reporting from the frankfurt star can change paul thinking. in talks over an updated free trade agreement for north america canada's trade minister said that there were risks to all if no agreement could be reached with friday's deadline looming the country's foreign minister chris you're afraid. said the talks were constructive but it's believed these sticking points involve subsidies to canadian dairy farmers and rules on automotive content mexico already backed
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a preliminary deal on monday. one of the biggest trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances has opened here in berlin and there seems to be something for every tech fan at this annual fair and if the into the patient is keeping you awake at night there's something for you as well. we're going to see problems this is effect might have the answer push on some headphones and a sleek mask and you can be literally told to sleep if nothing else it offers a brief interlude from the busy trade fair pretty good but not just relax not at the foot so this is sleep and this entrepreneur has created a sleep robot for five hundred euros sleeping alone can be a thing of the past once in the bathroom you will screw with a robot like this and if you do so you will feel a breeze so there's the physical sensation of the following and rising of the
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breath so you can synchronize your own briefings to that of the rover there you go and it goes down. goes up. next stool doesn't an electronic not pay which sends and then down to a can give us phone when it detects moisture. adults can also find and trying to clothing accessories here these highly flexible thin screens can be stuck on the t. shirts or even hats that way companies can use them as modern advertising ban is perhaps they'll be the next big thing over the coming is. such change products are certainly interesting but to make great profits the sector needs a mass market for hi fi equipment cameras and televisions but t.v. sales have dropped by almost five percent of the for us this year although it seems many people are just not interested in swapping their h.d. t.v.'s for a newer model. even the eight k.
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television except to have a tough time it screen might show images four times clearer than today's four k. models but most t.v. channels don't even offer such shop pitches in the first place. a popular theme is the linking up of machines and people like adopt this device for example meshes your body's vital functions it then shows the data on a. eight k. screen and saves it in a cloud privacy groups are unarmed child nor infinite says because if i won't have one device that's an entire smart phone that means monitored from a variety of different areas of. the data reset evening can be put together if i then connect these to my facebook or google profile i become a completely transparent and these organizations have information about me that i probably don't even know about myself. as if she was it was. into connected devices are the biggest trend here and experts say it will soon be
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impossible to buy gadgets that aren't collecting date. coca-cola says it is buying the world's second biggest coffee chain cost for over five billion dollars the british company has nearly four thousand coffeehouses in europe and china coke hopes costco will help to diversify its product range away from fizzy drinks coffee is one of the few drinks sectors where coca-cola does not yet have a strong global brand. and aggressive move by argentina's central bank to shore up the country's nosediving currency has had little effect on markets on thursday the lender hiked its bench mark interest rate from forty five to sixty percent but the peso has continued to plummet losing up to twenty percent against the dollar the latest panic began monday after born as i asked for early release of emergency support funds from the international monetary fund triggering concerns it
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could be unable to repay its debts. and a reminder of the top story we are following for you here on d w a the european union just said to end the practice of putting the clocks forward and back in summer and winter the decision comes after an online poll found that a majority of europeans surveyed to get rid of the one hour change which. the watching the news coming to you live from berlin we have a fresh bulletin coming up at the top of the hour and in the meantime there is always the web sites d.w. dot com for now for me on the entire team thanks for watching.
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and. more intrigue international talk show journalists discuss the topic of the week this week the german city of witness street clashes reminiscent of the mob violence to the way to the nazi what is the root of this hate that's a topic. through . find various bespeaks. the best way to
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experienced. none of these issues he has to come to this judgment on to prove. he shows us how. you're lomax in sixty minutes d.w. . staying up to date don't miss our highlights w. program on line d.w. dot com highlights. his creations function his brand think about karl lagerfeld icon of the fashion. look what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think feel private moments in the life of
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a great fashion designer some of the songs man's got that start september ninth w. hello and welcome to quadriga this week germans witnessed street clashes that reminded some of the mob violence that paved the way for the nazis ninety years ago right when demonstrators rampage through the streets of the eastern city of ten minutes on sunday putting down people they believed to be immigrants thousands assembled once again on monday and clashed with counter protesters local police and politike.


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