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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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fifty w. news live from berlin to be undisputed queen of soul is laid to rest mourners are gathering right now in detroit to bid farewell to aretha franklin for the very last time her funeral features remarks by a former u.s. president and performances from music industry greats some who were influenced by her story and singular points. also coming up it was a deadly stabbing that triggered days of violent immigrant protests in the german
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city of camden and today a senior government minister visited the scene of that crime vowing to fight it should be to go beyond that she says threatens the whole time great. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program aretha franklin is being laid to rest in detroit at this hour and the queen of soul is being given a fittingly musical sendoff you're watching a live pictures there now the lineup at her funeral a huge figure in the civil rights movement and big name she's a. former u.s. president bill clinton is also due to address the crowd the invitation only event is scheduled to last several hours if you will have top oh she's the band that is physics tribute concert and the opposition fans she shrank a. fish. you
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have been listening there to the williams brothers and to vanessa bell armstrong there at the funeral of aretha franklin let's get more on this now we're joined by k.j. matthews she's an entertainment journalist and she joins us from los angeles on the very latest on this incredibly special day i mean this beautiful ceremony that we're watching unfolding on this day k.j. i mean this is
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a marathon funeral isn't it take us through what we've seen so far and who's taking part because i mean i'm just looking at the rundown here we're only a quarter of the way through. oh i know it's not even running on times. but you know it is a feud that for queen i mean that's the kind of funeral that we should expect from a read of franklin and all that she's given this country all that she is to this country she's not just the queen of soul she's really our other official queen's here even though the u.s. and so that's what you expect you are to mention you know bill clinton former president al sharpton are young and one day job single say you know you make me feel like a national woman and she had a choir gospel choir behind her backing her up expect to hear jennifer hudson moments ago we just finished hearing from her near and dear friend smokey robinson they grew up together they've been in the music business for so long together as so many people just wanted to make sure that they were there to experience that you
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even mentioned seeing their own hero but for many people who are going to leave the math a good deal of the past that there are so many of them will move the ball in life but more of that now the ball could not wait to see him just pay their respects to the queen of soul be definable that's what you see yeah you actually had something funny that that one of the bishops said at the beginning of the ceremony he was basically chiding people who were trying to scramble to get one of those programs saying hey guys you know don't fight over them they'll be up on e-bay probably a little bit later we also heard reverend jesse jackson speaking for example i'm saying she was a feminist before feminism was popular she was a civil rights activist before that was popular this is very much a religious service as well as a celebration of the many facets of her life it isn't just about the music here. no
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not at all what you have to remember is that the franklin came up in the church before she was seen to talk before she did jazz before she did a little bit a classical music she was born and raised in a church her father was a pastor so you have to remember that that is her soul right there at the church so it's natural and fitting to have the ending of her life there in charge so you have a lot of people who want to praise and single praises but you know her music came about during a time that was very very difficult for african-americans here in this country during the civil rights era where it was very very hard to just even seen in places that were at that one second many places that wanted to put her at the back of the bus or what her to seeing at the back of what you know a bar or restaurant was really the big stuff for a lot of african-americans in the country during that time and she really helped us through her music her music really helped people who were on the front lines fighting the cost and knowing someone as big as
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a reader franklin was right there with me many african-americans really feel that strongly so it's a given that what do you think her legacy is going to be. oh so many people are affected by her i mean shit like you always say of course that you have soul but imprints of will reap the great things and use it to another. state you'll be here and you have other top stars like are we on that one day you really cannot think of one great singer in america living today that hasn't been tapped it why are we defining what jalal talk about her you know but not more than the diary of the book. everybody around the world really is influenced by different books music which are old music from the gospel choirs that were sold to r. and d. she just a legacy and we don't see any seniors like that in the morning or. wow what
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a life what a talent and what a legacy k.j. matthews talking with us about everything franklin as we mentioned her funeral currently taking place in detroit michigan and it is set to go on for quite a while thank you so much for your insights. are going to stay in the united states now and it's been a somber day really across the board there because the body of the late senator john mccain has been brought to the capitol building in washington to lie in state family friends lawmakers other guests including some celebrities have gathered for a ceremony to honor the republican senator and congressional leaders from both parties are expected to deliver remarks later the rotunda will open to the public for ordinary americans to pay their respects. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world east ukrainian rebel leader alexander shakur sankoh is reportedly been has been killed in an
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explosion he was the leader of the pro russian separatists in the eastern region of donetsk the blasts took place in a cafe in the region's capital russia blamed kiev for the killing but ukraine security service has denied any involvement. ugandan pop star turned opposition politician bobby wine has reportedly been rearrested at the airport and taken to a government hospital his lawyer says that wind is in a worrying condition and was heading abroad to seek treatment for tortured injuries allegations that wine was tortured during an earlier detention prompted widespread protests. in australia the catholic church has rejected a recommendation that priests break the secrecy of confession to report child abuse and inquiry found that thousands of children have been sexually abused between one nine hundred sixty and twenty fifteen sixty five percent of them in church run institutions leading catholic clerics have vowed to end
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a history of cover ups. a german man has been sentenced to nearly ten years in prison for a bomb attack on a mosque and a congress center in eastern germany the defendant detonated a homemade pipe bombs outside of a mosque in dresden while the a mom and his family were inside no one was hurt but the judge says that the man had shown extreme zina phobia. is the first senior government minister visited the scene of a deadly stabbing in chemist's today the crime carried out last weekend allegedly by migrants laid bare deep divisions over merkel's decision to welcome nearly a million migrants in twenty fifteen following days of violent protests germany's minister for families said that the unrest was a wake up call for the government to start listening to its people. the crime scene has become a place of remembrance family minister francisca get five is the first member of the federal government to visit the site where
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a german man was stabbed to death last sunday the minister met political groups and pledged more funding for initiatives aimed at strengthening democracy. we shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that this is just a problem for saxony. it is a focal point because of the current events here. but this issue affects the whole country the whole of eastern germany but also the west. and a court in kemet says confirmed that one of the alleged attackers should have been deported in may twenty sixth teen sex in the state premier says it's officials are not to blame the parents of the federal authorities are responsible for that it's now being investigated and the results will have to be made public. the accused iraqi man has several previous convictions he should have been deported to bulgaria within six months but the deadline expired the magazine der spiegel claims the man
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twice presented forged papers the authorities supposedly rejected his application for asylum on wednesday three days after the fatal stabbing in kenneth's. of course we want to find out what happened if mistakes were made we want to ensure they're not repeated in the future. more demonstrations are scheduled in kevin it's over the weekend but by the far right alternative for germany party as well as by church groups. well the days of changing the clocks backwards and forwards here in europe could be numbered that's because the european commission is today proposing an end to the switch between summer and winter time across the european union the decision comes after an online poll found that a majority of those responding want to get rid of the outward change to winter time with more than four and a half million participants it was the largest online survey in e.u. history most of those who opted to take part in the poll were german but even here
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opinion is divided as we found out. i think it's great switching to daylight savings time it works so i think it's a good idea good idea i would keep the time the same all year round we need as much even tempered this in this world as we can possibly get as if from the well i think it's not so bad one out doesn't make such a big difference if it really does save energy. i think it should be the same time all year round that would be best for everyone on the specific then you won't have to bother adjusting clocks i also think the change doesn't make much sense anymore it's our view which i would you prefer summertime wintertime. i would prefer summertime in the evenings there's so much to do and when it's still light then it's much better. it to defy would heat the winter time for the first maybe winter time in summer it's not easy to go to bed when it's still light outside. the few i voted to get rid of the time change but in favor of summer time of the month. i
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wouldn't notice any difference so you can do what you want i don't really care. soccer news now and following yesterday's champions league. draw europe's second continent wide competition the europa league has also had its group stage determined a total of forty eight teams have been sorted into twelve groups by reliever couzin missed out on champions league qualification on goal difference last season they compete in group a along side the bulgarian champions. leipzig qualified via the play offs and will face sister club f.c. salzburg of clubs are bankrolled by energy drinks company red bull and joining them in a competitive group b. are scottish champions celtic and german cup winners frankfurt face an uphill struggle in group h. against marsay and rome based lot c.-o. as last year's champions atletico madrid qualified automatically for the champions
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league lucky. a europe soccer governing body you weigh five plans to implement video assistant referees in the champions league and europa league from the years twenty nineteen twenty twenty from those seasons and until now you has resisted the use of the v.a.r. system it was used at the world cup in russia this year as well as in some european domestic leagues last season the system allows key incidents in the match to be reviewed and will make its debut at next year's european super cup. and staying with soccer news now croatia captain luca moderates was named you a fence men's player of the year on thursday he received the trophy on stage in monaco during the champions league group stage draw the attacking midfielder won the champions league with reality back in may before leaving his country to the world cup final in russia in july he beat former club teammate christian or naldo and liverpool forward mohamed. to the prize
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a great mind to now the top story that we're following for you here at d w w news i'm sarah kelly in berlin you are watching there scenes from detroit where a wreath of franklin's funeral is currently underway and you're watching pictures there we know that many dignitaries are due to speak shortly this is live. from. earth. home to rooms of species the home we're seeing. here is much of those are big changes and most start with small steps. one two years total stories of crude youth people and innovative projects around the world like to use now.


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