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cities during war. start september second on g.w. . this is day w newsline from bali and the queen of soul laid to rest aretha franklin's family her friends fellow music industry crates and even a former president's cabinet in detroit as we speak to bid farewell to the woman famous for her soaring single of books all suck all the program. and a mcelhone stamina to do more business with nigeria which could also help reduce
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the problem of illegal migration to your. coming east and german city of chemistries colon between fox writes from blame foreigners for the city social problems on the left fighting in the sun a phobia they say is taking hold but both sides are united in their disappointment but politically. i'm still getting the welcome to the program. aretha franklin is being laid to rest in detroit the queen of souls joyous funeral services featured big names from the music world and the american civil rights movement and included a eulogy from former u.s. president bill clinton the invitation only service has been underway for hours and caps off a week of events that included tribute concerts and the opportunity for fans to view the soul legends open casket. a short while ago i spoke to writer and
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journalist shannon case and from detroit the city of aretha franklin called hope he told me about the mood in city today. a rousing start to one final farewell. from celebrities like whoopi goldberg. to former u.s. president bill clinton. from family. friends. a recent franklins funeral a celebration of every part of the star's incredible life. ariana grande a performing a cover of one of franklin's biggest hits. motown
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singers smokey robinson dedicating his song to his childhood friend. and they were touching tribute from a reese's own family. you know monna worst once again. thank you for loving me. thank you for believing in me. thank you former u.s. president bill clinton also paid his respects. she war trying. to get her she. sees how good she gives. and she can't get everything. she was a soldier i think there was no getting away from the prejudice thing it's more men had to as a come she was a back one and then a white man where our seat and hope klaus followed a good right now is time and a clown the queen. and this is
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a good pint for a queen specially the queen of cell. a short while ago i spoke to vita genest shannon case and from detroit's the city everything i think called home told me about the mood in the city yeah you know we did the builders are little. for the peek out of life there were dozens of peek out of lakes driving to the future all sold out was just a sight to see i was in the park we call the campus marches in the middle of the troy that are people on the grass just lay and listen until the funeral but also share a story so i have friends who share stories about their father dear this with the re and everything was a detroiter so people would see here in the city you know she was a worldwide superstar but she was also a detroiter you see it almost felt like you know you knew or so so so much so much
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i mean people are have every hard solution to rebuild but at the same time we we are tired of music that she left and we were seeing pictures of the reverend al sharpton and jesse jackson amongst that they the well wishes that at the funeral it's important to remember that as well as a singer she was a she was something of an activist as well in the civil rights movement. yeah he brought that up he brought that up to say she may not have been on the front line on a time but she was her voice was there on the front line i mean i read those voices is american black family that's that's her voice i mean that's what i do when i hear or read i think about my grandmother's house and i think about listening to records and her sharing different things that may have gone on in the civil rights movement and also i just her voice carry so much with it it wasn't just the song it was the whole fill in the soul of the music that was
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a part of our family just a part of our lot shot in case and and troy thank you so much thank you thank you let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the wealthy body of the late senator john mccain has been brought to the capitol in washington to lie in state hundreds of members of congress that attended a ceremony to one of the man who lived and worked in the u.s. capitol for more than forty years and was in the public eye queuing to pay thing respects. ugandan pop star turned opposition lawmaker bobby wine has been being arrested as i'm typing international airport and taken to a government hospital his lawyer says he's in a worrying condition and how to be caring to seek treatment abroad for injuries sustained as a result of being tortured by you got to know forces on occasions that mr one had been tortured during an earlier detention prompting widespread protests. the australian filmmaker who flew a drone over an opposition party rally in cambodia has been jailed for six years
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james recordset was arrested in june last year and charged with espionage arrest came amid a wider crackdown on freedom of expression and prime minister when sam. one of the main separatist leaders in eastern ukraine has been killed in a bomb explosion alexander. led russia back separatists in ukraine's the next region was brought up in a cafe in the city of donetsk russia's accused ukraine of assassinating him to provide to provoke a new war in the region kiev denies the claim blaming a chunk of death on a conflict between rebels and russia. a deadly stabbing in the eastern german city of candidates allegedly by two migrants triggered days of violent anti immigrant protests the crime laid bare deep divisions of the chancellor's decision to welcome nearly a million migrants in twenty fifteen the w.c. linda fear echo reports now from candidates on the politics that divide its
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residents residents and this is appointment in the political leaders. he writes down what annoys him stephanie some of fails politicians don't take him seriously he's been out on demonstrations for the far right glute pick eda for the last four years what i'm just him the most is that so many refugees have come to germany but everyone can see what we've brought into our country. i'm afraid when my children or my granddaughters go out i just want to get home safely. stephan insists he's no nazi he says he's just war it his commitments to the populist rightwing piccy to movements has upset his family his granddaughter in particular disapproves of his involvement . it's not my granddaughter that gets me annoyed.
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it's the political situation the does lead to this which is the problem. it hurts when young people insult their parents and grandparents calling them nazi pigs it hurts a lot. chemist's is in turmoil the recent unrest is the main topic of conversation some focus on the violence perpetrated by migrants others on the violence neo nazi protests local families are divided some are varied about the security in the city because right here there was a murder happening and the suspects are too refugees others are varied about the hatred among the people and against foreigners and among us the people on the street there are neo nazis trying to use the protest for their purposes mandy cannot spare and her friends belong to a local cultural group that has been working for years against the extreme right in
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the town they're finding it hard going and say they lack political support. and mentor there's this. you just get the feeling that more and more people are moving to the right word. does this is racist language is becoming the norm this is. there's often four point of friends of mine who have been attacked. in a climate of fear has taken hold. and i'll answer the call and. just under a quarter of a million people living can knit six thousand migrants many on both sides feel the politicians have let them down. germany's chancellor was the country to do more business with african nations economic cooperation has been a key focus of anger machall street a trip to san diego ghana and today nigeria chancellor merkel also hopes economic development will curb migration from the region and made a point of highlighting the dangers of attempting the journey to. i'm going to
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merkel arriving in syria. the last stop on her brief tour of west africa using hopeful rhetoric to focus on illegal migration to europe the president heard the president indicated that sixty percent of the people living in nigeria are under thirty years old. so it's a young country with lots of ambition. and we agree that people smuggling criminality and illegal migration can only be dealt with if young people have economic opportunities at the same time. sentiments mirrored by nigeria's president bihari against. my countrymen and women that illegally find their way to other countries.
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or not we do good support. indiscipline but the push factors in nigeria are many recent research shows that more than a third of nigerians have considered moving abroad in part because of widespread corruption an even bigger reason to leave is poverty new data suggests that the west african state has surpassed india as the country with the most people living in extreme poverty. merkel's under pressure back in germany to be seen to be finding a solution to the illegal migration. from nigeria and neighboring states this could be a positive move european countries willing to invest to not only stop people smuggling but also to boost african industry in a bid to improve conditions for young people who may otherwise seek a better life in europe.
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for us your dog and went clear at the top of germany's bones as they go on friday but only by a point after they were held for gold or straw and however on much day to day captain marco gros had his sights best chance in the first half but he could only hit the bar from close range in the second half and set up maximillian philip as dortmund sort of breakthrough that is deflected had to hit the ball the stalemate courts don't want to clear the path ahead of the rest of the weekend's games or however collect their second the point of the season. stay five at the u.s. open in new york and it's been a big day in the women's competition defending champion sloane stephens booked her place in the fourth round after beating victoria azarenka of the roots of the third seed battled pass the two time u.s. open final is to win six three six four she'll be joined by. spiritual leader of ukraine in the next round the seven say they eliminated china's one can in straight
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sets six four six four. footballs a summer transfer window in germany i closed on friday and one of the last players to move clubs was germany international come in trap the goalkeeper returns to his former club frankfurt on loan to three years at french giants paris and jenna and jobs expected to be first choice goalkeeper after losing that privilege last season p.s.g. the twenty eight year old is part of the germany squad for the crash after the world cup this summer but has been but said he has since been dropped. the crew of the international space station appears to afford a potentially dangerous situation after a tiny appeared in their so used transport ship it's thought the two millimeter leak was caused by a collision with a small beach right and led to a drop in pressure initial solutions have been surprisingly low tech i assess kamau dogs on the guest first to plug the hole with his finger before two russian cosmonauts covered it with duct tape and i working on
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a public solution. just time to remind you of top story at this detroit is bidding a final farewell to the queen of soul aretha franklin big names in the music world the civil rights women's of themselves paying their respects. but u.s. president bill clinton also addressed the crowd suddenly has been underway for hours. that's it you're up to date have a good day. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania.


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