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this week. listen to w.'s line from berlin can you braces for another round of rival protests the left and right wingers staging dueling rallies in the eastern german six you know chemists in seeing a wave of unrest stuff to be told stop being allegedly committed by mike brown a correspondent takes us inside the protest also coming up. washington pays tribute to john mccain former presidents are set to speak at the memorial service to one of
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america's highest profile senators brain cancer last week. i need to thank you for joining us tens of thousands of protesters are expected to take part in rival demonstrations in the eastern german city of candidates over the next few hours far right groups including germany's largest opposition party but migrant if they will march in silence this evening come to demonstrators have already been gathering in the city they're protesting under a banner of care. or hot not hostility the protests come up to violence broke out to demonstrations only in the week following the knifing to death of a german man two suspects a syrian man and an iraqi were arrested over his stabbing. well let's talk now to
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do correspondent. who is in a chemist's so shallow demonstrations from the far right anti immigrant and counter demonstrations are happening in kenya it's what's happening where you are right now . just behind me is taking place an enormous counter demonstration hundreds of people who are here a short time ago we just had several dozen people marching past that message say it loud say refugees are welcome here but less than a kilometer away there is a demonstration about to get under way far right protestors from the piggy. movement and the far right party is about to start the concern being of course that when these two groups meet that we could see repeated some of the violence that we saw on monday you can see behind me at the moment but there are a huge number of police on the street they are doing their best to try and prevent those violent scenes from repeating themselves shall a book come to you in just
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a second but let's have a listen now to some of the residents in chemnitz. talked to people about the ways in which they think their city is changing. he writes down what annoys him stuff and feels politicians don't take him seriously he's been out on demonstrations for the far right group for the last four years while time has him the most is that so many refugees have come to germany. everyone can see what we've brought into our country. i'm afraid when my children or my granddaughters go out. i just want them to get home safely. stephan insists he's no nazi he says he's just war it his commitments to the populist rightwing piccy to movements has upset his family his granddaughter in particular disapproves of his
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involvement. with. it's not my granddaughter that gets me annoyed. it's the political situation the does lead to this which is the problem. it hurts when young people insult their parents and grandparents calling them nazi pigs it hurts a lot. kennett's is in turmoil the recent unrest is the main topic of conversation some focus on the violence perpetrated by migrants others on the violence neo nazi protests local families are divided some are varied about the security in the city because right here there was a murder happening and the suspects are too refugees others are varied about the hatred among the people and against foreigners and among the city the people on the street their neo nazis trying to use the protest for their purposes mandy cannot
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spare and her friends belong to a local cultural group that has been working for years against the extreme right in the town they're finding it hard going and say they lack political support lamented there's this whole. you just get the feeling that more and more people are moving to the right word. because this is racist language is becoming the norm this is a. friends of mine who have been attacked. in a climate of fear has taken hold. and i'll post a comment. just under a quarter of a million people live in canada six thousand of migrants many on both sides feel the politicians have let them down. so shallow back to you we've just heard in the reports that the city is very much divided well same question you're getting from talking to the continent most traitors who have. people we've spoken to
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say that they want to show the world. the images that were broadcast of this violence that took place on monday people for example performing the nazi salute that does not represent the sentiment here in kenya is they want to make clear that they feel that refugees are welcome not just here in the state of saxony but in germany as a whole there are of course those who have told us that they are very angry that they're being it's hard with the same brush so to speak as a lot of people see him performing out far right salutes that they are not violent they are simply very concerned about the levels of immigration in this state it has to be pointed out states last year in the national elections it was the a.f.d. the far right f.t. party that was the strongest party in the state of saxony there are people here who say that they are very concerned about the german chancellor angela merkel's migration policy of the last few years. thank you very much joining us from.
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candidates here. a public memorial service for the elite u.s. senator john mccain is beginning in washington d.c. the motorcade carrying mccain's casket has arrived at washington's national cathedral where guests have been gathering a vietnam veteran mccain died last week aged eighty one after battling brain cancer his widow cindy and daughter meghan accompanied the casket as it traveled from the capitol building to the cathedral former presidents barack obama and george w. bush are set to deliver eulogies at the service president donald trump who had a bit of feud with mccain was not invited to attend. well our correspondent alexandra phenomena is outside washington national cathedral where that service is being held and of course here in studio with me is tyson barker from the aspen institute and i'd just like to begin with alexander actually so you're outside watching the guess as a trickle in can you give us an idea of the significance of this occasion in
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washington today. when you just look at the guest list of the guests who are attending the ceremony inside of the national cathedral former u.s. president and former secretary of state congressman. dignitaries guests from overseas so you just understand how much respected and admired john mccain was yesterday described by one of his fellow republicans. one of the bravest souls this nation has ever produced aleksandra a very somber mood that we're seeing on our screens right now obviously the service is getting underway as we speak president barack obama and george w. bush are expected to give speeches as well what does that tell us. well i think this is very telling that senator john mccain explicitly asked both
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former presidents george w. bush and barack obama to deliver. a funeral and we have to say that he was not close to either of them they were his rivals george w. bush was his republican rival in two thousand primaries and. democratic for in the two thousand and eight federal elections but these two men who men who dashed his dreams of the white house to speak here is sending a message not only to his fellow republicans democrats to all americans that it's important to put. country over party that it's more that unifies that separates them all right i'd like to bring in tyson who's here with me in studio obviously tyson we've heard glowing. things being said about this man mccain
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but obviously he did have critics as well what did they have to say well i mean you had critics from the right and the left from the right people so the. he was a rhino a republican in name only that as it was mentioned that he put sometimes country before party but he wasn't a loyal party hollower and sometimes he would defect from his party beat on torture be it on campaign finance reform the most importantly on immigration where he really tried to forge a compromise in the middle of the bush administration on the left people said you know he positioned himself as a maverick but he was also a liberal internationalist he supported the war in iraq he advocated potentially military intervention in iran so he had critics on both sides of the aisle but what do you think his main legacy will be well he i mean this is a guy who was in the senate for thirty years and he left quite a legacy across many decades i mean if you look he was a vietnam vet he was tortured he was a prisoner of war and he was one of the single leader of voices who really
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reestablished relations with vietnam and in the war on terror days and the doors to be bush has really pushed the united states not to push for torture he also pushed for campaign finance reform again he was a voice for reconciliation on immigration and finally in the atlanticist context he was a big ally of germany and europe and a big skeptic of russia and putin regime he had despite all of this he seems to rather he seems to not have struck a chord with the american voters not managing to get the president think twice where do you think he went wrong right you know to some extent he was a little bit ahead of his time the first time he ran in two thousand you know he was a maverick he said you know we need clean governance that was his real push he was an independent voice and maybe the united states wasn't ready for him in two thousand in two thousand and eight it was also a different era he wasn't quite the the figure that he'd need that the time needed they were looking for a break from the george w. bush years maybe a break from the republicans somebody who could lead marshall the economy financial crisis and of course you know bush had been in office for eight years the u.s.
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wasn't ready for another republican at that moment all right and the organ of course interrupting our conversation in. coming from washington where the memorial service as we mentioned of former senator john mccain is currently taking place the pictures you're seeing live from that and. that sound i'd like to come back to you just for a moment so you're in washington what's that to happen after the service today and of course tomorrow. well tomorrow so not so my kid will be laid to rest in the private ceremony at the u.s. naval academy's cemetery in annapolis and i guess that we can expect that this will be the most emotional ceremony marking. this week of national mourning in which he's family members and close friends with will take part. all right
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alex and we've been talking about building tributes but most of them from very famous politicians and famous people in the world but what do what do the people in washington think the people you've spoken to. many of them told me they just think that senator john mccain was a hero that he was a patriot and that he smelled of crossing the aisle is an important message and some even told me that state think it would be important to get this message across the country in this times of protestants should but many also told me that he's possibly marks the end of an era here in u.s. politics. a look such a phenomenon joining us from washington and here in studio tyson baka thank you both to cuba. all right let's now
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look at some of the other stories making news around the world talks between the u.s. and canada to amend the north american free trade agreement of stalled after four days of negotiations the countries remain divided over access to kind of does do the markets in medical patents auto or hopes to sign on to the u.s. and mexico's revised record talks are set to resume on wednesday. brazil's former president lula da silva has been barred from standing for the presidency again by the country's top electoral court has been imprisoned for corruption and all but one of the judges voted against him being allowed to seek reelection. government has ordered a team from the u.n. commission for human rights to leave and that's after the body published a report accusing the violently repressing opposition protests the chief of the u.n. mission gear more. said he would continue to monitor the situation from abroad.
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and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you left and right to be. getting under way in the eastern german city of camden it's the city has come international focus of middle way of unrest following a feat or stabbing allegedly committed by migrants.


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