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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is d w news live from there in a suicide bomber strikes at the heart of somalia's capital mogadishu islamist group al shabaab says it's responsible for the attack as part of its years long campaign to overthrow somalia's government at least six people are dead many more injured. also on the program here in germany thousands have been demonstrating again in the eastern city of chemist's this time against far right extremism. german foreign minister says more citizens should be standing up to taller and so for
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a week until migrant protests. that russian president vladimir putin faces ongoing anger over his plans to raise the pension age of thousands taking to the streets of moscow that's despite the concessions putin made earlier this week. hello and welcome my name's christopher springer thanks for joining us after a period of relative calm the somali capital mogadishu and again being targeted by a terror attack at least six people died earlier today including two children when a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle full of explosives near a local government office fourteen people were also injured in the blast the islamist militant group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility. for these plumes of smoke from the explosion. scene shortly after the bomb went off. witnesses said the
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blast was huge the attacker was targeting a local government building in the center of mogadishu but he also damaged and nearby mosque and school. one woman described what happened as the bomber detonated his device. we were in the middle of our usual work when the explosion happened in front of our district offices where our building was destroyed so i had myself under the table there was a lot of gunfire at our gate and someone called me to check if we were say but when i came out i saw many people laying on the ground injured while others were dead. medics said many of those hurt including several students from the nearby islamic school were severely injured one witness said the bomber had tried to speed through a checkpoint at the building but then blew himself up when he was stopped by security forces. i saw bodies strewn on the ground before the ambulances arrived
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and the whole scene was very ugly. about. the militant group al-shabaab claimed responsibility immediately they're trying to overthrow somalia's internationally backed government. turning to the middle east now where the aid provided by the united nations relief and works agency is a lifeline for millions of palestinian refugees so there was dismay among them this week when news emerged that the agency's main don't know the united states have decided to cut its funding that move proceeds from the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu today who believes the money could be better spent but there's now a concern that washington's decision could and could end up fueling radicalism in the middle east. nearly the entire population of the gaza strip depends on aid from the agency was set up to help palestinians who fled their homes after israel was
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established in one nine hundred forty eight and their descendants on russia is responsible for schools health care facilities and food supplies. that had a clock but if the supplies a stopped it will destroy palestinian families because we are refugees we live off un supplies we depend on them for seventy to eighty percent of our food palestinians in gaza have no regular income there's no permanent employment israel rejects owner a policy of passing down refugee status through generations giving displaced palestinians hope they might one day return to ancestral homes in what's now israel so that we've got start of the united states has made a very important thing stopping the funds for the agency perpetuating refugee called. the refugees institution must be cancelled. fun should be taken and used to really help with the rehabilitation of the refugees. israel is in a big jordan hosts around half of the almost five million displaced palestinians.
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it says the u.s. decision won't only affect humanitarian aid it will also fuel radicalism and harm the prospects of peace in the middle east. we do believe in the concept the period of sharing that everybody else of the dirty little need to step up and pay their share of the refugees but we are certainly. very cognizant of the extremely dangerous consequences of failing on a girl and not enabling it to go forward hundreds of palestinian refugees protested outside their own run headquarters in jordan's capital amman and they accuse us president trump and his middle east team of being unfairly biased in favor of israel and disregarding the rights of the palestinians. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world large crowds have turned out for the funeral of progress in rebel leader alexander. who was killed in an explosion in
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eastern ukraine last week russia's foreign ministry has accused ukraine of organizing his murder here meanwhile has blamed his death on separatist infighting . in hamburg more than ten thousand people demonstrated today in support of charity organizations operating migrant rescue boats in the mediterranean the marchers called for hamburg to become a safe harbor for such vessels similar protests were held across germany. we're going to stay in germany now people have again been demonstrating in the eastern city of kevin it's today taking a stand against far right violence and racism the event came after a divisive week of anti immigrant protests and counter protest sparked by a fatal stabbing by the fatal stabbing rather of a german national last weekend two asylum seekers are in custody in connection with that killing. saxony state premier michel chrisma received
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a friendly welcome when he visited k minutes on sunday he said he'd come to the city to support those who are making a stand against violence and for me to respect. him it is a fun show i chose to attend this event because i think it's important to be there when the people of candidates come together to show the world that democracy and the rule of law are important to them they don't want people to let their emotions run away with them or for anyone especially the most vulnerable to come to harm that foreign minister had a similar message. whether extremist elements get heard in our society depends on how loud the voices of the decent people are and that's why i think we need to raise our voices more to call for a more open international and tolerant society. the two thousand people attending a rally organized by the lutheran church on sunday were far from loud but their message was clear. that it was important for us to put on an event that did not
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polarize people further or push people further apart instead we wanted to focus on what unites us. and. the people who came that started throwing in the streets in the early afternoon in a protest organized by a private citizen who said he simply wanted to do something to improve the situation in his town i was trying my can only hope that this is just the beginning of something for the whole country we have to be honest about it the problem is not confined to the city of kemet. so people who are out on the streets of kaman it's again but this time in the name of peace. turning to russia now where thousands of people have been out on the streets today protesting against the government's plans to increase the pension age many russians are afraid they'll have to work well into their old age just to earn enough to survive of the widespread criticism of the plans president vladimir putin announced concessions earlier this week but many russians are still angry. the some ten
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thousand people gathered in central moscow for a protest organized by the communist party. they opposed the government's plan to raise the pension age critics here say the changes won't just have a negative impact on the old younger generations will likely have a harder time finding jobs as older employees keep working longer. the reforms put forward will take away normal pensions for women and future jobs for young people. one for youths is unemployed and one in three can't find work that suits their qualifications. for weeks the communist party has been pushing for a countrywide referendum on the issue but the kremlin has ignored their attempts angering many. nassir you would hear our people are working and sitting beside money for our time and slight the government wants us right do they
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have to take that's the way. it was for me was i am eighty eight years old and still have to work part time because we don't have money for meat and sausage that is disgraceful that. no one but you should pay it puts it into his colleagues should at least resign or be prosecuted in court the whole lot of them should be taken to court come on do it but. polls show more than eighty percent of russians opposed to to reform. their plans for further protests from other political parties. in a national address on wednesday president putin finally weighed in on russia's debate about pension reform mr putin watered down some of the most controversial aspects of the government's current plans most people i spoke to the. this demonstration we were not impressed by president putin. to say the least. in
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rwanda voting has begun in parliamentary elections that are being held over the next three days with more than seven million voters eligible to vote in the east african country who wonder is still scarred by the genocide of one thousand nine hundred four when hutu extremists the minority community this is the first poll since then in which independent candidates are being allowed to stand when a young candidates from smaller parties are also vying for a seat but the governing patriotic front is still expected to cement its absolute majority in parliament. there was a party atmosphere in london capital kigali on the last day of campaigning before the three day parliamentary polls. the supporters of the governing party. front are confident of victory once again. we're feeling very confident and wherever we've been on the campaign trail masses of people turned out for us. they
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are happy with our party and our policies. and there's little doubt that the r p f will once again win the majority of mandates in the a.b.c. parliament until now the rwandan parliament had the highest proportion of female delegates in the world and many expect it to retain that record rwanda has come a long way since the terrible genocide of one thousand nine hundred four and the governing party has presided over a period of stability. rwanda is now viewed internationally as safe and relatively free of corruption and it's one of the least polluted countries on the continent of africa. many give president paul kagame a credit for that. but he's also calling for criticism for his strong arm tactics and oppression of the opposition program himself is not in the country during the vote. he's in beijing attending a summit on china african cooperation in part to drum up investment to keep
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rwanda's positive development going. it's been a spectacular day in formula one with champion lewis hamilton's stunning ferrari fans by winning their home race the italian grand prix and a thrilling contest the british driver got the better of both sebastian fattal and kimi raikkonen to extend his lead in the standings. it's allianz were hoping for an easy ferrari win on hometown market. and their chances look good with kenny reichen and sebastian vettel first and second on the grades. but calamity quickly ensued with germany's vettel clashing with his title rival lewis hamilton vettel complained it was so but she woods ruled it is a racing incident that would end up for. defending champion hamilton still have work to do to still victory expertly past rocket in just nine laps from the end his
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victory extends his lead over vettel to a healthy thirty points with seven races left i still want to give it up to. two ferrari who put up a great challenge this weekend they really did amazing job and they gave us such a great fight and basically i just want to thank you thank you to these guys it was back home because without their support without their continued efforts this would be possible today said the missing his driver was booed by ferrari fans when handed the trophy. but hamilton won't care a jot. now we still have the going to sligo show coming up for you after the break probably fairly earliest discussing the links between who lingered in lincoln as i'm here in germany and the events of this past week in canada it's a special guest tonight former player michel dinsey became to discuss how his former side performed against shell co and will also be telling you if you'd like to feel better you they promoted just.
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all that in plenty more in our bonus league show coming up next year watching t w news in berlin stay with us if you can. we're going to unofficial estimates more than one point two million venezuelans have in colombia legally and illegally. already. returned to venezuela. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made from.


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