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moments in the life of a great fashion designer. starts september ninth w. . this is d w news live from orlando international outrage as myanmar sentences to reuters journalists to seven years in jail. the two reporters were investigating myanmar's crackdown on the rogue hinge of minority they say that they were framed by police western governments condemn the verdict of the u.k. calling it a hammer blow to the rule of law. also coming up. setting
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a different tone bands from across germany prepare to play a free concert in the eastern city of camden to protest against racism at the you will not see violence in. turkey cracked down on a group of women and their supporters protesting against the enforced disappearance of their loved ones in the one nine hundred ninety s. dawn of the women are saying they will never give up their struggle to help his nation to trust the morning never and most. players. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program two journalists have been sentenced to seven
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eight years in jail for breaching meon mars official secrets act while investigating violence against the rogue hinge a minority in the country why. alone and cha say we're both working for the reuters news agency the men say that they were framed by police the u.n. in the maher has called for their release the case has been widely criticized as an attack on media freedom. and we have more now from young goon in the car from one of the colleagues actually of these two individuals we're joined now by kevin licky he is an asia editor with reuters and he joins us now this morning kevin thank you so much for being with us and as we just heard there your colleagues have now been sentenced to seven years in jail what's your reaction to this verdict. well it's a it's a non thinkable it's just. you know it's never it's a result that can't stand this it's obviously deeply disappointing for anstice heartbreak and for there. has to be alone as
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a newborn daughter is never. as importantly what happened today as you said and spent announced as a major threat to the rule of law and to freedom of press freedom of press that democracy requires so now they have the sense in the sense of seven year seven but for those of us who are not familiar with the legal system there in myanmar what are the hopes left for your colleagues is there for example an appeal. what further action do you do you plan on taking. what we want we want to look at every avenue that's open to us then we won't stop working until we've secured their release that could include the international forum for this this matter. we've been we've always respected the judicial process as it's run its conveyed my disappointment in the objection to this verdict. we want to value it as an option
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that's open to us now. to everything we can to secure their release you mentioned earlier this is being seen as an attack on press freedom and therefore i'd like to ask you because you know you're an editor you're working there in myanmar what is the mood in the newsroom right now are you your colleagues concerned about your own state. well i'm i'm i'm not here in myanmar although i'm here and was here for the verdict today but you know thank you for asking it's a it's a real concern. and josue colleagues as the reporters here on the ground there with their friends their families have become part of an extended family of extended orders family over the course of the last eighteen months on we want to keep reporting we have a job to do a long time shows who want us to keep reporting they want to the story they were working on at the time of their last the story of the mass killing that happened most the year ago and rough time spent they wanted the story told we are not we
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think we need to keep working we think we are contributions to tell the story here fairly and partially responsibly and we think that's how we are going to. tell and i'd like to ask you about that story that they were reporting on and ask if we can read anything into the timing of this verdict because we know for example it was just last week that the united nations the top human rights body they they said that charges should be brought against senior military members. there in myanmar regarding the crackdown on the rohinton and racan you know that's the very thing that your colleagues were reporting on wasn't it. that's right that's right you know those personally are trying the prosecution witness some progress with the police officer who. heard police talk about a point to entrap won't go through they were arrested after a medical we've never previously thought we're going to give them documents. under
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review we're ready to be allowed to live. in the course of their interview. they were offered a deal. perhaps different terms of the story went to where they didn't want to work they didn't go where they think they supported our publication about storing them it's important to continue the work we're doing. ok and we thank you so much for joining us this morning to talk a little bit more about this kevin as we mentioned you're an editor with reuters and a colleague of the two journalists who were just sentenced to seven years in prison there in myanmar we appreciate your insight thank you well now we're going to turn to the eastern and german city of chemist's where a calm is returning an uneasy calm this morning after a week marred by far right violence and racist attacks around two thousand people joined a rally against right wing extremism in the city on sunday they called for tolerance
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and mutual respect following days of anti immigrant protest a far right violence was sparked by the killing of a german man and chemists to asylum seekers have been arrested on suspicion of stabbing the man. now an anti-racism concert is scheduled to take part two to take place tonight were you understand the twenty five thousand people are expected to attend and the organizers message is as follows there are more of us campaign the last fast man has been shown by the far right recent show of strength in cam mates. it was a surprise to see so many extreme right wingers there the number of organized hooligans who turned up from all over germany felt like they were there for their annual congress or something as long and fast man is an important sponsor of the city's art scene venues like a locomotive a bar popular with artists and creatives the pup's been attacked several times
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allegedly by right wing extremists. cultural projects are a cornerstone of a free and open society. where there's no culture there is no free society no. right wing extremists think they can target such projects attack the cultural initiatives then we have to defend them. here and comer is another well known figure in the can it's art scene he's concerned about the changing face of far right rallies but. what was new last week was the much closer link between the hooligan element and ordinary concerned citizens you just have to get out of the way as we're going to toss a philosopher could know refuses to be intimidated he's continuing to demonstrate against the far right along with many other residents of came next they witnessed shocking scenes of people who looked for and being chased by the mob. back about i
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didn't go to work for the first two days because i was so upset life has to go one but i know a lot of migrants who stayed at high end because they were too scared to go out. on saturday far right demonstrators were again on the streets supporters of the far right alternative for germany party along side violent extremists on one street counter-demonstrators managed to stop the right wingers in their tracks. now strassmann protested in his own way symbolically piling copies of germany's basic law in the path of the extremists opponents of the far right are planning to fight back with music several popular german bands will be playing a free concert on monday under the more there are more of us. and for more let's bring in his very own fabienne fund our mark he is joining us
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from the german capital berlin this morning in fog and i'd like to begin by asking you because we just saw there civil society groups basically gathering to protest against this far right extremism but what is the government for their part doing because i have to say the interior minister for example for say hoffert he hasn't been to the city yet and he's come under criticism has any. that's true the interior minister hasn't been in cannes it's him self but what he did last week was to offer the support of the federal police at least because at last week's event there was a lack of police visible on the streets of camden so that was one thing that the interior minister did on the other hand of course state politicians in germany or federal politicians keep on stressing that responsibility for what's happening in sex and the lies in the responsibility of the politicians in the state of sex and the but nevertheless the family minister of the german family family minister five for example when two. showed her solidarity with the victim of the stabbing but
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also support for civil society there and for people with foreign origin. and also the foreign minister the german foreign minister. spoke out at the weekend and said that he's concerned about the image of germany abroad and he also asked the civil society to stand up to speak out against right wing extremism let's talk a little bit more about that right wing extremism because we're seeing an interesting trend here in fact we're seeing a bit of unity right when it comes to come that's because we have the n.t. migrant a d. party also coming out very much demonstrating as well in support of those who are among the far right there in cabinets they say that they're not radicals though they say that they're just concerned citizens but that logic has also come under fire right. that's true i mean as soon as you have a situation where there are people in the demonstration with hitler salute it's
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certainly not that you can distance yourself and say i don't know that these people arrived wing extremists it's certainly there was a red line crossed when when people saluted the list of lewd and also cheered things that are definitely away from just what concerned citizens could think of and now there's a new discussion again whether the dino should also be mounted toward by domestic intelligence service here in germany. so far the domestic intelligence service has always said well we have enough suspicion toumani toure individuals but not the party as a whole and that's still the line that politicians are reluctant to monitor or the a if t. and tiredly also because they say well if we do this then the a fifty could construct their image of being
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a victim of the establishment of the established parties although they would just well articulate what parts of the society are thinking so this is an interesting discussion i don't think that the party will be observed but certainly the close in this between far right wing extremists on the streets and the if tea party has developed in the last weeks and this new quality now of the connection between the party and the street groups ok you're going to stick with us actually because we want to discuss another facet to the story when we're talking about the far right and then we're also going to get your reaction because we know for example that before there was chemists there was kendall we're turning now to that western german city because over the past months we've seen both pro and anti migrant demonstrations in this particular city it's become one. especially over the killing of a teenage girl we know that she was fifteen years old she was stabbed to death last
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december by her boyfriend who was of afghan descent he was in fact an afghan refugee accused of murdering her currently on trial and that verdict is today have a look. this small german city of condo was unknown to most people until last december. that's when a teenage girl was stepped in front of a local drugstore her boyfriend a young immigrant was the suspect what followed was a situation not unlike that encampment migration protesters flocked to the small western german town from all parts of the country back then the poster stated cundall is everywhere the goal was to utilize the tragedy for right wing propaganda . but they were met with resistance the citizens of candle did not want the town to be utilized and with the help of the state government they staged counter protests . kamel is not nazi brown it's colorful and diverse we have an open society and
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absolutely no reason to instrumentalists this tragedy for right wing thinking. but then the counter protesters were targeted local residents like this family were attacked after exhibiting. outside their home police had to protect the family as rightwing hooligans attempted to forcefully and to the house you know i did miss out on one side hundred for these people are using our towns even thinking of reasons for doing this but the real reasons are different when this in. income they shut us down effectively we have to hide in our houses all day because it's too dangerous to take our children outside in. even after today's verdict their ordeal isn't over for candle right when protesters have already decided to march again. as for about five in funder mark who is joining us from the german capital and fabia this city must really be waiting with bated breath here today for
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this verdict what can we expect. well it certainly depends on the outcome of the wording whether there will be big protests again on the street but i think that they won't be that big even this weekend there were just some three hundred fifty people on the streets of kandahar and protesters there were again and again protests within the last months but there wasn't this mobilization as we've seen for example in cabinets and now i also believe that the focus of these protest groups has shifted on chemists they use the situation where the emotions are the biggest and that's not candid at this moment and found a mark in berlin thank you so much. of that a quick check now some other stories making news around the world in hamburg more than ten thousand people have demonstrated in support of organizations operating migrant rescue boats in the mediterranean the marchers called for hamburg to become
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a safe harbor for such vessels similar protests were held across germany. a huge fire has ripped through brazil's national museum in rio de janeiro gutting the two hundred year old building the director of the stork institution has called it a cultural tragedy the museum housed some twenty million valuable items because of the blaze is not get known. turkish police have prevented a group of women in istanbul from holding a peaceful vigil to protest against the disappearance of their loved ones in the one nine hundred ninety s. the women known as the saturday mothers have held nearly seven hundred demonstrations over the last two decades their aim is to try and force the government to find out what happened to their relatives however police accuse the women of having links to the banned terrorist group the p.k. k. . he stumbles police getting ready for action combat gear and gas masks shields rubber bullet guns.
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and these are the people they're preparing to confront the such as a mother it's about a dozen women many of them past retirement age and their supporters. on until sun is in the first row the saturday mothers have been meeting since nine hundred ninety five for the vigils and the lady with a dog green hat scarf his join most of them she's no longer afraid of the police she says. tension the change this protest is not legal police disperse the police has now blocked to every street in the area on until sun and the others a force to stop the protest quickly and this time the women and their supporters couldn't even get caught. ells to the location right behind me where they usually hold the city policemen many of them heavily armed blocked all the passages authorities probably wanted to avoid images like last week when the group was about
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to stage their seven hundred demonstration police forcibly dispersed the crowd several people were injured dozens detained. after her short sit in i meet one until soon again she wants to tell me her story and the story of the saturday mother's for more than twenty years she has been fighting for justice she says and for her husband me tolson. cremation even though some of the day it happened my husband left home around ten in the morning. around six in the evening my daughter happened to see him being taken away by police i thought the worst would be that he's in prison but they'll eventually release him but i never heard from him again after all these years i've given up hope of getting him back to. her husband fake me is not the only one in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's thousands of young men most of them kurds were reportedly taken into
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custody and their families never heard of them again there were no charges no trials and no information from the authorities. back then the mothers and wives of the disappeared began to organize themselves they met every saturday in central istanbul and they still do until today. the two careen song. when someone in your family dies you bury them and try to move on but we don't have this consolation for us mourning never ends we don't even have a gravestone to put flowers on the set but our ability the current government is not responsible for the disappearances it happened before they came to power but they still order the police to crack down on the saturday mothers the interior minister has even accused the women of having leans to the militant kurdish to take a group in a speech she said yes they. should return a blind eye to motherhood being exploited by a terrorist organization. hunnam tolson and the other saturday
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mothers have experienced a lot of hostility over the years but they refused to give up that's why they plan to meet again next saturday and demand justice for their sons and for their husbands. thanks. and the bundesliga last year's league runner up shellcode were trying to recover from last week's opening loss they hosted had to berlin but it does not go to plan but the berliners producing a second straight and trusted victory. excitement in the shall cause stands mirrored by early action on the pitch and defended now as i with a golden chance which is he reflected on what might have been v.a.r. officials were taking another look at the build up on bull their verdict to a new kind of jury given the chance from the sport. he fluffed his lines. they couldn't believe it but soon it goes
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a whole lot worse defense times were attacked with the slickest of touches patches andre do down the goal scorer i within two minutes home hopes had been turned upside down. in the second half frustrations only grew a shock a pressure to equalize rates on here and khan a play on carroll was sensible for this cynical shot. direct free kick. devastates me dispatched by jeter it was the last kick of the game patch a battle in the ones bouncing at the end. and leipsic had a nightmare but to think opener against dortmund last week and a tough europa league qualifier in the middle of the week that heavy schedule may explain well why does the door we're able to move so easily against them early and sunday is going to seek a match as the leipzig defense looked on to test them a man put the door in front but let's think we gave their footing and john kev an
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august sun managed to tie the story after sixty eight minutes lights they came within inches of winning it in the last minutes but they had to settle for a one one draw against. holland for here as it is here now we're talking about a german car maker who is paying the price. or missions like a familiar story but this time we're talking about b.m.w. sarah in the crosshairs of the or thora g.'s b.m.w. reportedly has been or did to pay a fine of ten million euros after software was found on around eight thousand diesel cars that illegally shut off emissions filtering prosecutors say this it pays to have been a bug in the software not intentional cheap does according to newspaper the sun dot you decide to become a critic though informed your forty's in february about the shuttle following a month long investigation that decided not to file charges against any b.m.w. executives. will stocks on the major asian exchanges dropped for the third
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consecutive session on monday dragged down by rekindled fears of a china u.s. trade war us president donald trump's threatening to impose fresh sanctions on china later this week before the weekend not to talks with canada also ended without a deal exerting more downward pressure on asian markets meanwhile the private survey showed china's manufacturing growth slowed to a thirteen month low that was in august export is shrank for a fifth month and employee is cox the star. of chinese companies have a strong foothold in china often to the envy of their european counterparts that invested huge amounts in afrin african infrastructure we're talking roads hospitals and stadia all built and paid for often in real materials now though some african countries are going deep into debt to pay for the projects an issue which will be
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up for discussion before him on china africa cooperation currently underway in beijing. chinese workers on african construction sites a normal site nowadays china says it's built more than five thousand kilometers of roads and over sixty two hundred kilometers of railway lines on the continent and phasing claims it's also distributed about one hundred billion dollars in loans in africa via its new silk road infrastructure project the new president of zimbabwe took a trip to the chinese capital last spring to try to drum up financing for new railway lawyers and power plants and loans are just one aspect of development billions in direct investment also flow into africa every year around eighty percent of it in the energy sector over seven billion dollars in chinese direct investment went to nigeria alone in the first half of the year it's followed by zimbabwe which had one point six billion and south africa with one point three billion.
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in kenya a new train route between the capital nairobi and the port of mombasa opened in twenty seventeen and the brunt of the costs were borne by china extending the four hundred seventy kilometer long line cost around three point four billion dollars critics say kenya is buying outdated technology that's too expensive to boot and will have to pay back loans at a high rate of interest. you know african leaders think china is santa claus they're not santa claus they want returns on the investment we've already had a levy on each liter of fuel sold in kenya there is a lid be going towards the repayment of that loan now this is more sophisticated banking than china has been known for they have caught a fantastic return and they've got security they own and run and manage the whole thing the train line is no slated to be extended to uganda south sudan rwanda and
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burundi at the cost of about fourteen billion dollars a moment of new debt for african states. and our mind in our top story we're following for you mean ma has sentenced to journalists from the international news agency brutus to seven years in prison for breaching the country's official secrets and that she reporters say they were framed by an investigation violence against the regime to minority western governments and the un has condemned the verdict calling it an attack on press freedom. you know what she did i mean he's from berlin will have no fear at the top of the hour to forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on a website that detail many dot com on how to help trade imbalance text your company and hussein.
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go wrong the other with seventy thousand altar servers from around the world. a chance to explore the science celebrate announce canada law must attend an audience with the pope. be there and believe. the international feel her image
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of altar servers in rome. next. to maintain sixty one crying and go around the world. young people rebelled against their parents' generation. this was a constant dust from the stupidity and systems received they demanded nothing less than a home society cold blooded maelstrom of consumer gun violence with the vietnam war playing the role of my generation watch the book war every day. our documentary takes a look at the smile times how did those murder members of the movement for the
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first time i had a feeling of being accomplish something it's. a means of those events today. this seems the most civil rights the peace movement the women's movement or hopelessness during this period. monday's sixty movement. this week on the dole. this is a big day for a small catholic parish near the german dutch border. some forty young people from taking part in the altar service pilgrimage to rome.
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with the blessing of their parish priest father brother man and a goodbye from their parents they're setting off.


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