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in our interactive documentary. return. on the w dot com. this is g w news live from berlin a failed asylum seeker in germany is found guilty of murdering his teenage girlfriend the court sentenced the defendant to eight and a half years in prison the verdict comes at a time when tensions over migration are running high in germany critics accuse right wing extremists of exploiting the case just donate words towards all migrants . also coming on international outrage jasmine maher sentences to war against
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journalists to seven years in jail the reporters say they were framed if i believe western governments condemned the verdict in the u.k. calling it a hammer blow to the rule of law. and football shall come may have finished last season second in the bundesliga but opposing fans and players this season are other impressed hatcher birdland beach shock on sunday there are near the top of the standings and shelter near the bottom. i'm sorry so much got a good to have you with us here in germany a migrant who is reportedly from afghanistan has been sentenced to eight and a half years for killing a teenage girl the fifteen year old girl was stabbed to death in the western german town of kunda in december last year the case prompted months of pro and anti migrant protests with so. i'm saying the far right exploited the teen's death for
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their own message of hate let's get the very latest on the story get abuse fabiano funded marcus following all the developments for us hi fabienne good to see you so a young man stabs his girlfriend to death normally that would not be a national or international news but this case is why is that. that's true i mean when you look at the numbers two people a day are killed in germany the difference here is the perpetrator was a migrant from afghanistan and far right groups have used this case this into a do case to highlight what they believe the criminal character of migrants to highlight the dangers of mass migration as they put it although the vast majority of all these murders in germany are committed by germans but this far right mobilization in candle has shifted the attention to the city many protests took place there people from all over germany came to the small city to what they
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sometimes said defend germans against migrants and of course also anti. groups have come to the city then to protest also against these kinds of demonstrations so a lot of attention on this little village of a highly politicized case five and we'll talk more about that moment but first let's take a closer look at the background to this killing. this small german city of condo was unknown to most people until last december. that's when a teenage girl was stepped in front of a local drugstore her boyfriend a young immigrant was the suspect what followed was a situation not unlike that encampment migration protesters flocked to the small western german town from all parts of the country back then the poster stated cundall is everywhere the goal was to utilize the tragedy for right wing propaganda . but they were met with resistance the citizens of candle did not want their town
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to be utilized and with the help of the state government they staged counter protests. kamel is not nazi brown it's colorful and diverse we have an open society and absolutely no reason to instrumentalists this tragedy for right wing thinking. but then the counter protesters were targeted local residents like this family were attacked after exhibiting. outside their home police had to protect the family as rightwing hooligans attempted to forcefully enter the house you know i don't miss our homes our condor for these people are abusing our towns she didn't think if reasons for doing this but the real reasons are different when the sindh. ones in country they shut us down effectively we have to hide in our houses all day because it's too dangerous to take our children outside in. even after today's verdict their ordeal isn't over for condo right when protesters have already
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decided to march again. so far as we see there the far right has seized on this case and candles part of its campaign against migrants how are they likely to react to the verdict. well we have to see a number of groups and people have already expressed their discontent with the verdict on social media for example the a if t. the far right party parliamentary party group leader vitals said on twitter that she believes that life imprisonment would have been appropriate and also others have stressed that eight and a half years is not enough for a person was killed someone ten years would have been the least some say there on social media but then on the other hand i believe that in the past couple of days the attention has already shifted away from condoms rather to kenya and i think that would will remain so like that if i mean we have to look at this in context of
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course the verdict as you're saying comes after more than a week of tensions over migration in cannes nets in the east of germany and far right forces there exploited the killing of a man allegedly also by two migrants what is the government doing to counter this mobilization by far right elements when terms of very concrete measures germany's interior minister has offered the support of the federal police since stressed the importance of standing up against right wing extremism they have the civil society to speak out against right wing extremism the german president for example has asked people to attend the concert today that is against right wing populism against right wing extremism on the other hand there's also a closer look on the a fifty the far right party in germany so there's a new discussion now whether this party should be money toward to buy the mystic
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intelligence service since it was visible that people of the if the politicians demonstrated side by side with people who used hitler salutes on these protests in kent it's all right our political correspondent. reporting for us thank you very much. now an anti-racism concert is scheduled to take place in chemist's tonight with twenty five thousand people expected to and to attend an uneasy calm has returned to the city following a week marred by the far right violence and braces attacks we were just discussing on sunday sunday some two thousand people joined a rally against right wing extremism in the city they called for tolerance and mutual respect this after days of anti immigrant protest sparked by the killing of a man allegedly carried out by two asylum seekers. now to some other stories making headlines around the world in hamburg more than ten thousand people have demonstrated in support of organizations operating migrant rescue boats in the
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mediterranean the marchers called for hamburg to become a safe harbor for such vessels similar protests were held across germany. children in france go back to school after their summer vacation today but with a new ban on mobile phones in place the french education minister says the aim is to help children socialize more and to focus more on lessons. and two people have been wounded by gunfire during anti-government demonstrations in nicaragua protests flared in the capital managua after the president on your take to expel the un observers who accused him of violent repression rights groups say some three hundred protesters have been killed in the past four months. a court in myanmar has sentenced to reuters journalists to seven years in jail they were convicted of breaching the country's official secrets act while investigating the alleged mass killing of orange of muslims by the military the two reporters deny the charges and said they had been framed by police western governments have condemned the verdict
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and say it calls into question man marse commitment to the freedom of press oh seven years in jail for breaching me and most official secrets act or as some would say for simply doing their job while lying on his colleagues were found guilty. of illegally possessing confidential documents base men have denied the charge saying that being punished for their posting. was no i don't but this decision is unfair and one sided it directly threatens our democracy and freedom after press will continue to fight it's. going to die out. the journalists were arrested while covering the military's brutal crackdown on routine gym islams which has prompted some seven hundred thousand people to flee to neighboring bangladesh to the international community the case is clear you may a man has been in the news for all the wrong reasons and the government's trying to
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change that. these two admirable reporters have already spent more than eight months in prison on false charges designed to silence their reporting and intimidate the press without any evidence of wrongdoing and in the face of compelling evidence of a police set up. the evidence mr rabbit is referring to earlier this year a policeman testified that his commander had given an order for documents to be planted on the journalists but the court declined to stop the trial and the policeman in question was thrown in jail after the case of wallowing and has drawn condemnation since the start ahead of monday's third act journalists and pro-democracy activists took to the streets of yangon to support the reporters but you know we do not think that we want to trace that's why journalists who write true news for the people are important it's one taking part in this rally. with.
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the u.n. and miramar has called for the release of the journalists and reuters says it will do whatever it can to help secure it. but until then it's back to prison for the journalist i alone has already missed the birth of his first child he's never met his store. more on the story now with boston heartache our south-east asia correspondent you have covered me in march for many years also this case in particular for us thank you for joining us in studio these two journalists are now set to go to jail for seven years what do you make of this verdict and where do things go from here i think first of all on a personal level this is really tragic this verdict and i went to prison for seven years as we heard in the report they both have young families and were loans case his first daughter was only born a month ago and he's never had the chance to meet her so from that point of view that this is obviously very tragic but also from a broad a wider perspective if you look at the situation casts
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a light on the situation of press freedom and of the situation of human rights violations in mar in general and this is what these two reporters were working on they were uncovering evidence of atrocities that were that were committed in. against the muslim minority in the west of the country in rakhine state and now that's what they were in effect for decrying these violations that's what they were sentenced to seven years in jail for and how damning was this evidence that was that they were gathering is crucial because you think about the fact that the most of the evidence that the outside world gets or the you know the reports that the outside world gets of what has happened in rakhine state comes from refugees that have left the country because no one is allowed into that area where all these atrocities were committed so but these two reporters managed to earth evidence
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concrete evidence on the ground from the local population as well that implicates the military in these crimes and it actually led to eight soldiers being convicted and that's the only time that's ever happened being convicted of taking part in these murders and they've been they were sentenced to ten years in jail with hard labor and that is that is extraordinary and even though the minute the myanmar government and the military deny any connection with the reuters investigation i think it's telling that this case that they were working on is the only case that actually led to convictions of members of the myanmar military well as you've been saying has become an important symbol for the state of press freedom in myanmar we've said seen now widespread condemnation particular from the west and we have a tweet here from phil robertson who's the deputy asia director of human rights watch who wrote no words for this outrageous injustice against reporters while on and joe say how can the enlarge additional system justify sending reporters doing their job to a longer prison prison sentence than the tatmadaw soldiers who killed the ten will
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hinge in their story in cold blood so it wasn't you know how hard is it for journalists to do their job in this climate well even though this is the most high profile case it's not the only time or not the only case and recent years where do . analysts were arrested and tried for doing their job sensually and of course that it creates a climate of fear for journalists in myanmar and it makes force it makes them think twice about are they going to really touch on sensitive issues that might implicate the government or might implicate the military in respect to human rights violations for example that are taking place in the country and you could argue that that's the goal of the of these of these trials to stifle free reporting on these cases all right our south-east asia correspondent us and heartache thank you so much for your analysis. now to some other news and
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a huge fire has ripped through brazil's national museum in rio de janeiro gutting the two hundred year old building the director of the historic institution has called it a cultural tragedy the museum how some twenty million valuable items. statues blackened by smoke as their museum is consumed by flames centuries of history destroyed in just a few hours as a fire engulfed the national museum of brazil as firefighters fought a losing battle dozens looked on in disbelief a lot of teachers we worked on education with different groups from around the world will see. it's a huge loss and i'm without words so i don't know what to say. i'm sorry. i thought you see it's unclear what caused the fire
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but it is clear that most of what was housed in the museum has been damaged or destroyed. only a day before these artifacts were on display ancient works from egypt and greece and more than two centuries of brazilian history. the museum had long suffered from underfunding that some say put the building at risk of fire. firefighters with the help of museum workers because so far been able to rescue a few works and in the next days perhaps more will be found among the ruins. in the bundesliga last season's league runners up shell co were trying to recover from their opening loss they hosted half of berlin but it didn't go as planned with the berliners producing an impressive victory for the second match in a row the excitement in the shock of stan's mirrored by early action on the pitch defended now as i say the golden chance which is he reflected on what might have
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been the a r officials were taking another look at the build up handball their verdict to a new kind of jury given the chance from the sport. he flapped his lines. they couldn't believe it but soon it cost a whole lot worse defense tends to attack with the slickest of touches patches andre do down the goal scoring i within two minutes home hopes have been turned upside down. in the second half frustrations only grew a shock a pressure to equalize rates on different connop youngcare was senseless but this cynical shop. direct free kick. devastates dispatched by teenager it was the last kick of the game patch a battle in the ones bouncing at the end. to racing and formula one's world
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champion driver lewis hamilton stunned ferrari fans by winning their home race on sunday the italian grand prix in a tight race the british driver got the better of both of us have felt well and can you recommend to extend his lead in the standings. it's audi and we're hoping for an easy ferrari win on hometown market. and their chances look good with can you write in and sebastian vettel first and second on the grid. but calamity quickly ensued with germany's vettel clashing with his title rival lewis hamilton vettel complained that it was the book so but she woods ruled it was a racing incident that would end for. defending champion hamilton still have work to do to still victory expertly past reichen in just nine laps from the end his victory extends his lead over vettel to a healthy thirty points with seven races left i still want to give it up. to ferrari who put up a great challenge this weekend they really did amazing job and they giving us such
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a great fight and basically i just want to say thank you thank you to these guys it was back home because without their support without their continued efforts this would be possible today the missing he's driver was booed by ferrari fans when handed the trophy. but hamilton won't care a jot. in tennis roughen a doll and serena williams have booked their places in the u.s. open quarterfinals after hard fought battles against unseeded opponents now del needed four sets to beat nicolas busha sheely from georgia williams was pushed to a third set for the first in the tournament by estonian opponent can make the victory means williams will make her fifteenth appearance in the last eight of the us open. and helen is here with business now taking a closer look at china's growing investment in africa you say growing in fact another commitment just came in and at the last few minutes chinese companies of
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course have a strong foothold in africa we just had news that the chinese premier xi jinping committed to sixty billion dollars so just a moment ago but of course those investments often come at the envy of european enterprises they have invested huge amounts in african infrastructure building roads hospitals and stadium paid for often in natural resources now though some african countries are going deep into debt to pay for the projects and then that's an issue which will likely be up for discussion at the forum on china africa cooperation which is currently underway in beijing. african leaders have high hopes for what chinese investment can do for their countries beijing's presence in the region has grown exponentially since its emergence as a global trading power now africa has become a cornerstone in beijing's global belt and road project in sierra leone for example president julius murder b o c s china's thirst for investment as a way for his country to catch the wave of globalization. and there are so many
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benefits to globalization so force we want to be a part of the world community but the large investments which chinese state owned companies have pursued so aggressively in africa have not been an exercise in philanthropy africa's vast resources have helped fuel china's economic transformation still below rejects the accusation by some western countries that china is exploiting africa we are not fools enough we know where we want to take our point in various countries do we involve in a relationship that is designed to be a win win relationship if we do not think it was so we wouldn't be involved in that so i don't subscribe to that i know when to take make entry. some african countries have become heavily dependent on chinese financing and a recent study by the center for global development a u.s.
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think tank has raised serious concerns about the sustainability of sovereign debt in several african countries receiving belt and road funds. b.m.w. has reportedly been ordered to pay a fine of ten million euros off to software was found on around eight thousand days old cars that are legally shut off emissions filtering prosecutors say this appears to have been a bug in the software and not an intentional change fast according to the newspaper the student deutsche ad site emoticon maker itself informed of their very about the shut off following an investigation which went on for months before she decided not to were any charges against b.m.w. executives. the eyes of the world have been on the german state of saxony and like most small businesses the world over companies don't often like to get involved in politics particularly when their business is doing well but with images of angry protests in the german city of kenneth's big broadcast internationally
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some companies are speaking out about the backlash against germany's controversial immigration policy. it's precision work here at no moss in saxony three hundred employees are making fine watches that sell all around the world the company has earned stellar reputation over three decades now managers worry that nazi protesters in the city of chemist's might tarnish its image you know because in addition sex of course was shocked by what's happening in cannes nets but i can't say that surprised because this has been brewing for years sadly the way these people think is not uncommon for the state of saxony. has. some of the biggest names in jewelry make watches and glass hooter the little town is known around the world but after seeing the news about right wing extremists customers are irritated he won this. as they want to know if it was
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a nazi that put their watch together and who else has been working on it people are sensitive to this issue and sachs and he has a major problem now with its reputation in ruins i see this as a disadvantage for businesses in this area. a few kilometers down the road is the metal trading company run by the yak called brothers the two entrepreneurs are also worried about how the chemists protests play all over the world they were hoping for more foreigners to move to saxony as they like many family owned companies are desperate to find workers. you. every citizen and every guest should be able to live here safely and in peace this is important for employers to have they might think twice about investing in an area with these problems and might come away thinking it's better to stay out of saxony be big not. back
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in glass hooter no moss wants to focus on confronting the extreme right and an effort to prevent any further damage to the reputation of saxony and their company . as we're going all financial correspondent out we bought is it a frankfurt stock exchange for us the only international attention on the unresting can tell us more about the concerns reputational damage. great concern when you listen to joe ok so here's the c.e.o. of siemens one of the largest industrial companies here in germany in europe and in the electric technical business and he says that germany doesn't just export goods and products it also exports values and he's worried that the kind of images and news that we're hearing from the minutes from saxony are going to damage the reputation of germany. and he says that you have to take this seriously not
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least because companies like siemens employs so many people not just germans but also of a very diverse cultural heritage siemens itself three hundred seventy eight thousand people around the world around one hundred thirty thousand people and showcase them makes clear that it's about these people as well and the chairman of the. baby either german industry association has called for leaders in the business world to speak out against seen a phobia in germany talking about. we just heard about b.m.w. reportedly having to pay a fine for legal software found in their cars how is the market reacting to that. well b.m.w. shares going down but so are the other car shares this mainly over the worries for trade for possible tariffs coming against previous expectations perhaps with the e.u. in the united states but of course that's not good for the reputation of b.m.w. and you know when you when you look at the statements that i've heard from people
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who over the past months i've talked to about this issue nobody believes this was an accident a glitch and then just by accident two of the largest heaviest most fuel consuming and emissions admitting cars people find it hard to believe doesn't help b.m.w.'s cause the thoughts in front thank you. and that's when i just say on a d w news i'm going to humphrey in bali and remember you can always get the latest on our website that is of course d w dot com thanks as ever to your company and see you again see. such.
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an. odd. piece at the truth. in these years constantly ecosystem is at risk of industrial pollution and overfishing and threatening people's livelihoods. and initiative is trying to save the fish stocks and revise announced to meet him in the bunch of who put a stop to the chaos in the fish in search of a go at africa. g.w. . they merely did it has followed the storm
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with her mission to get the long one element born with aereo is called nineteen. million dollars a year they were both born. now that college and over four months area. tests for their families have. forged. in sixty minutes on the w. o. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. where so clearly the elite. class was. coming vestment bankers conflict ourselves with the first on. everybody was wrong the wanted to ignore the reality
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that the whole thing might blow off in the face of a system that spun out of control. problems that will. cause. the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . welcome to this edition of africa then vironment so magazine show it's co-produced by deutsche welle in germany channel two.


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