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here. sixty eight. this week double. leg. the city that we use a lot from berlin a failed asylum seeker in germany is found guilty of murdering his teenage girls for. the court sentenced the defendant to eight and a half years in prison the verdict comes at a time when tensions over migration are running high and the critics accuse right wing extremists on exploiting the case to stir hatred towards all migrants. also coming up international outrage as me and maher sentences to borders journalists to
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seven years in jail the reporters say they were framed by police in western governments condemn the verdict in the u.k. calling it a hammer blow to the rule of law. turkey cracks down on a group of women and their supporters protesting against the enforced disappearance of their loved ones in the one nine hundred ninety s. the women say they'll never give up their struggle in the world when someone in your family dies you bury them and try to move on you know but we don't have this consolation for us morning never ends. i'm sunni so much got a good to have you with us a young migrant from afghanistan has been sentenced to eight and a half years for killing his former teenage girlfriend here in germany she stabbed the fifteen year old to death in the west. town of candle in december last year the
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murderous fueled a heated debate here about crimes committed by migrants and also the rise of far right violence i ask you that these have been funded mark that it was unusual for such a case to make international headlines but that this story had shaken the country. that's true i mean when you look at the numbers two people a day are killed in germany the difference here is the perpetrator was a migrant from afghanistan and far right groups have used this case this into a do case to highlight what they believe the criminal character of migrants to highlight the dangers of mass migration as they put it although the vast majority of all these murders in germany are committed by germans but this far right mobilization in candle has shifted the attention to the city many protests took place there people from all over germany came to the small city to what they sometimes said defend germans against migrants and of course also anti far right
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groups have come to the city then to protest also against these kinds of demonstrations so a lot of attention on this little village of a highly politicized case five and we'll talk more about that now moment but first let's take a closer look at the background to this killing. the small german city of condo was unknown to most people until last december. that's when a teenage girl was stepped in front of a local drugstore her boyfriend a young immigrant was the suspect what followed was a situation not unlike that in kemet migration protesters flocked to the small western german town from all parts of the country back then the poster stated cundall is everywhere the goal was to utilize the tragedy for right wing propaganda . but they were met with resistance the citizens of candle did not want the town to be utilized and with the help of the state government they staged counter protests
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. kamel is not nazi brown it's colorful and diverse we have an open society and absolutely no reason to instrumental lies this tragedy for right wing thinking. but then the counter protesters were targeted local residents like this family were attacked after sitting. outside their home police had to protect the family as rightwing hooligans attempted to forcefully enter the house you know item is how humans are hundred for these people are using our towns she didn't think if reasons for doing this but the real reasons are different when this in. in country they shut us down effectively we have to hide in our houses all day because it's too dangerous to take our children outside in even after today's verdict their ordeal isn't over for condo rights when protesters have already
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decided to march again. so far as we see there the far right has seized on this case and condo as part of its campaign against migrants how are they likely to react to the verdict. well we have to see a number of far right groups and people have already expressed their discontent with the verdict on social media for example the if the the far right party parliamentary party group leader vital said on twitter that she believes that life imprisonment would have been appropriate and also others have stressed that eight and a half years is not enough for a person was killed someone ten years would have been the least some say there on social media but then on the other hand i believe that in the past couple of days the attention has already shifted away from kumble rather to kenya it's and i think that would will remain so like that if i mean we have to look at this in context of
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course the verdict as you're saying comes after more than a week of tensions over migration in cannes nets in the east of germany and far right forces there exploited the killing of a man allegedly also by two migrants what is the government doing to counter this mobilization by far right elements. why in terms of very concrete measures germany's interior minister has offered the support of the federal police since there was a lack of police visible when these protests happened in saxony and chemists last week then a number of politicians of ministers have stressed the importance of standing up against right wing extremism they have the civil society to speak out against right wing extremism the german president for example has asked people to attend a concert today that is against right wing populism against right wing extremism on the other hand there's also a closer look on the a f t the far right party in germany so there's
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a new discussion now whether this party should be one you toward to buy the mystic intelligence service since it was visible that people of the a if the politicians demonstrated side by side with people who used hitler salutes on these protests in kenya it's all right or political correspondent. reporting for us thank you very much. as we just heard from fabienne an anti-racism concert is scheduled to take place in kent that's tonight with twenty five thousand people expected to attend and an easy call must return to the city following a week marred by far right violence and braces attacks on sunday some two thousand people joined a rally against right wing extremism in the city they called for tolerance and mutual respect this after days of anti immigrant protest sparked by the killing of a man allegedly carried out by two asylum seekers. now to some other stories making headlines around the world two people have been wounded by gunfire during
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anti-government demonstrations in nicaragua protests flared in the capital managua after president on your take on expelled you want to observers who accused him of violence repression rights groups say some three hundred protesters have been killed in the past four months. a huge fire has ripped through brazil's national museum in rio de janeiro gutting the two hundred year old building the director of the historic institution has called it a cultural tragedy museum how some twenty million valuable items because of the blaze is not yet known. children and friends go back to school after their summer vacation today but with a new ban on mobile phones in place the french education minister says the aim is to help children socialize more and to focus more on the lessons. a chord in me and maher has sentenced to reuters journalists to seven years in jail they were convicted of breaching the country's official secrets act while investigating the
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alleged mass killings of rohingya muslims by the military the two reporters deny the charges and said they had been framed by police western governments have condemned the verdict and say it calls into question me and mars commitment to freedom of the press oh seven years in jail for breaching me and most official secrets act or as some would say to simply doing their job while lying underscored . but found guilty of illegally possessing confidential documents bass men have denied the charge saying they're being punished for their post saying oh. no i don't but you know none of this decision is unfair and one sided it directly threatens our democracy and freedom of the press. he will continue to fight it. he noted on. the journalists were arrested while covering the military's brutal crackdown on for him to muslims which has prompted some seven hundred thousand people to flee to neighboring bangladesh to the international community the case is
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clear me and most government under increasing pressure over the range of crisis is attempting to silence critical voices these two admirable reporters have already spent more than eight months in prison on false charges designed to silence their reporting and intimidate the press without any evidence of wrongdoing and in the face of compelling evidence of a police set up. the evidence reuters is referring to earlier this year a policeman testified that his commander had given an order for documents to be planted on the journalists but the court declined to stop the trial and the policeman in question was thrown in jail. the case of while own and also has drawn condemnation from the start ahead of the verdict journalists and pro-democracy activists took to the streets of young gone to support the reporter's. bigger we do not think that we want the truth that's why journalists who write true news for the
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people are important. that's why i'm taking part in this rally that. what i want you to. the un and me and i has called for the release of the journalists and reuters says it will do whatever it can to help secure it. but until then it's back to prison for the journalists i live in has already missed the birth of his first child he's never met his store to. turkish police have prevented a group of women than istanbul from holding a peaceful vigil to protest against the disappearance of their loved ones in the one nine hundred ninety s. the women known as the saturday mothers have held nearly seven hundred demonstrations over the last two decades their aim is to try to force the government to find out what happened to their relatives but police accuse the women of having links to the banned terrorist group the p.k. k. . the stumbles police getting ready for action combat gear and gas masks shields rubber bullet guns.
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and these are the people they're preparing to confront the such as a muslim it's about a dozen women many of them past retirement age and their supporters. on until someone is in the first row the saturday mothers have been meeting since nine hundred ninety five for the vigils and the lady with the dog green had scarf his join most of them she's no longer afraid of the police she says. tension the change this protest is not legal police disperse the police has now blocked to every street in the area. until sun and the others are forced to stop the protest quickly and this time the women and their supporters couldn't even get close to the location right behind me where they usually hold this city policemen many of them heavily armed blocked all the passages authorities probably wanted to
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avoid images like last week when the group was about to stage this seven hundred demonstrators in police force simply disperse the crowd several people were injured dozens detained. after her short sit in i meet on impulse and again she wants to tell me her story and the story of the saturday mother's for more than twenty years she has been fighting for justice she says and for her husband tolson she remains here. with most of the day it happened my husband left home around ten in the morning. around six in the evening my daughter happened to see him being taken away by police i thought the worst would be that he's in prison but they'll eventually release and but i never heard from him again after all these years i've given up hope of getting him back. to. her has been fake me is not the only one in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's thousands of young men most of them kurds were reportedly taken into
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custody and their families never heard of them again there were no charges no trials and no information from the authorities. back then the mothers and wives of the disappeared began to organize themselves they met every saturday in central istanbul and they still do until today. in song. when someone in your family dies you bury them and try to move on but we don't have this consolation for us mourning never ends we don't even have a gravestone to put flowers on the set but our ability the current government is not responsible for the disappearances it happened before they came to power but they still order the police to crack down on the saturday mothers the interior minister has even accused the women of having leans to the militant kurdish to take a group in a speech she said yesterday should we turn a blind eye to motherhood being exploited by
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a terrorist organization. hunnam tolson and the other saturday mothers have experienced a lot of hostility over the years but they refused to give up that's why they plan to meet again next saturday and demand justice for their sons and for their husbands. coming up on get up you b.m.w. find millions of euros for admissions violations again helena humphrey will have that story and many more coming right up in this. neighborhood that. you're going to unofficial estimates more than one point two million venezuelans and even colombia legally and illegally. already uncle will return to venezuela. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. down witness global
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