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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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there's a v.w. news line from berlin international i'll brain trust me and maher sentences to reuters journalists to seven years in jail the two reporters were investigating me in march crackdown on the door hinge on minority they say they were framed by police western governments condemn the verdict in the u.k. calling it a hammer blow to the rule of law. also coming up in germany and afghanistan and
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seacrest found guilty of murdering his fifteen year old former girlfriend the verdict comes as tensions over migration run high in some parts of germany critics accuse right wing extremists of exploiting this case to stoke hatred towards all migrants plus. setting a different tone bands from across germany prepare to play a free concert in the eastern city of cabinets to protest against racism and neo nazi violence. i'm so me so much going to good to have you with us a court in myanmar has sentenced to reuters journalists to seven years in jail they were convicted of breaching the country's official secrets act while investigating the a legit mass killing over hensher muslims by the military now the two reporters deny the charges they say they were framed by police the u.n.
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has called the trial a travesty of justice western governments say the ruling calls into question man maurice commitment to freedom of the press. was seven years in jail for breaching me and myles official secrets act or as some would say for simply doing their job while lying and his colleagues were found guilty of illegally possessing confidential documents pacemen have denied the charge saying they're being punished for their reporting. which i don't but this decision is unfair and one sided it directly threatens our democracy and freedom of the press so. we will continue to fight it. he noted was. the journalists were arrested while covering the military's brutal crackdown on for him to muslims which has prompted some seven hundred thousand people to flee to neighboring bangladesh to the international community the case is clear and must government under increasing pressure over the
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range of crisis is attempting to silence critical voices these two admirable reporters have already spent more than eight months in prison on false charges designed to silence their reporting and intimidate the press without any evidence of wrongdoing and in the face of compelling evidence of a police set up. the evidence reuters is for firing two earlier this year a policeman testified that his commander had given an order for documents to be planted on the journalists but the court declined to stop the trial and the policeman in question was thrown in jail after the case of fallen and also has drawn condemnation from the start ahead of the verdict journalists and pro-democracy activists took to the streets of young gone to support the reporters . to go without them but we want the truth that's why journalists who write true news for the people are important. that's why i'm taking part in this rally that
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you know what i will get to. the un and the m r has called for the release of the journalists and reuters says it will do whatever it can to help secure at all but until then it's back to prison for the journalists while lane has already missed the birth of his first child he's never met his daughter. let's get more on this story now with phil robertson he is deputy director of human rights watch's asia division he joins us from bangkok phil thank you for being with us on our show now these two journalists are now set to go to jail for seven years what did you think of this verdict and what comes next for them well this verdict is outrageous it is entrapment these charges are bogus they should have never been tried in the first place really what this trial is about is trying to not only in prison these two leading ermes journalists but also to try to intimidate other journalists saying to them that if you work for an international press organisation
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don't assume that you're not going to be able to be touched by the military about the government you know but so what we know but the evidence that they had actually gathered you know how significant was their reporting here. well the report themselves with the reported sounds was very important but what was handed to them the document that was handed to them that they then were arrested with was something they didn't even read and which later came out in the in the trial of what had been published elsewhere you know so for the government to claim that this is somehow a confidential document is again a part of the bogus narrative that was used to convict the suit it didn't really matter what evidence was presented that this crowd was quite clear that there the fix was in all along that the military and the police wanted this conviction and the court was prepared to go along these courts are not necessarily independent you know they've been controlled by the military for you know multiple decades under military regime so people should not assume that this was
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a fair trial ok so you're saying this is a bogus verdict essentially what does it tell us about the state of press freedom in me and more for a local and foreign journalists well it's says that if you are going to investigate topics that are controversial that the government doesn't want to have reported on or the military is low to have come out that you better be careful because they're prepared to use laws that are very to coney and that are very broadly written to allow maximum discretion for authorities to prosecute against people and i think that certainly is what the term eastern lists are going to be thinking of coming away from this is that they have to be careful the question now is whether it's also going to reach to the western journalists who are facing and burma as well. so what should we read into the timing of this fred it was just last week we have to remember that the un's talk human rights body said that charges should be brought against senior and senior me in my military officials over the crackdown on their
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henchmen in rakhine state. well it's interesting that the case from india in that these two reuters reporters. basically brought out is the one instance where the myanmar army actually admitted that there were rights violations committed by their troops and supposedly some of the officers were placed in prison because of this. but the larger dynamic is that the burmese government is trying to cover up what was done by the military in rakhine state you know that the crimes against humanity genocide that they've been accused of by the fact finding mission of the u.n. human rights council and i think that you know if this is connected but the timing is not necessarily the most important thing the thing is that these guys have been put in prison for something that the government admitted was true all right phil robertson from human rights watch asia joining us from bangkok phil thank you very
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much of course that is some other stories making headlines around the world philippine president would be going to terra to has met israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem on an official visit aimed at bolstering trade and defense deals it is the first visit by israel to israel rather by a philippine head of state since the two countries established diplomatic relations more than sixty years ago. a new u.n. report says the number of migrants dying while trying to cross the mediterranean has risen dramatically this year it said there was one death for every eighteen arrivals in europe more than double last year's figure the u.n. refugee agency says people smugglers are taking ever greater risks. children and friends go back to school after their summer vacation today but with a new ban on cell phones in place the french education minister says the aim is to help children socialize more and to better focus on lessons. here in germany
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a court in the south western town of condo has sentenced a failed asylum seeker to eight and a half years in prison for murdering his former girlfriend the case has inflame tensions over migration in the country some critics say the sentence is far too lenient while others have accused far right extremists of exploiting this case to stoke bigotry towards all migrants. at today's court hearing in london the verdict on the sentence were announced behind closed doors. the case has caused an uproar in the region and throughout germany the defendant's lawyer said his client regretted what he'd done and accepted the sentence eight and a half years in prison. and it is ok we should take no further legal measures because my client wants to accept the verdict and has now done so. the court could not establish the age of the young defendant known as the d. but he was tried under juvenile law some people are upset about the sentence.
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if i think it's too short if you look at what's going on in germany these days imagine how her parents feel it's not right since france didn't order or if you're new. here i think it is just. we don't really know if he was a minor at the time of the attack. this is the shop in the town of condo where the defendant attacked his former girlfriend to me out with a knife she was fifteen the judge determined that he was driven by jealousy and the desire for revenge they have been demonstrations in the town since the murder mainly by right wing groups they claim it shows the government's policy on refugees has failed. meanwhile an anti-racism concert is scheduled to take place in cannes it's shortly with twenty five thousand people expected to attend an uneasy calm has returned to the city following a week marred by far right violence and racist attacks on sunday some two thousand
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people joined a rally against right wing extremism extremists in the city they call for tolerance and mutual respect this after days of anti immigrant protests are by the killing of a man allegedly carried out by two asylum seekers now the clashes and hate that have descended on the city have shocked many residents with many uneasy about the sheer scale of the unrest. campaign last fast man has been shocked by the far right story some show of strength in cam nets. washed it was a surprise to see so many extreme right wingers there the number of organized hooligans who turned up from all over germany felt like they were there for their annual congress or something as long. fast man is an important sponsor of the city's art scene venues like locomotive a bar popular with artists and creatives the pup's been attacked several times allegedly by right wing extremists. cultural projects are
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a cornerstone of a free and open society. where there's no culture there is no free society no right wing extremists think they can target such projects attacking a cultural initiatives then we have to defend them. here and comer is another well known figure in the candidates art scene he's concerned about the changing face of far right rallies but. what was new last week was the much closer link between the hooligan element and ordinary concerned citizens you just have to get out of the way. toss a philosophy. couldn't refuses to be intimidated he's continuing to demonstrate against the far right along with many other residents of came next they witnessed shocking scenes of people who looked for and being chased by the mob yes it's right that. i didn't go to work for the first two days because i was so upset life has to
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go on but i know a lot of migrants who stayed at home because they were too scared to go out. on saturday far right demonstrators were again on the streets supporters of the far right alternative for germany party alongside violent extremists on one street counter-demonstrators managed to stop the rightwing is in their tracks. last fast when protested in his own way symbolically piling copies of germany's basic law in the path of the extremists opponents of the far right are planning to fight back with music several popular german bands will be playing a free concert on monday under the motto there are more of us. can. both go right to linda fiasco she is near the concert venue in kenneth's and joins us live hi linda good to see you so after
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a week of tensions and violence there's a huge concert tonight give us an idea of what's going on in kennett at the moment and what will happen tonight. well we are right here actually right behind you there are some deejays that are going to play tonight and twenty five thousand people are supposed to come here and right now what we're seeing is many people are coming here with trains they're coming from chemists and it's like kind of like a festival atmosphere and if we see you know just a little bit down the road here about three hundred meters this is where the concert will be but the whole city is basically. well is basically a block for the concert and i've just been in to the press conference conference talking to the artists and one thing that was in staunching for me many of them told told me and told the other journalists that they themselves they come from areas often remote areas and in germany where right wing extremism has been a problem problem and they want to really have a loud
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a strong statement again six and a phobia in germany this is what the artists are saying for the concert tonight little a question a lot of people are asking a concern a lot of people have is there still potential for more conflict in the city tonight there were. but what security experts are saying is there is a potential that these groups will gather at another unknown spaces and that they might be some kind of aggression between the two groups this is the big task for the police today that they keep this groups apart from each other we have had some security issues here but the police is actually prepared there's also policemen coming from all over germany right now the focus is heavily on kemet so. i think it's really unlikely that something big happens but we don't know right now and london just briefly a lot of people have been talking about the fact that journalists have also been
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targeted in cabinets in recent days have you experienced any difficulty in doing your work. well this was the first time in coming and so we actually were worked with security personnel to do our job so yes this is a big issue for most of the journalists here and talking to other other colleagues they told me yes they had had some problems not all of them not always big issues but verbal attacks this is something that we have seen growing over the past couple of years going to the anti islamic. demonstration for example and so definitely a very in fact today we feel pretty safe there's lots of police and there are no come to protest organize so far as linda reporting for us from canada thank you very much. all right let's talk
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a little bit more about what we just discussed with linda press underpressure encampment then we have our social media editor jared reed with us and also d.o.b. the charlotte show some poll who's been in chemist's reporting on events there good to have you both with us in the studio a jerk i want to start with you because this has been a rough week for journalists in germany a lot of stories of intimidation of journalist not being able to carry out their work to tell us more linda was saying we're hearing reports of journalists having to even hire security guards to simply carry out their work to the tax office of the situation and kevin it's blew up a lot of journalists went there to see what was going on to bring the stories to their audiences and they themselves were coming under attack and that they had to they felt insecure they were coming on to vote below physical attack and filled so insecure that they needed them so to have protection to simply do the job we can see some of the situations that journalists have been facing in cabinets like hiya
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you can see a video of a group of men assaulting a cameraman the same assault film from a different angle the cameraman we can see at the front he has to sort of fight to get out of the crowd thanks to buzz feed for giving us his video it's not just physical violence one of germany's best known journalists is done she found herself on the receiving end of some shocking verbal abuse one of her called leads to a took this photo of her in a large group with people calling her various expletives people saying that she's not german even though she is so we've got people like don you know putting themselves in quite a menacing situation to to bring this story and also people like solitary was in commits as well now charlotte tell us your experience did you experience any intimidation reporting there while with this ng we found the reception really ranged from skepticism about what we're going to say to really open hostility now a lot of the people who would that. they were there to protest against immigration
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but we found really united in the range of opinions on immigration really united them all was a real anger towards the press we heard constantly these chants of you can plaster which means they can uses than she quoting as. we want personal attacks while we were there but there were moments where we felt like the situation could move he could get a lot more tense at one point we were on a balcony overlooking the protesters there were hundreds of them falling costa's many of them were using the middle finger chanting lying press and as i was doing a live and she at one point is seems like they were trying to come up to the balcony to reach this as it turned out it was only one person and he was tackled to the ground but you do have to watch what would have happened if there wasn't security that we as jared mentioned were among those who did have security teams with us you know sure a lot of reporters have actually said that they experienced intimidation harassment while after they left the scene tell us about that and that's right something that's not really being picked up on much as i mean that i experience i know
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a number of other journalists experience was abuse on social media so the problem is when you are out in the field you can have the security teams that protect you physically but online we are getting a lot of attacks a lot of insults and got to the point where you feel like you would your journalistic integrity is being questioned people were arguing that we were lying in what we were saying one of the things that i tweeted when i was quoting them far right protests is that was something that was question with tweets that's something that goes around the world of course we weren't just getting obese from people in chemists who were getting abuse from people in america or in the united kingdom and the other concern of course in social media is if you're posting images and video that of course helps locate you where exactly where you are if you are in chemist's as a protest you can see where those journalists are tweeting from and so the worry is of course that if you say something that people don't like the know they have to find you what is the big issue that a lot of these protesters have with the media what is the bottom line here well i also a lot of people. many of whom were not wanting to talk to me they said that they
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felt like they weren't being taken seriously they said they felt they were being listened to that they were either being ridiculed or vilified by members of the press that essentially everyone was being tarred with the same brush that they were being considered to treat it as extremists which many of them said they want they said that they had simple concerns about immigration policies they just wanted to be listened to by the government and by the media as well and very worrying in a democracy like germany when you see such anger towards the press is not what you'd expect and it's not what i've experienced before right a troubling trend indeed or charlotte health impel and also our social media editor jared reed thank you both. small businesses in germany pretty much like anywhere don't like to get involved in politics particularly when business is good but with images of angry protests in the german city of chemist's as we've just seen being broadcast around the world
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some local companies are now speaking out about the backlash to germany's controversial immigration policy. it's precision work here at no moss in saxony three hundred employees are making fine watches that sell all around the world the company has stellar reputation over three decades now manages worry that nazi protesters in the city of chemists might tarnish its image. of course was shocked by what's happening in cannes nets but i can't say i am that surprised because this has been brewing for years some of the biggest names in jewelry make watches and glass hooter the little town is known around the world but after seeing the news about right wing extremists customers are irritated. they want to know if it was a nazi that put their watch together and who else has been working on it people are sensitive to this issue and saxony has
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a major problem now with its reputation in ruins i see this as a disadvantage for businesses in this area. a few kilometers down the road is the metal trading company run by the yak called brothers the two entrepreneurs are also worried about how the chemist's protests play all over the world they were hoping for more foreigners to move to saxony as they like many family owned companies are desperate to find workers. you. every citizen and every guest should be able to live here safely and in peace this is important for employers to have they might think twice about investing in an area with these problems and might come away thinking it's better to stay out of saxony big. back in glass hooter know most wants to focus on confronting the extreme right in an effort to prevent any further damage to the reputation of saxony. and that company
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. argentina will raise export taxes on agricultural products and close several government ministries to lower budget deficits and to offset its tumbling currency the peso the announcement by president maurizio mockery comes a day before as finance secretary meets with the head of the i.m.f. about a stabilizing loan for the country the president has been rocked by investor fears over emerging markets losing around fifty percent of its value since the beginning of the year and even when desirous scrambling to keep up debt payments most of us tina's debt is in foreign currencies now let's talk about argentina with dr tom long he teaches south american politics at work university in the u.k. tom as we've heard the agent in the president has announced measures to combat the crisis cutting his cabinet in half for example is one of them is that really going to make a difference thank you very much for having me well in the near term it might make
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some difference i think the president is under a lot of pressure to start to communicate some sort of plan that is going to restore confidence in his government and in their medium term fiscal plans you know this is in many ways more of a crisis of confidence about argentina then it is about a longer term economic issues certainly argentina faces some of those but over the last week we saw this really fast slide in the value of the pace and some of that came out of really poor communications from the government that created a lot of uncertainty about what exactly its plans were regarding its budget regarding its plans to pay down argentina's debt so what does what is left for mark or what should what should he do now. well you know i think in the near term he needs to get the communication strategy right in this meeting with the i.m.f.
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we saw the decline start to slow at the end of the week when there was some strong support. and then c. aided by the i.m.f. for argentina but in the longer term argentina really needs to start diversifying its economy away from agricultural exports right now so is the main export and that goes up and down prices tend to boom and then bust and that leaves argentina in a very difficult position so argentina needs to avoid making deep cuts in things like education some of the cuts about rationalizing government spending are good but doing them under this sort of a crisis condition really makes it hard to get them right. tom on that from our university thank you very much great thank you very much.
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and that's all your business it's back to soon enough thank you god you're watching the news still to come on the program a group of mothers in turkey is demanding answers over the disappearance of their loved ones decades ago they staged hundreds of similar protests before so why is the turkish government preventing the so-called saturday mothers from gathering. songs annual beethoven festival celebrating germany's most famous classical music composer is underway we'll listen in on some of the highlights. and we'll talk to our sports correspondent about some surprising results in the bundesliga over the weekend and we'll show you the best of sunday's action. that's all coming up in two minutes time. on.
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feel. good old wife great. song smile. that starts september ninth. welcome back you're watching news our top story a failed asylum seeker thought to be from afghanistan has been found guilty of murdering his teenage girlfriend in the west german town of condoms the case has been exploited by neo nazi groups discern hatred of refugees the court sentence the defendant believed to be aged between seventeen to twenty years old. years in prison. and me and maher has sentenced two journalists from the international news agency reuters to seven years in jail for breaching the country's official secrets act the two reporters say they were framed while investigating violence against minority western governments and the un have condemned the verdict calling it an attack on press freedom. turkish police have prevented
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a group of women in istanbul from holding a peaceful vigil to protest against the disappearance of their loved ones in the one nine hundred ninety s. the women known as the saturday mothers have held nearly seven hundred demonstrations of the last two decades their aim is to try to force the government to find out what happened to their relatives but police accuse the women of having links to the banned terrorist group the. he stumbles police getting ready for action combat gear and gas masks shields rubber bullet guns. and these are the people they're preparing to confront the such as a mother it's about a dozen women many of them past retirement age and their supporters. holly until soon as in the first row the saturday mothers have been meeting since one thousand nine hundred ninety five for the vigils and the lady with the dog green had scarf has joined most of them she is no longer afraid of the police she says.
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tension the change this protest is not legal police disperse the police has now blocked every street in the area around until sun and the others are forced to stop the protest quickly and this time the women and their supporters couldn't even get close to the location right behind me where they usually hold their city policemen many of them heavily armed blocked all the passages authorities probably wanted to avoid images like last week when the group was about to stage their seven hundred demonstrators in police force simply disperse the crowd several people were injured dozens detained. after her short sit in i meet her mental son again she wants to tell me her story and the story of the saturday mother's for more than twenty years she has been fighting for justice she says and for her husband fit me tolson. when they see him moving in selma the day it happened my
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husband left home around ten in the morning. around six in the evening my daughter happened to see him being taken away by police and i thought the worst would be that he's in prison but they'll eventually release him but i never heard from him again after all these years i've given up hope of getting him back to go. her husband face me is not the only one in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's thousands of young men most of them kurds were reportedly taken into custody and their families never heard of them again there were no charges no trials and no information from the authorities. back then the mothers and wives of the disappeared began to organize themselves they met every saturday in central istanbul and they still do until today. the fall when someone in your family dies you bury them and try to move on but we don't have this consolation for us mourning never ends we don't even have
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a gravestone to put flowers on the set but. the current government is not responsible for the disappearances it happened before they came to power but they still order the police to crack down on the saturday mothers the interior minister has even accused the women of having leans to the militant kurdish to take a group in a speech she said they have. should return a blind eye to motherhood being exploited by a terrorist organization. hunnam tolson and the other saturday mothers have experienced a lot of hostility over the years but they refused to give up that's why they plan to meet again next saturday and demand justice for their sons and for their husbands. a huge fire has ripped through brazil's national museum in rio de janeiro gutting the two hundred year old building the director of the historic institution has called it
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a cultural tragedy the museum how some twenty million valuable items. statues blackened by smoke as their museum is consumed by flames centuries of history destroyed in just a few hours as a fire engulfed the national museum of brazil as firefighters fought a losing battle dozens looked on in disbelief what happened each we worked on education with different groups from around the world. it's a huge loss and i'm without words. i don't know what to say. i'm sorry. authorities say it's unclear what caused the fire but it is clear that most of what was housed in the museum has been damaged or destroyed. only a day before these artifacts were on display ancient works from egypt and greece
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and more than two centuries of brazilian history. the museum had long suffered from underfunding that some say put the building at risk of fire. firefighters with the help of museum workers have so far been able to rescue a few works and in the next days perhaps more will be found among the ruins. matchday to the second weekend of the bundesliga is in the books and we have jonathan crane of sports with us to talk about it jonathan what stood out to you these games i think surprised so far this season really not going to last season's form but because title contenders are struggling to me and those teams more used to seeing at the other end of the table are actually doing well we'll talk about wolfsburg one of those teams later i'm going to start with because they finished second to dominate the desk i really transformed them from previous seasons they lost their only game against they were hosting head to ballin on sunday
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a team they've beaten in their previous ten home games now i was watching this match very closely and for about to see in my report they were undone by double from very deep into. excitement in the shock of stans mirrored by early action on the pitch and defended now as i read it golden chance which is he reflected on what might have been our officials were taking another look at the build up handball their verdict to a new kind of jury given the chance from the spot. he flopped his mind's eye they couldn't believe it but soon it was a whole lot worse defense tends to attack with the slickest of touches patches andre do down the goal scoring. i within two minutes home hopes have been turned upside down. in the second half frustrations only grew a shock a pressure to equalize rates on different khana plunker was senseless but this cynical shot i direct free kick. devastates
4:38 pm
me dispatched by jeter it was the last kick of the game pacha ballin the ones bouncing at the end. yesterday we have it's the mirrors are not many people would have predicted not least of all the fans that was the had his first victory in goals in question in fourteen years what is right and what does it mean for shock are they in crisis but some pundits have you believe they are but we are need two games into the season say probably a bit too since talk about crisis because of the international break coming up so it does give things a bit of time to get things sorted out but the yet to make its ask of us got this problem because it's the second season since right now is the target on his back to finish behind by losses and everyone wants to beat them you can see here that they they really weren't at the races that against has a bell and they really had to suffer that pack out west in a kemi out of position a bit south of the fastball they have lost a few key players in the summer most of the tito carrots
4:39 pm
a price as man highly right to defend and then well said to by munich he's tried to bring in that suggests go players to replace them but it's going to take time for the team to jalan last. and the problem with scoring goals but they always managed to find a way to win games in this match they really didn't look like scoring and right at the end they really threatened to strike from hoffenheim to rectify that it's a test off of the games that we need to be more critical clinical rather he's probably right as you said we're only two games in but we also saw like six trouble quite a bit on sunday and this was to be contenders like that yes they are and like. competing in your fifth season i think we saw a bit of a european hangover they played on thursday slow to get out of the blocks against. my system and was the man giving just absorbs a deserved lead just after half time to sort of really have been in the lead before this anyway they had kinds of chances in the first half there is no man a summer signing for that nice finish. like he did finally get back into the game
4:40 pm
they don't have you know just down with the goal of following up his goal in dortmund you can actually lights it really came close to snatching a winner right at the end what our overhead kick that probably would have been goal of the season contender already now in some ways like a season ahead of shocker because they got their second season syndrome out the way last season but they have lost vacates a massive hole in their attack and we have this bizarre situation where nick is in charge just for this season and so you've been comes in at the end of the season you have to wonder how that affects the players' mentality they've only got one eye on him and one of the highest highly rated coaches in the in the world coming in next season probably doesn't really do them very well this season and what about well strike that you talked about them a little bit earlier two wins in two games. i mean this is a side that survived not one but two relegation play offs in the last couple of seasons really a sign of how far they've fallen since they finished runners up in twenty fifteen.
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features kevin to bring and now we're seeing them at the right end of the table that they are behind by munich. as i mentioned in the past much they followed that up. the winner gets another top four contender les victories and so a real sense of optimism at the club bernard labadie of the coach he's someone is renowned for getting teams out of trouble he's already had a chance to see how things go when it is going well so it will be interesting to see if they can maintain that form and then obviously the bottom there are going to be some size that we're not used to seeing at the both of them. laver cues and propping up things. like sick as well so it's interesting the days i'm sure a lot would change that topsy turvy start to the bundesliga season jonathan crane from did at least four thank you very much looking to track and field and germany's former olympic discus champion robert harting has brought the curtain down on his illustrious career nearly fifty thousand fans came to say goodbye to the thirty
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three year old at berlin's olympic stadium a venue that holds many happy memories for him. a final farewell in a stadium it's been like how you know but hotting won his first world title here and by then in two thousand and nine he got two more tonight tammie as well as to european titles and in the limpid gold in two thousand and twelve he is the most successful german athlete of the last decade. we don't know if it makes me a believably proud that i've moved so many people and never a fortnight at the start of my career i've always tried to show that people no matter where they come from how much money they have whatever else can achieve big things. for lindsay ducted son has never shied away from an opinion and that doesn't like it will change in retirement if you had a man i'll try to apply all my mental and physical energy into tackling social issues to contribute to some kind of positive change we'll see what that will be. the last throw of how things career but only enough to second place beaten by his
4:43 pm
brother christophe and the crowd size dairy he was the day tree winner. i don't african leaders are gathering in beijing for the forum on china africa cooperation and i can heard criticism of china's investment in the region is also growing it is concerns are growing that by building costly infrastructure in africa china is also saddling their partner countries with debt as the part as a fine and saying the projects with chinese banks maybe that's why chinese president xi jinping has announced today that his country is to provide sixty billion dollars in financial support to africa with no strings attached. african leaders like ugandan president yoweri move seventy have high hopes for what chinese investment can do for their countries beijing's presence in the region has grown tremendously since its emergence as a global trading power now africa has become a cornerstone in beijing's global belt and road project in sierra leone president
4:44 pm
julius mata b o c. china's thirst for investment as a way for his country to move forward. and there are so many benefits took of globalization so force we want to be a part of the world community but the large investments which chinese state owned companies have pursued so aggressively in africa have not been an exercise in philanthropy africa's vast resources have helped fuel china's economic transformation below rejects the accusation by some western countries that china is exploiting africa. we are not fools enough we know where we want to take over continent and various countries too we involve in a relationship that is designed to be a win win relationship if we do not think it was so we wouldn't be involved in that so i don't subscribe to that i know when to technican treat some african countries
4:45 pm
have become heavily dependent on chinese financing and a recent study by the center for global development a us think tank has raised serious concerns about the sustainability of sovereign debt in several african countries receiving belts and road funds. let's bring in alexandra de mis is a founding director of the china africa advisory xi jinping pledge sixty billion dollars of investment in africa today with no strings attached does that neutralize the criticism is receiving about all the debt attached to china's infrastructure projects. yes it's true that presidency jinping today announced that china will give for the next three years take sixty billion u.s. dollars in different type of you know credits and concessional loans and aid etc this gives african countries another opportunity to advance their infrastructure needs to to build factories to create jobs which is badly needed and on the
4:46 pm
continent and china is definitely contributing a lot in this in this regard. at the same time we have seen a lot of criticism coming from especially from western press or western countries and chinese credit on money is as is fueling the debt issue in african countries which we actually do not subscribe fully to this we have evidence that china is not entirely responsible for the debt increase in african countries rather we see also money coming from a bank or britain with institutions as well so they're cut it out all the money is coming to africa from different sources the question is where is this money going and if lost long as the money is used for productive means i think it's a good good development that we are seeing currently in africa the criticisms not only coming from africa malaysia's prime minister mohammad want against the quote new version of colonialism as he canceled a series of chinese back infrastructure projects worth twenty two billion dollars
4:47 pm
in his country are developing nations were away waking up to china's expansion. i think there are loving countries do need to do their homework as well they need to check if their projects are feasible of their projects are sustainable long term and one the malaysian president did he just looked at the project again and he discovered that they are not economists really physical and so you counsel that which is fine and we would also advise african countries to do the same approach to their you know checking their projects and there is abilities but it's it has nothing to do only was china i think african countries or developing countries has they have to do this with all the sort of partners and not only china so they are waking up in terms of monitoring and assessing their projects which is good was definitely good but at the same time we need also to recognise that china is currently a very important provider of credit for a lot of african countries to advance their basic infrastructure i mean we are
4:48 pm
talking about basic infrastructure that needs to be built and a lot of african countries if those countries are planning to create jobs alexander then you see thank you very much for this analysis thank you. this is an excerpt of beethoven's symphony number seven which was performed last night in bonn at the city's annual beethoven festival the event celebrating germany's most famous composer will take on beethoven kicked off on friday and runs for the next three weeks featuring nearly sixty performances with many notable orchestras taking the stage. and care and hopes that for do to be culture is with
4:49 pm
us to tell us more about this i care and this is a really big deal isn't it it is you know i mean beethoven is bonds most famous son they worshipped they worshipped him dearly and it was this festival is actually established way back in eight hundred forty five so only eighteen years after beethoven's own death and it had lots of ups and downs over the years but came in to help the city out as the main media partner back in one thousand nine hundred nine and since then it has really flourished in become an incredible event this year's motto is fete that's the main see more or less of his fifth symphony of the most famous one and we know that beethoven himself was not dealt the best hand of cards by fate specially as he suffered the onset of deafness that at about age thirty so he's really something of a model of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity because he went on of course to the rights of his greatest work after that incredible to think the music that he actually composed yes with that impairment tinnitus and so whose destiny is it to play them this year ok so awful lot of can't list them all but the academy of
4:50 pm
st martin in the fields from london for one of the orchestra of the age of enlightenment which is the period instrument orchestra also from from london two of the bigger names that will be there many smaller old song bowls soloists and a lot of piano duos. we're doing some interesting stuff there will also be dense performance sense and the idea is really to bring the music to the people but also to explore the universe a ality of music and on that note the campus project has become a regular feature of the festival every year and that brings together young musicians from all over the world and this year it has gone really far afield. by is a vibrant and sprawling city on the coast india's gateway to the world this year it's where the campus project kicks off. far beyond charlotte's past you and tilmann study classical caution in germany the beethoven first ascent and to
4:51 pm
mumbai for a week of intensive rehearsals. the indian participants in the campus workshop have arrived at the international team is now complete at twenty one and suited our seasoned musicians even though they have never attended a conservatory indian music has traditionally been passed down directly from teacher to student garvey and shivani after qatar dances their ethnic dance is an essential part of indian percussion. indian classical music doesn't follow britain notes instead it's based on improvise a sion but according to strict rules can the two soundscapes be brought into harmony. with the. sure rushed of a car is a living legend in india and here to help the tabla player has taught hundreds of
4:52 pm
percussionists in his time just the master think of the experiment. in the museum. the ability to. do believe me we put. the. band the students verdict on seven days in mumbai. good musicians are really incredible we've been learning so much that's really great. excited for the fact is going to happen in september and. from germany and fight from india. to get this stage some great symphony musicians as well. the last few hours in mumbai the young musicians from germany and india get to enjoy some free
4:53 pm
time. they'll soon be going to pinball. and no doubt they're practicing like mad because that collective concert that they're doing will be performed on september the twentieth and that concert will also feature an orchestral work of the premier of it and it's one that was commissioned by by the composer band much simpler and the refute player. can stay tuned for that interesting stuff what's really interesting is not just a crossover of countries but also really of artistic discipline yes absolutely i mean beethoven inspired so many different artists and has over over the decades and centuries and this particular installation i'm going to show you is really worth mentioning that think this is a three hundred kilogram pink grand piano that's hanging in the for you of the world congress center the main venue for the festival so it's a sound installation by. and it's fitted with dozens of little motors and magnets
4:54 pm
that make a knocking sound in various different rhythms and the german title of this is a play on words that mean a future typewriter or a future screen machines symbolizing you know the the breakout screen for freedom of musical convention that characterizes so much of the top works but you know there are a lot of other composers it's not just words by beethoven there will be a lot of. the few that come to mind at the moment and as usual there are a lot of public screenings so that as many people as possible can get in on it and it's a real event that wrekin. interest in classical music every year and it's funny i don't know about you but every time that i hear a symphony by beethoven i wonder why we aren't listening to music all the time because it is so breathtakingly beautiful when you actually take the time to stop and say oh yeah there it was and we can listen to it again the fifth the seventh or the night that if we have a little bit of time we could end with the music because that brought
4:55 pm
a little bit snippet from the seventh of last night's concert this is the allograft so section which allows the strings to really shine and absolutely magical piece of music are in the let's listen and fill go will be up with more news at the top of the hour.
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