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the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on g.w. . this is due to readers live from berlin the germans trying to set a different turn on the divisive issue of migration after the migrant protests bands from across the country will play a free concert in the eastern city of camden to protest against racism and their nazi violence also on the program. outrageous beyond last sentences to international journalists to jail for their investigation of mere mass crackdown on
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the country's drug minority report to say they were frightened by police condemns the verdict and calls for their immediate release. i'm still going to welcome to the program and i'm to racism constantly shuttle to take place in cabinets shortly with twenty five thousand people expected to attend an uneasy calm has returned to the city following a week a mob by far violence and racist attacks preparations have begun on the stage is all set for the we are more concerned with attendees calling for tolerance and respect the events taking place after an upsurge in anti immigrant protest sparked by the killing of a man allegedly carried out by two asylum seekers. linda fear is in cabinets and joins us from tonight's concert value
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a venue welcome linda what is candidates like at the moment. it's like a big festival really a really different atmosphere like we've been seeing over the last couple of days as you can see the stage is right behind me and here right here there's not only five there's seven bands coming here some from one from camden and others from all over germany trying to give a strong statement against xenophobia against hatred but of course i mean all this this area is widely secured by the police so you know this is nothing normal here in cannes. and so how things calms down or is there still potential for more conflict in the city. this concept here's today and there there was a plant on station by pig leader the anti islamic movement today but the police canceled that so right now we have no counter demonstration but of course we don't know really if there will be any demonstrations that are kind of like you know not
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. not scheduled demonstrations or this is the big fear of the police and they want to get they want to keep the two green groups a far apart from each other that's so you know there's there's a big task for the police and they have said that they are prepared they are journalists have also been targeted. recent days has a bit harder for you to do your work. well right now reed here right in the middle of the people so we really we don't fear have any fears here but of course i have to say me and my colleagues were actually during the last day the law the last couple days we've been working with security personnel people just to do our work so this is something new this has hasn't happened in germany so far so it's it is a change where we're looking left and right but right now we feel safe here. in the cabinet thank you. yes.
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i'll turn other cases to start tensions over migration here in germany a court in the south western town of canada has sentenced a failed asylum seeker to eight years in prison for murdering his former girlfriend critics say the sentence is too neat twice too lenient while others accuse far right extremists of exploiting the case to promote bigotry. at today's court hearing in london the verdict and the sentence were announced behind closed doors. the case has caused an uproar in the region and throughout germany the defendant's lawyer said his client regretted what he'd done and accepted the sentence eight and a half years in prison. for we should take no further legal measures because my client wants to accept the verdict and has now done so. the court could not establish the age of the young defendant known as abdul de but he was tried under juvenile law some people are upset about the sentence. i think it's
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too short if you look at what's going on in germany these days imagine how her parents feel it's not right it's finch since it is not. your regular i think it is just. we don't really know if he was a minor at the time of the attack yet. this is the shop in the town of kandahar where the defendant attacked his former girlfriend mia with a knife she was fifteen the judge determined that he was driven by jealousy and the desire for revenge they have been demonstrations in the town since the murder mainly by right wing groups they claim it shows the government's policy on refugees has failed. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a new u.n. report says the percentage of migrants dying trying to cross the mediterranean has risen dramatically this year it said there is one death for every eighteen arrives
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in europe last year that figure was one in forty two the un refugee agency says people smugglers were taking even greater risks. the president of the philippines fredricka deter has laid a wreath at israel's holocaust memorial following a meeting with benjamin netanyahu the visit is aimed at boosting trade and defense deals it's a first visit to israel by a philippines a head of state since the two countries. established diplomatic relations more than sixty years ago. children in france go back to school after their summer vacation today with a new ban on cell phones in place the french education minister says the aims to help children socialize more aggressive focus was. a court in mid sentence to reuters journalists to seven years in jail they were convicted of breaching the country's official secrets act while investigating the alleged mass killing of a hinge of muslims by the military the two reporters deny the charges and say they
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were framed by police the un has called the trial a travesty of justice western governments say the ruling calls into question their most commitment to freedom of the press the next seven years in jail for breaching mammals official secrets act or as some would say for simply doing their job while lion and his colleagues were found guilty of illegally possessing confidential documents pacemen have denied the charge saying they're being punished for their posting. which you know i don't but this decision is unfair and one sided it directly threatens our democracy and freedom of the press. he will continue to fight it. he noted on. the journalists were arrested while covering the military's brutal crackdown on for him to muslims which has prompted some seven hundred thousand people to flee to neighboring bangladesh to the international community
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the case is clear. government under increasing pressure over the range of crisis is attempting to silence critical voices these two admirable reporters have already spent more than eight months in prison on false charges designed to silence their reporting and intimidate the press without any evidence of wrongdoing and in the face of compelling evidence of a police set up. the evidence reuters is referring to earlier this year a policeman testified that his commander had given an order for documents to be planted on the journalists but the court declined to stop the trial and the policeman in question was thrown in jail. the case of and also has drawn condemnation from the start ahead of the verdict journalists and pro-democracy activists took to the streets of young go on to support the reporters. they go we do not think that we want the truth that's why journalists who write true news for the people are important. that's why i'm taking part in this rally that. whatever
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you do. the u.n. in myanmar has called for the release of the journalists and reuters says it will do whatever it can to help secure it. but until then it's back to prison for the journalist. in his already missed the birth of his first child he's never met his daughter. well d.w. southeast asia correspondent boston hati has been reporting there from the involved for many years welcome to the studio past and what do you make of these two seven year jail sentences well i think on a personal level this is really tragic we heard in the report there both young fathers and well known hasn't even had the chance to meet his daughter who was only born a few weeks ago but if you look at the broader picture then i think this trial really speaks to the deterioration of press freedom and human rights in myanmar and this isn't in effect what these two were reporting on right they were reporting on human
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rights violations and atrocities committed in western myanmar in rakhine state where the muslim. minority has been targeted by military operations and which led more than seven hundred thousand of them to flee the country so how damning was the evidence that they gather to the government in the military was complicit in this is crucial if you. if you think of the fact that the myanmar government and the military they've they've gone to great lengths to seal off this area and to not let anyone in not reporters but also not members of the international community u.n. fact finding mission for example so most of the reports that we get from there are from refugees who've left the country and these two reporters have managed to gather evidence on the ground from the local communities and even from members of the security forces implicating the military in this and this has arguably this is led to the only case where the military has actually admitted that they were involved in atrocities committed there and where soldiers members of the military
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were actually put on trial and sentenced to two years in prison so that's how important this trial was even though the government in the military denied that there was a connection between this trial against these soldiers and the reporting that these two did but it's telling i believe that this is the only case that has actually led to a conviction of soldiers in in this whole conflict this trial has become an important symbol of press freedom and there has been widespread condemnation we'll take a look at some of the tweets that are that are out there phil robertson is deputy asia director for human rights watch he's tweeted no words for this outrageous injustice against reuters reports as well low show show so so how can we in ma judicial system justify sending reporters doing their job to a longer prison sentence than the top of my down soldiers who killed the ten injured in this story in cold blood now here's
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a tweet from the humans resident and humanitarian coordinator in myanmar cannot be a free press is essential for peace justice human rights for all we are disappointed by today's court decisions. a bustin hearted things in me and was supposed to be so different with alex and suchi in charge of what's gone wrong well that's what everyone expected that she would she would really leave the country towards more freedom and democracy and that hasn't really happened or not to the degree that everyone expected especially now with this crisis that we're seeing where she's been many say complicit in denying that these atrocities that were committed there ever even happened and she's received a lot of international criticism for that because she's not the beacon of democracy and freedom that she once was or that everyone expected her to be when her civilian government came into power three years ago quite to the contrary actually so we're
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seeing that journalists are being arrested in this is not the only case just since last year eleven journalists were arrested this is just the most high profile case but it is happening a lot and it's. as i said human rights and press freedom as one of them is deteriorating in myanmar and it's with the country's really backsliding here. thanks so much for joining us. live from birth in a huge fire has ripped through brazil's national museum in rio de janeiro gutting the two hundred year old the building the director of the historic institution has called it a cultural tragedy the museum housed something like twenty million valuable items. statues blackened by smoke as their museum is consumed by flames centuries of history destroyed in just a few hours as a fire engulfed the national museum of brazil as firefighters fought
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a losing battle dozens looked on in disbelief what. we worked on education with different groups from around the world. it's a huge loss. and without words. i don't know what to say. i'm sorry. authorities say it's unclear what caused the fire but it is clear that most of what was housed in the museum has been damaged or destroyed. only a day before these artifacts were on display ancient works from egypt and greece and more than two centuries of brazilian history the museum had long suffered from underfunding that some say put the building at risk of fire found among the ruins. for sports for you i must say this driver lewis hamilton has won the italian girl prieto extend his lead in the championship he beat he dealt
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a blow to german sebastian fattal who suffered an spend after his cot make contact with hamilton's left him playing catch up to finish fourth for r. is a computer icon and finished second. essential updates more at the top of the hour or false on the website that said they don't need to. have a good day. to. make your smart t.v. even smarter with a smile. what you want what you want to. up to date. extraordinary. decide what songs. find that t.w. sports team.


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