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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CEST

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in form. and on demand. pass language courses. video and audio. anytime anywhere. w. media center. america. which company turns twenty today well you might want to google that we take a look at walt has made this search engine one of the biggest companies in the world and the challenges lying ahead. also coming up chinese telecoms giant wall way sets its sights on the german market with plans to dominate the five g. ultra high speed mobile network but there are concerns over potential industrial espionage. and could london's loss be frankfurt's gain chancellor merkel hopes so
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she's making the case for european financial hub on the banks of the river mine are regs it will hit the city of london. this is a business i'm got off as welcome google it's a noun that became a verb and a very very valuable company twenty years ago at. araf ph d. students working out of the proverbial garage wants to make internet searches better so google was born the excitement of the young democratic internet its ambitions were even courageous delivering the world's information to anyone with internet access but the company is its business practices its aim and scope and also its uses have changed over the past two decades. google's business model is simple users searching the internet tell google about themselves allowing google to sell targeted advertising to businesses the firm i.p.o.
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at eighty five dollars a share in two thousand and four and quickly rose in value. new products like google mail and acquisitions like you tube expanded google from a search engine into an online network where users could shop or find news. as the mobile internet and apps began to rise google moved to make up ground to pioneer apple releasing the android operating system and app store. today google employs more than eighty five thousand people worldwide and is worth more than seven hundred billion dollars it has fifteen data centers around the world and that's part of the problem information is increasingly seen as something to protect tech firms are being held to new standards of social responsibility. and insight google pushes for gender diversity and against collaboration with governments like the u.s. or china. so a lot of transformation in only twenty years. well let's talk about google with
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steven biz the tech business correspondent stephen good to have you here what has changed more in the last twenty years google folks opinion on funds like google i think both for sure one thing that hasn't changed with google is that it's primarily and. advertising program that's its key source of revenue but obviously beyond that it's a massive tech firm that now reaches into cloud computing driving cars artificial intelligence and obvious their everyday lives there's a bit of a paradox there between its ambitions and its every day availability but obviously public things have changed too we look at where those jobs are for all the value of these companies they employ very few people the jobs are mostly located in urban centers and require certain education levels and then there are questions about social responsibility including taxes things like that they're hitting firms like google and facebook and of course the growing realization that our data is
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ultimately the product that they're selling here and so i think that sort of jaded our view of business is like google google wasn't the first. and still many mole but what has sent its past its competitors was just the right time all how did it work it was it was there as a bunch of other search engines were there but it was it was simply better at the beginning it was it took what was basically a simple query system matching web pages by the search word itself and went further i'm not going get into it here it's well complex but it's called the page rank system and it really said google part consumers notice it that they were getting better better results and so they flocked to google and that in turn allowed google to really roll out its ad words advertising program and that's where the pay per click advertising program so as more people flocked to google its dominance of the search markets grew up and its advertising volume also grew and by the time other
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advertisers or other search engines were able to catch up and do the same thing it was too late they've they've dominate the market now china is now on top of google's agenda then not in there at the moment but they're planning to get back into china what's cool going to look like in two hundred two hundred twenty he's from now in two hundred years the question in twenty years maybe we. can say that they will be in china i mean that's really is an open question because china is such a difficult field for any company but especially for a company like google for one because its main business is search engine search engine and that means the availability of information at immediate recall but there in china they want to install certain censorship settings and those negotiations between google and china are difficult also because of google's sort of mantra internal to the company don't be evil obviously is the famous mantra but also it's ethical you know sort of outlook on issues like artificial intelligence employees
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are pushing back and pointing to those and saying google needs to think about china a lot harder seriously thank you very much it's. german chancellor angela merkel is visiting frankfurt today giving a speech about the future the future of germany's financial center she is one of those who hope that london's loss could be frankfurt's gain when britain leaves the european union in march next year because after brags its money you banks and financial service providers will no longer be able to do business in the e.u. countries from that bases in the british capital a number of bankers have already traded their apartments on the banks of the thames full the river mine bought paris is also looking to lure of those on the move. the eiffel tower the louvre gallery or the arc de triomphe globally recognized paris landmarks frankfurt conde hold a candle to them it's a room a city hall pales in comparison but frankfurt was germany's financial hub even
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before the european central bank was headquartered here that's why many in the city's banking district are especially optimistic about britain's exit from the e.u. . front foot isn't he a few non frankfurt's an important european financial center but it's also obvious that the city of london he remains the european financial center. it will take frank for quite some time to take the title nonetheless an increasing number of london banks are eyeing paris and frankfurt as potential alternatives it looks like in april next year they'll lose the right to conduct business from their london offices over twenty financial institutions have already decided on frankfurt. a fund for talking for time for it has the advantage that it's well established more so than paris frankfurt has the advantage of hosting the european central bank guys it's important for financial operators to be physically close to it to understand what's going on with paris got a boost when the european banking agency decided to relocate there from london.
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frankfurt also the e b a but paris was offering rent free offices paresis offering tax breaks for the bank as well. well let's talk to frankfurt especially to a man there which is who is only bots can you actually feel that it's happening or is it all wishful thinking on the part of the frankfurt has and chancellor merkel. well part part so part so it's a little bit of wishful thinking when you look at all those thousands of jobs that banks have in london and they need a presence in the e.u. the e.u. the e.c.b. banking supervisors have made clear they need more than a mailing address here in frankfurt or paris for that except for that matter they need to move personnel and capital but when you look at the door japan for example which is headquartered worldwide here in frankfurt it has about eighty six hundred
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people in london and it's said that they're only going to move a couple of hundred of those jobs over here and you see similar stories from most of the other major banks so yes there will be more jobs but it'll probably be a couple of thousand and not ten thousand or more which some of the analyses say there will be movement but it won't be in the frankfurt won't replace london or. avoid jobs moving to paris. in frankfurt there thank you very much. in the second quarter chinese smartphone maker while white pushed past apple into the world number two positions of smartphone makers behind some so now who have a way to conquer the german market by dominating the new fast five g. mobile network boss there are serious concerns over the potential for industrial
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speer notch so that the consumer that tonics show here in berlin wall weighs plans are met with some skepticism. chinese telecoms giant huawei aims to have five g. capable devices on the market by next year but the next leap in network technology is still in its infancy south china sea shenzhen city has been testing its first batch of five g. by stations delivering download speeds between one and three gigabytes per second. we aim to have small scale networks in some regions by twenty nineteen and available for commercial use by twenty twenty. germany is huawei second most important market and they plan to invest heavily opening as many as ten new shops in germany in the next twelve months they also i'm to have the new luxury model on rechelle shelves before christmas other than that growth might be slower than expected huawei has recently been caught up in the u.s.
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trade war over intellectual property concerns and the australian government has excluded the company from its planned five g. network on national security grounds german captains of industry would like to see more stringent security requirements and potential restrictions for companies like wow way which are involved in developing digital infrastructure. and that's it for me and the business team here and they'll be more news for you at the top of the hour of need time to check out social media feeds on twitter and facebook or you go in to check on global markets by.
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the civil rights the peace movement the women's movement for a planet during this period. in sixty eight the movement. this week on the double. i'm max merrill and welcome to another week of your remarks your daily dose of european lifestyle and culture let's take a look at what's in store for you today. beautiful beethoven.


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