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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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and we're determined to do something here for the next generation bloom believed to be in barman series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is it every news live from berlin the all out assault on it live the united nations warns of a potential bloodbath that syrian government and russian forces prepare to take the last major rebel stronghold also coming up. a powerful typhoon batters japan the strongest storm in more than twenty five years unleashes with wind gusts
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of more than two hundred kilometers an hour more than a million people evacuated and from the plucky stirred up to internet giants google turns twenty and conquer the world we'll look at the tech titans search for the next big idea. little rock thank you so much for your company everyone. we start off what some are calling the final showdown in syria where millions of lives are at risk the united nations is calling on military powers involved in syria to avert a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in its lips the un's envoy to syria suffering the mistress said ongoing talks between a russia and turkey hold the key to resolving the fate of italy it's the last major rebel held region in syria the. area saw several airstrikes today that rebels and
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an independent monitor said were russian russia and syria are said to be considering a deadline next week to launch attacks on the enclave meanwhile u.s. president donald trump appealed to the syrian president to avoid hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties and it lives. and d.-w. spoke to mark low cockhead of the un office for the coronation of humanitarian affairs now the previous rebel enclaves in aleppo and eastern hotel have fallen we asked him what makes the situation it lip so explosive the way that the. siege is in the conflict in aleppo needs to go to ultimately were resolved was by large numbers of fighters being bussed out of aleppo and used. and being taken to it live there are thousands of fighters many of them very extreme many of the
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members of prescribed terrorist organizations and there's no new ad lib for those people to move to. doing everything we can straining every sinew to avoid a great big bloody battle because if it happens in the way some people are talking about it could be the biggest humanitarian catastrophe we've seen for decades certainly the biggest in the twenty first century and for more i spoke to drink less and syria activist always in the jordanian capital amman i asked him what's at stake in the looming battle for it. i mean let's take of course is the drive by iraq russia and with the with the creation is thirty two finished of the sunni opposition to bashar assad to finish off the popular opposition bashar assad which ended up once and be concentrated and because the
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assad regime aided by iran and by you know russian bombardment has he seen president others in aleppo for example to finish off the opposition whether it's are with a civilian whether it's so-called terrorists and so forth it's just dig the center against the security and rule the i know it security will of a subtle assert this is what the state said to be asserting this of oddity there is in the certain result already with the help of his our allies who are now co-opting turkey emissaries let's let's talk about the people who are who are stuck in the this cross caught in this crossfire we're hurting your representative before you came on basically saying you know we we worry that a bloodbath is about to be unfolded in italy but do you share his assessment. i mean come on the u.n. is trying to. look i mean burke said hundreds three hundred years ago when good people do nothing evil will try and this is exactly what the certain from the un
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does their weight nothing at the same nothing he say nothing when you say cross fire or when you see all terrorists or what have you and for getting that even damascus which is a regime that willfully bar its population to submission box instead of cities of the ancient word of the local of hamas of eastern syria the cradle of civilization bought it with the help of russia in chechnya a life of bargain serviceable bartman and you have the un guys saying nothing this i mean it is a again it is the united nations trying to coddle or trying to be so-called neutral and ignoring this. monster's assist regime in damascus mr way some just going to i'm just going to jump in there because of course the un doesn't have the means to to get involved in this because stephan in the store has appealed specifically to some of the parties who are involved on the ground russia and turkey to help find
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a solution but these two countries who can actually do something and make a difference they have very rival ambitions for for syria. well not this early i mean the at the end of the day interest matter and everyone found their interests at the expense of three c.d.'s what threat to aleppo i mean these guys are not. caught in the crossfire the they were uploaded from the cities uprooted from the asian cities of aleppo from homes from eastern syria from the suburbs of damascus they're not good for the cause they were pushed by us that there to finish them off now they are the hardcore let's say owners of assad whether civilian or military or so-called terrorists and that was journalist to syria activist a ways to speaking to me a little earlier all right we're going to move now to japan which is being battered
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by the strongest typhoon to hit the country in a quarter of a century authorities have urged a nilly and people in western and central regions of the country to leave their homes and move to temporary shelters typhoon gebbie is hitting the cities of kobe osaka and kioto where to wrenshaw rains and violent wind gusts. as typhoon roared ashore near osaka some structures were tossed through the air as if made of paper. heavy rains and winds of over two hundred kilometers per hour shredded homes flooded streets and put countless lives in danger. in kyoto high winds caused part of the city's train stations roof to collapse injuring several people. and in osaka bay the powerful winds blew a fuel tanker into
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a bridge causing serious damage to both. that bridge is the only link to come site international airport japan's third busiest airport is built on an artificial island in the bay with the airport forced to shut down thousands of travelers were stranded it's just a slice of the travel misery caused by the storm over seven hundred flights across the country were canceled rail and road travel was also disrupted. typhoon chappie is now moving north over the sea of japan but authorities say the country is not out of the woods high winds mudslides and flooding remain a serious threat. all right let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. a highway overpass has collapsed in the indian city of kolkata officials say at least one person was killed and local media report about twenty others who were injured while police and firefighters are searching for people who may have been under the bridge when it fell.
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mollies president abraham will back our kaito has been sworn in for his second term in office ceremonial mako went ahead after the constitutional court confirmed he won last month's runoff election and dismissed fraud accusations from the so opposition candidate. has vowed to strengthen national security against extremist violence. i've got a son has one of the highest rates of illiteracy in the world and one in three children can't read or write now one afghan woman has set up a mobile library in the capital kabul to try and give some children a chance to discover the world of books. this is no ordinary pass it offers hope to children in capital every day it tears the afghan capital as residential neighborhoods for two to three hours children can discover
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worlds otherwise little known to them and get lost in a good big. i like books with stories about princes and beggars best. dragons too. i read books in two languages here in passion two and dari. fresh to careen started the mobile library with the help of donations she studied at oakford tonight wants to encourage critical thinking among children back home the boss is in a safe space in an otherwise dangerous city. explosions are a problem and that can happen and i think any time but then we are we are trying to park the car inside the communities where it is far better it is much more secure but i think overall the security problem in the country is less than that good exists for any projects that we cannot stop our work just because of a serious problem life is on the on the security issues as. nine year old shot
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eagerly waits for the bus to come by each day. that it finds i coming in because there's so many exciting things to eat i like stories about goats best i don't have any pics at home. chad nance father always picks his daughter up from the pass the family fled to kabila from conducing northern afghanistan thinking they'd be safer in the capital but explosions rocked the city nearly every week recently a car bomb exploded near their home panicking shutdowns parents went out to look for her. but. after the blast we finally found shot mom at the mobile library we were relieved but except to go to the bus we don't let the children out of the house. afghanistan has one of the highest a letter. in the world that more than sixty percent one in three children cannot read or write so fresh to careen also reads to the children a lot keeping hold on for me is highly important because it done well for these
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children and be able to pull that together and we can make something happen was in this country so i'm hopeful fresh to careen has started collecting to the shins again in the hope of renting another bus and bringing more pics to more children. germany's women have qualified for the twenty nine hundred football world cup after thrashing the far islands in the away while the twice world champs were only second in their group last week but two straight wins have propelled them through while germany took an early lead after well worked a corner was drilled in by for a show or two more goals followed before half time and their dominance just continued in the second half and when coach force who bash wasn't getting too excited giving in germany were big favorites he now heads into retirement. now to the world of surfing big waves sandy beaches blue skies and the sun it's
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easy to picture right well now imagine if you're unable to picture it if you're blind this is the story of a blind surfer and surfing coach who more than makes do with his other senses on his favorite waves off spain's bass coast. as i tore frank a senate warms up on the shoreline his four senses are tangling being blind is no obstacle to doing what he loves most surfing. touch smell and sounds of the ocean guiding him along the waves of the well known surf break. and if that's not enough frank ascent to still runs his own coaching school. stuck at oks the fuel everybody says it's not possible to teach when you're blind but there are many forms of coaching i'm trying and i'm working with people who have
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a great results it's clear we're doing something right with all those into this is it was the stuff i wish that. frank asuna was born with congenital glaucoma and lost sight in his left eye when he was fourteen despite initial concerns from his parents he took up surfing and flourished he's now a well known and respected surf guru in surats. i grew up in the countryside and at first i wasn't allowed to serve but now it's my life. in two thousand and eleven frank asuna became one hundred percent blind after a surfing accident it didn't stop him getting back on the ocean two years ago he won gold in the visually impaired world championships a friend made a photo album to remember his exploits. that beautiful pictures i can see them but everyone says they're beautiful.
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whether instructing from the shore or chasing the swells himself i too are frank a son to his show nothing will stop him enjoying his life passion. and spire anthony are you watching it every year as we still have a lot more to tell you about. when teen years google has already conquered the internet well look at the tech titans the latest search for the next big idea. here al first is up next. as incentive going on in polar expedition. don't miss this story the talk jaisha johnson takes you along on the thrilling and bone chilling journey. you can discover houstonians and located. on instagram.


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