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sixty. this week double. album. this is the w. news live from more than a million muslims forced into chinese reeducation camps human rights groups describe the detentions as a form of ethnic cleansing mates of former inmates who fled to neighboring towns and stuff also on the program. a sweeping general election leaves the country's two main political blocs in a dead heat and sees a surge in support for the idea of a gratian far right. i'm simple obvious new government announces plans to
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revive the country's battered economy but will relaunching the defunct zimbabwean dollar be enough. info gal welcome to the program. united nations' new human rights chief has called on china to our monitors to investigate allegations of large scale at arbitrary detention of muslim minorities the allegations which michelle bash late describes as deeply disturbing opinion repro published today by human rights watch it says more than a million muslims have been detained in so-called reeducation camps in china's northwestern john jack region details of the internment system are emerging slowly because the chinese government controls access to the region but the w correspondent metastability has traveled to neighboring kazakhstan to talk to witnesses. the former inmate of
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a chinese reeducation camp he got out of the internment facility in march and is now in kazakhstan it is an important day for him he's meeting a team from amnesty international to speak out about his experiences. so we had to sing for hours. songs like without the communist party there would be no new china. most of the songs praising mao tse tung. and were forced to repeat slogans about the greatness of president xi jinping and what a great place china is to live in. but some are honasan ethnic because it was born in china where large numbers of cars are so have disappeared into camps along with members of muslim minorities the official just a few cation combating religious extremism it's all brainwashing for them to accept
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you are chinese you have. a national unity its size to make you feel you are part of the nation you don't need to keep your own ethnic and it is just really like ethnic cleansing practice because a horrid to have worn summer han of the long arm of chinese authorities but he wants his voice to be heard. they need to have the courage to tell the truth if we don't share our stories of what's going on then who will. that's why i'm speaking out of my duty and for the dysfunction my. summer honasan are marching the city around three hundred kilometers from the chinese border few former detainees have made it. we do not know exactly how many people are being detained at these camps international organizations estimate that the number exceeds one million
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there are no verdicts and no sentences release is entirely at the whim of the camp administration. many cause us openings to china and many have relatives in the camps just saying the wrong word can lead to detention. for many inmates the only hope when these comes from amnesty is efforts on their behalf and this man was arrested on a business trip. to argentina to be sure i don't even know if he's still alive in your head that you. should if it was a son to my son is twelve. he asked me where his father is every day even his teacher has started asking questions. that. news from across the border has become scars for muslims in china any contact with
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their relatives is simply too dangerous. for all the allegations concerning those camps i came in a report from human rights watch wolfgang a butler is from that organization welcome to day w so how long have these camps been in existence how widespread do you believe them to be so these camps have come into existence in two thousand and sixteen and us to targeting i mean a new party secretary took over in china which was former working in tibet and she was mostly responsible for setting up these camps and here's the key now of about one million. people who are in these camps and this is a big amount of people when you see that you have thirteen million people in china and so the chinese government says dozens of people were killed in attacks by weaker separatists in that region john in twenty thirty to twenty forty they say these comes the radicalization senses which sounds not unreasonable i mean that's
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right and there were terrorist attacks a few years ago but this is no reason to detain people in these camps and i would just say to the chinese government that they should let us in have a look at these camps we have no access to and so if they think and these are open cans then please lets us defenders in and that's money to the situation there so if this is not to count a radicalization what do you believe the purpose of these comes to be we think this is a political means and to get under control these areas she's young men and to get more and more influence by the chinese government into this region so any kind of dissent in any kind of different religious belief should be eradicated and the whole area should be under control of the giants government so you believe that this is not about religion this is about the chinese government seeing a distinct ethnic identity and trying to eradicate it in order for them to maintain their control of the region basically this is about political domination we've seen
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this in tibet already now the next region is seen shining into this very very very ng and for the people affected and they are really in trouble in the country there beijing accuses human rights watch your organization of being full of prejudice against it. and of course you're not i mean we are applying international human rights standards in this should chinese government also to do so we document torture in these camps for document treatment the document obvious cherry arrest in this stems from witnesses which if into if you would some of them were. these cans or family members of the forgive me for interrupting but we're running out of time the chinese government says is clearly not interested in listening to what you have to say so who then do you want to do what about this that's a very good question and we think the un has to step up its efforts there and have to make this a topic in the human rights council and beyond so the germany very berlin who's
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taking over a seat in the security council in two thousand and eighteen nineteen should step up its efforts to bring this on the agenda and all the communities that excite community must get support from governments with a living good story thanks for joining us will can from a human rights watch the thank you for. but take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a top u.n. official says a syrian government offensive in the region of italy could lead to the worst humanitarian disaster of this century syrian forces backed by russian aircraft are seeking to retake it live the last major breton stronghold in syria the area is home to the three million people think. hundreds of naval and coast guard personnel have been deployed to clean up an oil spill in sri lanka and around twenty five tons of fern's oil leaked from a pipeline north of the capital colombo on sunday authorities say the leak is stopped but it will take days to clean up. seven people were wounded in
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a knife attack in central paris late on sunday authorities say a man began attacking passers by outside a movie theater a seriously injuring four police detain the suspect officials say they don't think the incident was related to terrorism. both of sweden's main political blocs have failed to secure majorities in sunday's general election but the country's far right as recorded major gains the ruling center left social democrats and the allies took forty eight point six percent of the vote just more than the center right alliance to manage forty point straight the populist sweden democrats have surged into third place taking seventeen point six percent the far right party hopes to become kingmaker in any ruling coalition of both centrist blocs say they will not work with them. europe's populist way now reaching sweden in part because of this man you mean like a song declaring
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a big future for his third place anti immigrant party. do you know what's friends of sweden they said on t.v. that it's hard to declare a winner of this election i know who's won the sweden democrats i was in a small country that's taken in four hundred thousand asylum seekers since two thousand and twelve orcus owns message has resonated for those skeptical about immigration and the establishment that establishment incumbent prime minister stuff on left been center left coalition came out just millimeters ahead of the opposition center right alliance a sign left and says that it's time to toss out the bloc system that's defined swedish politics for decades if using is either no side has a clear majority it's only natural that we will have to work across the political divide to make it possible to govern sweden so regardless of the final election results this will be the death of bloc politics. but his invitation
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to the center right to engage in cross party talks has so far fallen on deaf ears the head of the opposition instead calling for less than to resign that leaves two sides in a virtual dead heat after the vote both sides short of a majority both sides refusing to work with a strong third place finisher that has neo nazi roots. look for weeks or months of talks to form a new government in a country whose reputation for tolerance may be shifting along with the political winds sweeping across europe. data because bond and barbara faisal is in the swedish capital still welcome so a dead heat between the two major blocs who gets to try to form a government of one of their options. maybe because they have at the moment are still one seat ahead the social democrats get the first chance to form
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a government also they are the incumbent government and they might really try from their position to talk to the other parties but it is going to be difficult because on the other side you will have you have an alliance of four parties maybe two of which will have to switch allegiance and go over to the democrats and social democrats and say ok it is more important that sweden gets a democratic and stable government and we stick to ideological differences and this is the point that parties need to do need to make now that this is the point where they need to cross and say we have to lose what we did always in the past we have to overcome that and just try something new so the far right sweden democrats their side of racing but they didn't do as well as many as were predicting i think phil what happened here in sweden was a certain amount of over reporting as we have seen it in other european countries
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for instance last year during the elections in the netherlands when builders in his . you know his possible gains in the election were vastly over calculated and said something similar happened on sweden and the pollsters of course they were influenced obviously by this and all of a sudden they come came out with figures like twenty five percent and they sweden democrats right populist would get in first place it was all very sensational and then if you look at the actual figures afterwards you know it's not quite as dramatic but they did gain around four percent in comparison to the last elections and that's more than many democratic parties here really wanted and they now have to deal with the fall out so given the fall out given this result so we're looking perhaps a as an end of sweden's famously they brought you. it seems there is something underway many people we talked to during these last two
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days here are really worried about the fact because they still see themselves like that and they still and they cherish that image they want to be this nice friendly hermione is open sweden but obviously this is not the whole population anymore there is in this really consensus fixated country there is a significant group of the population who wants other things who wants obviously more divisive political discourse who wants a sharper tone in politics and who wants definitely to have harsher policies migrants who wants to do want to close the doors against them totally and throw as many out as possible that's what this reagan democrats want and so we will see how this plays out but it is a sea change in sweden it will be a change in political culture and it will be something that will just set a new tone in a country that was famous for being so consensual and so nice. reversal in
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stockholm thank you here in germany these are the countries being on edge after violent anti migrant protests christmas if you can it's two weeks ago but fears of more unrest but fears that more unrest could break out on sunday proved to be unfounded a man died after a confrontation with two afghan migrants in the town of about one hundred fifty kilometers southwest of baghdad two and a half thousand protesters followed the call of far right groups and gathered for a march but a post mortem showed the man died of acute heart failure and not of his injuries the afghan man had been taken into police custody. curtain is in mourning but there's not only grief here there's anger to. this man furious he told our camera crew just. on saturday evening two groups apparently clashed in this small eastern town two afghans were arrested and a german man dies
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a friend of his is still coming to terms with what happened. while the woman with the ok was a good person who was always very quiet but it's critical terrible that he died so young. in the side throughout the storm with the. demands death sparked calls on social media for a protest police say some twenty five hundred people took part in the march among them older residents and members of the far right alternative for germany party police say four to five hundred demonstrators have links to the extreme right. the mayor has called for calm. walked told the people of curtain there's a big far right presence here do not join in with that some residents misunderstood my words and thought the mayor was telling them they could not speak out to join the protest. it will be organized on which the city people calmly took part in the
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vigil and for them that's a good thing not a woman and just focus he pushed it open that it's not clear exactly what transpired an argument broke out between the two afghans and the german national he later died of a heart attack he had a history of heart disease police say one of the afghans should have been deported the other had a residence permit politicians are keen to avoid comparisons with the nearby city of kennett's where the death last month of a german man led to far right protests as encourage an extreme like mobilize supporters over the internet. but of course we are aware of how far right groups operate on a national level and how they are able to react so quickly we will adapt our plans accordingly. and. more demonstrations are planned in kitchen police approach in reinforcements from across germany.
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visitors have been facilitated now and the gift that keeps on giving the vox fog and facing more financial penalties for this this diesel gates got it looks like it will have to be giving white a lot of things and already or it's all about at the end of the day isn't it the question is how big the bill is going to be because this is also going to be an uphill battle for investors suing the w. will courtney if headquarters involved in moves rather is examining whether the order giant should have told them sooner about the emissions cheating scandal but in opening comments the judge said most of the claims might be past the statute of limitations in other words too much times passed to consider the complaints. who knew what and when the decisive questions braunschweig stop court has to answer in this test case did fox walk in way too long before informing shareholders about the emerging a mission's cheating scandal and is it therefore liable for substantial damages.
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the suit has been brought by the dick investment fund it wants two hundred million euro's damages to cover its losses. but another seven thousand five hundred shareholders who lost money over the emissions scandal are lined up behind data altogether v.w. shareholders are claiming nine and a half billion euros the figure is based on the forty percent drop in three w.'s share price in the first two weeks after the scandal became public. dacre investment claims v.w. management knew about the emissions cheating devices installed in its vehicles long before then and should have informed shareholders if dick i investment wins this test case it would be followed by a veritable avalanche of claims. so colorado's and what do you reckon our financial correspondent standing by in frankfurt. is there going to be an avalanche of losses . it all depends on this one model court case which will set the
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president precedent for all those other thousands of claims that shareholders have filed in german courts in various german courts what i can tell you is that the plaintiffs in this model case taken vestment has probably found the best litigation lawyer it could find here in germany and the still. back after the back in the times after the tech bubble burst he was probably the most hated litigation lawyer in german tech firms among the deutsche telekom the fact that the car has him as its attorney is really an asset. while you're there just tell us how the dax is doing today because it had a really bad week last week it lost what three percent. yes a bit more than three percent and today you know there was no big recovery trading was very wobbly again you know ben we have
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a lot of reserve bank activity on the agenda this week with the european central bank are likely to talk about the ending of its asset purchase programs and also in emerging economies there's a lot happening the turkish reserve bank as well as the reserve bank in russia will likely decide on higher interest rates when osiris the governors of the reserve bank there will get together and you know talk about how to deal with the high inflation and what to do after the huge slump of the peso all this is on investors' minds and it causes them to rather discuss those topics and discuss the risk that comes out of those countries and economies instead of you know investing and making right real investment decisions what we day for both financial markets and if we don't we think you can read. american trade officials say they're hoping to breach an agreement to lift some trade barriers. with the european union by november the
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comments come after a meeting between e.u. trade commission as the silly amounts for him and the u.s. counterpart robert litan is it ties between the two come under strain with the us threatening to impose import tariffs on the e.u. cause of the latest health talks suggest the two sides could be ready to remove tariffs on some industrial products mobs from said last week that profound disagreements continue to exist on trade policy. now to another piece of news about an imminent agreement britain's currency surging today after the e.u.'s top rated ago she indicated a divorce deal could be reached within a matter of weeks and she made the comments at a forum taking place inside the media is what he had to say about being realistic if we are really stick we are able to reach an agreement. on the first stage of this legal solution which is the brics and three g.
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. six or eight weeks the treaty is clear we have two years to reach an agreement before they leave two years after in march ninety that means that the ticking clock and time necessary for the ratification process and also of comes on one side the european parliament and concert in their side we need that we must reach an agreement. before the beginning of november i think it's possible. back fill now in a raft of challenges facing zimbabwe's hugo ben thank you so much as about his new government has been sworn in the new finance minister has said that he will accelerate plans to repay the country's debt. is a former vice head of the african development bank he said he planned to reintroduce the zimbabwean dollar which was abandoned ten a years ago during the rule of robert mugabe after the economy spiraled out of
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control in the southern african country that adopted the u.s. dollar and other foreign currencies but still couldn't stave off a cash crisis the country's newly elected president thompson and god says that the five think the country is ruined economy is his top priority. let's go to the countries that capital where we find correspondent of privilege it was found here a welcome a privilege so the country's economy is in a is in shambles it can be new finance minister turn it around yes the stakes are high and expectations are high from zimbabweans looking forward to the appointment of. their professor was currently. teaching at the oxford university to ten around the fortunes of the economy the expectations are that you will put in measures that we will need to get some of the
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issues and teething problems that we are fixing this about the economy the experience that he brings from there african development bank and also him being experience in banking and economics is what people are banking on to turn around the situation so what sort of changes are people likely to see or experience. the first thing that would truly has promised he has a problem is that he is looking at current reforms which means he wants to bring back their zimbabwean parents. taken out of secure lation when inflation heat i live was in two thousand and nine. adopted it busk it of currencies the other thing that he is also looking at is of sitting there over here in debt overhang that the country has had over the past fifteen years or we britain
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was institutions in the international monetary lending institutions a lot of money in excess of ten billion i was talking about the new cabinet and he surprises amongst amongst that today's choices. yes few. there. quite a lot of surprises the old faces that we were used to be seeing being recycled in the past the cabinets were dropped and also the other thing is the cabinet has been cut down from in excess number of about thirty five to twenty and the other thing is that we have seen a mixture of the old and young taking all classes that are coming in the other thing is that you all saw the president a muslim appointed kiss the korvin tree if former three time middle east or for zimbabwe as their youth and sports minister into this cabinet and some of the
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people who are coming in who have never been in the corridors of politics they are coming in is to ignore crowds and you decided to include these fresh blood in this cabinet you're talking to thank you privileged privilege was fun here in harare. just hundred ninety five top story at this hour human rights watch has called on the international community to impose sanctions on china because of its treatment of muslim minorities it's believed that more than a million muslims are being detained in what rights groups say is a form of ethnic cleansing. up to date i'll have more for you at the top of the hour i'm going to once i check out what's going on around the clock on our website that's called a good day. rise
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and shine time to cast off. take a look. welcome to my hamburg summer tour always pretty close to the water and there's plenty of it in this city. in the. next song. does the internet not only vote
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for the. young line jungle east teeming with entertainment products and corsica and with every click the data gets bigger. our shopping carts also carry our secrets. even though our political agreements but how to morrow to do it in sixty minutes d.w. . lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're so clever the eastern control risk lots. of investment bankers off the carousel with never stopped moving wrong or wanted to ignore the reality of the
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whole thing might blow off in the face of a system that spun out of control. problems that will. cause everything the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . as they say here in the north in hamburg on the album i spent the night on the.


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