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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2018 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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catastrophe is unfolding hurricane florence came ashore in north carolina earlier today you slow like a sloth going nowhere quickly at least four people are dead storm surges are reported some twice as tall as i am and nonstop rain drenched in everything that is not already underwater i burned off in berlin this is the day. i do want to emphasize that this is only the beginning florence is a very slow mover this is going to be a duration power will be off if the structure will be damaged or destroyed homes will be damaging destroyed currently there is a tornado watch in effect and will likely continue into tonight that storm surge along the carolina coast will continue into saturday sunday night and so monday
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morning a lot of the flooding is going to start in the river system levels later on tonight near the coast line turn around don't drown. also coming up tonight he says he wanted to help his family flee to europe but that wind him in prison he says he did nothing wrong hungary says he's a terrorist. hungary's best known prisoners as waiting to meet me in this budapest prison. to the government he's a dangerous terrorist others say he's a political prisoner and. tells me he does not know why he's here and never. was one what. we begin the day with large parts of north and south carolina called in the tight grip of hurricane florence it has been well over twelve hours since the storm finally made landfall near the port city of wilmington from the moment the first
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bands of rain began soaking the coast until the i have reached land almost twelve hours had passed for its was and remains a giants lot of a storm sitting on the coast half of florence churning up warm ocean waters the other half dumping torrential rain some places recording more precipitation last night than they usually receive in an entire year and that translates into flooding and when you add the storm surge caused by the hurricane you have the recipe for devastating flooding. and here are the pictures that prove florence has a pond storm chasers posted on social media some of the first and most dramatic images of residents in the town of newbern being rescued earlier today newburgh was suddenly submerged when the storm surge forced water into the nearby river flash flooding that called hundreds of residents by surprise in the city of wilmington which is clocking almost twenty four hours of nonstop rain and you can see how
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easily trees were pushed over by those gale force winds and one storm chaser posted this video to show how eerily calm the city became while the eye of the hurricane passed over tonight in north carolina there are at least half a million customers without power rescue crews reporting hundreds of distress calls almost all of them are people trapped in their attic trying to flee rising floodwaters. well i'm joined now by our correspondent meyers waiter's she is on the ground for is in elizabeth city north carolina good evening to you so you were telling me earlier the backside of the hurricane is now headed your way what's the situation like there. brant this community it was very lucky it is the brunt force of the hurricane because we are slightly further north than where it made landfall but let me still show you a little bit of what's happening around us the marina out here which is usually
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full of boats has been completely evacuated there's a dock that's almost under water and we're watching a slow motion flood happening all around us all this water is being pushed towards us by the wind and it's making its way onto the land towards the small highway that's just just behind us now this is just a small taste of what happened further south in new bern and in wilmington north carolina where there were flash floods and huge storm surges at least two hundred people had to be rescued out of cars and homes that were flooded by rescue workers . over a million people were asked to leave their homes we know not everyone he did that call roy we spoke with an official in virginia a couple of days ago who said that these mandatory evacuation orders are mandatory but not really in forcible and the problem is they simply don't have a way to force people out of their homes if they want to stay of course there's
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always a contingent of people who are just obstinate and want to stay with their possessions want to stay with their homes and don't believe what the news of what authorities tell them about the danger that's coming we should also mention there are people who simply can't leave their homes either they're infirm they're ill they're disabled they're elderly they can't move very well perhaps they don't have the money for a hotel and there are no shelters in the area there's also the issue of undocumented immigrants who may be afraid of going to a government run shelter exposing themselves possibly to arrest but the bottom line is that a lot of people simply didn't think that this was going to be a very serious storm storm for people in this community they certainly got lucky for people further south they really felt the brunt of the hurricane if they chose to stay. and we know officials say the storm continues to pose a threat to what or authorities there what are they bracing for in the hours to come we've heard that they are expecting this storm to last
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possibly even into sunday as we said florence is a very slow moving hurricane or winds it might only be category one but she is very heavy with water and she slowed down even more when she hit the land meaning that the areas affected are going to get simply dumped with rain when they haven't if they already have been one estimate says that north carolina alone can expect around ten trillion gallons of water be due to be dumped on it so flooding is definitely still going to be an issue another issue is as you mentioned brian than half a million people who are now without power the floods make it very difficult to for crews to get out there and restore their power and we should say if there's anyone out there who still needs to be rescued that's also going to be extremely difficult a corresponding modest weight on the story bores in elizabeth city north carolina maya thank you very much all the port city of wilmington took the full brunt when floor schema sure not everyone evacuated some stayed and they've written out the
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storm that includes my next guest kelly warren she joins me on the phone now from her home in wilmington north carolina kelly good evening can you hear me anchor and i can hear you how but good thank you how bad was it i mean has the worst passed where you are right now. i think we have gotten the worst of the storm for us but the worst came early this morning i was up to about four thirty five o'clock with some trees snapping out when i actually came through our bedroom thank goodness it just landed beside our bedroom so we have no structural damage here at home i do however have coworkers morehead city which is just the further south point of the outer banks and from what i understand they've got a ton of damage there people are trying to be rescued from their attics and their cars. they've really gotten
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a lot of bad weather they are you know you took cal you took a big risk by staying at home being so close to the coast did you ever think you know in the last twelve hours or so did you ever think that this storm is going to be worse than we thought we should have gotten out we did actually bring our plan was to get out we had some flights. that were supposed to be leaving out wednesday evening they did get canceled so we decided that we would get up early thursday morning and head more in line towards the raleigh chapel hill area however it did reduce down to a category two they they said whenever it was hitting and we have got we're twenty five thousand feet above sea level where where our home is was created in woman's hand and we've got hurricane shutters that we put on we got our generators gassed up and we just felt like we'd be ok ride it out either as a category two however it has been very scary where we're at fortunately you know
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the floods have not had a husband and an area surrounding us on it is devastating all right kelly warren sharing her stories with us tonight from wilmington north carolina kelly thank you . well meteorologist have been watching florence closely and they knew days ago that this was not going to be any ordinary hurricane that includes my next guest elizabeth gardner she is a meteorologist with w.r.a.l. t.v. she joins me tonight from raleigh north carolina good evening to you elizabeth you know when we heard that florida had been downgraded yet again from you know category four to category one in our tropical storm it sounded like this storm was not going to be a big deal or a big threat but these category numbers they don't really mean much with florence do that well i'm telling you everyone was so panicked here i am in raleigh north carolina i'm about one hundred miles from where the storm made landfall on the
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coast of north carolina but originally the storm track had it coming here after it made landfall and everywhere around here sold out of the water everybody bought all the food off the shelves every one was really panicked so when as a last minute it was downgraded and a little weaker than we originally thought and then at the turn into south carolina everyone around here it was relief however we are still under a flash flood warnings and are looking at this and it's three river flooding in this area then closer to the coast there are areas that have seen up to ten foot storm surge and of course that's coming up over people's homes and really causing of easy destruction don't only that once the storm surge the sea it's all the rain that falls here and runs downstream will continue to flood those areas so it's a it's a really rough situation for especially closer to the coast and elizabeth what are you most concerned about now as we move into friday night and friday overnight into the weekend. so here i am in central north carolina about one hundred miles from
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the coast we're expecting the rain to continue the storm is moving very slowly about five miles per hour to the west it will track process carolina but right now the rain spreads from here easily one hundred fifty miles to the north so we're going to see heavy rain even here in land for the next several days that's going to cause a splitting here and of course the flooding will be even worse along the coast along with the storm surge so instead of the winds that would have been category four we're very concerned about the rainfall that will continue to bring us flooding well into the next week and elizabeth warren has been called the storm of a lifetime and based on what we've seen so far would you say that it has earned that title i think that would be true for a town called new or it's very close to the coast it's on one of the sounds now it is protected by a barrier islands but there's a large sound between it and land and so all the water from that sound or that bay
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has piled up into nuber and so they're seeing ten to twelve foot storm surge that came up with flooding there on top of that there right along a river that's likely to get a leg next week so i think it will be a storm for the books for that town however here in central north carolina it's more of a storm to pose with a number but maybe not one for a lifetime and i think we're lucky about that. lucky is that indeed the word elizabeth gardner meteorologist with a b u r e old t.v. joining us tonight from raleigh north carolina was a bit we appreciate your time but you go back inside and get draw i thank you. well the hope of escaping poverty and conflict has led millions of migrants from africa and the middle east to seek better lives elsewhere many turned to europe which saw the peak of that exodus and twenty fifteen asylum seekers followed this
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route north that year as they made their way to western europe now you see yet this led authorities in hungary to build a fence along its southern border and to jail migrants who managed to cross it he. spoke with one man who says he was trying to help his family reach germany but ended up branded a terrorist and a hung jury in jail he's asked us not to show his face. one of hungary's best known prisoners is waiting to meet me in this budapest prison. to the government he's a dangerous terrorist. others say he's a political prisoner. tells me he does not know why he's here and never. come back strong. this way what do you think of when you think of terrorism is terrorism into you. doesn't who at least minimal make bomb killing people and.
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he has hatred for other people this is because he has he has to do something from hate that one. who was. a syrian resident of cyprus was arrested while helping his aging parents and his brother's family fled to europe in two thousand and fifteen. they arrived at the hungary and border the day after it was closed. they were blocked along with hundreds of other refugees who lacked basic necessities. protests broke out. after the tried to translate between the police and the protesters. was was. but when communication broke down he joined in throwing rocks. half mad had planned to return to his
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family in cyprus but never made it home he was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison. the court ruled that the intent to coerce police with violence is an act of terror. within the context what happened at the border but we do not there we. about what climate caused it to swing a couple of rocks. even if it's not the right thing to do in this situation the situation like this. is not. what covers terrorism in a statement to d.w. the spokesperson of the hungary and government defended the decision of the court there has been a campaign lasting over a year including the involvement of the international press to prove that argument ages an innocent man. hunger you will continue to protect its borders will defend its christian culture and its right to reject immigration. med feels he is a victim of politics. my friend who can my do you think i want to ask you one
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question you want american citizens young america they do this. young man they do these things. from meds wife gave me photos of their two daughters to bring to the prison with me. the last time ahmed saw them they were four and six. they will be eleven and thirteen when he sees them again if his sentence is not reduced. on september fifteenth two thousand and eight u.s. investment bank lehman brothers filed for bankruptcy the event sent everyone from american investors to spanish property owners running for cover the lender was a giant but not too big to fail now ten years on we ask what lessons have we learned the financial crisis is over the banks have been saved hundreds of billions in taxes pulled them back from the abyss but experts say the world economy
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isn't in the clear yes many governments were forced to take on massive debt to ward off the world financial crisis. the next threat is going to come from a very different quarter and it's going to what it's a very different nature than what struck the world in two thousand and eight it has to do with publicly held debt both in the united states and europe and that is the next term threat to the world economy and the results could be every bit as catastrophic and perhaps even more so than what happened in two thousand and eight take italy where sovereign debt has climbed from one hundred two to one hundred thirty percent of g.d.p. since two thousand and eight that means the country owes more money than the combined value of all goods and services produced initially each year in the united states debt levels have also ballooned in the same timeframe that france is jumping from sixty eight to ninety six percent of g d p. the international monetary fund
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predicts that debt levels over ninety percent of g.d.p. hinder economic growth and it also limits government's ability to react if the economy starts to slow down which could kick off a financial death spiral leading the i.m.f. to the conclusion that the world is facing greater financial risk today than it was at the stars of the financial crisis in two thousand and eight. and joining me here the big table is christophe kober christophe you know we've been talking about this big anniversary you were somewhere that actually makes you qualified to talk about this anniversary where were you ten years ago well i had back then i just started working for t w and when lehman brothers collapsed the company sent me to london for a week and then two weeks to frankfurt sa been out and about covering the implications of this downfall and i remember particularly well the mood of canary wharf the financial center outside the city of london. it shifted between mounting fear
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growing fear of you know who's going to be next and just this cold aggression of people that had been sacked and i remember we were filming former employees then former employees of lehman brothers coming out of the building and i remember a private security that had been hired by lehman brothers actually coming over and trying to topple over our camera and assaulting us and something that i had not a surety and vision working as a business journalist. and also obviously we were talking to experts that just as we in the department or just as myself were trying to wrap our heads around what all of this actually means yes it was it was shocking that we'd have an investment bank just go down overnight and it basically scared everybody in the financial world to death right there so what basically saved them it was the u.s. federal reserve it was the federal reserve that stepped in. to actually keep the
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economy going because the situation that you outlined was a such as that none of the banks trusted each other and nobody said everybody was saying what sort of toxic assets do you have somewhere in your basement that that might actually have you go under and so i'm not going to give you any money or any more but if there's no money if there's no liquidity economies don't work so that's when the fed stepped in and eventually the european central bank stepped in to keep the financial system to keep economies the centrally afloat and that's what the b.c.b. has been doing up to this day even though they're now scaling back on these on these programs you begs the question you know a decade is a long time but do they get it's not and have we learned our lessons i mean could could something like lehman brothers could something like that happen again well financial crises happen over time they will reoccur obviously and
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i mean some things have changed along the way but then we see other issues emerging here and the issue that is scaring many experts around the world is right now our dangerously high debt levels and many countries the the increase in debt in industrialised countries has slowed but then again it has it has speeded sped up in emerging economies and developing countries and many of them are on the edge if we look at turkey the economy heavily struggling look at argentina an economy that's being kept afloat by the i.m.f. by financial aid by the i.m.f. south africa one of the rising stars also in trouble and some say that obviously a failing turkey or failing argentina could not trigger a global crisis but then again the mat the impact would be massive and we have the former head of the z.b. shaw guilty she's saying the financial system today is as vulnerable as it is as it has. in ten years yeah you know there's to the question then the progress that was
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made after the crisis you know with the obama administration coming in and trying to. lay down new rules as that progress is being rolled back and is being rolled back see that frank act that that's been put in place also to protect consumers. to curb risk taking by by financial institutions is being rolled back now by the trumpet ministration because the u.s. administration says this is hindering economic growth and hopefully in another ten years we will not be discussing where we were when the this second financial crisis began kristoff over as always thank you christophe. it was the car that defined a generation and one of germany's most iconic brands but now the venerable v.w. beetles time is coming to an end folks wagon has announced it will finally halt production of the beetle into any nineteen bringing it into the car's seventy year
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history. a full wheeled legend it's the biggest selling car of its time with twenty two million units sold its thirty horsepower engine was the sound of germany's post-war economic boom. but it all started back in the one nine hundred thirty s. commissioned by the nazis ferdinand portia designed a cheap economical folks of all people's car in one thousand thirty eight the first model was ready then it mainly saw military service during the war but when the fighting finally stopped the v.w. beetle was back. the car sold rapidly around the world the beetle was an immediate hit in the u.s. even making it to hollywood and it broke the record after record in one nine hundred fifty five the one millionth beatle rolled off the belt involves resilience was its middle name. it more runs and runs and
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runs and it did until the love affair was over in the one nine hundred sixty s. the darling of v.w. lost its sex appeal critics complained about its boring design and high running costs ten and a half liters to one hundred kilometers. things looked bad for v.w. in fact the person asked and goes models only just saved it from the brink then in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight that was it the end of german production fans had to import them from abroad continue to run its plant in mexico and in one thousand nine hundred one the factory sold v.w. used twenty millions beetle in two thousand and three though that was it the end. but in one thousand nine hundred nine a revival had happened in the u.s. the new beetle a jubilant first year was followed by flatus sales figures the beetle clone was strictly a collector's item its role as the people's car what in the past but now the new beetle itself is set to become a thing of the past v.w.
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is stopping pretty. shannon in july two thousand and nineteen. well the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write to me go off t.v. stuff forget to use the hash tag the day maybe you'll see that on your screen and remember whatever happens between now and then there you go tomorrow is another day we'll see you next monday.
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play some hot. german come. since lames. and even i'm sure it's meant just fought on and that was the beginning of how the torture itself to. the survivors kristen johnston's continues today sting next d.w. . the face of this regard. is changing
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dramatically on its banks you can now hear the steady roar of machine construction sites and our core culture are damaging the environment the first nations and farmers are trying to stop the huge projects fighting to protect major and their own way of life uprising. in forty five minutes along. the love the first sign of doing to telling. a story of credible it's a whole new world. with i. combine in certain respects in the most real and gets a new era of sexuality. who will love second is be
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a thing of the first and sexual frustration too much i still have to get used to these robot noises exploring new frontiers in sex and love three point zero. the love star from ten to twenty fifth on the. touch. tyranny and physical abuse at a german run enclave in chile. via cunneyworth can't cry anymore we left our tears behind a chilling future love. the victims demand compensation. i know understood so we need financial support just a little help please this is important. governments have done nothing to help.


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