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get the dialogue running and so there's going to be a whole lot more coming next but i think people are already talking about it people are receiving warmly they love it and i believe he's going to reveal. this is. in our next report well hear about another way of getting young people interested in conservation a school in berlin has got a biodiversity to its curriculum what do you think they learned there and well felicia they're learning how species inhabited i danger and what can be done to protect them but they don't just talk about it in the biology class the school finds ways to include aspects of biodiversity in every subject it requires a lot of effort on the part of the teachers the pupils and the parents hopefully it will inspire others to do the same. summer vacation is over
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it's back to school. and the first lesson is taking place out in the school garden . for these berlin students spades and pruning shears or is important for school as books and pans. mother schools might do other kinds of things but here we've got our garden on the farm and the animals it's really something special. plants and animals are an integral part of their education here the kids learn how an eco system functions. like garden waste lands next door at the schools farm yard . the forum has a number of residents including ducks pigs and chickens. then there is legal the mule and shall not the pony they graze in the schools former sports field. they're done rands on
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a compost heap and becomes the fertilizer that can be used for the next generation of plants. the school is gradually becoming surrounded with greenery the main building is pretty bare outside the playground out front as well but not for much longer the concrete is about to be turned into a bed of reeds like this part of the grounds. the green ideas are all part of a conscious move by the school to encourage biological diversity when germany launched the national strategy on biological diversity back in two thousand and seven the schools teachers got together and thought about ways to anchor the idea lessons biological diversity now has a fixed place in the curriculum. as well teach the same subjects as other schools we have art physics sports foreign languages. but we've also incorporated biological diversity into the school curriculum and as far as i know we're the only
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school in germany that does not. the star sat down and thought about what we need to do about the current situation in society and what we want to teach our students and they came up with their own curriculum. in the economics work in technology class students build wooden frames for the raised garden beds in math they measure and plan the bat and they also grow specific plants that can be used in chemistry lessons and they learn how to turn some of the things they grow into products like herb vinegar were jamming. but it's not just about practical skills they also learn about the advantages of diversity take the three sisters for instance that's the traditional name given to a mixed bag of squash corn and climbing beans the plants are growing together because they complement each other so well. that is just. what the
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students get to see how planting a mixture of crops is much better for the environment and is also good for a healthy balanced diet. you know that fast and then they begin to understand that the farming sector generally needs to move away from the extreme forms of monoculture we've seen and begin growing a wider crop mix so we are commissioned. before everyone goes home the goats have to be fair. there are keepers who tend to be animals but the students like to do it themselves if they're able. to. and here biological diversity is a year round subject. in winter when mostly indoors in the workshop this year we built a beehive and an insect hotel. and there's always stuff to do like clearing out the animal boxes cleaning the yard giving the animal straw and hey it's definitely more
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fun than sitting behind a desk in class. the ducks and chickens would agree the students and teachers are proud that their unique lesson plan has won them international recognition and they're now an officially designated european eco school. while. from school kids striving to protect the environment in germany so young student in tanzania cecille sugawara was so fed up with the used clothing that he developed a new business model he gives second hand clothes as a second life by turning them into a completely new items he set me doing his bit for the and brought. in dar es salaam tanzania up to ten million tons of textiles are thrown away and
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you with. the textiles are dumped in landfills. meaning they can harm the environment that's because many clothes are produced with toxic chemicals. you see so subtle while it collects used clothes from his neighborhood. company remedy recycles used textiles. produces bags tissue holders and jackets. to give the products a colorful look they had to keep taking. the twenty one year old entrepreneur employs five tailors. and just have each of them make fifty bags a week. bags cost between nine and eleven euro's.
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to reshape the textile industry in tanzania. if you. want to tell us about it. visit our website or send us a tweet. or better. story. hey felicia how many pencils do you think you've already used up in your life to be honest i've never bothered to count but i'm sure you to look right well and see you wouldn't believe it more than fourteen billion pencils are produced worldwide every year that's a lot of trees and has a major impact on the environment so kenyans came up with a clever idea they produce pens and pencils made out of recycled newspaper let's find out how all this magic works. businessman anthony kirori
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knows his supplier is he often comes to pick up the old newspapers this time that's nearly three hundred fifty kilograms he pays about sixty three years for the whole his factories in judea about thirty kilometers outside the kenyan capital nairobi and city founded his company green pencils on his family's land along with an old friend ivan or chang their ecologically friendly pencil business is a job creator and doesn't require more trees to be cut down most conventional pencils made from the wood of oats. i think most. of us. but not. it took the true and electrical engineer about five years to develop the right formula for recycled paper pencil
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anthony came up with a concept when he worked as a waste collector. and the factory cut up sheets of newspaper glued around graphite sticks then a machine rose them up tightly creating the basic on a door in pencil. the exact technique for finishing the newspaper pencil is a company secret only the factory manager and her bosses know it the partners themselves come to the factory each week to do the finishing work and then it's part of chang is in charge of marketing and legal issues. and. there's a lot of disregard for intellectual property in africa. and in some parts of asia so we have to guard our secret because if we don't. come or somebody else will do the same thing and then my mom. over the last five years orders have been
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continually creasing last year the company's sales amounted to around one hundred thirty thousand schools and companies are the biggest customers during peak season the company employs fifty people to produce half a million pencils in the quiet some months eight workers still smoke with censored in kenya eating friendly pencil the figures as they stand slowly about a hundred and fifty million pounds with a pointed into the country so you can imagine if we only attain the two percent of the market base enough for everyone right here kenya's government agencies import about ten million pencils each yeah anthony chiari helps you convince the government to consider using their recycled products i want to get into politics. and i think that i make it and once i make it
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my main task will be. i did agree. to go and fight for the green spaces within government such that connect and be one of the role models for the region within the east africa region and maybe even africa concern for the environment is something that true and to share i've been runs other businesses too but he says green pencils is closest to his heart this is the only planet that i know i can survive in so my small contribution is good enough because the west perception is everybody sits back and did my job or somebody else is going to save. this planet it's you and me heading back to nairobi the business partners stop its am coppa a successful kenyan sunset to personally make the first and read them. from now on the solar energy company will be enhancing its green creds with green
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pencils. so that's alas the story thank you very much for joining us i'll have learned or at least experienced something new i'm finished and as me saying goodbye for now from johannesburg it's also time for me now type way to say farewell from the fossil park in lagos but do be sure to check in with us on our social media platforms or africa website have an eye shrink see you next time.
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i'm a little. come . to the. i'm going to.
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meet the artist we talk to sasha follows the. choreographer constantly pushing the limits of dance theater system even though the fourth quarter and members of the highest court who are lucky she's been dancing against the french for twenty five years where does she get her energy from kumi such a hot. chase. thirty minutes on the double shuffle. board. showing up today don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights.
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my. oh my. my. my crack of. all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria must die so millions can live.
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a trail of destruction tropical storm florence bubbles the east coast of the united states with gusting winds heavy rain and flooding at least eight people dead and hundreds of needed rescuing the national guard against i have to say is the danger is far from all the bolts are coming up. the strongest storm this year battles across the philippines die for mongo tears for the country's main island ripping off roofs and knocking out possible eyes as authorities assess the damage there warned that more floods and landslides put b. to come. and in germany it's also the idea that by both the vet and i was under pressure of the series to meet in munich as they scrambled to stave off a challenge from the fog i've upcoming elections for. fuel.


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