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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 17, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is g w news why tonight accusations of sexual assault from the past is present in trump's choice of brett kavanaugh for the supreme court is he about to crash and senators are backing off a confirmation vote for kavanaugh which was planned for thursday after a woman accused him of an attempted reign that allegedly occurred almost four decades ago we'll go live to washington for more also coming up no new offensive in russia agreed to set up a demilitarized zone separating rebels from syrian government forces and hopefully
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preventing a massacre. it's good to have you with us tonight the president trumps latest nominee for the supreme court is facing sexual misconduct allegations that just will not go away brett kavanaugh was said to be confirmed on this coming thursday but now calls for the votes on his own nation to be delayed a woman is claiming that having all tried to rape her at a party thirty six years ago when they were both teenage republicans are pushing to secure their nomination before the mid-term elections in november and it is a high stakes decision if kavanagh is confirmed it will push the supreme court many fear to the right for years to come. i want to bring
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in erin blake now he is a senior political reporter with the washington post good evening to you erin we know the post interviewed the woman who is making these accusations christine forward what did the post do to verify these accusations in the make sure that what she's saying is true right so christine ford reached out a while ago before actually brett kavanaugh was the supreme court nominee but at a time when he was on a reported to be on rather the president's short list for this job she provided notes from a therapist's visit back six years ago which described a similar set of circumstances it did not name brett kavanaugh personally and there are there is one discrepancy there is a note that says there were four boys in the room where as christine ford now says there were two boys in the room the first she blames that there are or incorrectly writing that down there's also just the fact that she did reach out before brett
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kavanaugh was the nominee which lends credibility to her account suggests that it wasn't something that was cooked up just because he was the nominee and so we're all combing through this right now people who know christine ford say she's credible but denials have been rather firm for brett kavanaugh and his supporters there's also another angle with this story the democratic senator dianne feinstein she knew about the accusations she's known about them since july and that was due to the letter that was sent by mrs ford do we know why she didn't reveal what she knows earlier. the explanation that she's given is that she promised this woman confidentiality this woman was not ready to come forward before sunday afternoon nobody knew what her name was she eventually decided to speak on the record but i think this is a case like many accusers of sexual assault it's difficult to be the only person
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coming forward i think there is perhaps a sense that she was waiting to see if others had had similar experiences which would make coming out more easy for her certainly also there was the timing of all of this which with brett kavanaugh having finished his confirmation hearings later this week he was supposed to win the approval of the judiciary committee and be sent to the full senate for confirmation so this was really the last moment at which this whole thing could be aired and eventually she did decide to come forward that you mentioned the risk that she's facing by coming forward what about for brett kavanaugh i mean how dangerous are these accusations for his nomination. extremely dangerous and this was a nomination that was pretty much in the bag as of a few days ago before this came about republicans have a very narrow majority in the senate it's only fifty one to forty nine if they lose two of their members on this it could fall through they're also running against or up against time right now they can let this play out for a few days or a couple weeks and see what happens but they have the election coming up here an
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election which democrats could extend simply take control of the senate that would make confirming another nominee more difficult they would be running out of time to do that they would probably have to do it after the election which is not ideal for anybody involved and so there's a lot of factors here that are really weighing on republicans politically speaking . you write today that the political dynamics are ripe for getting this wrong that the consequences would be extrude for our viewers around the world who are watching this tell us how how do we know what will be right or what will be wrong in this situation because it really we've got a case of he said she said. yeah it's difficult to know in the absence of other accusations we will have a single accusation from decades ago which there were probably will be no physical proof of there maybe corroborations there may be disputes from people who are at
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the party who might have witnessed something or not witness something but really it is a he said she said and that makes it much more difficult for republicans do they push this through and confirm brett kavanaugh knowing that there could eventually be some kind of additional evidence do they push it through knowing that this could be viewed poorly by an american public especially women voters who are lining up increasingly behind democrats and that may prove to be very decisive in the twenty eight thousand election there are just a whole bunch of dynamics that make this not just about the actual evidence at hand and also make it about the politics here and so republicans are in a completely unenviable place right now and this could have a very negative negative impact on the outcome of those midterm elections for the republicans yes if you look at the cast of nominees that democrats have put forward there is a historic number of women who are running in key districts and around the country in fact there are more than fifty percent more women democratic nominees than we've
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ever seen before there has been a something of backlash among women for the presidency we saw very early on with the march on washington the women's march on washington and there is a real question like we've seen in some elections in the past whether women could come forward and deliver democrats a major victory in this election and i think that this only adds to that momentum could only add to that impact on the election it's very bleak with the washington post joining us tonight from the u.s. capitol erin thank you we appreciate it thank you. southeast asia is dealing with a deadly typhoon authorities in southern china are reporting the first deaths from typhoon mungo after sweeping through hong kong on sunday the storm has left china's southern coast with heavy downpours and powerful winds it's now moving inland four people are reported dead in china so far at least sixty five people died over the
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weekend when the storm swept through the northern philippines rescuers there are still struggling to find survivors many of those feared dead are from a gold mining town in the north of the country they'd taken shelter in a bunker else which was then buried under a mudslide. after a weekend searching for signs of life this is now the task facing rescue as bodies are being pulled from what was once a mountainside shelter from minus completely consumed by one of fifteen months lies to hit this region. this area used to be for panning gold now it's a temporary morgue. but. i feel really. there's nothing you can do anymore it's too late thinking through the much questions are now being asked to become pennies that mine here their operations have made them rich but the mountainsides unstable and prone to tragedy.
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villages assumes they'd be safe in the shelter. they were laughing even when they knew the typhoon was approaching they said the structure they turned into some kind of shelter would be strong enough. but not strong enough to withstand the effects of thai freemen coots the most powerful to hit the philippines this year this was flood water. and that's what gave way to the date lead months lights here. almost two hundred thousand people had to flee their homes when it is safe enough for them to return be confronted by a trail of destruction. well it is an attempt to prevent what the united nations is warning could be a humanitarian catastrophe in the syrian province of. well today russia and turkey agreed to set up
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a safe zone to separate rebel fighters in province from syrian government forces now presidents and putin agreed to set up the demilitarized zone in talks that were held at the black sea resort of sochi troops from both countries will patrol the zone which will be in operation by the fifteenth of october it is the last stronghold of rebel fighters and the syrian government wants to clear them out but russia says there will be no military operation they are. or you want to bring in our correspondent in moscow tonight it will be sure when and our correspondent julia hun she is right on the turkish border with province tonight good evening to both of you really let me start with you flesh this out this deal out for us between two countries on opposite sides of the syrian conflict . well but as you say two countries
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on opposite sides of the conflict conflict but they have agreed today to create this demilitarized zone. basically to create a buffer between opposition forces and syrian government forces by mid october and that zone is going to be twenty kilometers wide they've said and it will be patrolled by russian and turkish forces they're also going to. withdraw have all heavy weaponry withdrawn from that zone and radical rebels as putin said today will have to pull out of the zone this isn't the cease fire that turkey had been pushing for it's more of a compromise but it's certainly a step in the direction of peace and also a step towards what turkey wanted from vladimir putin there. you know from where you're standing there you know you're in turkey at the border with syria. is this deal today is it the deal that the province has been waiting for.
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well it's a least a glimmer of hope it liberated and as far as we hear from over there have been bracing for the worst what it is definitely it's a it's a diplomatic success for turkish president out on he is the man who prevented that massive offensive by the government and their russian allies he is the man who convinced vladimir putin that a compromise is in fact the better solution he will have told mr putin that it will be turkey in the end too will have to deal with the humanitarian consequences of such a military assault that is something that missed out on has been talking about a lot in the past days that he fears a humanitarian disaster a bloodbath and another large scale refugee influx and this would have consequences for europe as well but many questions about this deal remain open remain unanswered and it's of course a different thing what you come up with on the or at the negotiating table and how
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everything at the end plays out on the ground in emily do we know will president putin will he be able to enforce this agreement well that depends on all the sides in the conflict of course and the syrian side has yet to agree to this deal as the russian defense minister said after the press conference today but russia has a huge influence on the syrian government they have been. the syrian government's main backer throughout this war and they also really change facts on the ground when they entered this war for the syrian government in two thousand and fifteen when they entered to back to back the regime and they will likely be the garner is for for the assad regime in the post-war post-war syria as well so i think it's likely that syria will tow the line when it comes to russia's decision today julie before we just ask you is this the deal that turkey wanted to or does it mean for
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turkey. well that's actually a really important point it's not humanitarian ism and humanitarian ism or pure altruism that are the driving forces of missed out on here this is about power politics he wanted a turkey controlled buffer zone for egypt from the very beginning and now he got something like this and he secured himself a longer term presence in syria and made sure that he will be one of the man who was sitting at the negotiating table again when they will talk about the political future of syria after this war ends all right our correspondents in moscow and julia hall and on the turkish border with it live province syria to both of you thank you. you're watching news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by
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the day i hope to see you then. from state school. or first communion. or as grand as arrives. on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home on the d w don't come to town.


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