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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 17, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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our time going to chop and the opportunity for peace we starts october third on t w. this is d w news live from berlin tonight you know new offensive in the syrian province of good luck as russia and turkey agree on the safe zone presidents putin and. will create a demilitarized zone in the syrian province separating rebels from syrian government forces and hopefully preventing a massacre also coming up chinese authorities order millions to evacuated as the
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ferocious of the typhoon bungled moves inland and in the philippines rescue workers pulled bodies from the mud after a massive landslide. and it is president drums choice of brett kavanaugh for the supreme court is about to crash out sitters are backing off a confirmation vote planned for this coming thursday after a woman accused cavanagh of an attempted rape that allegedly took place almost four decades ago. and we have a special report from a british town at the heart of the shocking child sex abuse scandal prosecutors have charged the suspects with sexually exploiting children over many years but one victim tells d.w. news that even more perpetrator sprit main at last.
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i bring golf it's good to have you with us tonight russia and turkey say that they have agreed to set up a militarized zone to sectarian catastrophe in the province it live is the last stronghold of rebel fighters and the syrian government wants to clear them out but russia says there will be no military operation there. it was a last gasp attempt for turkey's president top level action to avert the immediate risk of zone to separate armed opposition and governmental forces by october fifteenth of this year. the zone will be fifteen to twenty kilometers wide with full withdrawal of hardline militants from there including al nusra the with that going to. take remain came as something of a surprise since russia and turkey on opposite sides of the conflict russia wants more influence in the region and thought it could achieve that by backing syrian president assad with that goal in mind russia was ready to support
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a large scale military offensive turkey however was against their offensive from the start fearing an influx of tens of thousands more syrian refugees so turkey increased its military presence in the region this video was taken last friday turkey said it was setting up further observation posts. and now hope at long last for three million syrian civilians and the russia's defense ministry insists now there will be no military offensive in that lip. or i want to bring in our correspondent in moscow tonight emily sure when and our correspondent julia hung she is right on the turkish border with it live province tonight good evening to both of you really let me start with you flesh this out this deal out for us between two countries on opposite sides of the syrian conflict.
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well but as you say two countries on opposite sides of the contract conflict but they have agreed today to create this demilitarized zone. basically to create a buffer between opposition forces and syrian government forces by mid october and that zone is going to be twenty kilometers wide they've said and it will be patrolled by russian and turkish forces they're also going to. withdraw have all heavy weaponry withdrawn from that zone and radical rebels as putin said today will have to pull out of the zone this isn't the cease fire that turkey has been pushing for it's more of a compromise but it's certainly a step in the direction of peace and also a step towards what turkey wanted from vladimir putin there. you know from where you're standing there you know you're in turkey at the border with syria with providence is this deal today is it the deal that the province has been waiting for
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. well it's a least a glimmer of hope it liberalizations as far as we hear from over there have been bracing for the worst what it is definitely it's a it's a diplomatic success for turkish president add on he is the man who prevented that massive offensive by the government and their russian allies he is the man who convinced vladimir putin that a compromise is in fact of the better solution he will have told mr putin that it will be turkey in the end too will have to deal with the humanitarian consequences of such a military assault that is something that mr atwan has been talking about a lot in the past days that he fears a humanitarian disaster a bloodbath and another large scale refugee influx and this would have consequences for europe as well but many questions about this deal remain open remain unanswered
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and it's of course a different thing what you come up with on the or at the negotiating table and how everything at the end plays out on the ground and emily do we know will president putin will he be able to enforce this agreement well that depends on all the sides in the conflict of course and the syrian side has yet to agree to this deal as the russian defense minister said after the press conference today but russia has a huge influence on the syrian government they have been. the syrian government's main backer throughout this war and they also really change facts on the ground when they entered this war for the syrian government in two thousand and fifteen when they entered to back to back the regime and they will likely be the garniture as for for the assad regime in the post-war post-war syria as well so i think it's likely that syria will tow the line when it comes to russia's decision today julie
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before. i mean is this the deal that turkey wanted to mean what does it mean for turkey. well that's actually a really important point it's not humanitarian is a humanitarian ism or pure altruism that are the driving forces of missed out on here this is about power politics he wanted a turkey controlled buffer zone for it from the very beginning and now he got something like this and he secured himself a longer term presence in syria and made sure that he will be one of the man who was sitting at the negotiating table again when they will talk about the political future of syria after this war ends all right our correspondents i'm really sure when in moscow and julia han on the turkish border with it live province syria to both of you thank you. these days it is dealing with a deadly typhoon southern china reporting the first deaths from typhoon. the storm
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swept through hong kong on sunday and then lashed trying to southern coast with heavy downpours and powerful winds it's now moving inland four people are reported dead in china so far at least sixty five people died over the weekend when the storm swept through the northern philippines rescuers there are still struggling to find survivors many of those feared dead are from a gold mining town in the north of the country they'd taken shelter in a bunker else which was then buried under a mudslide. off through a weekend searching for signs of life this is now the toughest facing rescue as bodies are being pulled from what was once a mountainside shelf a minus completely consumed by one a fifteen month slice to hit this region. this area used to be for panning gold now it's a temporary morgue. but. i feel really. there's
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nothing you can do anymore it's too late. the local mayor says the chances of finding anyone on this list alive are practically zero but the rescue operation continues after a weekend of delicately digging through the march questions are now being asked to become pennies that mine here their operations have made them rich but the mountainsides unstable and prone to tragedy. villages assumes they'd be safe in the shelter. that they were laughing even when they knew the typhoon was approaching said the structure they turned into some kind of shelter would be strong enough. but not strong enough to withstand the effects of typhoon man kurt the most powerful to hit the philippines so far this year this was flood water not a river and that's what gave way to the deadly mudslides here. almost
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two hundred thousand people had to flee their homes when it is safe enough for them to return or be confronted by a trail of destruction. and here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world russia's defense ministry has presented what it says is new evidence showing that the missile that shot down flight m.h. seventeen belong to the ukrainian military the malaysian airlines flight was downed over rebel held eastern ukraine in two thousand and fourteen killing nearly three hundred people international investigators concluded the missile came from a russian unit. german chancellor angela merkel is in algeria where she's met prime minister a. miracle said the two countries were looking at ways to speed up the repatriation about living illegally in germany their goals have visited the local high school
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for girls where she joined in a german language class. the head of germany's domestic intelligence agency may be losing his job a leading german newspaper says the chancellor merkel has decided to fire hans-georg mohsen now calls for mawson's resignation have grown since he publicly question the authenticity of a video showing right wing mobs chasing foreigners only then relativize his statement later are to the united states now where president trumps latest nominee for the supreme court is facing sexual misconduct allegations that just will not go away brett kavanaugh was said to be confirmed on this coming thursday but now calls are melting for the vote on his nomination to be delayed a woman is claiming that cavanaugh tried to rape her at a party thirty six years ago when they were both teenagers republicans are pushing to secure their nomination before the mid-term elections in november it's
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a high stakes decision if kavanagh is confirmed many believe that it will push the supreme court to the right for years to come. our let's bring in our washington correspondent now stefan. how credible are these accusations which have been made against brett kavanaugh by christine ford. all credible and let's not forget public enough so that the justice. company of the senate has to look into this and just say that it will investigate those claims that have to do this the republican leader or a senator who leads the company chuck grassley has said he will have a phone call with mr cavanaugh as well as with the accuser ms forte and even the white house just moments ago seemed to indicate that the president is fine with
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a. delay if you want in the in the confirmation process to clear this all up so this for herself came with this letter and this accusation with great detail and mr cavanaugh in all fairness and many many others who. worked and function as witnesses to his character said that this is of course not true of the sexes so yeah credibility is there and it has so far stalled at least the process of his confirmation stalling the process and it leads me to the next question how dangerous is this accusation for kevin all those nomination to the u.s. supreme court. well of this if if. if this is a case that will be determined as true or just possibly true that this accusation is true in any way or form that is
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a major risk for the republican party they can ignore this now and say ok they talked to both parties cavanaugh and the accused accuser ms ford and go on with the world for sir thirst and that would be of course in the interest on first sight on second side though it is a huge risk if there is something coming out after mr cavanaugh is confirmed as a supreme court judge for the rest of his life so this is not a little job this is a big job the republicans play a high risk here for getting. well having paying the bill for this for this misjudgment and this decision in the midterms elections yeah i mean that's what the big fear is right is that we're going to see the republicans being punished not only they lose this nomination but also in november when voters go to the polls right. yeah absolutely and here it's very important to see also
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female voters female voters are flocking to the democrats or seem to be flocking slease that's what the polls and most polls suggest towards democrats so yeah the republicans are in a tight spot the senate majority leader republican mcduck mcconnell said just last week that he's very concerned about many many races regarding the senate in the house it doesn't look much better in the house of representatives for republicans so they're in a tight spot. radical responded to fund the most on the story boards tonight in washington stefan thank you. all right how the year is here now with business news in got the latest on the never ending. the u.s. china trade tariffs war we'd better get used to them coming because there's a new chapter you know the world's top two economies have been locked in a tit for tat exchange for the better part of this year and since friday white house staff have been speaking about even more tariffs on china the us right now
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hasn't placed tariffs on chinese goods worth fifty billion dollars to which china has responded in kind there are plans for tariffs on a further two hundred billion dollars of chinese products and president trump is threatening even more. our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange and scott has been following the story for us of course it's good to see you what's the latest on these latest threats that we've been seeing about possibly pulling my having more tariffs against. the devil certainly is in the details and it's also a very tricky timing even if it's hard to imagine right now but already they christmas shopping season is coming up and u.s. retailers the caribbean penned quite a bit on cheap imports out of china that's why u.s. president donald trump will probably not introduce the tariff meaning twenty
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five percent or so but rather likely we are talking about ten percent but still that will probably anger the chinese government but so far we're talking about imports of chinese goods and the amount of two hundred billion dollars what is going to happen with the on the other two hundred sixty seven billion dollars that is still further down the line but certainly the heat is on in the u.s. the chinese trade relations were mentioning angering the chinese government let's talk about that other side china's reactions have been rather mild so far will that change. it probably will change just here at the beginning of the week the chinese government hinted that they will not play defense any longer but they will rather go in the fence and also put some pressure on the u.s. administration there is talk that for example there could be
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a restriction to exports of goods to the u.s. of components that are crucial for the u.s. manufacturing industry and also off raw materials they are possibilities that the chinese government have to also put some pressure on the u.s. side but so far that does not really seem to impress the u.s. government what is interesting to see even if wall street traded a bit lower here on monday but the pressure was really on chinese stocks that get traded here in new york on wall street and old soul of the shanghai composite the fell to their lowest point in about four years why u.s. markets are still pretty much very close to all time highs it's called in new york thank you very much. tesla c.e.o. elon musk ism broiled and yet another scandal this time he's being sued for
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defamation by british driver vernon unsworth in july unsworth helps to rescue a group of boys and their coach from a cave in thailand he labeled musts efforts to get them out with one of the submarines as a p.r. stunt musk called unsworth pedal guy and child rapists evidence free claims he's since repeated the allegations and unsworth is now seeking seventy five thousand dollars compensation and injunction stopping must from doing so again. more and more towns in europe are taking a stand against tourism places like venice have been overrun for years with the ever increasing number of cruise ships making things unbearable for locals even places like is a field you've probably never heard of the one sleepy little harbor town tucked away in the northwest of iceland sleepy it is no more now the giant ocean liners are spewing thousands of tourists onto its shores day after day. goodman doing
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christianson will never again complain about having too little work the harbormaster works from early morning until late at night guarding against vessels into the harbor of a few others. these ships are gigantic floating cities which cruise over to iceland from north america in the old days only twelve ships came here per year now there are one hundred of them every year the number of tourists visiting the island goes up twenty percent last year two point six million tourists visited the island nation the inhabitants of easy a few were have mixed feelings about the visit. very often people that. they don't even know the name of the town. even know where they cannot point to where they are. so i'm hoping that they somehow get the feeling that there's an actual.
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town with people but most of the people here welcome the tourists now that the fishing industry has shrunk icelanders need to replace their once most important industry. iceland is having problems with so many tourists. yet appreciate the five thousand people on that depend on the village of a hundred but a problem. that a great great anything but the frenzy of cruise ship season only lasts for months after that the sea around you see if you though it is simply too rough for them. and it's the very first of its kind in germany's lower saxony the first rail service using a carbon neutral train has been inaugurated and will connect cities along the state's northern coast the train features a hydrogen tank and a fuel cell and its roof diesel is used to convert the hydrogen into energy without
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releasing c o two particular or particular batter into the atmosphere the only byproduct is water groups one tank gives a range of one hundred kilometers its plan to use the new models to replace all diesel locomotives now running on non electrified routes new trains other advantage it hardly makes and he says. at least that's that is faster as well that's right this was a list here of you think you are right now to a town in the north of england that is at the heart of a huge sexual abuse scandal and it is dividing residents and scarred communities authorities estimate that fifteen hundred girls were abused in the town of rather over sixteen years now the men who were thought to have been the perpetrators were gang members of pakistani descent the scandal first came to whites about five years ago but despite fresh charges made just last week victims say many of their abusers
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are still at large. it was one of the west moments of her life it was nice to hear that the man who said he would have loved threatened to kill had it happened somewhere in the hills above. the him when she was just fifteen. and he took me to the edge and said he was going to tear me off air and i thought it was going to kill him and i was that scared and we'd myself and then he placed me to the back of the car and had sex for me is not saying you know a toilet happened and i remember just lying there crying and after a dead body. it took several years before sammy could break away from her tormentor today she helps other victims over one and a half thousand girls here rather and are believed to have been the victims of child sexual exploitation some perpetrators are still being brought to justice and
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it's only recently that more and more victims have been speaking openly about what happened to them. sammy woodhouse thinks the authorities looked the other way because the perpetrators were mostly of pakistani muslim origin nobody wanted to be accused of being racist it wasn't her tormentor but some yourself who was arrested by the police. because he took her with him on his burglaries and during the raid they found his baton and her handbag people view days is a little slags you know we were seeing to be child prostitutes as they called us which of course is in a wrong turn to we was children being abused rather and council asserted in a statement that such a thing would never happen today but in the pakistani community the discussion continues critics from within the community are sometimes on the receiving end of hostilities that's what mohammed shafique experienced when he spoke out about the
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lack of respect for white women and girls people didn't want to talk about these issues as i said they said i was you know cheerleading for the far right but actually now people because there's been so many historical cases that of come to trial and people being convicted people recognize that this is a problem that we've got to confront. sami woodhouse doesn't want to live in the past but she wishes that the problem had be called out sooner. but the fact that people attend such a blind eye to incorporate deliberately because he didn't want to be called racist that's just part fuel to the fire. in semi's case the pappa treacherous now in prison but there are. still at large. well on tuesday german coaches will face off as the most prestigious club of football competition returns the champions league you're going club liverpool hosts
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almost to show and his power his son squad in a mel watering group open. one common denominator spells in charge at burruss here dortmund cop led them to the bundesliga title lifted the german cup and even made it into the champions league final now he's delivered pool boss thomas to hold took over from club and won the german cup before landing his current gig at paris on german. in the french capital two who has a plethora of stars in his squad most notably neymar and one of the world cups most impressive players. p.s.g. are among this season's favorites to win the tournament. even you're going to pluck thanks so. everybody knows the volga quality of players this build that this team is built for winning the chairman sneak they win the chairmanship in france anyway so and look so far quite easy for them because i'm believer in
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quality they have good quality is something liverpool also have plenty of last season's runners up perth beefed up their squad to and still boast top goal score mohamed salah and even the much to group c. showdown is expected at anfield but will it be too cold for a club who come out on top. i first break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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climate change. sustainability. environmental projects. give globalization effect biodiversity species conservation exploitation. human rights displacement. the global and local action. global three thousand and sixty minutes on t w.
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man team sixteen kind of crying to the world. young people held against their parents' generation. it was a constant dust from the stupidity inclusion. they demanded nothing less than a home society. wanted most drama consumer gun violence with the vietnam war playing a role model generation watch the common war every day. our documentary takes a while times how do those murderers come under the terms of the first one had a feeling of being part of something. means of those events today. assumes civil rights. peace movement women's movement one planned during this period. in the sixty's. this would
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double. they were both teenagers she says he was drunk when he tried to rape or he says it never happened two versions of one night thirty six years ago tonight in the united states it's hash tag he said she said a moral dilemma reaching to the highest court in the land and one that speaks to the ownership of power.


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