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and the continent of africa on the move the stories about to move a vision of change makers taking their destinies into their own hands indeed double using multimedia series food for cars. d.w.m. dot com africa. hello rob thanks to changing into year my so they i'm louise houghton and i'm happy to be vacuous g.d.a. bringing you the latest lifestyle news from around here top of that list is the latest goings on at london fashion week is a taste of what's coming up. jubilee celebration victoria beckham on her first decade in the world of fashion. french debuts showcasing
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a promising new show something out there to aman name. that strange featuring the work of astronomy photographer frank exact same time. you might is there remember her as posh spice a bought a day in the fashion industry in victoria beckham has now truly established herself in this field she has over four hundred stores in fifty countries now last year label recorded a financial loss juta strong investments in design and marketing but in twenty eighteen it have a big reason to celebrate for the first time ever victoria back and presented the latest collection in her hi i'm tom jaring london fashion week the pace is said to be designed to celebrate women of different shapes and sizes so let's take a look. clean cut materials and
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long skirts and why. women should feel free in these clothes for the spring summer twenty one thousand season victoria beckham has created a mix of discreet patterns and solid colors using fabrics like richard and set. the collection combines both masculine and feminine cuts as well as old classics with new ideas. to celebrate her tenth anniversary as a designer victoria beckham produced a video with fashion magazine vole. in it she pokes fun at her own beginnings as one of the spice girls what i really really want is for other women. have a knack leisure direction and not the one that young. picked one that very glamorous and then another one the super super sexy. that comes also designed a t. shirt to celebrate her first decade in the fashion business she seemed hiding in
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one of her own label shopping bags a throwback to an old ad campaign. that now literally become first came to fame as a pop star in the late one nine hundred ninety s. but even back then she was fashion conscious which aren't her the nickname posh spice as one of the spice girls. the group seen here in the film spice world the movie sold fifty eight million records before parting ways in december of two thousand. nine hundred ninety nine victoria married footballer david back up. they had three sons and then a daughter called harper seven david beckham also shares his wife's interest in fashion they both modeled undergarments for italian fashion house armani. at first critics were skeptical that victoria beckham's foray into the fashion world would last long but time and again she won them over with her minimalist original designs
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in twenty fourteen back and opened her first shop in london. and was always going to be where i wanted to open my fast still. i'm very proud to be british i spent a lot of time. i'm in and. many other celebrities are fans of her sleek body hugging styles including actresses drew barrymore. cameron diaz. jennifer lopez and gwyneth paltrow. model heidi klum. and actress kate winslet. for a short time back comes new spring summer collection will be available over the internet she said that she won't join the other four spice girls on next year's reunion for but she plans to keep on expanding her label demonstrating girl power in the world of fashion rather than music. and
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we continue to spice up your life now with more news for a london fashion week at the top of our express. fashion week was in full swing in london over the weekend british haven't got designer gowns pew paid tribute to the city's famous punk scene with designs that in his own words celebrated london as the cradle of creative extremism. meanwhile british model turned designer alexa chung to fly to tell london fashion week debuted in the ribs of the summer travel thing chill center models down a catwalk inspired by an airport departure lounge alice temperley enlisted a diverse cast of models for her new collection women of all ages and professions showcased breezy and brightly colored fashions by the british designer london fashion week will run through tuesday. an exhibition
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in malaga spain is paying homage to russian artist casimir manmade rich retrospective includes forty four work spanning various periods in his career chasm immolate which was the leading representative of the russian at home guard of the early twentieth century whose works went on to inspire a generation. the exhibition continues through february twenty ninth. we've been on sunday the french capital paris was closed to traffic. from eleven in the morning to six in the evening pedestrians and others using eco friendly modes of transport took over the streets. including the city's most famous boulevard. in france there are always young musicians popping up who want to bring something new to classical songs in fact since the millennium this style of music has been
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named new very song and performers such as bear him in college because you need and carly claremont have all made a name for themselves in the genre the latest artist to come to our attention a one the album of the year at the french victories of the music so your max we are happy to introduce to you are many. cool she laid back and yes romantic that's the sound of a typical french on something even a modern day one. singer songwriter juliet on my name spent the entire summer on tour in france and abroad her album me hit the french pop charts when it was released in twenty seventy.
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hellenistic. i wanted to write songs that were personal and honest but imaginative. and to strike the right note somewhere between the great french pop songs i love and something very intimate very personal. and i. get the money is a perfectionist she spent three years working on cars and changed producers several times she wanted to put up own spin on the modern french on song. when i sang my first compositions with a really. really heavy and serious four years ago i wrote the song. or lack of love and started to take my voice to new heights. that feel i ought to sing in a more lyrical in the area style. produce i hear in. her
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. piece about me i recognize myself in this type of singing in the thought that's made. him what. are my name blurs the boundaries but. when archer and kitchen her songs often poking fun at herself. because said janetta the current generation of shan dares to speak out once again and adapt the french and so on to our times it's almost like killing your own father and liberating yourself from the burden of the past going. to be a tough one it works a fine line between melancholy and humor and does so with elegance and heat. song
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speaker theory of horror disillusionment and love. love never provides total fulfillment it's a constant quest feelings of isolation and solitude remained for a long time this solitude frightened me but it also allowed me to be creative and i learned to like it so solitude isn't just a melancholy feeling it's a feeling of freedom to. be sure to come on a users that freedom to write songs that fits in the french tradition yet have a style for their own. time now to head off to
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a destination chosen by one of our you is this week at the request comes from martha lucci at her hair her castro who wrote in to us from a man if i lived in colombia she asked us to show her the greek island of crete and everything it has to offer so we started our trip in the town of. how many. creates a mild climate and sunny days chad of terrorists all year round for obvious reasons for there is much more to the ending than just at the water's edge we crammed in as much as possible for you moffatt hope you enjoy. it. with its different styles of architecture is one of the most beautiful cities in the mediterranean one of its most famous landmarks is a lighthouse which dates from the venetian era the harbor and deal town behind our very lively in the evening when the locals and tourists throng to the restaurants and bars during the day the area is quite peaceful.
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vassily co the stuff is a local tour guide. most of your think is that you can read the history of the city from its architecture and you can see who occupied it over centuries and fred offered up a paradoxical beginning with the byzantines then the venetians and then the ottomans for the mongols. the byzantine wall was built during the early middle ages remains from the previous while the wrecked it during the hellenistic period are still visible. the church of ideals nikolaus is an illustration of the influence of different religions and culture as it has both a bell tower and the minaret. and the first good mosque to be built after the ottoman conquest in the seventeenth century is now an exhibition space. the
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venetians built in the your e s shipyards to repair ships in winter they can be seen clearly from the water and early afternoon is a good time to go on a boat trip the boat has a glass floor which makes it easier to see what's in the water goals if they are blown the records of that you'll get if you're brave to do. with those used in the so-called war war by the german warfare. like a car going through super and sometimes like a middle range or. any other doesn't only have architecture and history to offer there are also plenty of other sites in the water and what better way to see them up close than by diving down to that. place that is not the source of what was most interesting was the plane wreck on the sea bat. and the fish to. the children really like that it was really nice.
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and others in a great way to take increased natural beauty the mountains and valleys the word isn't high plains used to go tandem paragliding yes and react is runs of pure of lighting school. you could if you miss of the gaps but at least this was a bit creatures known for its choose the most some but there are also fantastic mountains here that your paragliding is the best when you're getting to know crete from a bar and checking out the beaches for instance to go to later with. the adventurous tourists agree with them. down the road. you get a view of the whole of the west of crete. and you can practically see the whole island from top to bottom it's no amazing view. that you couldn't get otherwise. those who prefer to stay on the ground can take
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a gentle ride in the evening sun. i really like your end of each because it's nothing you do you just don't do it every day and it's just a nice. there are all of the roads among the of the island it boasts thirty million all of trees in total. including one that's toted as being the oldest in the world it's estimated to be five thousand years old creech is also famous for its all of oil the crucial ingredient of the local cuisine for a new level. of all has always been the most important ingredient in traditional recipes feel his name it still is. one of the traditional recipes in western creech is still goats meat that is slow roasted with onions herbs lemon and all of oil. if he she is pure over law case built his
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restaurant phobos in ruins from the venetian era in the old town just behind the porch over twenty years ago he's been cooking traditional cretinous cuisine ever since. the restaurant is particularly popular in the evening when the atmosphere is quite magical. oh i love being by the water doesn't really matter if it's walking cycling swimming or just laying out in the sun what is your favorite thing to do by the water let is now and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win yes. special euro max a watch there it is all the details are on the website d.w. dot com a forward slash lifestyle staring up at the stars might even be a favorite thing for you sometimes it's possible at the beach but somewhere is generally prefer if you are a pro photographer like frank is that can hide that is the site let's take
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a look. please you see logs of my passion for music came later in my childhood the passion for astronomy was there first then at some point i try to play an instrument of course i enjoy being out in nature and seeing the stars in the sky and music has something romantic about it too but i can't really connect the two in my head but there is one advantage you do both in the evening or at night and that's a great combination of frank second time must be the most musical astro photographer in germany here he's in a field in the eiffel region he spends a lot of nights here trying to shed light on the darkness with his camera and telescope a second time sees the stars and much more. the even more so this guy has to be really dark which is why we're here in the eiffel region here there's a little light pollution from towns or cities or nearby houses so in summer for
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instance you can really see the milky way and that's an important criterion because if you can see the milky way clearly the less sky is very dark and that makes for very good astro photos. and they look like this. second time post is spectacular images on the internet and his won many awards for his work. one of his images has even been published by nasa. man a bit i send all of my pictures to astronomy picture of the day a web site run by nasa today and every day they choose a new photo to show usually their photos from nasa missions for instance taken with the hubble space telescope problems but once in a while they choose pictures taken by amateur astro photographers and that's a special honor system. here you can see what are called dark nebulizing and here you can see the southern cross. i took this photo in the media.
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second home as one fans outside of nasa to he writes articles for astronomy journals and also publishes his photos in them. thank god this is the gas nebula i like them and there are lots of them in the milky way. they're made mainly of hydrogen gas which glows when it's lit up by young hot stars and what we're seeing in a sense is the birth of a young star in your. cars. you'll have to be patient until it's dark enough to get out his camera he doesn't mind though he has a good way to pass the time. of making music in astrophotography has been my thing ever since i was a child and i wouldn't know which to choose should i ever have to make the choice. i want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook . you'll find highlights from our programs. three hundred sixty degree videos of
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the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook life. we love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. my german colleague chrystia and i will also be doing facebook live videos or we say do tune in to us here in berlin here right remember our old studios were right by the brandenburg gate it's probably one of the most photographed landmarks here in the german capital but i wonder how many tourists really know the history and significance of this monument lockley for those who are inquisitive the city has an interactive museum explaining all about the brandenburg gate and as we know many of you watching from around the world you can't get here
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we thought we'd bring a piece of the german tourist experience to your screens. the brandenburg gate stands tall in the heart of berlin for many visitors it's a must see location. but they might not know much about its history anyone curious to find out more can visit the gate berlin a privately run museum just fifty meters from the monument. a multimedia show off herself whirlwind history of the gate and the city of berlin three hundred years in just under twenty minutes it's ideal for tourists who have a busy schedule. squits not saw it. and what's in the book look our aim was to provide an emotional overview of berlin's complex history and explain it to an international audience without the need for speech issues it's
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a linear journey through history via images dee dee dee dee think she's fallen so that's in. eighty seven h.t. screams form a two hundred seventy degree panorama coupled with surround sound. that your focus is on several key periods including darker chapters of german history such as the. war the suppression of the east german uprising in one nine hundred fifty three. happier moments including the german national soccer teams twenty fourteen world cup victory celebrations at the brandenburg gate itself. what are these days you know it really takes you back to those times you fully absorbed on board of the team and i'm the. guy you don't really know where to look because so much is going on it's definitely worth seeing twice but it sounds lots of fun for the sauces and it's like i really without the glasses i'm going to. ok
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now you get a far better feel for what happened then from history. after the show visitors enter another room with a picture and text boards containing details about the brandenburg gate. the team behind the exhibit has already brought various other modern museum concepts to life they combine modern media with more in-depth presentations taking visitors on a dual track a trip through the past. downfall the sun a lot bush in one room speeds you through history on all the other room slows down again. you can read up on the background and the various historical areas to deepen your understanding and zinta no longer thought so for teaching. the neoclassical monument was built in the eighteenth century on the side of the previous city gate . originally on the outskirts its location soon became the center of
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a rapidly growing city it was badly damaged in world war two after the berlin wall was built in one nine hundred sixty one the date stood in the no man's land between east and west. then when the berlin wall fell in one thousand nine hundred nine the gate became a symbol of german reunification. whether it's new year's eve or a public zone for watching the soccer world cup on a giant screen the brandenburg gate is a famous location for the big public events. those toys and these over and over too but you can think about the gate as an entry into berlin and that's exactly what the museum represents more so if it's a place where you spend about thirty minutes getting an overview of the city of the history and of the significance of berlin the board rooms. the
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brandenburg gate is crowned with the goddess of victory and her chariot. known as the quadriga. no visit to the german capital would be complete without a stop at berlin's most famous landmarks. all that is all we have time for on this saturday to get the kids well website and join in the conversation about your favorite activities to do by the water boy back again tomorrow at the same time and place but until then a few on social media five an hour on. the next time on your imax when french things from song puts on the show is the stage performers objects and props glide gracefully over the surface the result is a magical performance filled with surprises. and to be unusual for next time on you're a mess. going
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to. pick up. stories from the pitch last weekend's tough match most was offensive to many in the club scenes kept talking in a game delivering throws last until the final whistle. of the league's top team shows the subtlest alex thomas by munich's goes home only set when against last place later shows him. losing d.w. .
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the people of the world over information they provide the plans they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. climate change is just. a waste. of pollution. isn't it time for. eco africa people and projects that are changing element for the better there's a. difference between what the magazine b.t.w. clock. in a mountain and the cargo hold obama was. dumping both rebelled against their parents' generation. it was an awesome place just to follow stupidity entish seems to be demanding. that all home to
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some. little wanted maelstrom of consumer finance with the fi a moment forbes limited role of my generation watch the commodore every day. our documentary takes a look a lot of times how did those murder members of the time for the first time i had a feeling of being part of something. means of those events today. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement and women's movement one of the plant during this period. between sixty eight a little. this week on the dole.
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in. business t w news live from but i live in a possible be cream for war profits syria russia and turkey agreed to set up a demilitarized zone in it live province effectively delaying an offensive against the rebel forces dug in that the deal could prevent a major humanitarian crisis also on the program german doctors treating a member of the russian activist group pussy riot say it is highly plausible that he was poisoned to a piece of a sealed off is in intensive care but doctors are confident he will recover.


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