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hour was time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace wasted starts october third on t w. this is the day of the news live from berlin a possible break free for war profits syria live all sides in the country's civil war give a cautious welcome to plans to restart a demilitarized zone in rebel held at least if it holds and the deal between russia and turkey could prevent a major humanitarian crisis also on the program german doctors treating
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a member of russian activist group pussy riot say it is highly plausible that he was poisoned just a festival for his intensive care but doctors a confident you will recover. frustrated tensions between washington and beijing escalate again u.s. president donald trump imposes new talent sought another two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports and threatens to double them with china retaliates . islands billion euro equestrian industry it's galloping ahead right now but most breeders fear breck's it could rain in net profits. unfilled gal welcome to the program the leaders of russia and turkey have agreed to establish a demilitarized zone in syria's italy province it limits the last major stronghold of syria's. to government rebels more than three million civilians are trapped
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there over recent weeks the syrian government backed by russian forces has been threatening an all out attack on the region. that side of the conflict fears an influx of thousands of refugees across the border what the un has warned could become a humanitarian catastrophe no details have been released about exactly where he saves a will be established. the promise from ridge of thai air to one and let him have putin it live will be a safe haven they'll be no bitter battle for control of the last rebel held province in syria. hootin an heir to one of agreed to set up a demilitarized zone by mid october they say russian and turkish troops will patrol a buffer strip between syrian government forces and rebels. but. we both agree that implementation of the plan steps will give new momentum to the process of resolving the syrian conflict politically allowing work to intensify on
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an international solution and it will contribute to peace returning to syrian soil . russia and turkey both have direct strategic interests in syria moscow has strongly backed syria's president bashar assad's regime with troops on the ground but turkey too has intervened in the syrian conflict carving out a zone of influence near its border in recent days turkey has increased its military presence in the region the risk of a confrontation between russia and a nato member over it live grew as fighting increased. a lot of work up and have you. sense the beginning of the month dozens of people have been killed and wounded in air raids and attacks by the syrian government and the russian air force reports from ad lib have been growing increasingly dire.
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if you don't think i'm going to do that i know there's always the sound of war planes and there are attacks on many areas and i want that any more and people can't sleep because of the air raids all day and night before that. and only. now two of syria's major players have pledged an end to the killing in it live but they have to ensure the deal is on. russian military jets has been brought down by syrian m t aircraft fire russia says all fifteen people on board were killed i'm not blaming israel for the deaths moscow says israeli pilots attacking targets in northwestern syria used the russian jets as a shield in that syrian forces inadvertently shot the plane down near the syrian coast or the russian defense ministry says maneuvers by by its right of the aircraft amounted to hostile provocation and says it has the rights to retaliate
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and israel has disputed this account. so to vladimir occurs in he's from the moscow state and secured for international relations in university but trains future russian diplomats welcome to g.w. will russia respond well thank you very much. yes russia will respond no doubt. military spokesman the last major general we're going to show you go. allegedly the minister of differences or gay should go in person. they have already announced that the russian overload reciprocate but they failed to identify what kind of measures will be adopted by the russian side due to this incident. i have recently heard that the israeli ambassador. in moscow has been summoned to the russian foreign ministry those millions because quell so
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naturally a couple of other measures will be debated at the russian security council missional security council women and russian leave this world definitely. there so i. make practical some of the measures. to retaliate because from a user i only saw it despite its. refusal to accept the. guilty. will be punished. good good to see you there because really not sure there is i'm so i would like to just get in. russia says it is determined to respond to what is called the israeli provocation watching this from the outside it does look more as though this was down to the incompetence of syrian armed forces. no it
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was gone firm by the russians. the russian illusion twenty surveillance aircraft has been kid by syrian. defense system s two hundred but. israel has used for f. sixteen s fighter interceptor to. act as a kind of a booby trap for syria and friendly fire against the russian aircraft there's the problem so it's a kind of a combination of. sit in the pity is so to say. but nevertheless the blame lies told to leave all of israel not only on the syrian armed forces we thank you for joining us for the may cause it was on the moscow state institute for international relations thank you you thank.
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as are some of the other stories making news around the world south korean president moon jay has arrived in north korea but its third and possibly most challenging summit with the north supreme leader kim jong il president moon hopes to mediate between washington and pyongyang over the north's nuclear weapons program entrepreneur ties between the two koreas. hundreds of rescuers in the philippines are searching for victims of landslides caused by typhoon. and the country's worst affected region the northern town of it's a gone and dozens are feared dead after seeking refuge in a coal miner's bunkhouse the natural death toll from typhoon mount work now stands at more than seventy was told was also hit hong kong and china. authorities in australia who warned that the people responsible for planting needles in fruit could be jailed for ten years dozens of needles have been found mainly in
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strawbridge but also in apples and bananas the contamination is turning in some of the country's worst ever food scares police have yet to make any arrests. here in berlin doctors treating a member of russian activist group pussy riot say it is highly likely that he was poisoned vezina off after a court appearance in moscow and was rushed to the german capital for treatment doctors are keeping him in intensive care for observation but say he's out of danger. touched down on safe ground the medical transport plane carrying. arrived at the an airport in the early hours of sunday. paramedics then took a vessel off to the sheraton hospital where doctors confirmed what his relatives and friends had suspected the build was if you will see it's beautiful dr with our current diagnosis it does indeed seem highly plausible that we are dealing with a poisoning. we're here we have no indication that there could be any other
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explanation for his current condition he received from that. there's enough is a member of russian protest group pussy riot and an outspoken critic of president putin he was one of four protesters who staged a pitch invasion dressed as police officers during july's soccer world cup final in moscow. millions of people were watching live. the activists were sentenced to fifteen days in jail last week there's a lot of suddenly fell gravely ill after attending a court hearing in moscow his girlfriend says he lost his eyesight and ability to speak and was rushed to a local hospital. pussy riot activists believe he was poisoned in an attempt to intimidate or even kill him with the help of a charitable foundation they managed to fly verzilov out to the german capital three days after arriving here there's another still in intensive care but doctors
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are optimistic. we've reached the most important news today is that his life is no longer in danger his condition has improved considerably with. how long there's a loft will have to remain in hospital will become clear in the next few days. big korea of the head of germany's domestic intelligence service is hanging in the balance with the chancellor angela merkel the heads of her coalition government about to decide his fate there have been calls to such mohsen after he questioned the authenticity of videos which appear to show migrants being chased through the streets during recent protests in kenya's mohsen is also under fire over meetings with the far right anti immigrant i have the strongest opposition party in the german parliament. let's get more from the political correspondent thomas sparrow welcome thomas what are you hearing or will hans go gas and still be in his job by
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the end of today. well there was a reporter yes they feel which indicated that merkel the chancellor merkel had made up her mind and had decided that the best thing for mohsen was to was for him to leave his post so most of the comments today just as that meeting is being prepared do tend towards that direction however if that is the case if i'm going to michael has indeed made her mind and there are still two big questions to be addressed when mohsin would leave and how would that leave how is an important question because different members of the governing coalition would have to agree and whereas the social democrats the s.p.d. have made clear that they want him to leave on the other hand the interior minister and one of the leaders of the c.s.u. horse a horse has indeed protected mohsen in the last few days so trying to find a compromise between the different parties there would certainly be a big challenge and obviously the when is another important matter because it does
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not necessarily mean that he would leave today he could still be in his position for weeks or even months even if today there is an announcement that he would have to leave his position eventually. so it's only been a few months since there are over migration policy pushed the chances are government to the brink so how strained is the coalition now over this mustn't control the city while in short it's very strained this has again revealed the fault lines in germany's governing coalition the different priorities and the different positions all the different parties involved they have even been comments saying that germany is too concerned about its own internal problems and that in turn affects how germany reacts internationally and deals with some of the problems worldwide so there have been indeed a lot of critics here in germany of the way that things have been handled and the fact that such a situation regarding for example mawson but also other situations how they have
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really revealed the problems in germany's governing coalition and also on power which in a way seems to be waning according to some commentators here in berlin thomas per thank you. meeting begins in a couple of hours of course we'll keep you updated here on d w i los angeles has been hosting the seventieth emmys awards alongside the actors making the most of their moments on the red carpet some of the biggest stars of the show with the company's shaking up the t.v. business netflix streaming service on the premium t.v. channel h.b.o. battle it out for the highest number of awards h.b.o.'s game of thrones won best drama the first time was also the most awarded show was a good night for british acting talents as well claire was named best drama actress to try to create a second crowd matthew reese won best drama for the spy thriller the americans.
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i just felt. well disposed starting with football two german coaches face off tonight the most prestigious club football competition returns the champions the you're going to clubs liverpool host thomas two whose perry sondra in a major group over. one common denominator spells in charge at boro is here dortmund here can top lead them to the bundesliga title lifted the german cup and even made it into the champions league final now he's delivered pool boss thomas to haul took over from club and won the german cup before landing his current gig at paris. in the french capital two who has a plethora of stars in his squad most notably neymar and one of the world cup the most impressive players. we need we need the best performance that we have with the ball against the ball and in the moments when nobody has the ball like you can never feel comfortable against you're against teams you can never feel comfortable
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at enfield p.s.g. are among this season's favorites to win the tournament. even your gun club thinks so. everybody knows about the quality of players this build that this team is built for winning the chairman sneak they win the chairmanship in france anyway so and look so far quite easy for them because i'm believe that equality they have put quality is something liverpool also have plenty of last season's runners up perth beefed up their squad and still boast a top goal scorer mohamed salah an evenly matched group see showdown is expected at anfield but will it be too cold for a club to come out on top. four german teams are also in this season's champions league shall keping in their campaign at home to port so they hope to recover from a terrible start to the season shall have no points from three games in the bundesliga and the desperate to find some form against portuguese champions league
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or runners up in europe's top competition for the first time since twenty fifty. sometimes football is more than just a game a local team in london has gained admirers around the world because of its new away shirt clapton c.f.c.'s kit is inspired by the fight against fascism in the spanish civil war and it sparked an online frenzy. a newly founded football club is rising to stardom not because of the sport though their kid has gone viral online demand is so high that they've even stopped taking new orders the fan owned clapton community football club wants to stand up against fascism and designed the kits specifically to honor this sentiment. to know what they mean in those when the boy stands for is a very bargain it's put on. the red purple and yellow shirt is inspired by the flag
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of the second spanish republic whose army fought in the spanish civil war against franco's nationalists the back of the shirt features the slogan no percent on meaning they shall not pass which is used by anti fascist fighters in the one nine hundred thirty s. . i think it's so i mean of the show coming out to pay. cuts when a success i think they would have felt so important to people and the fact that such a big reply such because spawn so he possibly says that people really kind of needed this kind of positive message oh well there are hope out. they might not win the champions league but they've definitely won the hearts of many fans around the world. a space x. the space transport company run by entrepreneur musk ox named its first private passenger to fly around the moon its japanese businessmen and fashion tycoon usaca . the form of punk bands drug that will be making the flight
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a load he plans to bring six to eight artists creatives but have now been the first lunar travelers since the last u.s. apollo mission in one thousand nine hundred seventy two is called the trip an important step towards enabling access for all who dream of traveling to space. now. as a family on the ground is the care i want to tickets for i i should. all right you know all right china the united states it's getting worse and worse it is us president donald trump escalated his trade war slapping his biggest tears yes on china the new duties initially set a ten percent will affect two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports those tariffs are said to widen to twenty five percent next year it's a long list of products with a silver lining for tech funds and parents smartphones and baby products have been exempted for now. the latest salvo in the u.s. is trade war against china would bring around
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a half of all chinese goods sold to the u.s. under president donald trump's tariff regime and china is in the previous belt of tit for tat is not taking it lying down to flee valid counter attack previously it said it would impose tariffs on another sixty billion dollars in u.s. exports washington's first round of tariffs which started in july concentrated on industrial goods this time around a wide range of consumer products hard to be taxed effective september twenty four that's left some in china wondering who will really end up paying the price as the world's two biggest economies one up each other. well gary thank you and i'm still feeling is that chinese products are cheaper and our products are better quality but if there are increased tariffs it might cause spending power in the u.s. to decrease so i think for their country it's kind of a loss you know mostly look like this isn't going to be end of mobile are usually all over the world. this is increase because most of the politicians are thinking
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about the local people. they are thinking the election point of view but worries are mounting that both countries are losing maneuver apart from terrorists already implemented or imminent trump has also threatened even more punitive taxes on two hundred sixty seven billion dollars worth of goods should he make good on that threat tariffs would cover almost everything china sells to the united states. you know that's bringing down the frankfurt stock exchange dollars from playing a round with again how did markets react. yes you're right the trouble maker for the global stock market donald trump is back to one hundred billion dollars worth of tears you it would expect a major reaction here at the stock market well you can see it in the background the blue chip index that did not react that dramatically this morning if he's not so far the dax is in the green right now with of class. off about zero point five percent also
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a plus in asia where all the big industry is were in the green this morning the nikkei index in tokyo even reaching a seven month high what's behind all of this well investors were already prepared for this scenario to happen so it was not really a big surprise because if investors don't like one thing that's to receive news that they don't really expect today it shows that we are far away from a solution in this on going conflict and analysts feel that when we talk about the long term perspective investors are already prepared for shares in the coming weeks to be dropping while we are already also getting a reaction from beijing this morning and also this is not really that surprising china is saying that they will take counter measures which most likely is going to result in more tears now for you as american products so yeah this conflict i'm sure is going to keep as busy in the next weeks and months down there cope in
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frankfurt thank you. all and this is one of the world's big equestrian countries horses and everything connected with them is a billion euro business on the island of bragg's it is about to hit business to eighty percent of irish store bread sold in the u.k. breeders holes raising companies and twenty eight thousand employees feel much of the business could be slapped with high tariffs. there's always room for a bit of glamour. here at the leopardstown race course in dublin the horses are warming up. and the bookies are doing stellar business. horse racing is deeply ingrained in irish culture and the industry is worth a lot of money. with an annual turnover of around one point eight billion euros it's an important economic sector for the country but there are fears that breaks it could slow the industry from
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a gallop to a canter the worst case scenario is that barriers are put up on horses are not allowed to move freely across the border as they are at the moment they have to be subject to veterinary checks or perhaps there is a tariff for a charge for horses to move into the country those twenty five thousand movements of horses every year between britain are in france. resources are often transported internationally by plane or ship. traditionally there have been close links between the horseracing industries in ireland and in the united kingdom. the overwhelming number of horses that you would find running on the race meeting in england are actually our bread or a bloodline so the import and export between art and great britain is absolutely vital to the huge industry that it is and. worldwide ireland ranks number three for thoroughbred horses. a full sired by this stallion called invincible spirit will
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set you back one hundred twenty thousand euro's breeders around the world bring their mayors to ireland for an encounter. breaks it is a huge risk for an irish star bred industry a because obviously where detach from mainland europe for a horse for example like invincible spirit a lot of the mayors will use the u.k. as a land bridge so if they have to take a lot longer to get to where they need to go to there becomes a risk and naturally breeders will decide not to travel and will decide to use the stallions at home. every year break spend two hundred fifty million euros on thoroughbreds from their irish neighbors no wonder then that when it comes to freedom of movement many irish are concerned about their horses as well as themselves. the deep sea ports is georgia's biggest infrastructure project to date
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a giant effort for the young nation the reclaiming of millions of metres of sand for the port just of not away georgia has set its sights high the aim is to open another maritime corridor between europe and asia. despite being located along ancient trading routes georgia has never had deep sea ports and actually the seaside town on the eastern edge of the black sea is said to be the site of the first one and the clia used to be a conflict ridden front along the border of georgia and the breakaway region of up . but the government is banking on being able to develop the area hosting a deep sea port would allow bigger cargo ships to dock here. sort of the easy for the process and then actually a court will address this really important challenges for georgia's economic growth it will ensure the best use of the country as a geo graphic location and transform it into all the just. work we have great
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access not only to the markets of armenia and azerbaijan but also central asia and china. we need to increase the competitiveness of our seaports otherwise we cannot attract all those cargo ships that go in another direction today through very good movies ago but it got the wee bit of computer from one of those we use when you walk into one of the world's largest creditor ships the athena is supposed to help remove around five million cubic meters of mud from the sea the port itself is scheduled to receive its first ships in twenty twenty jobs and billions in investment and trading opportunities are expected to follow the ports developers estimate a total contribution of sixty billion u.s. dollars to the georgian economy in the next two decades. that's all your business you're watching news from we'll have an update for you at the top all the hour don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our side. thanks for watching.
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half. possibly even the name says death mankind's giant leap. for no one saw me. so why has no one the map since one thousand nine hundred seventy two by two fifteen is a technological progress. is another landing even plan. five reasons why and so i will not run team on the moon today. tomorrow to do any
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