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it. this is the deadly news live from the land up possible reprieve from war ravaged syria rival sides in the country's civil war give a cautious welcome to plans to establish a demilitarized zone in rebel held it live if it holds the deal between russia and turkey could prevent a major humanitarian crisis also on the program u.s. president donald trump increases economic pressure on china with new tires on another two hundred billion dollars worth of it holds beijing says it will be tally eighteen coming. days television's biggest night of the year the seventieth emmy
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awards on of the best shows on top talent and more still streaming hits as one stock studied night in los angeles. i'm phil gale welcome to the program the leaders of russia and turkey have agreed to establish i think the militarized zone in syria as it lived province it limits the last major stronghold of syria's anti-government rebels and more than three million civilians are trapped that over recent weeks the syrian government backed by russian forces have been threatening an all out attack on the region turkey on the opposite side of the conflict a fierce an influx of thousands of refugees across its border in what the u.n. has warned could become a humanitarian catastrophe no details have yet been. at least about exactly where
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this safe step will be established. the promise from ridge of thai air to one and let him have hooten it live will be a safe haven they'll be no bitter battle for control of the last rebel held province in syria. hootin an heir to one of agreed to set up a demilitarized zone by mid october they say russian and turkish troops will patrol a buffer strip between syrian government forces and rebels. but. we both agree that implementation of the plan steps will give new amounts into the process of resolving the syrian conflict politically allowing work to intensify an international solution and it will contribute to peace returning to syrian soil. russia and turkey both have direct strategic interests in syria moscow has strongly backed syria's president bashar assad's regime with troops on the ground but turkey too has intervened in the syrian conflict carving out
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a zone of influence near its border in recent days turkey has increased its military presence in the region the risk of a confrontation between russia and a nato member over it live grew as fighting increased. alone what have you. sensed the beginning of the month dozens of people have been killed and wounded in air raids and attacks by the syrian government and the russian air force reports from adlib have been growing increasingly dire. and. there's always the sound of war planes and there are attacks on many areas. people can't sleep because of the air raids all day and night. and only. now two of syria's major players have pledged an end to the killing in it live. but
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they have to ensure the deal is honored. so will it be. hot on the border between turkey and province. how are people reacting to the news of this tale. well you have to understand people in it live have been bracing for the worst for a massive military assault by the assad government and its russian allies so now that this agreement at least gives them a glimmer of hope because this agreement has delayed such an offensive we are not sure whether it prevented it but it of course by is some time we have been talking to former it liberated and zero on the turk inside it live and they talk to each other and they say this agreement some of them say this agreement is a good move because it will save many many lives but others say they don't really
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trust it because most of all they don't trust russian president vladimir putin that he will really stick to the agreement so very mixed feelings here on the turkish side of the border when it comes to yesterday's deal and we're seeing quite short of detail who or what is to be protected by the safe side. well we are getting very conflicting information on what this demilitarized or deescalation zone this safe zone will look like some turkish media channels have been reporting that it's kind of a circle around city that will be monitored by and patrolled by turkish and russian soldiers alike fifteen to twenty kilometers wide other sources say it will be an area that starts here right behind me at the turkish border and then extends into the province but we are getting a very different information here i think so far it's not entirely clear how this
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demilitarized zone will look like but the plan is to withdraw every heavy military equipment and to make radical militants that what that's what president putin said leave the area but there are many open questions like will these militants relief there are thousands of armed fighters in it live will they comply will they leave. han on the border between turkey and. a russian military jet has been shot down by syrian anti-aircraft fire russia says all fifteen people on board were killed and it's blaming israel for the deaths according to moscow israeli pilots attacking targets in northwestern syria use the jets as a shield causing syrian forces to then inadvertently shoot down the russian plane near the syrian coastline russian defense ministry says the israeli aircraft actions amount to hostile provocation and that it has the right to retaliate israel
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blamed inaccurate fire from syria's defenses for the crash. into some of the other stories making news around the world south korean president moon j. and has arrived in north korea for his third and possibly most challenging summit with the north korean leader kim jong il present mood hopes to mediate between washington and pyongyang over the north nuclear weapons program and to promote ties between the two koreas. hundreds of rescuers in the philippines are searching for victims of landslides caused by typhoon goods in the country's worst affected region the northern town of it took on dozens of feet dead after seeking refuge in a gold mine is bunkhouse the national death toll from typhoon my goodness now stands at more than seventy the storm cells are hit home and china. is in australia warming up the people responsible for planting needles and fruit
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fights ten years in prison dozens of needles have been found in batches in fruits around the country mainly in strawberries but also in apples and bananas the contamination is turning into one of the country's worst ever food scans. doctors here in berlin chasing a member of the russian activist group pussy pussy riot so it's highly likely that he was poisoned because of as it off a fellow after a court appearance in moscow and was rushed to the german capital for treatment doctors are keeping him in intensive care for observation but say he is out of danger. touched down on safer ground the medical transport plane carrying vessel off arrived at berlin airport in the early hours of sunday paramedics then took vessel of to the sheraton hospital where doctors confirmed what his relatives and friends had suspected it was believed was you will see it's
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beautiful dr with our current diagnosis it does indeed seem highly plausible that we are dealing with a poisoning. and we're here we have no indication that there could be any other explanation for his current condition he received and. there's enough is a member of russian protest group pussy riot and an outspoken critic of president putin he was one of four protesters who staged a pitch invasion dressed this police officers during july's soccer world cup final in moscow millions of people were watching live the activists were sentenced to fifteen days in jail last week there's enough suddenly fell gravely ill after attending a court hearing in moscow his girlfriend says he lost his eyesight and ability to speak and was rushed to a local hospital. pussy riot activists believe he was poisoned in an attempt to intimidate or even kill him with the help of
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a charitable foundation they managed to fly verzilov out to the german capital three days after arriving here there's another still in intensive care but doctors are optimistic. the most important news today is that his life is no longer in danger his condition has improved considerably. how long there's enough will have to remain in hospital will become clear in the next few days. los angeles has hosted the seventieth i mean awards alongside the actors making the most of them are when some red carpet some of the biggest stars of the show were the companies shaking up the t.v. business netflix the streaming service the premium t.v. channel h.b.o. the highest number of gongs h.b.o.'s game of thrones on best drama for a time i was also the most awarded show together was also a good night for british acting talent was named best drama actress for her
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portrayal of queen elizabeth the second in the crown matthew briefs best drama actor for the spy thriller just fell just stand in front of me every day and more on this from the doubly culture at scott's rockstro welcome scott let's start with game of thrones once again big with this time only two emmys yeah i mean two of the main ones they got a few technical awards which were awarded previously but yeah compared to previous previous wins last year they didn't qualify because they didn't have any episodes that aired in time to be nominated so two years ago though when they did qualify they just swept the awards i don't know i think this year maybe people are starting to think that this series you know big huge fantasy series obviously very impressive maybe change the face of television but maybe some people are thinking like i am that it's maybe run its course i mean i would say in the parlance it hasn't jumped the shark it's maybe jumped the dragon the series is maybe on this
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last legs next the final season is coming up maybe this time the emmy was looking and saying all right maybe this season isn't the greatest but for all that game of thrones. done for t.v. for all showed us maybe we did still deserves the best of the best there drama i don't cry guns big see battles half naked people running around it's hard to argue against it hard not to like. what was the real standout view this year for me the real santa and the big surprise as well was an amazon show which won best comedy series and took five emmys in total the bar was mrs may's oh i don't know ok you've said yeah it's not nearly as popular as game of thrones obviously but did very very well for amazon and the star rachel brosnahan won the best comedy actress and using the show that i can explain briefly it's the fifty's housewife. who gets divorced and then decides to start a trier her luck at a stand up comedy
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a very lovely sweet show quite funny interesting because it's sort of i see it sort of as a feminist take on mad men it looks almost the same period but from a female perspective very interesting i didn't expect this to do as well as it did but i'm really happy for surprises for me the big surprise was there was no politics this year i mean there were some people on the red carpet who made a few comments but you know where the middle of the trump era this is the first emmys post me to you didn't hear that mentioned at all on stage there was no discussion whatsoever and i think maybe this something to do with the fact that maybe people are a bit exhausted by the politics in the entertainment field or maybe for this award ceremony at least they want take a step back and just have a intertainment show even the want to show what i mean game of thrones fantasy series marvel's mrs nasal is a sort of misty look back the crown won big that's also a look back at the royal era and so on it all we've got enough of reality so you're
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a bit of escapism a bit of escapism a bit of nostalgia but a found say all right. thank you so much. space x. the space transport company run by entrepreneur must cost named its first profit passenger to fly around the moon its japanese entrepreneur and fashion tycoon who saku meson of all the punk bands drummer won't be making a flying solo he plans to bring along six to eight tests. and other passages they'll be the first live metropolis since they last us apollo mission in one thousand nine hundred seventy two musk has called the trip an important step towards enabling accessible oh the dream of traveling into space. and watching b.w. news live from that still to come president trump it's china with the biggest wave of tyrants yet china says it will respond so what's next for trying. crystal
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cove a well how about story in today's business update in just a moment i'll be back at the top of it out with the rest all for gold gold news yourself a good day. earth . home to millions of species of home worth saving. on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use doesn't protect the kids.


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