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tv   Made in Germany - VR takes the world by storm  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am CEST

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illegitimately. story linked to news from africa and the world join us on facebook d w. time to change the way we look at the world whether our virtual augmented or mixed reality immersive technology is now beginning to pervade every sector of business ours included look at us and our private lives as well soon we can have instant access to information in every day exhibit and will be able to create the
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digital world's only limited by imagination how will that change us while we'll try to find some answers as we dive into digital realities in this week's edition of meet i'm christopher kober great to have you along technology is meant to simplify and improve our lives and that goes beyond the ability to store thousands of songs on a smartphone even work environments that until now have remained mostly hands on are being hit by the digital revolution take repairs on a high voltage electrical substation for example up to now trained professionals needed years of experience and a pair of steady hands to work on one but if something went tragically wrong could a pair of v r goggles now help even your i to save the day here's more from my colleague ben fizzling. which one the orange wires the green yellow.
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card. and. if only i were equipped like sealing the electrician of tomorrow walking p.c. downturn holograms showing what's what. instead of these back breakers a whole bring binder for every cabinet just to work out which wire is which i talked to a lot of these around for years yep that's how you got your biceps pretty much. he only got the glasses yesterday and can already work hands free at this electrical substation in auto but it's actually quite easy. how do you open a menu. doing this. and to select something by clicking like this. it's pretty cool. that's what i thought he's in charge of testing the whole the lens at the utility but it's packed full of cameras
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and sensors which out the battery in a couple hours and add weight. so. the device weighs a good kilo. when you've got that much weight on the top of your head it changes your posture. we have to take that into account. we're also checking out the occupational health implications how long can a worker where a pair of feet. of. there's also motion sickness to think about and the lens costs a dizzying five thousand euros once rolled out he argues it'll save time and money . the software for the glasses is developed by this tiny team of programmers at z. reality and nearby kaiserslautern they say they're also the first to create platforms in which companies can present their products to customers half a world away. a startup c.e.o.
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. shows me around one of these virtual showrooms so you can see every detail moving close every screw and the proportions adjust accordingly amazing you can see everything. as use it to see whether a machine functions whether the design is right or if something has to be changed and it's also used to trade fairs or anywhere at the present machines that are bulky and difficult to transport. what sort of savings are you talking about. as the cost in these dustbuster means you make by reviewing a machine design created this way can add up to a six figure sad because you don't have to build a prototype anymore. to get dramatically improves communications and the design team and that saves a lot. and many companies have numerous development centers that communicate with each other online and see them listen so you can say i want to travel costs as the
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engineers can meet on these platforms and work on the machines together minds and emotion that in order to get the goal goals are always going to be this big discipline and the classes will get smaller but there is speculation that apple will release a new parent to those with the goal is to create actual holograms at the moment there are tiny prototypes that function like a projector but the technology hasn't come that far yet middleby another decade on this if they will come up with. he says the immediate challenge is using artificial intelligence like avatars that sell the products on these platforms controlled by computers not us but i will be ready for that i asked a guy who's been dealing with ai for twenty years. it's both overrated and under rated there's a lack of imagination on the one hand we haven't grasped all the possibilities there are so many on the other hand the expectations are over the top it's magic
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people think computers will take care of everything while we just take a backseat that's the area of conflict in which an ai is being discussed the truth lies somewhere in between unfortunately german companies in particular are lacking we have to get them up to speed they really need artificial intelligence the question isn't whether i want a i think it's how i approach it and when it's a game changer that will not only alter the corporate world but also life and politics it's going to change everything. that's a lot to get my head around so now i'm just going to take a ride through the world of virtual reality destination unknown. so not only can a pair of glasses tell you which cable to cut in order to prevent disaster they can also take you on the ride of your life and that's only the beginning here's
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a little guide through the jungle of extended reality. virtual reality argument or reality. next reality extended reality confused yet what is all this stuff. you can recognise virtual reality from the wrap around headset it means you're looking at a completely digital world three hundred sixty degrees nothing is real everything is created in the computer all the visuals and sounds with me are for example you can check out a new car virtually from top to bottom or head off to a distant country the u.n. is using p.r. to try to make the real world a better place that encourages donations to refugee projects by putting users in a virtual camp seeing this world through the eyes of a child stories empathy makes you reach for your wallet. augmented reality is the
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computer generated extension of reality it's used primarily via smartphones and tablets. that expands reality by putting virtual layers to. one popular application in the field is poco mongo in the game digital creatures are added to a real setting in real time. but also for example help customers choose new furniture by letting you place the furniture virtually in a desired space with a single swipe the thing is users can't directly interact with these digitally generated objects that's where mixed reality comes in it's made possible with a new generation of headsets that allow for example a manager at a supermarket to get an overview of all the stock in a store that gives the manager real time information on which products will soon pass their sell by date which are out of stock and which aren't moving well they can then be put on special straight away. then finally you might have heard of
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extended reality but that's actually just a general. term for virtual augmented and mixed realities it simply denotes a world where the boundaries between real and digital disappear. despite all the technological progress most of us still harbor a fondness for things quaint and obsolete and the trend is especially noticeable among young people some will spend hundreds of euro's for eight nine hundred sixty s. armchair even if it's a replica whereas that a lot of for the past coming from is a response to the hectic pace of innovation and change our reporter mr schmidt went to hamburg to find out. fashions first flappers from the one nine hundred twenty s. . everything from that period fascinates linda marcia. a growing number of stores like this one and hamburg offer vintage originals or clothes made
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to look retro for fans of bygone styles. and. for me it's all about what i enjoy i take pleasure in the design the music dance of the feel of that period. i'm also a child of the president or. been kinda hard to entice of course i identify with things that are going on around me but this is a kind of pleasant getaway. i think that people in our fast paced time want something that lasts us they want the past. that side life in the one nine hundred twenty s. was very different and today we look back to the lively charm of that period. even the sense of living on the edge and the tempestuous wild feeling. tempered men
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follow on video ask about. an original cash register from one hundred twenty nine gives the shopping experience and authentic touch. this company was founded in one thousand nine hundred seventy. in the digital age notebooks may seem a bit dated but business has taken off sales have risen by twenty five percent in the past five years in part thanks to made to order items the nostalgic notebooks are hits from south korea to north america. it's not as if we're being cannibalized by digitalisation on the contrary at the age of digital. zation there's a growing interest in digital behavior it makes me more conscious when you right now i'm sitting down and writing a letter now i'm writing this note in my notebook you do those things with awareness you don't just hack away at your keyboard i think that's changed with the
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subsidies for. big companies like b.m.w. are also jumping on the retro bandwagon models based on the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's designs are among the german manufacturers best selling motorcycles worldwide . other retro items that can cost nearly as much as a motorcycle are pieces of mid twentieth century furniture. this sideboard sells for ten thousand euro its customers come from all over the world design rules and furniture in the sixty's and seventy's was built differently the quality is better the glowing techniques were different the pieces were joined different like people bought furniture to last or not he knew if he called. again a reason to see him there's a huge retro c.m.
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you get snowed if you have an affinity for this kind of thing everyone knows someone who made that bound in principle you could go i should find something every evening opposite to me in. the fascination with things retro seems to be firmly at home in the present and that includes the new style chick sound in some of camber clubs. so there are plenty of products out there that remain fascinating and charming even if they lack a u.s.b. port sure digital is slick and cool but it isn't always necessarily better here's a little song of praise for those very analog the lights. hanging on the telephone chattering without and wasting time on so-called social media but there's a real world out there. and egg for breakfast save of the
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texture the aroma still the hunger. it feels good doesn't it. coffee and across songs nothing virtual about that. apps can't be delicious at least not yet. robots don't cuddle or play. at the office there are documents to read paper documents. people to chat with living breathing humans. a business partner hasn't answered an email it's time to call her and talk to her in real time. she says it's home birthday. the company manufactures car seats for bodies to settle in germany exported two point eight million cars in one thousand nine hundred seven last year the number
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was four point three million with lots of metal and plastic a whole lot of it i'm a lover reality. of. time to go home but first to the car wash the spraying them brushing and polishing is refreshing the physical. talking about physical time to freshen up. and get physical. well businesses that are looking for suitable candidates to fill a job position still mostly use old fashioned methods to find them and the department in charge is called human resources but the old job interview model is
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also changing as my colleague discovered in this week's face to face. because i'm applying for a management job at the talents insurance company they've sent me a telephone number and a pin. it's probably the direct line to the boss i've been told it's going to be a very special interview now to enter the number of you have. to make the process easier we're going to ask you a few questions in a computerized interview please tell us in-depth about a recent positive experience private or professional. cause if you have my most recent positive private experience a visit to a riding stable with my daughter when we were on holiday. but when i thought i'm intruding please describe a typical sunday again we go to the playground please describe when where and how
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you can best relax. the interview lasted fifteen minutes. kind of what. the person software broke my answers down into seven hundred thousand datasets and created a profile thank you recorded your responses and our analysis will follow soon. things are open so do i get the job am i the right person is the profile ready i'm going to ask the head of human resources. skip the question of whether your answers were right or not even if the results are instantly available we think it's very important that an expert a psychologist look at them and hold the feedback interview with you. only then do i get the information so no i don't have the results. or if that means i didn't get the job and i understand i know that's not true there
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are many factors in all deciding whether you get a job or not first there's the question of whether you want to be in management or whether you need a completely different kind of individual freedom. i take it you've done the test. i want to know why i'm still here. would you give yourself a job on the basis of your interview and description of a perfect sunday. as if that's just me in the sun to flog me that's an interesting question. anyone who's in a job if they would hire themselves for it they're going to say that if the course . we learn each one of us is that we're all very different. we also learn and i've been in this position. and worked before hand. and we're capable of doing a steady job at this show even if we are below average in some areas.
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do i have to make sure that they use positive words and avoid negative ones. question is how does the algorithm work the cool thing is that artificial intelligence recognizes personality structures using algorithms as far as this is possible. and it isn't possible to identify all of them. so for example they examined when someone pauses. and we all make small pauses sometimes even between letters. the algorithm analyzes the results from perhaps hundreds of different points of view and then compares them with the diagnostics underlying attitude tests to establish results of the language behavior tests where if i knew how the whole process and the evaluation worked could i train myself to be the perfect applicant and perfect up a value. if you couldn't languages something that you already perceive in the womb
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you can't alternately change your basic behavior if you're talking off the cuff reason is for why do you do that why do you use that tool. for him. in the past we used to use an assessment center it only found out there was something that could replace individual assessments we were enthusiastic first of all it's less time consuming scheduling interview appointments is very difficult second we find this process extremely objective money and woman big small young old the moment a computer carries out the analysis all of that stops playing a role. now in case you're wondering how you often did in his interview with the algorithm well he received a very personal in-depth analysis of his performance also by phone and it showed he's not exactly what the company is looking for in a manager so he'll remain part of the may team lucky for us. are you also sick of
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trying to shop for the perfect pair of pants but can't find anyone in the store to help you soon virtual shopping assistants could do away with the hassle they're meant to learn what customers want and maybe even persuade them to want more mate's money on his or went to see where stores are taking extended reality next. to the starting line i might shopping and i see something strange. i can't believe my eyes i'm walking behind this thing. is going. to stink off mr show me around the store. clathrate i go first and you follow me. the virtual bird is my digital shopping assistant it doesn't know much yet but it learns quickly soon it'll recognize customers and their preferences it's about to realize i'm not interested in how i
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felt appliances today stop so how do you clean or are you serious they'll be presenting the dice in connecticut big ball vacuum cleaner. maybe in the future you'll walk into a store and we already know what you've come for if the customer wants us to we could offer targeted products like maybe the ones you don't know yet but would like to. know so that you like the vacuum cleaner so no i don't want to be honest. i get the feeling i'm just listening to advertising. i wonder about who programs the digital assistant and who decides what the customer gets recommended. i want point of customer service become product marketing. we're trying a lot of different things. to introduce new products and even special offers and we
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just have to see what works best with the customers and the build on the. investment and paid by companies. i wouldn't rule it out but the focus is on making things easier for the customers and for the stuff or to focus. the future lies in the hands of the programmers. in the supermarket is how and when i spend my money can still be completely anonymous i can pay in cash to a real person but technology has much more to offer. to find out what let's take a look at the supermarket of the future and i'm at the german research center for artificial intelligence. the food in here is made of plastic a sensor determines if everything's in the right place the customer receives additional information. a practice run with the head of research spend gathering. i take a look at the smart meat counter which can tell what i'm pointing us. the
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camera hanging over the counter recognizes the position of your arm or calculates the extension of you are meant to the counter. because the system knows ahead of time or learned in the counter the product or they can easily figure out what you're pointing out. the shopping cart keeps track of what's in a of course we can make it cost free payment by an app. the system even thanks me as i leave. the good to two over here at a car showroom it's all about v.r.e. experience. it sure feels like a real car. you can certainly sell or at least offer the customer a lot more extras with this system and. it's a money factor as
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a pilot project. virtual reality could soon be standard practice when buying a car. in the soul i just have one problem the headset makes me dizzy saw it's my that's enough for now and never thought i'd be so sensitive has been. i also get dizzy when i see how huge it is light station has changed our lives on shopping is just the tip of the iceberg. it sure is a brave new digital world out there that wraps up this edition of made for me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching see you again next week.
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cards for a. card culture. high hair. superman. superfood stylish dialogue on the stove lead a. life style during. the last. thirty minutes. before.
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her first day of school in the. first clueless. and then stars grand moment arrives join the arena tango on her journey to freedom in our interest to dungeon torah entering into and returns home. birth home to millions of species a home worth saving. and those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate to green energy solutions and reforestation . be creative interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next. my little one to use the multimedia environment series on t.w. . i. maintain sixty seven crime
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occurred around the world. young people rebelled against their parents' generation . it was a constant destiny full of stupidity entish a few they demanded nothing less than a home or something. like maelstrom of consumer filings with the vietnam war playing a role model generation watch the war every day. our documentary takes a look at wild times how do those who were new members of. the first time i had a feeling of being part of something. means of those events today. pursued spoke civil rights the peace movement the women's movement for a whole planet during this period. nineteen sixty eight the little. this week
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on. the german government has removed the controversial head of the country's domestic intelligence agency hans go to mass and had been under fire for weeks ofter he appeared to downplay violence against migrants during recent protests in the city of kennett's in a twist he has been promoted to a senior civil servant role in the interior ministry. doctors treating a member of the russian activist group pussy riot in berlin say claims that he was poisoned a highly.


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