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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2018 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin and the reality of daily life in syria is it will have problems just find a deal to make the country's last rebel stronghold of the militarized zone refugees fear for loved ones they've left behind. also coming up leaping forward on the korean peninsula the leaders of north and south korea agree sweeping measures to improve relations don't yank says it will close its main nuclear complex if the united states makes reciprocal moves the. pressure grows on germany's coalition government tensors chance i'm going to remove her head of domestic intelligence for
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a parent par right sympathies only to promote him to a more powerful post in the interior ministry. plus we take a look inside nigeria's pentecostal make a churches with packed services eager worship person and charismatic pastors are proving a huge hit with local issues the critics worry the focus on economic rather than spiritual salvation is distorting christianity's real message. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program monday's deal between turkey and russia to establish a demilitarized zone in syria's it led province has spared the region from a government offensive but even with an immediate military assault looking less likely civilians and it lives face harsh conditions. the families who have already
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fled to turkey receive harrowing messages from loved ones who remain in syria as the country's civil war grinds on is junia han reports from ray honey one of on the turkish side of the border. two days ago there were airstrikes here again this little one was hurt can you see it thank god it was nothing worse. than. a sees a sister fatima only on what's at the this one is a few days old lives in the village of duma gts in the town of re homeless across the border in turkey he fled it six years ago his sister remained behind. her house was destroyed last trike. she left with her
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children to our parents spillage. fatima simply did not believe the war would last this long and this. or saw it and they want to bring order of doomadgee chose me how he lives in turkey in a makeshift tent camp with his wife the hawk and five children the ole share one space oh yes he is here and. we live here because nothing else is possible. and it will never should be he should see this place in winter. the ground outside gets muddy and it's ice cold but it's a really hard life that how you feel. as difficult as life might be here a boom a jade and his family are at least in safety three years ago turkey effectively closed its border with syria and built a wall several hundred kilometers long since then new refugees have officially not
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been allowed to enter. the effects of that decision can be seen here on the left on the turkish side empty space on the right in syria refugee camps practically to the horizon turkish aid groups feat. in the rehung the markets many turks say they're glad syrians are no longer allowed to cross the border. we've already taken in too many syrians we can't take more and don't want to. believe we had to flee the fighting we do the same it's fine with me if they come i understand that they need help and that the same could happen to us but still since they've been here a lot has changed too much shocked look it is a. generational thirty king our jobs we used to earn eighty liras a day. the syrians do the same work for half the pay.
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little toto. and his family very much feel the hostility still there great here in the camp turkey's president is considered a hero even more so since managing for now to a final bloody offensive on the. coffee of course it's not the end of the conflict. but when you're drowning you grasp at every straw. at least the killing will stop now. whatever egypt's future is. wants to see his sister again some day in peace and freedom and not just on a small screen in. the leaders of north and south korea are hailing a deal to improve ties and bolster efforts to end nuclear tensions in the region
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after talks and can yank the north's kim jong un promise to close the country's main nuclear complex and shut down a missile launch site if the united states makes reciprocal news well the two koreas also agreed to link up their railways and work together on a joint a limb pick. day two of south korean president moon j. in this visit to his maverick northern neighbor kim jong un and a breakthrough. after signing ceremony there were announcements on the north closing a nuclear missile testing site establishing buffer zones between the two koreas and a joint elliptic bid for twenty thirty two it was a more colorful affair the previous evening a concert in honor of the two leaders at pyongyang square and. followed by a lavish banquet and a cheerful exchange of toasts. visit is the first by
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a south korean leader to the north in eleven years and top of the broader agenda reproaching stalled talks with the u.s. on denuclearizing the korean peninsula. bible kendell e discuss advancing the nuclearization with president. president moon and i build trust with each other our progress towards a peaceful and prosperous korean peninsula will become foster. home bond or you wonder don't be a co-op complete denuclearization and the establishment of peace on the korean peninsula is an important agenda good as it is a completely new resolution that could be various challenges and difficulties however chairman kim jong un and i share trust and friendship. relations between the two koreas do seem to be improving but real progress in the region will depend on convincing the us that the north is serious about getting rid of its nuclear
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weapons. for let's go straight over to seoul where our correspondent probably on catch is standing by for us he's been covering the summit fabio how significant is this deal between north and south korea is there much substance there or is it largely symbolic. to some part it was significant. both sides also signed military agreement and for example it included that there will be any post-mortem to the strikes on space. into three in border and there will be any more military exercises so this is one step closer to treaty we have became i would say the same space but terms of close nation and. most measures remain way well regarding denuclearization of course the north still needs to convince united states that these latest developments help
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convince the us that north korea is serious about getting rid of its nuclear weapons. they delivered. a promise of one zero zero zero one with. this illness or disease you. mean they were misleading in the morning and wrong when the sun didn't see. something. on the mountain up during the tsunami and it's the second one this they first talked about shutting down the main nuclear complex not we have the yongbyon nuclear test site and it's linked to corresponding measurements from the u.s. so we don't really know what not to expect stinnett then so it's not what washington actually wants they want. it not nuclear rights first and then. they will do a little bit but north korea's insisting on earth synchronizing. also so they will
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go one step and some would say mystique not yes probably we'll have to listen sanctions and what do we make of the north korean leader apparently promising to visit seoul in the near future of briefly if you can that would be a significant step wouldn't. it be. first i mean so far no and off when you go it's never this it's so and i think that's one sign also to show the u.s. that in the future there might be this it to washington might be possible and basic you tell it's also yes that both are ready to keep pushing their peace process. the geopolitical situation i would say. thank you very much for bringing us up today to a correspondent probably uncut there talking to us from a rather noisy press center in seoul south korea. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today the woman
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accusing us green court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault wants the f.b.i. to investigate her allegations before she testifies in front of the senate development could further delay kavanagh's confirmation ford says kavanagh attacked her in one thousand nine hundred two. era when doctors treating a member of russian activist group pussy riot say claims that he was poisoned are highly plausible. betsy loaf fell ill after attending a court appearance in moscow and was rushed to the german capital for treatment he's now out of danger but still in intensive care. and officials in the gaza strip say two palestinians have been killed by israeli gunfire during a protest along the border thousands of house and has rallied to protest the blockade of gaza imposed by israel and egypt protesters burned tires and hurled rocks at israeli forces responded with tear gas and live fire.
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germany's fragile coalition government is under pressure again after chancellor i'm going to michael remove her domestic intelligence chief only to promote him to a more powerful post on the mass and was under pressure under fire for contradicting the chancellor about the extent of recent right wing violence mohsen had the backing of merkel's for billy a rebellious interior minister hosts a hopeful who also leads one of the coalition parties but medical center left coalition partners the social democrats demanded mawson's ouster now the party leaders agreed on mawson's fate at a crisis meeting on tuesday but that compromise is already testing the government's unity. the decisive meeting at the chancellery was held in the late afternoon for days people could only speculate whether the head of germany's domestic intelligence agency would stay or go the coalition party leaders reached agreement within two hours must and will leave his post but he'll actually be promoted to the
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office of deputy minister at the interior ministry he will and more than before. junior coalition partners the social democrats who demanded martin's removal but party leaders finally agree to his job change instead the concession has appalled other party members. as i'm sure it's a slap in the face for people who take responsibility for their actions and who if they make a mistake don't get promoted or even face negative consequences i think the price is too high for the survival of the coalition. leaders of the opposition have also greeted the news with scorn. and sacrificed in their game to save the coalition. the head of germany's domestic intelligence agency came under heavy criticism for a public statement following right wing riots in the eastern city of ken that's
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massive asserted that the video being circulated did not necessarily show mobs hunting down individuals but had possibly been manipulated to spread fake news mass and statement directly contradicted chancellor america from the start she had condemned what she referred to as a hostile mob the only politician to defend mass in was his boss interior minister horsy hoffa who heads the conservative c.s.u. one of marco's coalition partners. is expected to describe the details of muscles new position today and name his successor at germany's domestic intelligence agency . european union leaders are gathering in austria today ahead of two days of talks on the thorny issue of migration and brags it thorny issues i should say but the two topics are anything that separate as the status of britain's living in europe and europeans living in britain remains unresolved three
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million eve citizens reside in britain and many of them provide vital services not least in the health sector. it's a cyclical think you're much a routine check up with dr from newman top for nineteen years the german physician has been welcoming patients to a surgery here in a small village near cambridge about eighty kilometers north of london but the bricks that referendum has cast a shadow over his future here so we europeans on in limbo i personally in limbo since eight hundred in two days we don't know what is going to be what what all the rules what all. what is going to be the leader basis on which we stay here that's quite disconcerting and i think it's quite a shameful way to treat over three million people in the country. meanwhile the national health service is already experiencing a dramatic shortage of staff one in eleven posts a survey can and the situation is especially bad for nurses with breaks it coming
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soon the royal college of nursing is sounding the alarm it is a disaster in the making i'm afraid the patients won't have the right people that with the right skills to care for them in that hour mate and that's not acceptable not by any standards it's not acceptable for medicine and it's certainly not acceptable for us ata cat that's when nurses since doctors are taking to the streets they fear more and more pressure on their professions and eventually a collapse of the system the number of nurses arriving from the e.u. has fallen by ninety percent since the bracks referendum and the survey suggests one in five european doctors is considering leaving. it's really unsettling to see all cully funding you feel very unsettled they are unable to plan their lives for the education of the children for housing all sorts of things we don't want to live
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we want to study all sides so important to all communities so you can talk to them blooming. has held part of this community for many years he's now spent more time in the u.k. than in his home country of germany his children and grandchildren all live in the area. it's very sad it's something that's quite incomprehensible. books so vulnerable to the what's what would be with you about it. and if you scratch on the surface there's not much coming there's not much actually of substance that's wrong with you it's a mystery. the mystery remains about his own future in the u.k. like so many office colleagues he's considering turning his back on the country that he calls home. to nigeria and the building business of worship
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the country's pet accost all churches are packed or packing in believers every weekend with a message of economic hope and talked. but the focus on charismatic pastors and the price tie that comes with regular attendance has worried mainstream christian critics he wus funny reports from in nigeria's ogun state. a typical sunday for some forty million nigerians that would. send a brick to south you can still go while coming teams of people into one of the roughly five hundred pentecostal churches in the country i'm joining a service today in one of these mega churches just outside of lagos it's the third biggest one in nigeria in the run to the church service today and as you get. that you found out to be. the service rather quietly but people don't stay in their seats for long.
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pastoral calls himself a bishop here and he celebrated like a stop david asked him a to growth one hundred fifty million u.s. dollars and many of his followers you're in for that kind of. oh yeah that was perspiring gospel resonates with. those who have no blood that is. there's no this does cross racial start you know should i feel your son i know is. the big donation baskets fill quickly the belief is the more you give during and after the church service the more you're the includes. the church there are many more ways to spend money how about only oil sold for five dollars per bottle this is not to eat it is to put on your hat why. not say it's the
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course. like it's not like you know my. keno for anything you want to believe i use the oil for you it's cure sickness ease it's. any people are being used by using just the pentecostal churches compete for members each promises academic salvation a solution and people want to believe in them especially in times of hardship. god jesus that's also the first billboard you see when you and thirty university of lagos francis is a professor of religious studies he says nigeria is one of the most religious countries in africa but he's concerned about the focus of pentecostal churches is then draws because. everything revolves around a pastor and then the tendency. to shift in. the past and not. the lifestyle of the pastor becomes
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this turned out not out of christ he says people's faith is being exploited and converted into a commercial business the price tag most of these pastors are not there to serve. incidents underlying west on some of the practices of the bible to support stem cells that jesus was not all he's always had the best of these. churches are not true quired to pay taxes but you don't rise in extreme poverty so politicians want to change not still it's a highly unpopular idea on those who believe a positive changes only possible through their faith and they're going. to trade dispute between china and the u.s. continues to heat up and get out here to tell us about how china is reacting to the latest terrorist in the u.s. about her child his premier league pitching has called on governments to defend
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free trade off the latest round of tit for tat tariff action between washington and beijing at a speech at the world economic forum in young jim that's near beijing he urged well leaders to reject unilateral is not encouraged negotiation to resolve disputes he also promised improved access for foreign investors to the chinese market washington announced further taxes would be imposed on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods on tuesday effectively putting punitive uses on half of all chinese imports to the u.s. beijing swiftly reacted with retaliatory tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. products. electric car maker tesla's confirmed that is being investigated by the u.s. justice department prosecutors open to fraud investigation after c.e.o. elon musk tweeted last month that he wanted to take tesla private and had funding secured for the deal that cost of the stock price to jump but musk then backed off
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talk going private normally taking a huge company private would be explained in detail before regulators the comic was also facing an investigation by the securities and exchange commission and lawsuits from investors as those value has fallen by almost a third since must initial tweets. now the german government had to publicly row back today on their promise to put one million electric cars on germany's streets by twenty twenty let's bring in the cold in frankfurt darnall is that more embarrassing for german carmakers or for the government. well i guess actually garrett it's a shame for both sides i remember the words of german chancellor angela merkel very well when she was stating yeah by twenty twenty the reality on the german role would be that we see e-cards everywhere well i've been standing here i guess for the last twenty minutes i have not seen a single e-car going by and that's really the reality in germany also when you
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talk about the car makers i guess the only car maker worldwide that was able to create at least some sort of a hive of all the e-card is a task in the united states german car makers. b.m.w. volkswagen they are simply i guess maybe not even able to build a car that is on the one hand attractive from the price and also when you talk about the range that it can actually drive and charging is still a very big issue for somebody you know like me who lives here in the city in an apartment. simply doesn't work because it's almost impossible to charge it on the roads yes i could park my car during the day maybe here in a parking garage in frankfurt but that would also cost me at least thirty euros per day so simply not attractive for many people and yeah that's one of the biggest
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issues transfer thank you so. as we've heard there's a meeting in australia today and brags it will be on top of the agenda for imminent exit from the us already causing a shadow of british industry now. down production and its plant in birmingham to three days per week until christmas a company owned by indian conglomerate says uncertainty around the british exit from the e.u. have forced the move this year toss i want the drugs that could cost up to one thousand jobs in the reached at the same time as hiring and driving up production and slovakia. the city of media in slovakia is already profiting from brakes that india's tata motors is building a factory here at a cost of one and a half billion euros tata is chosen to open a manufacturing plant where traditional british brands like jaguar and land rover will be rolling off the production line. the investment will create around eight
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thousand new jobs in the area. economy it's a very good economic boost for our city people here think the factories a very positive thing because it will lead to more economic development before anything will show before fear of if you're not with tatas new factory is located close to many suppliers the german company impose a for example manufacturers do or components it's expecting to get business from jaguar and land rover compared to britain and germany it's an extremely competitive location. the moment it's india here at the moment an hour of work costs about a third of what it does in germany in the next ten years it will probably be more like half. slovakia has become a hot spot for the european car industry new manufacturing hubs are opening up and existing facilities are being expanded. car companies operating here will be able
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to continue to benefit from the freedoms conferred. by the membership of the e.u. the large scale investment has made it difficult for some companies to fund staff folks wagon recently agreed to raise salaries to encourage its workers to stay. there was a four point seven percent rise of the beginning of the year and at the end of the year they'll be a further four point one percent rise. management is warning that a no deal bridgette could prompt them to move more jaguar and land rover production out of the country a move that eastern european countries like slovakia would surely welcome. business you watching t.v. news live from more news coming up at the top of the hour thank you very much for watching.
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