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this is. from berlin tonight with just six months before britain leaves the european union the austrian chancellor since a positive signal over. we want to do everything possible to avoid the heartbreak it seems to be. but we also expect that. the leaders of all twenty eight european union countries including germany's chancellor are meeting. it's a working dinner of sorts with the british prime minister presenting her latest
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plan we'll have the latest on the summit plus a crisis of credibility for the government of disapproval and disbelief after a controversial domestic spying chief was fired then promoted to a position with more power and more money and the leaders of north and south korea agree to sweeping measures to win for their relations it comes as the u.s. gives north korea until the year twenty twenty one to make good on its pledge to denuclearize. it's good to have you with us we must do everything to avoid a hard hit and we stand ready to compromise now those confident words are from austrian chancellor service. cts tonight as a key you e.u.
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summit begins in salzburg but with just six months to go before britain leaves the european union the european council president is warning that the parts of the u.k.'s breaks it proposals well they need some revising so is the e.u. sending mixed signals we'll go to salzburg in just a moment we begin tonight with this report. it's being described as an informal summit. the austrian chancellor's about and could appear to be living up to the relaxed atmosphere as british prime minister to resume a write for dinner but may's main task is to convince the whole of the e.u. that her brakes it package will work ahead of formal negotiations a positive message from courts. i think that if we want to make a deal both sides need to compromise i think that michelle rhee is the twenty
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seventh we want to do everything possible to avoid a heartbreak it's that we stand ready to compromise but we also expect that from the u.k. but top e.u. official donald tusk had a word of warning ahead of the talks. the question of the framework for economic cooperation they case proposals will need to be reworked and further negotiated today there is perhaps more hope about that surely less and less time therefore the left. we see you face talks i would like to finalize them still this. angle america also spoke to waiting press and called for. goodwill and respect. smiles all round on arrival at the south bridge venue however negotiations to avoid
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a hard brags it could see the new change quickly. all right well our travel plans have changed slightly we're going to cross now to london where our correspondent is standing by tonight good evening to you the british prime minister theresa may she has made it clear that breaks it will happen next march and she has called on the european union to compromise as well but what is this possible compromise. well to reason may needs to reassure everybody needs to reassure herself maybe also that something that directive will happen she speaks as much to the e.u. leaders as to people in her own party here at home in london when she said that she is going to make breaks that happen the problem is at the moment the the crucial issue is our land which is ironic because in the whole debate about cracks and
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before the referendum nobody was really talking about either the now it seems to be the focal point of the antagonism between the e.u. and the u.k. and it's about whether there will be food or checks where the border takes ruby the e.u. has different opinions about this than the u.k. and the u.k. needs to work closely with its partners do you keep the union is an island that do not want under any circumstances see anything that resembles a border between northern ireland and the met and the u.k. so this is really the crucial point at the moment where they need to flesh out a compromise. because the european council president donald tusk he has called for another break that summit to be held in there is this really going to have. it seems like this was going to happen been talk about an extra summit for quite some time now and i think the parties agree that
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they really have to do everything possible it's only six months of bricks in from the twenty ninth of september which is next week there's only six months left on where they have to agree on something or else written will crash out so they need to agree on this sort of orderly withdrawal from the e.u. and later on they need the time to talk about what the future relationship will be the future trade if any between the u.k. and he you thought yes it does look likely that this summit actually needs to happen for them to overcome these differences and find this compromise. and begs the question how can they called the summit tonight an informal summit when they're talking about two of you know arguably the most important topics in the european union right now and migration is also on the agenda isn't it well yes it doesn't really look like a. summit i don't know what they would call
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a formal summit because these are really the the most pressing pressing issues that europe and the u.k. that everybody's dealing with at the moment and it requires obviously the heads of state who it would cause all the intelligence and all the diplomacy that the e.u. has to offer us a maybe they want to call it informal in order to make it soon feel less severe but definitely they've got quite a task at hand. it's definitely a heavy duty working dinner to say you the least or correspondent big moss on the story for us tonight in london because thank you. germany's chancellor angela merkel fragile government is under renewed pressure after coalition leaders agreed to dismiss a controversial intelligence chief now medicals authority is being called into question after she allowed her powerful interior minister to promote the spy chief to a more senior position with more pay most german newspapers have reacted
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with school on the promotion of the controversial head of germany's domestic intelligence agency mohsen has also provoked exhaust the ration on the streets and a fire in the private sector he would have been kicked out if you mess up you go it's that simple and. i think it's bad really if he has to leave his office he shouldn't get a promotion. and if you don't read the season after the other by the government must and should have gone after yesterday's decision to promote mohsen to a more senior position in the interior ministry there was no comment from coalition leaders as they left without stepping in front of the microphones. and it chancellor angela merkel's first official engagement of the day she still avoided addressing the issue. in the wake of far right and rest in kemet mawson
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had defied the chancellor by questioning the authenticity of a video showing mobs chasing down migrants. merkel had said the video was real and condemned the actions sharon calls for mawson's dismissal grew louder. yet macro's interior minister. stood by his side today he denied any responsibility for the country of a sea. invasion i'd like to point out that i didn't start the discussion around mr moxon or his agency. and it's i can't say that mr marson wanted this to happen so he didn't push me to do anything just to stress that. he's a civil servant who will do his duty wherever he's posted. the. officials have presented this reshuffle as a necessary political compromise but many will interpret it as
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a cynical active face saving that is unlikely to boost trust and methods government . fears of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world police in western germany have been ordered to stop clearing activists from an overdue growth woodland after a journalist fell from a tree top camp and died authorities say no police operations were taking place at the time plans to cut down the forest for lignite mining have led to ongoing protests it's all going to have closed the country's highest road bridge after discovering severe structural problems the viaduct over the river said links to regions in central italy spot checks following the fatal collapse of the marandi bridge in genoa the findings to why. u.s. president donald trump has arrived in north carolina to survey the damage left by hurricane florence trump has been meeting with the state's governor roy cooper as
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well as relief workers and volunteers north carolina bore the brunt of hurricane florence the storm has killed at least twenty seven people across the state. where u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe says washington is ready to restart negotiations with north korea immediately pompei are saying that he has invited pyongyang's foreign minister to meet him in new york next week the aim from peo says to complete north korea is denuclearization by january twenty twenty one now this as the leaders of north and south korea are hailing a deal to improve ties in a highly symbolic move the south's moonshine in even invited kim jong on to seoul in what would be the first ever visit by a north korean leader but progress on reducing nuclear tensions in the region was less clear cut it's our next report explains why. day
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two thousand korean president jay ends visit to his know the neighbor kim jong un more carefully staged displays of harmony along with a generous serving of cup. the two leaders selling that pact is a breakthrough they've announced kim will become the first northern leader to visit seoul another step along the road to peace they say so in london we have adopted a military pact to end a history of brutal confrontation and the great to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of pace. they also promised to hold family reunions regularly that's often dozens of relatives from the north and south separated in the one nine hundred fifty s. recently met. and the leaders agreed to disarm a jointly controlled border village starting with the removal of land mines they also said they've made progress on the issue the world's watching denuclearization
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. south and north korea have agreed on a way to achieve denuclearization for the first time it's a very meaningful outcome. the north says it will allow international inspectors to observe the dismantling of its main missile testing site but it's repeatedly promised its closure in the past and the north has now made closing its nuclear plant beyond dependent on reciprocal steps from the u.s. without saying what exactly they want. both leaders have been keen to put on a display of unity at the summit but it left experts debating if this is a big deal or yet more empty promise says. finally tonight new zealanders have been commemorating a historic victory in the struggle for women's rights one hundred twenty five years
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ago today the country became the first in the world to allow women the right to vote and all women donned suffer get costumes and author of the occasion many wore white camilla is a symbol of the struggle they were joined by prime minister just into arden she's the country's third female prime minister and the world's youngest female head of government arden praised the ordinary women who petitioned for their voting rights so. they would twenty five thousand women integrate resigned in a contest who also proving who they were. to trace magnus there were no shopkeepers. there were members sisters grandmothers. and i signed a petition sometimes a great cost to themselves would be i'm no no we were not it would. succeed. as a protester of new zealand speaking here's
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a reminder of our top story with six months. president. has told britain it needs to look again at elements of its withdrawal. proposals relating to the. future trade ties need reworking. at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day. we make up we watch as a physical education. this is. the continent's future it's part of you enjoying dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for the job.


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