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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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this is the w. news coming to you live from berlin escorting britain to the exit european leaders meet in salzburg to discuss the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union but with the deadline looming prime minister teresa mayes proposals have failed to convince her e.u. counterpart is also coming up a hopeful call the see through the balkans turns into a nightmare t w meets some of the thousands of migrants stuck just outside the e.u. involved here and she traces the bottoms they back on their journey. the two koreas
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put on a show during the summer show of unity during the south korean president's visit to pyongyang but appearances aside is the peninsula any closer to denuclearization. and in sports no rinaldo but no problem for real madrid in the champions league the defending champions kicked off their title defense with an easy win over roma tell you all about that as the rest of wednesday's package. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us with just six months to go before britain leaves the european union leaders are gathering for a key summit in the austrian city of salzburg the european council president altos warns that key parts of the u.k.'s brags of proposals need revising if the deal over britain's exit from the e.u.
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is to be reached. it's being described as an informal summit. austrian chancellors of cooks appear to be living up to the relaxed atmosphere as british prime minister to resign may arrive for dinner. but her main task is to convince the whole of the e.u. that her brags that package will work. ahead of formal negotiations may remained positive in the face of continuing harsh criticism over her exit proposals i believe this is the right proposal because it maintains frictionless trade it's the only credible and the goetia will plan on the table that delivers no hard border. i'd also to give us on the votes of the british people and if we're going to achieve a successful conclusion then just as the u.k. has evolved its position the e.u. will need to evolve its position to. german chancellor angela merkel spoke to waiting journalists on her arrival in salisbury and reflected
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a spirit of positive relations. i hope that we can have an exit that takes place in a good atmosphere doctors respect for each other and that in certain areas very close cooperation is possible namely in the areas of security domestic and also foreign security. but earlier top e.u. official donald to sky no word of warning ahead of the talks on the other issue with thoughts of the irish question of the framework for economic cooperation they are case proposals will need to be reworked and further negotiated today there is perhaps more hope. about those surely less and less stunning therefore that the left. we must see youth talks i would like to finalize them through this all through.
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smiles all around on arrival at the sound spread venue however negotiations to avoid a hard bragg's it could quickly dampen the mood. of more on this let's cross over to salzburg correspondent. covering the summit for us max time is running out to reach a deal on bragg's it was u.k. prime minister theresa may able to get anywhere with leaders last night. good morning terry she had a ten minute slot after they had a lengthy discussion on migration so that must have been around midnight last night and we hear she didn't overrun she didn't even try so she didn't take up a lot of time but it was the first time she could officially present her so-called checkers plan that's been on the table since july and what we've heard is that the other twenty seven member states of the european union didn't really react which might have been a good thing because we do know from the commission that most people think it's insufficient this plan but they're trying to keep it calm until the party
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convention of the recent major tory convention in great britain in a couple of weeks they want her to survive that and after that negotiations about that plan will start in earnest. now have any northern african countries getting to the topic of migration max because i understand that was a big big topic there last night as well any progress on that issue any north african countries indicating there they're willing to cooperate with the plans because africa is key i'm tell. yes the topic of migration as you know has been a divisive issue now for years but the tone was a little more well sympathetic as it usually is of course the main sticking point remains what to do with refugees that actually actually make it to the european union because there is still this high reluctance on the part of some eastern european countries to take in any migrants but the tone has changed and part of the commission they don't seem to insist anymore that those countries need to take in
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any migrants they can show solidarity by financial means so that might be a way forward but of course the key goal everybody echoing here is to have as few migrants as possible reach the shores of the european union and as you just mentioned trying to get sore disembarkation platforms and northern africa which is another word for camps where the applications of migrants can be processed that are part of that plan so. far no northern african countries have officially agreed to that but apparently the chancellor of austria said egypt would or might be willing to do that at least there were some talks with the leaders so that's the hope that's the progress that you have to report right now but it's not much and that's why you're the head of the e.u. commission said we really haven't made that much progress on the topic so far thanks thank you so much max hoffman there in salzburg.
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well it's very just heard migration is playing a significant role in that summit in at the height of europe's migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen the overland passage through the balkans saw a surge in asylum seekers but a key transit country hungary erected a border fence two years ago that effectively blocked a popular route north forcing migrants to seek out alternatives now the e.u. estimates that around four thousand migrants are stuck just outside e.u. boundaries near the bosnian croatian border many allege violence at the hands of border guards need to be reported frank hall visits a makeshift migrant camp to investigate. getting to the e.u. has been an impossible feat for this refugee of a since the book on route was closed to use a go. made it to serbia last year he recently arrived in the small post new town of the hutch near the border with croatia an e.u.
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country. and there is a barter minute on sunday night a trial winding. border crucial border when it on how far in the way of eating a lot there are a few allegations against gration like those by name a tune of a zero unmounting d w reporters took photos during many visits to north western policy at sego vino the summer refugees this say these injuries were inflicted by creation border police. an hour north of here's one of the border crossings integration into the. we confront a local border police chief with the allegations but he dismisses them. yeah the croatian police strictly adhered to the law and regulations i emphatically reject every allegation that the creation police are acting unlawfully. called the
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e.u. border runs right through a former wall sun prominently muslim be had was heavily contested during the bosnian war and hostages many refugees. in one nine hundred ninety two there were more than fifty thousand refugees here said the number of migrants today is not really so high many think it's high simply because there's no solution in sight many many thousands of authority. like often in this multi-ethnic state the nationalist parties of the boss next creations and have been at odds also on this issue and elections are imminent. nationalists here in boston had to govern i have fused to my current question from the beginning of this election campaign to the nationalists the migrants on issue for the e.u. to resolve since that's where they want to go brussels has given u.n.
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organizations seven point two million euros this year to help asylum seekers but most in b. have say that's not a viable solution the town has built up a modest tourism industry sensible seymour ended twenty three years ago to oman which for example runs a guest house on the nile river a favorite spot for because and nature lovers especially from the middle east. have a lot of arab visitors who don't want to get in a situation where the police are checking their i.d.'s and assuming they're migrants that's why fewer of them are coming here now but people still invested heavily in tourism through the. and that will inevitably make life for a few chase such as name a tool of asean here even horse many living just outside the e use external borders say the year. merely shifting the problem further down the balkan route. now to some other stories making news around the world today
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supporters of pakistan's prime minister now a sheriff and his daughter have celebrated their release from prison the country's three time leader was removed from office and jailed for corruption in july but has been freed pending an appeal hearing shari says the charges are politically motivated. colombia is growing record amounts of cocoa the raw material used to produce cocaine last year coca acreage increased by seventeen percent according to the u.n. colombia has long been the world's biggest cocaine producer president even two k. has pledged to implement new measures against drug trafficking. in peru lawmakers of backed president martin is caught or is call for a referendum to combat corruption in the political and judicial system parliament will fine tune the proposals before the vote is held in december it's a rare victory over the conservative opposition party which controls peru's
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congress. the leaders of north and south korea are concluding three days of talks with the hike up the north's scenic mt pic to. end kim jong un are now keen to show they can overcome obstacles together after agreeing a raft of measures to improve ties between the two countries they've been it pains to show a united front even if bigger stumbling blocks like didn't denuclearization or formal and to the korean war remains. it was a spectacular ending to the second day of the into korean summit in kenya. side by side north korean leader kim jong un and south korean president in attend a mass performance entitled brilliant fatherland. the one hundred fifty thousand spectators at the event could be forgiven for thinking that the show's title could soon apply to a unified korea. sharon
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king and i hold the hands of eighty million north and south korean people and will create a new homeland let's move forward into a new future together. you need to cation may still be some way off but the denuclearization of the peninsula might happen sooner. so we've developed a military pact to end a history of brutal confrontational and agreed to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of peace. these efforts include allowing international inspectors to observe the dismantling of its main rocket launch site the north has repeatedly promised its closure in the past without delivering. but kim jong un says the closure of the young be a nuclear plant depends on reciprocal steps by the united states what he means by that is unclear. in june donald trump became the
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first u.s. president to meet with a north korean leader analysts believe that north korea will want the u.s. to declare a formal end to the korean war possibly demanding a withdrawal of u.s. forces in the south and a relief from sanctions that are hurting north korea a struggling economy. president has not ruled out making concessions. what was your what is what is at work but in the meantime we're talking to dairy farmer he's got mom gum so we'll see what happens. for koreans even small steps towards. our reasons for optimism after so many years of tensions and they like what they're seeing after all the leaders have never been this close before. one hundred twenty five years ago a new zealand became the first country in the world to allow women to give women
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the right to vote new zealanders have been commemorating the historic victory in the struggle for women's rights in auckland women don't suffer get cost suffer to costumes in honor of the occasion many wore white community is a symbol of the struggle they were joined by prime minister just send down she's the country's third female prime minister and the world's youngest female head of government or down phrase the ordinary women who petition for their voting rights. there were twenty five thousand women in frankfurt who signed a petition who also probably wouldn't agree to dress magnus there were no shopkeepers. there were members since his grandmother. and i signed a petition sometimes a great cost to themselves would be i'm no no we don't know what it would be.
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sixteen. well the most prestigious club football competition in the world returned this week and there was no shortage of drama last night with me in the studio to talk about the champions league is mccambridge from d.w. sports. so first let's talk about bae and munich they were in action in this competition under new coach nico coverts how did they do well this was the first game in charge of the champions league not just by munich but had never coached them in the champions league before and they got off to a flying start thanks very much to mr reliable robert leaven dusky he put the visits his head inside the tent minutes and were it not for some wasteful finishing from robin i think they could have been out of sight by half times as he wasn't really on fire now aside from nico coach the day before the evening really belonged to young were not so sanchez the i'm portuguese midfielder moved to by munich the
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season before last and it's never really worked out for him that he got himself on the scoresheet with instruments all throughout the game and he had a great night and it was a tough night for both were also such as and his coach and. now reigning champions real madrid also kicked off their title defense after home to roma what happened there and i think the real question on everybody's lips going into this real madrid game was whether or not they could make it four champions league in a row without christie on an elbow and on this evidence i think it be hard to argue that they don't have a shot this season so they actually got off to a good start and self isco put them in front of the delicious free kick on the stroke of half time and gareth bale the man who's been given the the limelight now that tristan arnaldo has flown the nest he got himself in the school she is well off her beautiful through pull from reigning european player of the year luka moderates and in the game was put out by mariano diaz with an absolute peach towards the end of the game so a great night for real madrid and they can do it without an eye on this evidence
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like i've said speaking of rinaldo it wasn't the best evening for him wasn't it wasn't i'm. this was the first big game for christiane of an elder he moved overseas events in the summer from around one hundred ten million euros this is his competition he's the highest scoring play in the history of the competitions won three in a row with real madrid so all eyes were on him as he loves them to be but he was sent off in the twenty ninth minute and obviously this was a now that he's a bit of a diva he cried his eyes out on his way off the pitch he wasn't happy whatsoever and for once i have to say he was very hard done by it's not always easy to defend fernando but there wasn't much in it and it was probably very unfair but this was a night of great drama the champions league manchester city also lost at home to leon. not be young boys switch sides so lots of drama going on all of europe but for now though it was a night to forget drama indeed mccambridge from the various force thanks so much. well the roper league group stages kick off tonight with rb leipzig hosting sister
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club red balls out of sport the two sides both heavily backed by the energy drinks giant required you a foot clearance to face each other due to their close ties but now they are ready to do battle on the pitch. from the stands the clubs are almost indistinguishable both the light seek and red bull salzburg oh this excesses to one man dietrich much the shit the energy drinks tycoon has poured millions into both clubs their colors are the same their logos close to identical and often raid salzberg stocks they currently have six former salzburg players on their books . the should be able to leave and will be like playing a match against ourselves this holds true not just because some of our players played for selves board because the way both teams play is also very similar.
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attractive attacking football that's the way both clubs have been designed to play the sulzberger game will be like coming up against the biggest strongest sibling because mark doesn't feel salzberg need to prove anything he just wants so when he money i'm not making it out as anything else but a football game we want to win therefore we need a tough performance we have to be alert and aggressive and of course play good football and. whoever comes away with the points one thing is certain the red bulls will be celebrating. well it's got some business news now and alibaba founder jack promised to create a million jobs in the states but now he's retracted that pledge god knows why that's right the billionaire owner of china's biggest shopping portal made that announcement in january last year in a meeting with donald trump just before his inauguration as u.s.
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president boss ma has now said that the u.s. china trade war has quote destroyed here original premise the idea was to set up one million jobs by helping american entrepreneurs to place their products on ali baba plans viability was met with some skepticism at the time it was considered a notable sign of economic ties growing closer. now the russian syrian offensive could spur another wave of refugees at a time when the debate of a mass migration has split societies in europe not least germany increasing numbers see migration as the biggest threat facing their country but others look at refugees as a welcome addition to society and to the economy the key word here is labor many e.u. economies are nearing full employment and jobs remain unfilled and particularly those that the locals don't want to do any more. this hotel in southern amsterdam is new and trendy there are even fresh vegetables growing on the roof but despite the calm
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impression the hotel industry in general has a problem not enough people want to work there thousands of jobs need to be filled each year so for the first time amsterdam has organized a job fair for refugees today it's all about the perfect match. nina schmitz works with an organization that integrates refugees into the hotel industry and that integrates them into society. there that they can work it helps people to learn the language quickly and provides an income but it also helps them to get to know a new country faster and integrate into the community. one sounds unpause shows up for short interviews similar to speed dating rounds with hotel management . in syria he worked for a medical company now he'd like to greet guests at the hotel reception desk but he's open for other suggestions i've got to start somewhere. but they always it's
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right if i'm going to start from a lower level i just try to make sure that there is a development chance the workers demanding both cleaning the guest rooms as well as in the kitchen employees often work in shifts and you don't get rich in the process all this makes hotel employment unattractive for many dutch people wassim knows there are always jobs to be filled at the reception desk he works to convince the staff he's ready to take on the job in just a few minutes giving people information welcoming them make them happy so you'd be informative. if they just like was seen the other refugees interview in english it's the language most commonly spoken in hotels across amsterdam also like what seem most of the refugees have little to no experience in the business but you didn't need to belong the most important thing is not necessarily their education but rather their motivation we have hotel management schools that are well equipped
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to train people for the kitchen or reception. sixty two and a half hours later the first job fair for refugees is complete and in his pocket was seen has the invitation for another more detailed interview. here in berlin the future of train travel is on display biannual in a trance fast showcases new technologies and some comfortable options for travelers if times are less comfortable for german train makers however they are largely dependent on exporting their goods but competition is getting stronger. stumble into the inner trance trade fair you'd be forgiven for thinking it's little more than a lot of men looking at a loss of trades but many of these people are transport experts keenly the competition they're excited about what they can see and what they can touch and they're checking out the newest mechanisms to connect one train carriage to another device known as the coupling choctaws that's good doesn't mean they're shako from
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sounds good and we're looking at the couplings on all the trains here is about this train is really interesting because the couplings are relatively small on my colleague's going right in their face and he used to meter stall sergey sit down. the sector is booming including here in germany fifty thousand employees and more than ten billion euros in revenue every second train made in germany is slated for export the german train industries competing with international companies from around the world and they're hoping to shine it in a child's the main competition comes from china sea aussie the world's largest railway equipment manufacturer is pushing its way into the european market even making locomotives for dacha. and my smile this doesn't the most impressive thing is that even rail traffic is slowly starting to think about sustainability and not only wasting resources you know thinking about the future and what we leave behind is in the us a little later twenty eighteen yes like the car industry. but the
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german transport minister and the show i can forget about the beleaguered car industry for a minute in a trance is one of the more pleasant events in his agenda. you know about it with innovative wagons efficient ecological quiet beautiful don't you think. taking a train will be much more pleasant in the future a play area for children. it's all possible in theory but in practice cancellations delays broken scenes what every day travel is experience is a world away from what goes on. show here. but in a trance wants to think big after all the competition never sleeps most of the time anyway. from trains to planes cathay pacific managed to significantly shorten the distance across the pacific now the hong kong alan didn't find a shortcut it's all a bit of a mistake alongside
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a photo of the name spelt cathay pacific the tweeted groups this special livery won't last long she's going back to the shop says it was an accident but experts in the field of play livery say it couldn't be because the spacing between the letters is still correct so it's either another case of you had one jaw or rather expensive p.r. stuff. and that's all your business here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. britain's exit from the european union is such a dominating the second day of talks in zot school the european council president because p. pops up a new case gregg said proposals needs revising to reach a deal. through watching the news more is coming up at the top of the hour thanks for watching.
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enter the conflict zone fronting the powerful this week conflict zone this is vienna. after the fall falls from foreign minister called employees she was nominated for the post by b. and q. for gratian and why with all of the phone although she is not a member of the call of duty a few o's follow suit usenet so views conflict so. next off decoupling. from possibly the means has diff mankind's giant leaps.
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from the mean. so why has no one been back since one thousand nine hundred seventy two you find fifteen it is of technological progress. is another landing even plan . five reasons why it. is on the moon today. tomorrow today sixty minutes on t.w. . sutcliff first time doing it detailing. a third quarter of the incredible it's a whole new world to me as a family and i look up online in certain respects in the industrial arm of beats a new era of sexuality. who will love sickness be
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a thing of the past and sexual frustration too much i still have to get used to these robots no one is just exploring new frontiers in sex and love three point zero. the toughest on september twenty fifth on t.w. . this week conflict zone is in vienna to talk to all strength foreign minister carvin can isel she was nominated for the post by the n.t. immigration and right wing party f b o although she is not a member of the party but to the f.p.o. most policy is mecir views and how does all this affect all stressed place in europe.


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