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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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you're watching dude every news coming up ahead hotels in amsterdam face a crippling stop show shortage and they're looking to separate records to fill the gap of more of that's coming into business news. and that is with christoph co-host standing by so do stay with d.w. news if you get. me take it personally. with a little bit wonderful stories make the game so special. for all the troops.
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more than football online. your smart t.v. the smarter look for smaller. what you watch when you want it up to date extraordinary. to decide what's on sunday morning. come smart. the united states says european companies are bowing to its pressure and are leaving around. the kind of confirm it's pulling out of the market even after the u.s. ambassador to germany says the carmaker would do so also on the program the largest part of the migrants who arrived in europe three years ago still haven't found work
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but with the drop market's tight some employers say they might be able to help. i'm christopher walken the u.s. ambassador to germany says fox wagon and b a s f are pulling out of iran and shutting down operations richard grenell believes washington has made its influence felt however v.w. has repeated its intention to operate legally ending operations in iran would take the rao over the iran nuclear deal between the e.u. and the us to another level brussels want to maintain the deal with terror on washington once out. again returned to do business in iran last year after a seventeen year absence the german auto giant said it wanted to reestablish its business in the country it signed contracts to import several vehicle models to run other german companies like b a s f o so investing in their brand but could there be a u. turn the us ambassador to germany richard grinnell said is now exiting the market
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he tweeted. will comply with us dungeons on the ground. has yet to respond and neither has at least not directly the carmakers says it's complying with all the relevant and export regulations one of the. european companies don't have to comply with the u.s. sanctions on iran but more companies are choosing to play it safe and they fear doing business in iran could hurt their access to the u.s. market. that's why carmaker. and communications company deutsche telekom all seized a pivot he's in iran. the united states is building up pressure on companies to quit their around business while of the same time and updating blocking statute by the european union is meant to protect you companies and their business in iran if it's legitimate let's bring in correspondent teri schultz in brussels terry
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companies are quitting or becoming very cautious over there around business isn't that sort of these scenario that the united nation was supposed to prevent well the companies truly are caught in a difficult position christophe as we just heard in this piece you got the u.s. saying they've got a cease business in iran you've got the e.u. saying they're not allowed to stop their business in iran so they're really caught in the middle right now and the e.u. legislation says that companies that can show that they've been harmed by u.s. sanctions can actually go back and sue in national courts for those damages but this is a mechanism that's never been used before so it's easy to see why the companies are choosing to pull back or to at least hold off on making any new arrangements in iran before they see whether this is really going to be a feasible option and it doesn't sound very likely if you listen to the european companies business rationale for this so that begs the question how strong is the
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legislation i mean it has been updated just a couple of weeks ago. it's it's been updated but it's also untested this is never come to actual fruition before it's been threatened during the clinton administration but instead clinton backed off at that time and so that you thought it would pull it out again in the face of the trump sanctions but most companies when they take a look at their bottom line business with the u.s. is much more important is much more financially significant than their business in iran at the same time the e.u. feels very strongly that the iran nuclear deal needs to be upheld and keeping iran financially solvent is an important pillar in that deal so like i said it's very complicated and e.u. companies are the ones that are really put on the hot seat. as the situation stands right now protected by this legislation is improbable how else do you want to handle the u.s. iran conundrum. that's a complicated question because the e.u.
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both has to look after its own companies and try to look after iran's bottom line in order to keep iran in the deal and so in addition to the blocking statutes the e.u. is looking at what's called a special purpose vehicle and this is something that was just reported out last week that it's looking at setting up a company as sort of a middleman. in order for payments to go into this this holding company and for iran to transfer money there and so the e.u. is hoping that in this way it would be able to circumvent u.s. sanctions but there are not a lot of details on the record at the moment it's just looking at how it could set up this sort of financial payment system and get around the u.s. sanctions but everyone agrees that the trumpet ministrations plans to make doing business in iran are definitely going to bite turtles in brussels thank you. china is planning to slash the average tariff rates on imports from most of its
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trading partners as early as october according to news agency goober the move would come after trying to impose hard duty's on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. products this week in reacting in reaction to washington's new tariffs on chinese goods it's not yet clear to which countries they reduce terrorism would apply next month analysts see china's reduction of import taxes as a signal that the world's number two economy is continuing efforts to reform and open up its market trading disputes notwithstanding. for more let's bring in our financial correspondent daniel. daniel of markets responded to this announcement by the chinese. while the investors are saying that all of this is a logical step because it's very clear that china's economy will suffer a more in this ongoing trade dispute then the u.s. economy china needs the u.s. way more to do business with than the other way around analysts are expecting that u.s. president of trump is just waiting right now for more concessions made by the chinese
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and they jing seems to realize said reaching a deal with donald trump can be very difficult so they need to make sure that their record g.d.p. growth can continue and they will need to help or they will need the help of other countries so they will try to export more to europe and in general to do also more business with other european countries and then you know briefly what are investors making of the summit and sales are going on right now between uniters. well even though eighty percent of the breaks the deal seems to be feet finalized the summit shows again how much still needs to be negotiated in trade remains to be a key factor also it is still not clear what is going to happen with the border of northern ireland an island so the clock is ticking a key may be last brecht's that summit is scheduled now to take place in mid november and in order to meet all the details of the deal needs to be done by the end of november so the pressure is still on then you're hoping for
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a thank you. note migration is on top of the agenda the e.u. leaders summit in austria there are worries that the russian syrian offensive in italy could spur another wave of refugees that a time when the debate over mass migration has split societies in europe not last in germany a substantial number of people see migration as a threat facing their country but others look at refugees as a welcome addition to society and to the economy many e.u. economies are nearing full employment and jobs remain unfilled in particular those that the locals don't want to do. this hotel in southern amsterdam is new and trendy there are even fresh vegetables growing on the roof but despite the calm impression the hotel industry in general has a problem not enough people want to work there thousands of jobs need to be filled each year so for the first time amsterdam has organized a job fair for refugees today it's all about the perfect match. nina schmitz
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works with an organization that integrates refugees into the hotel industry and that integrates them into society. there but they can work it helps people to learn the language quickly and provides an income but it also helps them to get to know a new country faster and integrate into the community. what sounds unpause shows up for short interviews similar to speed dating rounds with hotel management . in syria he worked for a medical company now he'd like to greet guests at the hotel reception desk but he's open for other suggestions to start somewhere. but they always it's right if i am going to start from a lower level i just try to make sure that there is a development chance the workers demanding both cleaning the guest rooms as well as in the kitchen employees often work in shifts and you don't get rich in the process
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all this makes hotel employment unattractive for many dutch people wassim knows there are always jobs to be filled at the reception desk he works to convince the staff he's ready to take on the job in just a few minutes giving people information welcome then make them happy so you'd be informative. if they just like was seen the other refugees interview in english it's the language most commonly spoken in hotels across amsterdam also like what seem most of the refugees have little to no experience in the business where you need to belong the most important thing is not necessarily their education but rather their motivation we have hotel management schools that are well equipped to train people for the kitchen or reception. sipsey. two and a half hours later the first job fair for refugees is complete and in his pocket was seem has the invitation for another more detailed interview. the hong kong
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based airline cathay pacific has managed to significantly shorten the distance across the pacific no they didn't find a shortcut it's a bit of a spelling mistake alongside a photo of a freshly painted plane which the name was spelt cathay pacific their line tweeted hopes this special livery won't last long she's going back to the shop cafe says it was an accident but experts say it couldn't be because the spacing between the letters is still correct so cathay gets an f. for spelling here. and will take extra care to get our letters in order over here for me and the entire team and roland thanks so much.
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for. making a fashion splash at october fact. this year the prince of palm. has created the perfect day. to design the outfits for a famous store that sells traditional german folk costumes. creations and ask him
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what makes for a. w. o o o o. t m sixteen and i'm crying in the room was. packed young people voted against their families generation. it was an honestly just full of stupidity intuition and stupid they demanded nothing less than a home to sleep the wanted maelstrom of conflict real pilots who would be in the airplane roll up my generation to watch the vietnam war every day live our documentary takes a look at the mild touch of those more linder the one for the first time i had
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a feeling up in the tunnel something. means of those events today. to soothe the civil rights the peace movement the women's movement or long planned during this period. between sixty eight the result of. this we don't. live. well going to the show right now is house and if he is a is a through the next hof now or is what's coming up. experiments will be trained under was a doddle projects in.


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