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i am. i and. this is deja news coming to you live from bali a moment of truth for greg's it elitist spawn of the pressure on the british prime minister telling bobs of a break the plan will not and that time is running out in sounds good in austria for an e.u. summit really go there live for the day latest also coming up. in
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sport it's russia is russia to be brought back from the cold and russian track and field athletes haven't competed in their country scholars since two thousand and fifteen but now the world anti-doping agency says it will lift a ban on russia's testing the border treaty despite widespread opposition. and north and south korea to just play a new heights of cooperation that says washington signals its intent to restock told to pyongyang but is the korean peninsula any closer to denuclearize ation. and don't look to me you won't find me a family note from a young man to his parents do down here goes to china to understand why a cancer diagnosis drove him to leave whole. class debates on the poor a san francisco exhibition expose a complex diverse need show off the islamic dress code.
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hello and welcome i'm under thought she might great to have your company british prime minister to resign may has just breached checkers brigs a plan to leaders a meeting in the austrian city of salzburg now while commission president said mrs may's presentation of was a delight it appears others in attendance were not quite so impressed the e.u. concert president don said possible dregs of plan work and he insisted the u.k. is awful on post breaks of trade ties in ireland to me just sticking points must be . before the u.k. leaves to blow. correspondent mark hoffman is in salzburg covering that summit for us and he joins me now from there. as we saw him mention max so big
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that is not the main topics that met this is the german chancellor says there's still a lot of work to be done before an agreement is reached in october how confident was she that a brig's an agreement is doable. it was probably one of the less confident leaders that were here and this time overall everybody seemed to be you know riding the train we will find an agreement most likely but there are still major sticking points we need to resolve machall talked about the possibility of a very close partnership but she did not mention the sticky points when she said that she actually mentioned security and that might be a typical way for machall of saying that there are real problems in other areas and that fits well together what she said in her closing statement there that a lot needs to be done until october that's when we have another regular summit and originally that was supposed to be the moment when the deal was struck this seems
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unlikely now so the wording is a lot of work until then ok and not problems it is that me as i mentioned has some new details so quick check of this plan the reaction there seems to have been somewhat mixed than a small of the checkers plan isn't anything new it was just the first time she officially presented it to the other leaders it's been on the table since july so the other leaders really had the time to make up their mind about it and the verdict is pretty clear that it's insufficient on the two sticking points the first one being of course the border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the border of the republic of ireland which is part of the european union but also on the nature of future trade ties so the repeated that message this time especially the president of the european council. i'm done i'm just going fact a very phone line on record and he's also calling for an extra reg's and summit to take place in november is that like the max. well at the moment it seems quite
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likely because we don't expect the final deal to be struck at the october summit that we just talked about so they probably would need a november summit on top of that of course it's a way of building up more pressure on the u.k. they don't want to overdo it at the moment because the reason may still need to survive a party conference by her party the tories in the beginning of october which is not a given they want to keep the reason may because they think they she's the most sensible option to negotiate with at the moment but afterwards i'm pretty sure they'll put the cards on the table and. get tough on her so they can it is a quiet kind of came to support there is a me in her domestic a battle but nance sticking points max still remain for example the northern irish border before any agreement is reached on brics it's how difficult is it going to be to find a compromise. most people think this is the most difficult topic you know will be
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the one that will be resolved at the very end because it also depends on the nature of the trade ties for example if they were in a customs union or if they tried to emulate the single market of the european union that it would be a fuel problem but if it's a free trade agreement and you know you need to control certain goods and it becomes more of a problem let me tell you why it's such a problem overall northern ireland ireland had decades of violence some even called it a civil war between them and that ended because the border the border basically disappeared because of the european union so they want to keep that. right max health mana at the e.u. summit in salzburg austria thank you very much for that update. now what the other issue is that e.u. leaders at that salzburg summit were discussing how to stem the flow of refugees and migration at the height of europe's refugee crisis that was in two thousand and fifteen the overland passage of the balkan source subject people seeking refuge and
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asylum but a key transit country hungary erected a border fence two years ago that effectively blocked that road forcing the refugees to find alternative routes now the e.u. estimates around four thousand refugees are stuck just outside. near the bosnian border many allege that they've been treated with violence and been treated poorly by border guards indeed obvious correspondent max huffman went to a makeshift camp to investigate. getting to the e.u. has been an impossible fate for this afghan refugee ever since about konrad was close to years ago. made it to serbia last year he recently arrived in the small bostonian town of the hutch near the border with croatia an e.u. country and very border when it on sunday night prior one of the.
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border crucial border when it on top of the great beating a lot there if you allegations against gration like those spy nyima to love a zero unmounting t w reporters took photos during many visits to north western force yet to go be now the summer refugees there say these injuries were inflicted by crace and border police. an hour north of here is one of the border crossings integration into the deal. we confront a local border police chief with the allegations but he dismisses them. the croatian police strictly adhered to the law and regulations i emphatically reject every allegation that the croatian police are acting unlawfully. the border runs right through a former warsaw dominantly muslim be hutch was heavily contested during the bosnian
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war and hostages many refugees. in one nine hundred ninety two there were more than fifty thousand refugees here so the number of migrants today is not really so high many think it's high simply because there's no solution in sight. like often in this multi-ethnic state the nationalist parties of the boss next creations and syrups have been at odds also on this issue and elections are imminent. nationalists here in boston had to govern i have used to my current question from the beginning of this election campaign to the nationalists the migrants on issue for the e.u. to resolve since that's where they want to go brussels has given u.n. organizations seven point two million euros this year to help asylum seekers but most and be hutch say that's not a viable solution the town has built up
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a modest tourism industry sensible seymour ended twenty three years ago the top model which for example runs a guest house on the nile river a favorite spot for cairo because and nature lovers especially from the middle east in all of those we have a lot of arab visitors who don't want to get in a situation where the police are checking their i.d.'s and assuming they're migrants that's why fewer of them are coming here now but people still invested heavily in tourism through that point. and that will inevitably make life for a few chase such as name a to love a zero here even horse many living just outside the e.u. use external borders say the europeans are merely shifting the problem further down the balkan route. that may not be up to date but some of the stories making news around the blood. at least trust people have been killed in iran fifty on this are missing after
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a landslide triggered by heavy rain in the philippines it happened on the outskirts of naga city in cebu province rescuers are still searching for dozens buried in earlier landslides caused by super typhoon one could. full malaysian prime minister najib razak has pleaded not guilty to twenty five new challenges of money laundering and abusing his position he appeared in court following. allegations that six hundred twenty eight million dollars linked to a state investment fund ended up in his bank accounts government. authorities in uganda have arrested the opposition politician known as bobby wine he was detained on his return from the us where he received treatment for injuries sustained during alleged torture police band rallies to welcome wine a fierce critic of the ugandan president. on.
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the world anti doping agency or wada has voted to lift a ban on russia's drug testing with me in the studio is the w.'s. strong welcome a controversial decision what does it mean yeah absolutely i mean what it exactly means and how it's going to evolve is very difficult to say but there was a huge outcry this whole week leading up to the decision because a lot of athletes and a lot of anti doping agencies were against this but let's have a look at how the whole story actually unfolded. the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi a crowning achievement for russian sports. celebrations were short lived however as one of the largest doping scandals in sporting history began to unravel later in twenty fourteen husband and wife whistleblowers vitale stepanov and yulia stepan
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over helped to lift the lid on a widespread drugs coverup in russian athletics russia's testing laboratory was suspended by water the world anti-doping agency and all russian track and field athletes were banned from international competition but the scandal was to get far bigger thanks to testimony from the former head of the russian the poetry gregory rich uncle of. just before the twenty sixteen rio olympics where the investigator richard mclaren revealed russia had adopted a state sponsored doping program in the lead up to the sochi games he concluded more than one thousand russian athletes across thirty sports benefited from the program very quickly we learned that there was a lot more going on than just what we're going to get socially and once we learned that and it was early days in the investigation yes we were more than surprised or astonished at the potential scope of what was going on at this year's winter olympics in south korea russian athletes were only allowed to compete under unusual
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flag. now russia's anti doping agency has been reinstated by water after an investigation led by its compliance committee deemed it to have fulfilled the conditions placed upon it. and the as we mentioned this was a controversial decision to lift the band wise it's a controversial well because the conditions weren't entirely fulfilled there were two outstanding things that the russian federation have to do and that were not fully done one of the things was that the russian foot the ministry of sport and the national lympics committee in russia had to acknowledge the report and everything that happened with the whole doping scandal now the letter that they sent says the russian federation fully accepted the decision of the i.o.c. executive board so i mean they didn't really name it they didn't say this is what happened we're sorry we're going to work to to solve this and the other thing is that they need to provide access for appropriate entities to the stored urine
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samples that are still in the moscow the burra torrie that happened during this whole doping scandal and they have not provided access to russia the russian federation has said they will provide access once rosado is reinstated so all of this is kind of just you know not entirely what they asked for and it feels like the world anti-doping agency has just kind of gone in for a compromise and what does it mean for russian athletics going forward well as we heard in the report the international ethics federation has not yet allowed to compete in all sports again in the next top year lympics in all aesthetics this means basically the whole story is done for russian athletics and what about the disappointment a lot of kind of athletes in other parts of the wanda quite disappointed by this decision one of their concerns absolutely i mean a lot of people are talking about how this kind of diminishes the trustworthiness of the world's anti-doping agencies there was a lot like you said earlier there were a lot of people already before this decision that said this cannot happen they cannot be reinstated they did not fulfill all the requirements yet and still the
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world anti-doping agency executive committee went ahead and did it and so yet even the vice president has acknowledged you know they haven't fulfilled the guidelines they need to kind of wait and the lawyer of the will. blower gregory what chunk of he said this is the greatest treachery against clean athletes in the history of sports so we're sure that there's going to be lots of stuff unfolding in the coming hours days and weeks surrounding the story behind. rush it's a thank you very much for bringing us all that information and thank you for joining us from us posted thank you. now the u.s. ambassador to germany says fox wagon and chemical giant b.s.f. are pulling out of iran and shutting down operations ambassador richard grenell now believes washington has made its influence felt however v.w.
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has repeated its intention to operate legally now ending operations in the country would take the row over the iran nuclear deal between the european union and the united states to another level brussels wants to maintain the deal with the rest was tear on all washington wants out volkswagen returned to do business in iran last year after a seventeen year absence the german auto giant said it wanted to reestablish its business in the country it signed contracts to import several vehicle models to run other german companies like b.s.f. also investing in iran but could there be a u. turn the us ambassador to germany richard grinnell said b.s.f. is now exiting the iranian market he tweeted b.s.f. will comply with u.s. sanctions on iran b.s.f. has yet to respond and neither has you at least not directly the carmaker says it's
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complying with all the relevant law and export regulations one of these is a new law that says european companies don't have to comply with the u.s. sanctions on iran but more companies are choosing to play it safe and they fear doing business in iran could hurt their access to the u.s. market. that's why carmaker dima. communications company door to telecom seized a pivot he's in iran the united states is building up pressure on companies to quit their around business while of the same time and updating blocking statute by the european union is meant to protect you companies and their business in iran if it's legitimate let's bring in correspondent teri schultz in brussels terry companies are quitting or becoming very cautious over there around business isn't that sort of the scenario that you just nation was supposed to prevent well the companies truly are caught in a difficult position christophe as we just heard in this piece you've got the u.s.
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saying they've got a cease business in iran you've got the e.u. saying they're not allowed to stop their business in iran so they're really caught in the middle right now and the e.u. legislation says that companies that can show that they've been harmed by u.s. sanctions can actually go back and sue in national courts for those damages but this is a mechanism that's never been used before so it's easy to see why the companies are choosing to pull back or to at least hold off on making any new arrangements in iran before they see whether this is really going to be a feasible option and it doesn't sound very likely if you listen to the european companies business rationale for this so that begs the question how strong is the legislation i mean it has been updated just a couple of weeks ago. it's it's been updated but it's also untested this is never come to actual fruition before it's been threatened during the clinton administration but instead clinton backed off at that time and so that you thought
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it would pull it out again in the face of the trump sanctions but most companies when they take a look at their bottom line business with the u.s. is much more important is much more financially significant than their business in iran at the same time the e.u. feels very strongly that the iran nuclear deal needs to be upheld and keeping iran financially solvent is an important pillar in that deal so like i said it's very complicated and e.u. companies are the ones that are really put on the hot seat. as the situation stands right now if production by this legislation is improbable how else do you want to handle the u.s. run conundrum. that's a complicated question because the e.u. both has to look after its own companies and try to look after iran's bottom line in order to keep iran in the deal and so in addition to the blocking statutes the e.u. is looking at what's called a special purpose vehicle and this is something that was just reported out last
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week that it's looking at setting up a company as sort of a middleman. in order for payments to go into this this holding company and for iran to transfer money there and so the e.u. is hoping that in this way it would be able to circumvent u.s. sanctions but there are not a lot of details on the record at the moment it's just looking at how it could set up this sort of financial payment system and get around the u.s. sanctions but everyone agrees that the trumpet ministrations plans to make doing business in iran are definitely going to bite us in brussels thank you. hackers have stolen sixty million dollars from a japanese virtual currency exchange called zeiss the company that was targeted set the hackers made of was six thousand bitcoins plus an unknown amount of other virtual currencies now following the hack the company said it had reached an agreement to sell the majority of the exchange to another firm if the deal goes through the funds will be used to reimburse customers earlier this year the
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japanese provider claim check was hyped losing bitcoin worth half a billion dollars. hong kong based airline cathay pacific has managed to significantly shorten the distance across the pacific while they didn't find a shortcut it's a bit of a spelling mistake alongside a photo of a freshly painted plane on which the name was spelled cathy pacific the airline tweeted this special livery won't last long she's going back to the shop and says it was an accident but experts say it couldn't be because the spacing between the letters is still correct well cathy it's an f. for spelling on this one. spec to your major thank you very much this is what's been the trade call a typo that's what we do it right. here in germany the accidental death of a journalist have led authorities to court an operation aimed at removing environmental activists from
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a wooded area which was designated for clearing the operation have been running for a week in the humbucker forest which is close to the city of cologne the protest has but this is i've been trying to block a major power company from fending the forest when the disaster struck. all efforts to save his life were moving on wednesday a young journalist fell fifteen metres to his death in humble forest he had fallen to the planks of a walkway between two tree houses erected by environmentalists. seriously injured and we immediately tried to resuscitate him. sadly all the emergency the doctor could do was ascertain his death. a police operation was launched more than a week ago aimed at clearing away clusters of tree houses built by environmentalists now following the journalist tragic accident that operation has
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been suspended the energy giant plans to clear what remains of the forest to facilitate more open cast late night mining for coal fired power plants the mine is already one of the biggest of its kind in europe and via mentalists say it's pointless to continue clearing the forest while a government commission is discussing ways to permanently stop burning coal to generate electricity. if you're just joining us you're watching the news coming to you live from germany now a while to colorado why shy and off classical music is causing quite a stir here in germany. to take over as chief conductor of a symphony orchestra in stuttgart and he comes from greece goddesses has a radical approach to conducting and has gained him something of a cult status and he's already being talked off as a huge star but slightly as
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a maverick conductor here in germany haven't. you know when you say that. and all these things i do feel bad for them for i prefer to have a title as a colleague of musician. thank you for inviting me. and let's make certain. that i read her soul and got with maverick conduct tailored our corrent says. she's unrelenting forceful and perfecting every single note. this is hunt make work on doing anything not make a factory and not conducting a lot of conscience review and conducting only the country that can be sold to spot it and give one hundred percent. grants as
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a perch to classical music is the original idiosyncratic fun the great composer has lived in russia for years he directs the opera house and power some one thousand kilometers east of moscow and founded his own world class orchestra there he's also an actor designer and writer. corrent says is in demand his decision to take on the role of chief conductor of the new s.w. os symphony orchestra and germany has caused a stir. or. agents. there were ready to make it sound like you're in the red square after said i want one two three one two. but the challenge of forming a new orchestra and creating a fresh sound with the musicians excited him and little. kids and so he teases things out of us and the pieces was. magnificent.
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he's a conductor who gets applauded after each rehearsal. he moves his body like a baton fully devoted to the music. sounds wonderful one just has to go and have a listen one day you're watching the wu still to come. what is in amsterdam fear is a crippling stomp shortage and then man looking towards syrian refugees who might be able to fill the vacancies. and the debates rage on the burqa to reach a san francisco exhibition explores the complex and diverse nature off the muslim dress code we take a look at contemporary muslim fashions also known as the modest fashions and.
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appears as come out. of this talk on d.w. though they do use the film superhero on a mission to change attitudes smart women smart talks smart strange alleging this and by no means missed out on a brain creasing dangerous time. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin pleasure to have your company coming up in the next fifteen minutes. pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif walks free just two months into a ten year prison sentence for corruption will it spell trouble for the newly elected in iran can we get in an assist from islamabad also coming up. with. we couldn't handle the financial. situation.
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the high price of cancer in china a father searches for a son who ran away to him the crippling cost of treatment. but first we begin with the two koreas the leaders of north and south korea have wrapped up a treatise summit by climbing one but you see photos of south korean prison move in with north korea's kim jong un on top of mt pick up to now this still active volcano is the highest mountain on the peninsula sitting on north border with china as considered sacred to the korean people and it's also very special for the people of the spiritual home of both countries it's sung about in south korea's national anthem and it features prominently in north korean propaganda now the trip was reportedly arranged at camp on john own suggestion president said visiting the
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mountain was agreeing fulfilled not this shows a show of unity follows pledges from both leaders to revive peace talks here's what they had to say at the end of their three day summit. it was a month that we've developed a military pact to end a history of brutal confrontation and agreed to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of peace. sherman king john and i hold the hands of eighty million north and south korean people and we'll create a new homeland let's move forward into a new future together. joining me now is a journalist kelly kuzushi is in seoul south korea kelly we just saw those pictures why did the two leaders choose this very special site of this location and what message what they're trying to give by choosing this location for their photographs . you know south korean president and north korean leader kim jong un really
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trying to send the message that they're ready to kind of put themselves or as one people again that dusan are you now and it's really symbolic of the korean people because it is the setting of a game piece of folklore that talks about the birth of the korean people so basically they were going there to kind of rewrite history and so the two leaders can access that now they get and also certainly from kim jong un's perspective it's a way of welcoming south korea into its narrative because north korea has used. as a kind of a propaganda tool it's suppose the birthplace of the north korean revolution and also kim jong un's father kim. so a deeply symbolic move on both sides kelly. to some of the south koreans as to how they feel about this recent summit this is a listen first to what they had to say. i didn't really believe kim jong un's pledges to denuclearize in the past what he did during the past three days seems
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trustworthy. to kind of none of you can get anything out of north korea in terms of denuclearizing. only wants to get rid of us military stationed here and destroy our alliance with washington the summit declaration was nonsense and should be nullified. down the konerko personally i believe that peace on the korean peninsula would be possible because times have changed both leaders are actually trying to find new ways to improve the dignity and relations pudge a moment we'll continue our condom going to incredible. i thought it was really surprising i had never thought i could see god in president man and chairman came together in pyongyang but it was really amazing i think. so clearly as we got a whole range of opinions a bit of what is your impression of how positive all south koreans about the storks between the two leaders i really think that south koreans in general are so
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a little bit skeptical and quite frankly they have a right to be i mean there is a similar nuclear deal that was put forth in the one nine hundred ninety s. called the agreed framework and that did indeed fall apart so i think south koreans are right the feel that way however things are different this time around so there is no excitement you know kim jong un has already you know south of the d.m.z. and now he's promising to come to seoul the capital city of south korea and that's absolutely unprecedented. that's right the series we've been seeing in the last three days getting out that really unprecedented it was. the south korean president talking with all koreans together and creating a new folder and how do you see the finest tentative steps maybe towards the korean relief occasion in the coming years. you know for a reunification to actually happen there are many steps that need to be taken and it would take a long time in total and start finish first and foremost just moving forward in
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terms of these nuclear talks the united states really has to agree to meet with again north korea is not going to be keen on meeting with level officials and so trump really needs to step forward because the united states alternately has to sign on some kind of end to the korean war so that would be the first step to the end of acacia other steps are obstacles that need to be overcome would be you know the south korean public has to also be convinced that reunification would be the right thing right now the south korean economy is really suffering and people are exactly favorable to the idea of welcoming millions more to their country. so south korea thank you very much for that analysis from there thank you. turning now to pakistan with prime the sin of a surety france being released from prison two months into a ten year jail term for corruption now that the high court to suspend the sentence
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off and his daughter. pending an appeal shortly before july highs general election which was won by should be dr khan. or basically that the charges against him the corruption charges against him while politically motivated not just a bit we find out what's his release from jail means for the new government in pakistan but first have a look at this report. the car carrying pakistan's former prime minister to freedom caught in the throng of supporters. they're celebrating now as shareef and his daughter marianne's release from prison. but we're all very happy and we're sure no washer reach that god willing we'll support him at every step. with sacrifice our lives properties everything for not wash
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a reef out there or. similar scenes of jubilation outside the high court as the court ordered the sharifs release that convictions are still under appeal. the court has said that the findings so far have been insufficient so the case has been suspended. it's the latest twist in a series of scandals involving the former prime minister in his first public appearance after being forced to leave office and twenty seventeen over unreported income he claimed the supreme court ruling was politically motivated then a year later sharif and his daughter seen here on a plane from the u.k. would jailed on arrival in pakistan the corruption charges a link to the family's ownership of four luxury flats in london that was shortly before new prime minister imran khan swept to power in the general election many of
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sharif supporters accuse khan of manipulating the election sharif's twenty seventeen conviction boss him from seeking public office for ten years but these supporters are clearly pleased about the return of a powerful political voice. joining me now live from islamabad is desired who said he is from the newspaper dawn news in the washer he says all of us claim that he these charges against him is corruption charges were politically motivated and pakistan's ball for me was against him now is his release a political victory for him. no i don't think this is circular for him and the senate has been suspended but that crowd of students go on and are going to be constructed so it will be a good read out truck you seem to believe here but. it's already going to get you
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caught up on the. speed and this particular if you get every few you get but hopefully people will have to give that pending against him so you know it could be chronic and he'll maybe a cutie and monster you're somebody who's not out of a book he's going to do the country against you like you leave. maybe getting a young. couple of years so he's going to been a few how does this go on but is either for the moment he's a free man he's got fourth you said attempting any of the prints what will this i mean do you think for the government to offer in ron kahn. well i get it like has not been asked that you government has taken you know we're certainly going to boost the morale no fear because it's become a party from time to need no whilst group pretty good day maybe it could be much more active not but not beyond that because sort of see it to be seen is that it takes up this same guy you know for you know various stener i give them their free
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and stop the men and the government so it expanding the i don't think i could probably you would be would be much quieter just fine and a bit by far part of the right to end and i think probably. give yemen and some you know some more you can but not be good. domino imran khan designed to send a journalist with pakistan's dawn news thank you they much for joining us live from islamabad thank. turning now to china where the rate of cancer is extremely high and the country's health system can barely cope and this has led to some desperate measures taken by people who are affected our correspondent much is billing us as does this report or one person's case have a list. a missing person poster is all has to keep his hopes alive his
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son disappeared six months ago keeps a log of the cities where he's already hung up other posters. i'm not feeling well this pressure is too much. i sleep badly and i can hardly eat. gone why is tang only son he shows us some photos from happier days the young man was studying to become a pharmacist but then came the stomach cancer diagnosis gone why fear the cost of treatment would drive his parents to ruin don't look for me you won't find me was what he wrote in his farewell note. he couldn't stand the pressure we're poor he thought we couldn't handle the financial burden he couldn't bear the situation he put us in he was too young you know.
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last year his son completed his studies he just wanted to stores possessions at his parents' house until he could find work then came the diagnosis it was devastating news because while almost all chinese are covered by health insurance it often pays only a fraction of the total costs have capacity their represent a percentage of people are the reason why people go into poverty and again sometimes it's direct costs but sometimes it's not. generate additional financial. the tangs are farmers. over the last few decades they've managed to save about three thousand euros. that was their only savings for old age they've placed all their expectations and hopes on their only son. gone why was little the most important thing for us was that he did his best at school so that he could get out
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of here in the mean time the tangs have used up their entire savings searching for their son. wife has gone into town to look for work tang stays at home and waits. every day he sends text messages to his son's phone number most of them can't be delivered but this one went through. tang thinks his son is still out there somewhere sometimes he invites his neighbors over to play cards tang doesn't join in but the company distracts him from his worries for a little while. so the u.s. and china might be locked in a bitter trade dispute however beijing is reportedly planning to slash the average tariff rates on imports from most of its other trading partners stats if you're
4:45 pm
courting the news agency bloomberg the move could come after china imposed tired u.d.c. on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. products this week in reaction to washington's new tariffs on chinese goods is not yet clear to which countries they reduce terrorism apply next month china's reduction of import taxes as a signal that the world's number two economy is continuing efforts to reform and open up its market. for more let's bring in our financial correspondent daniel cope with a frankfurt saga saying daniel markets responded to this announcement by the chinese . all the investors are saying that all of this is a logical step because it's very clear that the chinese economy will suffer more in this ongoing trade dispute then the u.s. economy china needs the u.s. way more to do business with than the other way around analysts are expecting that u.s. president on trial is waiting right now for more concessions made by the chinese
4:46 pm
and beijing seems to realize said reaching a deal with donald trump can be very difficult so they need to make sure that their record g.d.p. growth can continue and they will need to help or they will need the help of other countries so they will try to export more to europe and in general to do also more business with other european countries and there are no briefly what are investors making of the summit and sales are going on right now between uniters. well even though eighty percent of the breaks the deal seems to be feet finalized the summit shows again how much still needs to be negotiated in trade remains to be a key factor also it is still not clear what is going to happen with the border of northern ireland an island so the clock is ticking a key maybe last brecht's that summit is scheduled now to take place in mid november and in order to meet all the details the deal needs to be done by the end of november so the pressure is still on than you're hoping for thank you. now my
4:47 pm
question is among the issues topping the agenda of that summit in austria there are worries that the russian syrian offensive in could spur another wave of refugees at a time when the debate over mass migration has split societies in europe not least in germany fair amount of people here in germany feel that mass migration is a threat to the country others look at refugees as a welcome addition to society and the economy many economies are nearing full employment and jobs remain unfilled particularly those that locals don't want to do . this hotel in southern amsterdam is new and trendy there are even fresh vegetables growing on the roof but despite the calm impression the hotel industry in general has a problem not enough people want to work there thousands of jobs need to be filled each year so for the first time amsterdam has organized a job fair for refugees today it's all about the perfect match. nina schmitz
4:48 pm
works with an organization that integrates refugees into the hotel industry and that integrates them into society. there that they can work it helps people to learn the language quickly and provides an income but it also helps them to get to know a new country faster and integrate into the community. what sounds unpause shows up for short interviews similar to speed dating rounds with hotel management . in syria he worked for a medical company now he'd like to greet guests at the hotel reception desk but he's open for other suggestions to start somewhere. but they always it's right if i'm going to start from a lower level i just try to make sure that there is a development chance the workers demanding both cleaning the guest rooms as well as in the kitchen employees often work in shifts and you don't get rich in the process
4:49 pm
all this makes hotel employment unattractive for many dutch people was he knows there are always jobs to be filled at the reception desk he works to convince the staff he's ready to take on the job in just a few minutes giving people information welcoming them. make them happy so you'd be informative. if they just like was seen the other refugees interview in english it's the language most commonly spoken in hotels across amsterdam also like what seem most of the refugees have little to no experience in the business that's you didn't meet the love the most important thing is not necessarily their education but rather their motivation we have hotel management schools that are well equipped to train people for the kitchen or reception of the sixty two and a half hours later the first job fair for refugees is complete and in his pocket was seen has the invitation for another more detailed interview.
4:50 pm
a muslim fashion has become big business and the wad of islamic courts good to court modest fashion is bad is booming now the first ever exit mission devoted to muslim fashion opens in san francisco this week it to talk about that is an ever stylish call to add it to scott trucks filled with. a given those of the people who don't know what a modest fashion all was than fashion is what is it exactly yeah after me. i was completely ignorant of this of the modest fashion trend i if i ever thought of a muslim fashion i think i just had a certain very clichéd images of a woman in a drab headscarf or the burqa full covering but it's actually one of the biggest in fastest growing trends in the fashion industry it's huge and the d. joe de young museum in san francisco has the design the design had to devote an
4:51 pm
entire exhibition the first major exhibition of muslim style and the exhibition is mainly aimed actually people like myself at it people who don't really have an idea of what this is and we got to go to just got a sneak peek at the exhibit it opens later this week and essentially they're trying to change the way least western audiences view muslim style and also maybe even islam itself why don't we take a look. and new perspective on muslim fashion the exhibition hall itself reminiscent of a mosque with the works of some forty five design is contemporary muslim fashion is diverse but it doesn't pretend to be a definitive civic a. i think it's just posed to deliver a new way and to a point i think that it's not as we're not trying to solve any problem we're just trying to bring attention to a really exciting sector of. of the fashion world.
4:52 pm
and it does the works here might be modest in terms of how they cover the body but not their estate he can bishan. son are also political like celine seaman vin on the u.s. constitution and first amendment flight jacket. true self a piece about identity. but it's not all about beauty all sending a positive message islamic style has become a burgeoning industry in recent years. has. been really triggered by an awareness of the spending power of the muslim clientele it's been estimated that forty four billion dollars a year are spent on by muslim women on modest dress. contemporary muslim fashion the first of its kind dedicated to displaying islamic culture within
4:53 pm
a fashion context runs until january. some lovely stuff this. as indicated in this report is some just a fashion statement it's also big business it's huge business i mean you heard the quote there forty four billion a year some people put the estimate even higher up to two hundred billion a year massive business and so it's no surprise that a lot of the big a western labels have got on board on this. don't know care and oscar de la renta they all have modest fashion lines now and nike the sports apparel company also has introduced its own line of forty jobs for female muslim athletes and they recently did a ad campaign where they got muslim olympic athletes to to display this thing they call the the pro he job the. sports he job but now you got a bit of trouble for this campaign because from both sides really because some people criticize them saying they are normalizing. what they see as
4:54 pm
a symbol of female oppression and some on the muslim side said that this was exploiting exploiting these women's faith and so was should be despised for that so quite political quite political but how political is actually not just fashion almost in fashion yeah i think i mean a lot people try to separate them it seems almost inevitable they get mixed together i mean just look at how we cover events surrounding islam or the muslim world always using images of women in he jobs or women in burkas look at what just recently boris johnson the former u.k. foreign secretary wrote a very controversial article where he called muslim women in britain letter boxes referring to the the where you can only see the size so i think the politics is almost inevitable i mean you all must remember a few years ago the burqini the famous muslim swimwear that became a huge controversy when france banned the this this those murky thing it was
4:55 pm
promoting extremism and there was calls for similar bans in germany there are a number of people who think that muslim dress per se is repressive and i think it's almost impossible to extract the political from this but at least with this exhibit which runs in some of this going there will be coming to germany next year at least with this exhibit expands the conversation and so we can talk a bit more about the sort of the incredible breadth of not just muslim fashion but of the muslim female experience of school for debate that because that of those who are banning the birkie thing was hugely controversial among the women with the truth in this thing had been created well a lot of them just save the iran ironically it's the t.v. was created by an australian and she said after the band. sails just rocketed because muslims have great i'd love to have i also a long and complicated discussion thank you so let's go off iraq sort of being the story and they informative and they interesting thank you very much. it was indeed
4:56 pm
a good news do stay with us a lot smoke coming up but first the short break mel of iraq is standing by to have the news for you in a few minutes by. the from.
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the world economic forum twenty eighteen on the us economy from hanoi vietnam. part of you must be w presents a high profile panel discussion forum hosted by our region schumi accelerating in the parlor to actually move from place. to major the world economic forum on asia the big question.
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plains the odd. place. this is due to the news live from berlin and not good enough three seven a speech falls on deaf ears. you hear spile the pressure on the british prime minister telling her parts of her pretty good plan and will not work and that time is running out for at the e.u. summit in salzburg also coming up is russia sports come.


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