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this is it over your news line from berlin not good enough to reset ms riggs it bitch falls on deaf ears e.u. leaders pile on the pressure on the british prime minister telling her parts of her briggs it plan won't work and that time is running out at the e.u. summit in salzburg also coming up bob we want to val's to continue this fight for freedom becoming. live in knowing the ugandan musician turned opposition lawmaker is arrested after returning from the united states where he
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received treatment for alleged torture by government security forces also register your business or go to jail the young entrepreneurs in tanzania who make a living from online services like air b.n. b. are facing a crackdown by the government. plus a major decision in the biggest doping scandal in sports history the world anti-doping agency says it will lift a ban on russia's national testing laboratory despite widespread opposition russian athletes could soon be back in action and as modest fashion is having a moment well visit a san francisco exhibit that sixth floor in the complex diverse nature of islamic dress code.
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a lot of rock thank you so much for your company everyone. the u.k. and its european union partners have failed to secure a breakthrough and break the talks in the austrian city of salzburg with both sides throwing cold water over each other's proposals first off where dish prime minister to resign may insist that that her exit plan was the only one on the table but in you council president donald tusk said her proposed new economic partnership won't work it all looks so friendly and polite at the outset there certainly was common interest to come up with the brics a deal regarding britain's future relationship with the european union but that didn't happen here it will have to happen at a make or break meeting in a month european council president donald rejected britain's plan regarding its future relationship with the e.u. the british would like to benefit from frictionless trade even though they won't be part of the multinational bloc anymore to support cold water on what britain once
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every about their view of the positive elements in that proposal on the subject states framework for economic cooperation. locally as you go through truth of the single market the u. itself would like to continue having seamless trade with northern ireland as if it were still in the single market and customs union however the british prime minister rejected that as her government feels it would economically and constitutionally isolate the u.k. she didn't hesitate to mention the other scenario if there is no agreement on a deal that is acceptable to the united kingdom then preparing for no deal i believe we can get a good deal i believe there is a growing desire to sit down and ensure that we can achieve a deal french president emmanuel mccall rejected may stand especially as she stated that this is the only deal coming from britain. new devoted to follow in the soon
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we must defend the single market its coherence and we have reaffirmed our desire not to give up on this matter and if this is both in our short medium and long term interests sit down there's a vital political and economic interest for the european union in this regard we are today at an hour of truth. until divinity and the truth can hurt how much we'll know at the next e.u. summit in october. well earlier i spoke to max hoffman our correspondent in salzburg and i asked him how big of a setback this is for prime minister may he's in a very difficult situation because she has a party conference coming up in a couple of weeks in the u.k. where her her role might be at stake that's by the way one of the reasons why everybody played it nice here in salzburg or rather nice because they want to keep the reason may as they're negotiating partner behind closed doors though it seems
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that she made some concessions especially concerning the hard border we've been hearing that she agreed to making new suggestions on the hard border how that's supposed to work because that is really the the sticking point nobody knows how this is supposed to work there is really no suggestion that really makes sense in this context and so many think this will be the last of those sticking points to go to be resolved so it seems she's ready to do something about it but she can't say it too loudly because she'll get massive criticism back home what happens next max where they don't do they go from here. we're going to have to wait for that party conference in the u.k. probably for things to get moving but expect the cars to come on to the table after that there might be a special bragg's at summit in november at least that's what the austrian censor sébastien court said are going to back up the german chancellor said that the important summit was the regular summit coming up in october and she hoped that progress would be made up until then but now it really comes down to
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a game of chicken who's going to blink first within the next months and what is the real deadline when do they really have to strike a deal in order to have enough time to get parliamentary approval in the u.k. but also from the european problems the w's max hoffman reporting from salzburg thank you for your continued coverage and let's bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. several people have been killed in a shooting north of the u.s. city of baltimore md several others were injured the incident took place close to a drugstore distribution center authorities say a lone suspect is in critical condition at a local hospital. the leaders of south and north korea have wrapped up their historic summit with a symbolic show of unity back in seoul president whom j.m. said kim jong un at once a second summit with the u.s. president soon in order to speed up denuclearization. police in the netherlands say
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four children have been killed after a train collided with a bicycle carrying a number of infants it happened in the eastern city of also close to the german border two other people are in critical condition in the hospital. to uganda now where pop star turned opposition politician bobby wine has been a scored back home by police on his return to this east african state he landed at the international airport on thursday amid tight security which extended across the capital kampala uganda military has denied that bobby wine was tortured while in their custody here's more. from the united states to uganda the last stretch of a long journey home. but bobby wine didn't receive
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a warm welcome upon arrival at into the international airport a friend of the pop star turned politician film thai police waited for him on the tarmac. they then escorted him back to come. soon after wind told you what happened. it is great to finally be although i did not know the upbringing because so many i mean when he saw his eyes grabbed me from their plan they started me probably my passport and oh they do commands i don't know where they are but i'm finally able. bubby wine whose real name is robert. was charged with treason in august this follows campaign violence during a byelection. during his time in custody whyn claims to have been tortured campana denied this had happened mind then travel to the united states for medical
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treatment but despite his injuries he remains determined to continue with his work . i have come to continue exactly where i spoke i am going to fight on and like i say that we must get our freedom obese out there . i try to get our freedom was one was and i did last year and has large support from young ugandans he's been heavily critical of president yoweri museveni sometimes using his music to deliver his message of discontent. i. was right i. will. go there yeah but i am. our own turning us now is a u.s. convoy he is a journalist and the ugandan capital kampala and he covers events for us there are
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good to see you us bobby why now have returned home and not to the welcome that he was hoping for authorities a confiscated as a travel documents on arrival what more can you tell us i cannot call home of this side of the book the white house goatees troubled documents about some police but i can reflect a lot chillier what he told the public it's that he is happy to be back on monday amid an emphasis that he really wants to continue from where he ended she looked wary when who was speaking to journalists there was firing a number of questions they asked him about his mission when they would go ahead with the steam about his hills he's safe he's feeling much better he didn't speak much and he said you have a press conference military on saturday so we look forward to get more details from bobby one himself. why is mr bobby wine. facing
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treason charges. what we want is missing shoes and charges because in the first place the prosecution who starts the charges against him so well this case is yet to be hiding because of low we are huge to see the evidence that would be brought against the wind because we understand part of the evidence that is likely to be brought against him this is this i laced warning of the president the president's there what we can chose the was circulating that's the president's car was that tucked supporters of the opposition supporters will all be one no only way is believed to be linked to be spotty supporters the abuse that trumped up charges against this new face of the opposition and these lawyers say they would defend here and now and the reason of course why mr bobby wine was in the u.s. in the first place was for treatment for alleged torture ensure is his u.s.
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based on lawyer backs mr whines claims that he was unlawfully detained by military officers in uganda what more can you tell us about that. such a remains an allegation there hud these allegations yes but he went to see if he was tortured when in police custody and was seen the first time you up yet in the public after coming out when he was broached to the military court martial he was walking with pain walking on crutches but the government does say yes you know all these allegations need to be proved so we are huge to see if these allegations are true or not and if the government will really start up and say yes it's helping or not but it remains to be edible when says he was tortured just lake. or accused you also claimed that there were two assumes now mr bobby weina is a popular voice against a long time president in your area seventy i want mr weiss supporters also at risk from the authorities. some of his supporters especially believed as members of
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parliament and some of his yes they claimed that yes there's a huge waste there's a race called by a leash and their rights and some of his supporters are rooted because accused some were arrested with him some were jailed with him and bia facing the same shudder so you could see a situation we have to support us the ok there's a response rates of been violated but oh yeah despite your story to say they are going with what the law sees when we have a case to us we'll have to unsub that case so that is the situation support as they actually spare rights have been relegated but the authorities are saying it is their rule of the go taking calls jury if. reporting from the ugandan capital kampala thank you so much for the update thank you. and the tanzania government says more than forty people have died after a packed ferry capsized and lake victoria off
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a ship was reportedly involved in an accident on thursday afternoon and there are conflicting reports about the numbers of passengers on board but there are fears that the death toll could rise and rescue operation is on going. we stay on the continent to have us here with the business headlines and a backlash against the sharing economy in tanzania one that could actually last if the situation continues leyla tanzania has given those who are signed up to short stay services like air b.n. b. until october to register their businesses or face a jail term the new law means that entrepreneurs in that country will have to pay for licenses and other charges that come with the registration with the ministry of tourism however those in the business feel that too much regulation negates the point of those services that's going. this is the living room after losing her job thirty one year old victoria commend
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a turned her family home into a bed and breakfast i created this brand called my legal park b.n.b. . and put us on facebook put us on be and be put us on booking not call. told friends about it i made myself a little business call. the four bedroom house is located in the kenya tanzania border ideal for those looking to climb the nearby mines in ranges visit national park or just help her father feed the birds victoria says online platforms have helped her business and air b.n. b. warns you when you're registering make sure that you as a business are aware of the laws in terms of the hospitality industry in your
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country but in terms of kenya there's no mode of registration for b. and b. or short stick or stick because the assumption is if you are really paying rent you're really have a job you will be paying taxes so our government is slow to that and where they stay slow to that. on the other side of the border though the tanzanian government has given entrepreneurs signed up to short stay services until the end of october to register their businesses with the country's ministry of tourism. jr travel is an online platform thirty thousand hotels across africa are signed up i'm a bit concerned about the fact that over regulation of the private homes could actually affect the growth of a sustainable tourism industry. sentiment shared by others who worry that stricter
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regulations could come between young entrepreneurs and an opportunity to do business. or do doubly correspondent catherine i'm wondering who filed the report you just saw is joining us from nairobi hi catherine it's good to see your like to start with a very simple question the report we just saw shows us that the tanzanian government doesn't really seem to be encouraging necessarily the use of sharing applications like air b.n. b. and the likes what's the true stance of the government when it comes to the platforms. well the government has given those signed up to short stay services like the n b fifty days that the announcement was made last month and and that lapses at the end of october and all those who haven't registered with the ministry of tourism tourism the government says that they'll do house to house checks just to ensure that they have been registered and those who haven't been registered will face a jail term and that's probably what's worrying people the most the fact that the
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government is going to do house to house checks and the jail term that comes with it this comes this brings to mind just a couple of months ago when the government put taxes on bloggers requiring them to pay at least nine hundred dollars to register and nine hundred dollars again every year for license renewal so that those who feel that this is a bit restrictive and to some degree infringing on the rights especially of those who signed up to short state services that own private homes now needless to say these measures won't be popular how is the government justifying them. well for them they say that this is a mode of collecting revenue tourism in tanzania has been growing really fast in fact is the fastest growing sector in recent he is in two thousand and seventeen the cut about two billion dollars in revenue and it accounts for about twenty five
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percent to four for four exchange so for the government they want to collect taxes but also they're saying that by providing regulation scuse me into the into the sector they'll be protecting tourists who are coming into tanzania and ensuring that this safe and if anything happens to them there's some sort of paper trail or they'll get some sort of reprieve so the security and safety of tourists is another reason that they're giving a let's take a look at the other side are there any movements trying to defend a less regulation for the sharing economy. well we're not seeing a lot of parole as we did with the when the taxes were slapped on the blog but maybe this will come in coming days as the as the fifty day lapses but those who are in the industry say that over regulation of this particular sector could actually do the opposite of what the times i mean government is looking to do and that is it will negatively affects local and regional tourism and so they say that
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in as much as times and is one of the first african countries to actually go ahead with this kind of regulation that there needs to be some sort of balance so that the convenience of this particular share your carnaby is not overshadowed by overregulation catherine wando reporting from nairobi for us thank you very much. i'll be back in business later on now it's time for sports action and legal thank you so much javier the world and dipping agency also known as wada for short has voted to lift a ban on russia's drug testing laboratory well the move paves the way now for russian athletes through return and compete in track and field and for the country to host major international sporting events while the ban had been in place since two thousand and fifteen after revelations of a major state sponsored doping scandal. the biggest stoping scandal in sports
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history might be coming to an end the russian anti-doping agency will be reinstated pending some final technicalities the decision has been heavily criticised by various athletes and national doping agencies but is being celebrated in russia but the feel is sure this is a first step the important one it opens the way to our sportsmen and our federations to participate in sports competitions moreover it opens an opportunity to host international competitions on russian territory. just before the two thousand and sixteen rio olympics water investigator richard mclaren revealed russia had adopted a state sponsored doping program in the lead up to the sochi games he concluded more than one thousand russian athletes across thirty sports benefited from the program very quickly we learned that there was a lot more going on than just what went on it so she and once we learned that and
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it was early days in the investigation yes we were more than surprised to receive donations at the potential scope of what was going. to have the ban on its testing the board theory lifted russia still needed to fulfill two conditions the first to accept the finding of mclaren's report the second to release historical data and samples to water for further investigation with all but the last condition fulfilled the executive committee of wada has chosen to place trust in rosado once again but in the process they may have tarnished their own credibility. now cancer rates in china are rising at all warming rates the disease is now the country's most common cause of death it's an epidemic with which china's health care system is ill equipped to cope many families find themselves saddled with a hefty financial burden and that can for some cancer patients to take desperate measures are reporter mightiest berninger has the story. a missing person
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poster is all has to keep his hopes alive his son disappeared six months ago tang keeps a log of the cities where he's already hung up other posters. are not feeling well this pressure is too much i sleep badly and i can hardly eat. gone why is tang only son he shows us some photos from happier days the young man was studying to become a pharmacist but then came the stomach cancer diagnosis gone why fear the cost of treatment would drive his parents to ruin don't look for me you won't find me was what he wrote in his farewell note. he couldn't stand the pressure we're poor he thought we couldn't handle the financial burden he couldn't bear the
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situation he put us in he was too young you know. last year his son completed his studies he just wanted to stores possessions at his parents' house until he could find work then came the diagnosis it was devastating news because while almost all chinese are covered by health insurance it often pays only a fraction of the total costs. of people or people going to poverty and again sometimes it's sometimes. the tangs our farmers over the last few decades they've managed to save about three thousand euros. that was their only savings for old age they've placed all their expectations and hopes on their only son. gone why was little the most important
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thing for us was that he did his best at school so that he could get out of here in the meantime the tangs have used up their entire savings searching for their son. wife has gone into town to look for work tang stays at home and waits every day he sends text messages to his son's phone number most of them can't be delivered but this one went through. things his son is still out there somewhere sometimes he invites his neighbors over to play cards tang doesn't join in but the company distracts him from his worries for a little while heartbreaking the amount of cocaine produced in colombia is skyrocketing that's despite hopes that twenty sixteen peace deal with the guerilla movement fark would reduce cocaine production well now the government says
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it's getting tough on cocoa farmers by using drones. cocaine cultivation in colombia has hit a new high according to the u.n. the acreage of coca plants the raw material used to make the drug increased by seventeen percent last year the u.n. says farmers have stepped up their use of fertilizers to boost productivity. in cultivation increased investment with agricultural inputs like fertilizers increased and productivity and plantations has improved cocoa plantations produce thirty three percent more leaves than in twenty twelve. in. this particular drug problem is an ongoing one for the colombian government the violence of the drug trade with rebel groups paramilitaries and gangs making billions of dollars from cocaine has plagued the country for years earlier attempts to suppress crops by spraying them with the herbicide glyphosate were halted after
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the w.h.o. linked it with cancer but there's a new result from the country's president van do k. to get on top of the problem by using targeted fumigation deployed by drones which can fly low enough to limit the dangers associated with glyphosate he discussed a new strategy to tackle the problem. our goal within the next four years is to have strong results if you ask me we can set ambitious goals of eradicating more than seventy percent of the cultivation that we have today. look at that much like. whether using drones or forces on the ground rooting out colombia's cocaine problem will be no trivial task. you're watching the w.'s with have a lot more to tell you about including european disunity over migration policy and
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your germany wants all e.u. nations to take their fair share of refugees and today rejected a proposal to pay countries which take them and. that on the whole lot more coming up after these messages. come. to. a deluge of data. but how can it be storing. conventional devices mark durable ormal liable enough. scientists face a major challenge the test of time information overload archiving in the digital age the end of memory in forty five minutes on t w. six. school in the jungle.
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the first cloning most of. them in the door is grand the moment arrives illegally joining your regular train on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary stories in the renton returns home to move on the w. don't come. to. the. main one time sixteen and i'm crying i go to rumble. young people rebelled against their parents' generation. it was an unassuming dusty useless stupidity empty chance to see the big demand nothing less than a home slate maelstrom of up. with the vietnam war please make you grow my generation watch the vietnam war every day. those with.
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the music of the first time had a feeling of being home to something in. the seeds of civil rights. peace movement. one place during this period. sixty eight. this week don't. pretend you're back with us you're watching it do you have you knew something about iraq and berlin this is our main headline that's our. leaders have failed to secure a breakthrough in bragg's the talks in the austrian city of salzburg while british prime minister to resign they insisted that her friends the plan was the only one on the table council president also said it was on that workable. and as well as briggs that migration was another controversial topic for leaders in
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salzburg and here too they made little progress for months the block where has been split by differences over how to deal with asylum seekers who make it to europe countries like hungary poland and italy a post plans to redistribute migrants within the e.u. some have suggested instead making payments to countries which take them in and at the summit the german chancellor reject it this plan along with luxembourg's prime minister savvy a battle let's listen to what he said. although we don't start it we all know that the markets we are speaking about humans will not speak in both culprits or goods so if we start to begin how much is the price of an immigrant it's a shame for all of us. all right not mincing his words there let's cross over now to max hoffman he was at the e.u. summit in salzburg for us good to see you max perhaps not various surprising there was no agreement on distributing those migrants who are already in europe what has
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been achieved at this summit. but only no agreement on that but no step forward either and that's been the case now for three years but they're making steps forward for the other part of the migration issue and that is keeping as many migrants away from the european union as possible this is well the declared goal of all you. e.u. states especially illegal migrants of course and part of that is securing the out of borders beefing up the border agency frontex up to ten thousand persons although there are still some lacking clarity who's going to be in charge of securing those borders of the sovereignty of the individual states or the border agency and of course we've talked a lot about those this embarkation platforms that's another word for migrant camps outside of the european union in northern africa now the host austrian chancellor our courts currently holds the news that we're taking presidency he said he wants
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more support from egypt a lesson in. group b. visas egypt has shown that it can be efficient jim said to me outside doesn't seem to stop ships setting off from egypt the year of sense twenty sixteen i will find if they have already set off just take in the mountains to look in the woman and what egypt is ready to put towards them close a coalition. how is this closer cooperation supposed to look like max. what the e.u. leaders are hoping for is that egypt would host the first of those disembarkation platforms that i just mentioned because the plan is has been for since july but there have been no takers in north africa all the countries declined and egypt is the first country to at least be ready to talk about this to negotiate with the european union it doesn't mean that there really will be one of those migrant cabs
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in egypt but if it works let's say it does work and egypt agrees that the plan of the e.u. is to set up one of those camps together with the u.n. . refugee agency so that there are certain international standards and all those migrants that are rescued at sea and not in european union waters get brought back to egypt and to that to that platform as they call it and then their applications get processed there are many of them sent back to the country of origin but some of them will probably be risk resettled to the european union but we need to slow down there because all of this is in the future egypt hasn't even agreed to build one of those camps don't let still pai in the sky off what has the chancellor merkel's position been on this particular issue. well she supported this play and she's always supported or you know in the last year or so supported the plans to have more deals with african states just like they did with turkey for example to work closer together with the countries of origin of africa give the money give people
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their perspective also securing the outer borders also those disembarkation platforms where she's at odds with other countries as for the second part you just mentioned later of course what to do with refugees that are in the european union how to distribute them among the countries she said at the press conference at the end of the summit that there still needs to be negotiation on that because she's simply not going to accept the position that that is brought forward by countries like hungary where he doesn't use macs hofman reporting from salzburg austria thank you for your continued coverage. and at the height of europe's a refugee crisis in two thousand and fifteen the overland passage through the balkans saw a surge in people seeking refuge and asylum but a key transit country hungry has erected a border fence two years ago that effectively blocked that route and that in turn has forced refugees to find alternatives well now the e.u.
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estimates around four thousand migrants are stuck just outside use borders near the bosnian border while many alleged violence at the hands of border guards and our very own are frank hofmann reports now from a makeshift camp. getting to the e.u. has been an impossible feat for this afghan refugee ever since the buchan route was closed two years ago. made it to serbia last year he recently arrived in the small post in town of the hutch near the border with crazy an e.u. country. barter when it on sunday night try over one. border crucial border when it on how far along the way between a lot of very few allegations against gration like those by name a tool of asean unmounting d.w. reporters took photos during many visits to north western force yet to go vino the
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summer refugees this say these injuries were inflicted by creation border police. an hour north of here's one of the border crossings integration into the east. we confront a local border police chief with the allegations but he dismisses them. the croatian police strictly adhered to the law and regulations i emphatically reject every allegation that the creation police are acting unlawfully of. the e.u. border runs right through a former warsaw predominantly muslim jihadists was heavily contested during the bosnian war and hostages many refugees. in one nine hundred ninety two there were more than fifty thousand refugees here said the number of migrants today is not really so high many think it's high simply because there's no solution
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in sight. they get very close to the subject of the study. like often in this multi-ethnic state the nationalist parties of the boss next creations and so have been at odds also on this issue and elections are imminent. nationalists here in boston had to go in a half used to my current question from the beginning of this election campaign to the nationalists the migrants on issue for the e.u. to resolve since that's where they want to go brussels has given u.n. organizations seven point two million euros this year to help asylum seekers but most and b. have say that's not a viable solution the town has built up a modest tourism industry sensible seymour and its twenty three years ago the total model which for example runs a guest house on the nile river a favorite spot for because and nature love us especially from the middle east in one of those we have a lot of arab visitors who don't want to get in
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a situation where the police are checking their i.d.'s and assuming they're migrants that's why fewer of them are coming here now but people still invested heavily in tourism. through the portal was really and that will inevitably make life for a few chase such as name a to love as here even worse many living just outside the e.u. external borders say the europeans are merely shifting the problem further down the balkan route. for common reporting there in just a few weeks time brazilian voters will head to the polls and pick a new president it's been the country's most divisive campaign in recent years one president has already been impeached another jailed and the country seems split into camps in the far left and the far right and it's at this strange juncture that germany's embassy in brazil has stepped into the fray on social media of all places
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and shared read from video a social media has been tracking this story so take us through this and this curious german connection right. you're right the polls are coming up in the post and leading those polls is this guy his name is also not a or he is a nationalist and he has a huge social media following and he's being cold things like brazil's donald trump because he's managed to tap into the on restore the repeated instances of government corruption he's also a social conservative and he has said things like he's spoken fondly of brazil's former military dictatorship and for that people have called him a nazi now the german embassy in brazil has sort of waded into this through a video they posted to social media just grabbing the lessons that germany learnt from the holocaust we can take a little look at that video basically it says things like germans during hide from they have passed they've confronted the horrors of the holocaust early on we can
8:41 pm
see that on the backdrop of some well known nazi imagery and pictures from the auschwitz concentration camp strong images and a strong message people are discussing the timing of the video at a time when a far right candidate is doing well in the polls was it trying to send any messages to viruses but we asked that question to the german foreign office and they absolutely denied that and said no we are neutral what they told us is that was won in a series of videos and in the interest brazilian society on german society and they timed this one because of the interest they're on in kenya where we saw right protests here sorry you know the embassy saying that they're neutral but pretty of brazilians have something to say our let's talk about the brazilian so what have the followers of the embassy on twitter said about that well this video received hundreds of thousands of views ranging from all sorts of viewpoints will stop with the positive ones this person writing on theresa. brazil should adopt the same
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measures for the period of military dictatorship that germany took off to the. holocaust i know they'd still be biased people from the extreme right denying the obvious bot at least the majority would be well informed another called mental sir from twitter thanks for this video ari and for trying to wake people up the risk for us in ending with a dictatorship is real but others say germany should mind their own business this one saying why is the german embassy embassy posting this now on the eve of elections in brazil ones that a polarizing between the right and the left one further aspect to this debate a little bizarre one people were debating whether the nazis were five rise or fall if so quite a hostile social media experience for these embassy workers i would imagine but it just goes to how polarizing the debate is on the ground right now in brazil and they probably need a new social media and they're all right thanks so much jared greatly appreciate
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that and i'm going to hand you over now to have here for some more business headlines because the u.s. is upping the pressure on european companies for their dealings in iran and it could be working i'm just going to say could because the u.s. ambassador to germany richard we're now has tweeted that folks of arden and chemicals giant be a from germany are pulling out of iran and shutting down operations there were no us claim would be in line with the us sanctions reimposed on iran by president trump however v.w. has repeated its intention to operate there legally and iran pull out would take the row over the around nuclear deal between the e.u. and the us to another level brussels wants to maintain the deal with tehran and washington is out. for more let's bring in w correspondent terry shows joining us from brussels terry it's good to see you let's start looking
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at the position of the companies because no matter how you look at it they are certainly quitting or at least becoming very cautious in general terms with their own business and they do have a very difficult situation right now to. that's true javier they're under pressure from both sides the u.s. says that it's going to sanction any company doing business in iran the european union has updated its own legislation to pressure companies to stay in saying it's going to be illegal for e.u. companies to pull out of iran based on the u.s. sanctions threat so the companies are really put in the middle in and while brussels says it will back them up by allowing them to sue u.s. companies or even the u.s. government in national courts that doesn't seem to be convincing to companies right now who are risk of losing of course possibly millions or even billions of dollars if the u.s. puts them under this this pressure of sanctions let's look a little bit more into these measures by the e.u. they introduced a so-called blocking statute meant to protect you companies so they keep doing
8:45 pm
business with iran can you give us details on how does it work and most of all is it really effective. well it's never actually been put into practice and that's of course why e.u. companies are doubtful that it really can shield them from the u.s. wrath over doing business with tehran what it would do is allow them to take to court and entity which which causes financial harm to them but this is only been attempted one other time under the clinton administration and it was actually the u.s. that backed down that time so this is never actually been seen to work yet and companies are you know can be forgiven for thinking they don't want to take a risk with that while the u.s. sanctions are of course a much more certain fate if they do continue to do business and as you mentioned v.w. and b.s.f. have not been clear about what steps they've taken despite the u.s. ambassador's tweets they're saying that they're going to comply with all national and international laws it's difficult to see how that will work out since at the
8:46 pm
moment u.s. and e.u. laws seem to be. basically butting up against each other it would be difficult to comply with both sides it is certainly mission impossible no what other measures do you think could be introduced to protect the companies of that legislation or support is not really effective. there is in fact a new attempt being made by the european union with what it's calling a special purpose vehicle they're trying to set up a financial company that would be sort of the middleman so that the e.u. could companies in the e.u. who want to do business with iran could transfer money to this this financial holding company and then iran could transfer money there as well that would shield banks that would shield companies from being seen as doing business directly with iran but this is something that is only starting to trickle out we only learned about this last week and it hasn't actually been set up yet so nobody knows exactly who the owners would be where the initial capital would come from even where this financial company would be located but it shows that the european union isn't
8:47 pm
rolling over yet in the face of the u.s. sanctions terminals breaking down this very complex situation for us in brussels thank you very much speaking of tensions between the u.s. and the e.u. could become sewage can actually be in sight at least in one from the european commission has announced that the majority of soybeans consumed in the e.u. are now from the united states and brazil off the top spot the announcement comes after a deal in july with u.s. president donald trump to avert a trade war. soybeans small seeds of diplomacy at a time of global trade tensions when european commission president headed to washington in july he pledged that europeans would buy more u.s. soil in an effort to dodge washington tariffs on e.u. costs no surprise then that on thursday brussels was keen to prove it had stuck to its side of the balkan you might remember that in the joint statement the two sides are to increase trade in an area of areas and brother cuts notably soybeans and
8:48 pm
the results published today show that the us is now the main supplier of soybeans to the you with a share of fifty two percent of the market an impressive statistic but economists point out this in june china largely stopped buying u.s. soybeans in retaliation for trade measures trump targeted at beijing prompting european vamose to switch to buying cheap a u.s. soil not to mention that there's never been a huge tariffs on soybeans from the u.s. for now though enough appears to have been done to see both sides back at the negotiating table because you remember well that there was a meeting on the tenth of september between commissioner mom's room and united states trade representative and they will meet again next week in new york on the twenty fifth of september to follow up on these discussions an additional meeting is already there if you please scheduled for november and also other contacts at
8:49 pm
different levels are taking place in the meantime tentative being the operative word talks then are expected to be tricky and a world away from the green fields of soybeans with washington calling for a more far reaching deal to cut the u.s. trade deficit. so called muslim fashion has become big business in the world of islamic courts court two often called modest fashion is booming while the first ever exhibit devoted to muslim fashion opens in san francisco this week and here to talk about it and this say how to make sure fashion commerce and politics is the w.'s always stylish culture and her rocks are at our house fashion these days all right not for the uninitiated what is muslim fashion what makes fashion muslim yeah i mean i have to say i was one of the uninitiated till very recently until i
8:50 pm
started working on this for today i never even thought of muslim fashion if i had ever heard the idea i guess i probably would have just had cliches like you know in a black job you know head scarf or or the burqa maybe i didn't have any idea that muslim fashion was the thing but it's actually one of the fastest growing and most important trends in the fashion industry these days and the. museum of fine arts in in san francisco they didn't do junk is the is has done the first big exhibit of muslim style and it's interesting because it really is targeting people like myself who don't really know much about a muslim fashion and what they're trying to do is present a broader picture to give people an idea of what muslim fashion means and what this combination as you say of of style and faith can mean we had a chance to see if it opens this week as the peak what it was looking at and i'd
8:51 pm
say they're trying to open our view of maybe the muslim world and maybe even islam itself what we take a look. a new perspective on muslim fashion the exhibition hall itself reminiscent of a mosque with the works of some forty five designers contemporary muslim fashion is diverse but it doesn't pretend to be a definitive survey. i think it's just posed to deliver a new way ended point i think that it's not as we're not trying to solve any problem we're just trying to bring attention to a really exciting sector of. of the fashion world. and it does the works here might be modest in terms of how they cover the body but not their stance he can bishan. some are also political like celine seaman vin on the u.s. constitution and first amendment flight jacket almost bouchra. true self
8:52 pm
a piece about identity. but it's not only about beauty all sending a positive message islamic style has become a burgeoning industry in recently is. really triggered by an awareness of the spending power of the muslim clientele it's been estimated that forty four billion dollars a year are spent on by muslim women on lot of stress. contemporary muslim fashion the first of its kind dedicated to displaying islamic culture within a fashion context runs until january. so scott what's behind this muslim fashion boom well really it's i mean it's economic i mean there's a record number of young muslim women entering the workforce earning their own money and wanting to spend it and you know the muslim world the particulars of the
8:53 pm
arab world is growing credibly fast the economies are growing quickly fast and the sort of younger generation of muslim women are looking for ways to combine. fashion and their spending power with still being true to their traditions or to their faith and you're seeing this as say in the muslim world but also also increasingly in the western world there are a lot of young muslim women here in germany in the united states who are trying to combine fashion with with faith and some of them call themselves he just this just this those combining he job and fashionistas. and they're very active on social media is a big driver social media for the for this trend there they post a lot of videos a lot of images of themselves with these styles with these very muslim fashion styles and when we look at them i think we have some adjust to some some of the images that these young women are posting and so they're showing themselves as
8:54 pm
being very modern very independent but still devout muslims and the. idea behind a lot of this is to give another image of of islam and of the muslim woman as showing that muslim fashion doesn't necessarily mean something that's oppressive to women it could some all even be liberating. so it is fashion kind of being inclusive but it's the bottom line no really i mean yeah the trend definite because there's so much money behind this is said forty five billion a year some people but the rest of the much higher up to two hundred billion a year that this this industry is worth and so yeah all the big companies are piling in dolce and gabbana. donna karan oscar de la renta they all have their own modest live fashion line now even nike sportswear all carol they have their own professional they call it the pro line it's sportswear for the muslim female athlete they just did recently did
8:55 pm
a big campaign taking muslim olympic athletes and giving them to dawn this this fear and show show their stuff show their stuff and this campaign i think we have some of the footage of of the campaign. and this campaign very very popular in the muslim world but it got a lot of criticism not good actually from both sides some were saying were criticize the company for what they called normalizing what they see as a symbol of female oppression and devout muslims criticized them saying that they were just kept the lies being on what is a symbol of faith and should be commercialized so yeah a very very controversial issue our. and how political is not fashion three seconds left yeah i think it inevitably becomes political because we connected with the political connections. i think a lot of people in protecting this exhibit is trying to get away from the pole political but it's inevitable and that's inevitable what's good about this exhibit which runs the end of the year in the u.s. thing comes here to germany is that it broadens the spectrum and it broadens the
8:56 pm
discussion so maybe you think about just about the politics when you think about muslim and fashion but something about the dialogue that's what we're here for exactly as our job that so much got great talking to you thank you for spending this part of your day with us the news that continues right after.
8:57 pm
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