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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2018 1:02am-1:16am CEST

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the u.s. says european companies are bowing to its pressure and leaving iran but folks who are going to climb permits pulling out of that market even after the u.s. ambassador to germany says the carmaker would do so. also in the program a deal reached in july to avert a trade war means that most soybeans consumed in the e.u. now come from the u.s. . and the largest part of the migrants who arrived in europe three years ago still haven't found work but the job market is tight some employers say they write you able to help you get. w m how yet again it's good to have you with us the u.s. ambassador to germany says chemical company. will shut down operations in iran he
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sees it as a result of the trump administration's combination of sanctions and threats against anyone doing business with that country while neither of the companies has confirmed this version other german giants have already left the uranium market the e.u. is trying to encourage european businesses to bypass u.s. sanctions but it seems like some big players are not willing to take the risk. return to iran to do business last year after a seventeen year absence the german auto giant said it wanted to reestablish a presence in the country it's signed contracts to import several vehicle models to around. other german companies like b a s f we're also investing in iran but could there be a u. turn the us ambassador to germany richard grenell said b.s.f. is now accessing the iranian marcus he said that the car giant was complying with u.s. sanctions against the islamic republic. tweeted b a s f will
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comply with u.s. sanctions on iran. b.s.f. has not yet responded to the ambassador's tweet nor has the w. at least not directly the carmaker says it's complying with all laws and export regulations one is an e.u. law that says european companies don't have to comply with the u.s. sanctions on iran but more companies are choosing to play it safe they fear doing business in iran could hurt their access to the u.s. market that's why car maker dime letter rail operator deutsche bahn and communications company deutsche telekom have all ceased activities in iraq. over now to our new york financial correspondent joining us from wall street good to see you so it looks like the e.u. companies are stuck between a rock and a hard place can the e.u. really rescue the iran nuclear deal over protecting companies here. well there's
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only so much the european union can do and that is mostly for two reasons first of all a company from europe has to think about if they want to do business with the united states always iran and usually the business deals with america much greater than with iran so that is number one and even if the european union is kind of offering a european companies to compensate them for lost business in the u.s. that is hardly going to happen and that would mean in the end that european takes players would have to come up with u.s. sanctions and then as a second mall then of global currency reserves and also global trade dollars so that gives the u.s. another strong card and even european companies that do not do direct business with the united states could get hit hard if they do business with iran so in my opinion there's really not that much that is going to happen and there's not going to be
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that much the european union can do it to keep those deals from you or from european companies was around going. looking at the markets despite iran despite the china trade dispute the dow jones index is at another record high how does that work what's going on. yeah and who would have guessed earlier this week when the us president don't know if those new terrorists the chinese imports since then so on hugh's day on wednesday and on thursday we saw triple digit gains there was the dow jones industrial average actually for the first time since the end of generally the dull jones achieved a new record high well maybe there is some hope that tensions could ease between the united states and china and then second overall the u.s. economy pretty strong we've got new indications here on thursday that in the second half of the year the u.s. will grow at least by three percent and it's probably those growth figures that
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keep the market going because cost of from wall street thank you very much for the analysis. china is planning to slash the average tariff rates on imports for most of its trading partners as early as october according to news agency bloomberg the move would come after china imposed higher duties on sixteen billion dollars worth of u.s. products this week in reaction to washington's new tariffs on chinese goods it's not yet clear which countries at the reduced terrace would apply to next month analysts see china's production of in for taxes as a sign that the country wants to reform and open up its market trade disputes notwithstanding. and could be conciliated be insight in this trade battle the european commission has announced that the majority of soybeans consumed in the e.u. are no from the united states and brazil off the top spot the announcement comes after a deal in july with u.s. president trump to avert
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a trade war. soybeans small seeds of diplomacy at a time of global trade tensions when european commission president jiang headed to washington in july he pledged that europeans would buy more u.s. soil in an effort to dodge washington tariffs on a u. costs no surprise then that on thursday brussels was keen to prove it had stuck to its side of the balkan you might remember that in the joint statement of two sides of the greek to increase trade in an area of areas and brother cuts notably soya beans and the results published today show that the us is now the main supplier of soy beans to the you with a share of fifty two percent of the market an impressive statistic but economists point out that in june china largely stopped buying u.s. soybeans in retaliation for trade measures trump targeted at beijing prompting european vamose to switch to buying cheap a u.s.
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soil not to mention that there's never been a huge tariffs on soybeans from the u.s. for now though enough appears to have been done to see both sides back at the negotiating table because you remember well there was a meeting on the tenth of september between commissioner moms from and united states trade representative and they will meet again next week in new york on the twenty fifth of september to follow up on these discussions an additional meeting is already that the police scheduled for november and also other contacts at different levels are taking place in the meantime tentative being the operative word talks then are expected to be tricky and a world away from the green fields of soybeans with washington calling for a more far reaching deal to cut the u.s. trade deficit. migration is on top of the agenda at the e.u. leaders summit in austria and the russian syrian offensive in it live could spur another wave of refugees that could further split societies in europe but some look
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at refugees as a welcome addition to the continent and to its economy some companies for employment now are seeking workers in particular for those shops locals don't want to do. this hotel and southern amsterdam is new and trendy there are even fresh vegetables growing on the roof but despite the calm impression the hotel industry in general has a problem not enough people want to work there thousands of jobs need to be filled each year so for the first time amsterdam has organized a job fair for refugees today it's all about the perfect match. nina schmitz works with an organization that integrates refugees into the hotel industry and that integrates them into society. there but they can work it helps people to learn the language quickly and provides an income but it also helps them to get to know a new country faster and integrate into the community. sounds unpause
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shows up for short interviews similar to speed dating rounds with hotel management . in syria he worked for a medical company now he'd like to greet guests at the hotel reception desk but he's open for other suggestions to start somewhere. but they always it's right if i am going to start from a lower level i just try to make sure that there is a development chance the workers are demanding both cleaning the guest rooms as well as in the kitchen employees often work in shifts and you don't get rich in the process all this makes hotel employment unattractive for many dutch people wassim knows there are always jobs to be filled at the reception desk he works to convince the staff he's ready to take on the job in just a few minutes getting people information will can even make him happy so you'd be informative. if they just like was seen the other refugees interview in english
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it's the language most commonly spoken in hotels across amsterdam also like was seen most of the refugees have little to no experience in the business but that's it didn't need to belong the most important thing is not necessarily their education but rather their motivation we have hotel management schools that are well equipped to train people for the kitchen or reception of the sixty two and a half hours later the first job fair for refugees is complete and in his pocket was seen has the invitation for another more detailed interview. time before we go luxury british carmaker aston martin says it is seeking a valuation of five point seven billion euros when it goes public next month the company made famous by james bond spy films will become the only car maker on the london stock exchange aston martin says the i.p.o. will go ahead with or without bret's it and that it has stockpiled engines and components but restrictions on the free movement of goods could affect supply chains costs and because. that's all for this edition of the double business thanks
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