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tv   Treasures of the World - The Cliff Temples of Abu Simbel Egypt  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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i see despite my job to confront floods details on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most under our food security question marks in isolation. not has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is a mcclatchy and i work at g.w. .
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in news time this man was a master of diplomacy and political strategy but the pharaoh ramses the second earned his place in the history books as the most prodigious architect of egyptian antiquity in sixty six you all over egypt came to be seen by later generations as a coordinate. in the long four thousand year history of the pharaohs and in one of these guard teams reigned for longer than ramsey is the second. life blood of the land they ruled over was the sacred nile river it's regular flooding allowed to all ponds and green gardens to flourish along its length of human settlement was confined to the nile fertile floodplain. of each of its life giving water and inhospitable desert again.
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three thousand years ago the gateway to trade with africa was here in new bia in what is now southern egypt. great quarries of mind supplied stone and gold in abundance group richly decorated buildings. and it was here on the upper reaches of the nile that runs in the second built his divine temples. great temples of abu simbel. according to egyptian mythology the sun god re himself made
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a ladder for the pharaoh to enter the inner temple using the rays of the rising sun . here were in the world beyond ruled by the god sirius judge of the dead and ruler of the underworld when ramsay's enters the temple he enters the world of the dead and every day as the sun rises it's all serious who brings the pharaoh back to life rejuvenating again. like a guard of honor eight metre tall supporting pillars lead to the inner recesses of the temple each is a figure of the goddess series but with the face of ramses the second.
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in the innermost sanctuary for statues are carved into the rock they are the creator god ray who rocked a tar and and on rainy. and with them the god king himself ramsay's the second. king ramsay's the second live thirteen centuries before christ during his long reign he altered already existing temples founded a new capital city and covered the whole of egypt with huge stone figures and obvious and vast temple complexes. here in the king's mortuary temple the ram asean in the ancient town of thieves lies the head of one such statue originally seventeen meters tall the figure would have weighed a thousand times. by
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the second year of his reign round six the second was already adding to the great temple of amnon in luxor he built this fifteen meter tall adorning the entrance the king was obviously aware of the superhuman efforts he was demanding from his workers he paid tribute to them in these words you my workers chosen for your strength and the skill of your hands building monuments for me in great numbers skilled in working with precious stones you know the types of granite you know the secrets of sandstone. oh hardworking and faithful builders i shall live as long as the monuments you raise. ramsey has commissioned a huge pillar of hall to be added to the great temple of amman it's sometimes named
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as one of the seven wonders of the world the hall is the size of a small football pitch and contains a forest of one hundred thirty four highly decorated sandstone columns. again and again this cartouche appears carved into the stone as the hieroglyph of the pharaohs me. randy has had the cartouche carved on all his works it reads mr marx ring so it depends re me on one which means the one chosen by the god reign. in the. ramsey's rule extended over the civilized world over upper and lower egypt that is the world for him centered in
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egypt its vast deserts and the fertile nile valley. the varos went to war regularly to defend their trade routes and more importantly their land and people. one battle is commemorated on the temple walls at abu simbel it's the battle of car dash against the hittites only in the king's reign. ramsey has had himself portrayed in the release as a brave warrior and daring military leader an inscription on the wall proclaims the pharaoh's courage and pain and bears witness to the cowardice of his own troops.
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today's historians say the evidence in the battle of cartridges conflicting inscriptions left by the hittites present them as the victors. ramsey has turned all egypt into a monument to his own creativity the abu simbel temples were far larger and more significant than any cliff temples he or his predecessors had get built. using the simplest of brands and stone tools to open the rock face the workers cut
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sixty metres back into the cliffs working in teams of one hundred many. as the space inside grew a system of polished bronze mirrors was installed in the dim light they gave artists decorated the inner walls with reliefs and painted figures. three thousand three hundred years later a multitude of workers descended on the nubian does or once more at the beginning of the one nine hundred sixty s. the temples were under threat from the building of the as one high dam which would leave them submerged in a reservoir so the whole complex was relocated in a unesco initiative which proved to be one of the biggest construction projects of modern times. twenty thousand tons of stone was sawn into
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blocks taken apart and later put back together. in march one thousand nine hundred sixty eight after four years work the relocation of the temple was finally complete. for ramsay's abu simbel was a residence for all eternity a residence for his family as well as himself ramsey's even built a separate temple for never tare one of his wives although smaller than the main one it was built in a similar style. at
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the name temple for colossal statues portray the father of the family watching proudly over the other figures and reliefs carved into the stone much like a family photo his wife and children are shown beside him carved a small figures at his feet the king's firstborn son and moon hair chop chef is portrayed here between the legs of the largest statue and at the feet of the colossus on the left stand three of his daughters. ramsey the second must be one of history's most fertile leaders the names of forty daughters and forty five sons are recorded. to build monument on monument is a wonderful thing to wonderful things at once their own words best show us ramsey
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is the second the prodigious builder of egyptian antiquity. here in the museum desert not far from abu simbel the pharaoh had seven more large cliff temples built sadly if you have survived. in twelve twenty four b.c. king ramsay's the seconds long life came to an end he was one of the most important pharaohs and his passing mark the end of a golden age for egypt. god
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