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gorbachev and the opportunity for. starts october third on d w. this is due to readers live from berlin disaster strikes on africa's biggest lake more than a hundred twenty people have drowned after a ferry capsized on lake victoria and tanzania scores of people are still missing and officials fear that the death toll will rise also coming up a fire started three weeks ago by military rocket tests is spreading it's now
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threatening to german towns authorities are telling people get ready to evacuate and digging in the british prime minister theresa may gets back at leaders saying she will not cheat to the blocks demands and calling their rejection of her briggs's blueprint and acceptable with the two sides at an impasse where will things go from here. thank you so much for your company everyone always start off with that deadly boat accident on lake victoria in tanzania waters more than one hundred twenty people are reported to have died after a ferry capsized there there are conflicting reports about how many passengers were on board and some say the ship was carrying up to four hundred people that rescue efforts are still underway a day after the disaster. and hopes of finding more survivors are fading and
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officials say the death toll is expected to rise the ferry sank near the shore between the islands of you cora and who are. all right for the very latest on the situation correspondent catherine wando joins me now from nairobi catherine it's believed many people are still missing what more have you learned well so far the number that we're being given is at least two hundred people still missing and as recovery the recovery mission continues because it's now the navy's now calling into recovery mission and not really arrested mission and as they continue to retrieve bodies they'd say that they don't expect to find anyone alive from here on out over one hundred bodies have been recovered but this is in light of president john mclaughlin he gave a statement and also tends to remain calm as investigations and launched into that
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incident i can you tell us a bit more about the cause of this tragedy what are officials telling you local officials say that the cause of this particular tragedy was overloading of the ferry the ferry has a capacity of one hundred people but it was carrying. away more than that now the numbers of puts between three hundred to four hundred local media there in tanzania put some put the number to up to five hundred so this ferry with the capacity of one hundred people was carrying more than it's capacity in people and also cargo and merchandise you know heavy bags of cement so that was the main cause of the of the incident according to local authorities a caravan of course what's so mind boggling is that this is the third major ferry disaster for tanzania why does this keep happening. well it's basically a dairy to regulations of overloading they are regulations on how much
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a ferry can take and how much you can put on board but implementation down on the ground seems to be one thing this is what happens in most of the cases that happened in the two incidences off the island of zanzibar where in two thousand and sixteen at least one hundred forty five people died it's the same case that happened in two thousand and sixteen still in the. victoria with a boat capsized with twenty into place to improve safety on the waters well as much as they are really trying in the in terms of the government and it kept it keeps its ferries maintained this particular ferry had been maintained in the last two months it had gone through maintainance it had its engines overhauled so it really that was the initial force that it was a failure maintainance that it wasn't this was up to par in terms of that so that's what the times and government is doing is trying to maintain its ferries but also
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now it's a matter of making sure that those who handing out tickets don't hand out more than the ferry can bear aren't catherine and wonder what reporting there are on the latest of the ferry disaster in tanzania thank you so much for the update. let's bring you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the death toll from a monsoon landslide in central philippines has risen to twenty nine dozens of other people are still missing authorities forcibly evacuated people from five villages at risk of further landslides after days of heavy rains brought by super typhoon man coote. the president of vietnam has died at the age of sixty one state media says the vietnamese president has suffered a serious illness that had been treated both at home and abroad he's been vietnam's president since april twenty sixth game. authorities in peru have recovered more
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than seventeen hundred ancient artifacts which have been stalling stolen from the country while they include prehistoric relics from various long civilizations in the andean nation the items were repaired treated from the europe the u.s. and other latin american countries. now here in germany a fire that started three weeks ago during an exercise to test military rockets is fretting posing a real danger to residential communities in the state of lower saxony all dense smoke has now found over one hundred kilometers stirred by strong winds and authorities say they're considering evacuating around a thousand people. the small town of stuff is on the front line of the fire the roads here are busy with emergency vehicles weather conditions could change in a moment spreading the fire further east. event delete the
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do when is turning and finding the far. flung time could be enveloped in smoke and that kind of human watching closely how it develops. authours ease of make contingency plans to evacuate the town flying sparks and smoke could pose a threat to the residents near the fire that has consumed eight square kilometers of dry more land although authorities say there's no immediate danger more than five hundred volunteer firefighters have been called up to contain the blaze preparations are being made for a worst case scenario for the mood for the it's just in case of an emergency we don't want to evacuation but we need to be ready if lines barks come our way. for now the region is affected by storms but the rain isn't enough to extinguish the blaze the german military is being asked to explain why rockets were being tested in dangerously dry conditions. and staying in germany the scandal surrounding
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germany's former spy chief continues to split the country's coalition government on tuesday hunt scares mohsen was removed from his position as the head of the country's intelligence agency after making controversial comments about the far right violence that unfolded in the eastern town of chemists but he was then promptly promoted to a better paid position in the interior ministry while now s.p.d. leader. is demanding that that very decision be revised after a massive outcry in her party interior minister horst sam offered a staunch supporter of mr moxon says he doesn't rule out further negotiations on the matter and our political correspondent to thomas sparrow is following these rather remarkable developments turn of events thomas because it sounds like social democrat leader under analysis is having a case of buyer's remorse that's correct it is absolutely remarkable just when
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everyone thought that crisis in the grand coalition had been narrowly averted when the german government could now start focusing on some of the other pressing issues that german would like them to to deal with education housing health care we have the next twist in this very surreal case and that's because people within his own party but also general voters here in germany simply couldn't believe the spy chief mr moxon who was supposed to be sacked and did actually being promoted to a different better position and so that's the reason why and they are not the other members of the grand coalition namely hall say over from the c.s.u. and obviously i'm going to call the chancellor from the c.d.u. to renegotiate the big question he says where they will accept and what will that what message that will send to germany voters who are already very upset about old
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. these developments it just shows that the german government is going from one crisis to the next or is even unable of solving the situation that we've had for many many days now namely the situation of hans-georg mohsen to be continued thomas sparrow reporting thank you. british prime minister theresa may has spoken out for the very first time since her break that plan was rejected by you leaders at a summit in salzburg austria on thursday all speaking from downing street mean struck a very strident tone calling the use dismissal of her blueprint unacceptable she also warned that the talks are now stalled take a listen throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect the u.k. expects the same a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it at this late stage in the negotiations it is not acceptable to simply reject the other side's proposals
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without a detailed explanation and counter proposals so we now need to hear from the e.u. what the real issues are and what their alternative is so that we can discuss them until we do we cannot make progress. are and with me in the studio is you don't use alex forrest awaiting who has also watched these events unfold alex very strident if you see the whole speech that she gave a little earlier on and it's my way or the higher way type of thing that she was saying who is her intended audience well look she's trying she's had all these headlines that have come out in the u.k. press today talking of humiliation and she was clearly angry yesterday so she has to prove to the media obviously that she is in control but particularly to those breck's it is those people in her own party in particular who think she's been very
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weak with the e.u. she has to prove that she is still in control so she was angry again in what we just saw that in downing street she was angry with the e.u. trying to lay the blame that door trying to say look i've done everything i can and you haven't come up with alternatives so you should be doing something here she also said you haven't respected the results of the referendum and that you effect if they're trying to break up the u.k. over northern ireland and we mustn't forget we're going to talk about that because that's the major stumbling block at this moment we're going to talk about that in just a second. but we have to remember remember that she's in a very fragile position i mean she's not acting out of a position of strength having said that though the thing she's going to push it over the cliff and go for a no deal if need be she said that no one wants a good deal more than me but at the same time she said no deal is better than a bad deal that's something that we've heard from her a lot so we know that the u.k. government is trying to prepare for
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a no deal just in case we've we've heard about stockpiling medicine stockpiling food they have been warnings of a massive housing crash they've been warnings of huge job losses particularly from the auto industry so she's very aware of that was also seen today this sound full significance significantly by about one point three percent so they are very aware of what could go wrong but at the same time she says. still has to prove to everyone that she is tough and that she will she is the right person to negotiate and that she is still in charge as you have alluded to and referenced in your first answer she kept some mentioning i'm not going to break up my country because of course one of the major stumbling blocks is of course northern ireland and that border with ireland. that's her red line but that's also incidentally the red line you yes of course because nobody wants everybody wants to protect the peace process between northern ireland and the irish republic that's incredibly important for the e.u. for the u.k.
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for the un for everybody how when for what reason may does not want to happen is that northern ireland remains in a customs union while the u.k. doesn't she says that's what's going to divide the u.k. that will break up the union she was hoping that high check his plan would be a to if you like square the whole she was hoping look i'm offering you a continuation of friction illustrate in goods that will mean that we wouldn't have to have this holland border but yesterday the e.u. rejected that that also very concerned that the u.k. hasn't come up with all the proper concrete ideas of what to do with no of the not and that been talk about installing cameras of gone post but really the u.k. hasn't properly come up with a defined plan and i think that's what really worried the e.u. but and in particular the arash for public i've got twenty seconds left where is this going. that's a very orderly transition and twenty seconds i do think that way are a step nearer to a no jail there is the possibility of
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a general election there is still the possibility of a people's referendum so everything is open everything is over there taking it down to the wire thank you so much alex greatly appreciate it and thank you for spending part of your day with us this continues at the top of the hour see that. the conference in germany to germany. but. why not learn with him on morning free stuff the w.c. learning course because three.


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