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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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it's clear. to me sixty. three d. don't. you. think. this is you know really was life for a girl in disaster strikes on africa's biggest lake more than one hundred twenty people have drowned after a ferry capsized on lake victoria in tanzania scores of people are still missing and officials fear that does that toll will rise also coming up the controversy that just won't quit there german government agrees to new talks to revisit the
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fate of the former domestic intelligence chief all that's after his removal and subsequent promotion prompted the widespread outrage and a large scale fires sparked by military rockets houses threatening to german towns putting thousands of residents at risk but their worries are telling people get ready to evacuate. well mark thank you so much for your company everyone tanzania has declared four days of national mourning following a deadly ferry accident on lake victoria more than one hundred thirty people are reported to have died after the boat capsized there are conflicting reports about just how many passengers were on board some say the ferry was carrying up to. four
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hundred people rescue efforts are still underway but hopes of finding more survivors are fading the country's president has now ordered the arrest of the operator. alright for the very latest on the situation correspondent catherine wando joins me now from nairobi catherine it's believed many people are still missing what more have you learned well so far the number that we're being given is at least two hundred people still missing and as recovery the recovery mission continues because that now the navy's now calling into recovery mission a not really rested mission and as they continue to retrieve bodies they say that they don't expect to find anyone alive from here on out over one hundred bodies have been recovered but this is in light of president john mclaughlin he gave a statement and also tend to remain calm as investigations and launched into that
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incident i can you tell us a bit more about the cause of this tragedy what are officials telling you well local officials say that the cause of this particular tragedy was overloading of the ferry the ferry has a capacity of one hundred people but it was carrying. away more than that now the numbers of puts between three hundred to four hundred local media there in tanzania put some put the number to up to five hundred so this ferry with the capacity of one hundred people was carrying more than its capacity in people and also cargo and mentioned you know heavy bags of cement so that was the main cause of the of the incident according to local authorities a caravan of course what's so mind boggling is that this is the third major ferry disaster for tanzania why does this keep happening. basically a dairy to regulations of overloading and they are regulations on how much
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a ferry can take and how much you can put on board but implementation down on the ground seems to be one thing this is what happens in most of the cases that happened in the two incidences off the island of zanzibar where in two thousand and sixteen at least one hundred forty five people died it's the same case that happened in two thousand and sixteen still in december in lake victoria where a boat capsized with twenty people on board so. that's that's basically what what what's being said. catherine and closing are authorities are putting measures now into place to improve safety on the waters well as much as they are they really are trying in that in terms of the government and it kept it keeps its ferries maintained this particular ferry had been maintained in the last two months it had gone through maintainance it had its engines overhauled so it really that
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was the initial force that it was a failure of maintainance that it wasn't this this boat was up to par in terms of that so that's what the times and government is doing is trying to maintain its ferries but also now it's a matter of making sure that those who had got tickets don't hand out more than the ferry can bear aren't catherine and wonder what reporting there are on the latest of the ferry disaster in tanzania thank you so much for the update. in a surprising turn of events germany's party leaders have agreed to take another look at the controversial decision to reshuffle the former head of the domestic intelligence agency this week as you may recall hans garrett mohsen was removed from his supposed after he made controversial comments about far right violence in the eastern town of chemists but his proper motion to a higher position in the interior ministry sparked an outcry from the conservatives coalition partner. let's take a listen to what social democrat leader andrea novice had to say their good deeds
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and i put on tuesday the three party leaders made a joint decision that met with widespread public disapproval insistence in the. us we did not create confidence we lost confidence in the arm for throne for a law on all three of us were wrong. this ng been assured that is why i approached ms merkel and mr z. who for today and suggested that we reconsider this decision. let us say because we cannot tell the public that germany's domestic intelligence chief mohsen must on the one hand step down. but on the other hand be promoted to secretary of state in mr z. who for his ministry in front is. all right and the political correspondent thomas sparrow a has been tracking our reactions to this developing story thomas is this
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a case of buyer's remorse well in a way to is because this has just become one of those surreal decisions in recent german political history and i think that's something that was met with condemnation here in germany also met with some people's image didn't understand what was happening and why that decision why that compromise was reached between the three members of the german grand coalition how it is possible that mr moxon who according to for example the social democrats should have been fired was actually promoted and put into a different position this created a lot of criticism also plenty of jokes here in political. also created as mrs knowledge said a problem of trust and a problem of trust within the german voters that is also being reflected in some polls so that explains why now the three leaders of the grand coalition have decided to revisit their decision to try to find a better one if that all possible at this point so for that reason that you
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mentioned there because it was a tough sell all three party leaders quickly agree to these new talks. well essentially yes because they obviously realize that it was the wrong decision at the wrong time germany has been in a political crisis for quite some time now it has been absolutely evident just how divided the grand coalition is and this decision that was supposed to be a solution that was supposed to solve at least some of those differences just created more problems and more public condemnation and so that's the reason why all three party leaders agreed to a nice sit down again and revisit their decision it's obviously a big question what decision will come now after the how to read it reached one decision a few days ago aren't interesting one eighty there are thomas sparrow reporting thank you know what i'd like to get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. british prime minister theresa may says that briggs that talks with the european union are now stalled she also called that
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year's dismissal of her blueprint for the u.k.'s exit from the bloc quote unacceptable may met with leaders in salzburg on thursday. the death toll from a monsoon landslide in central philippines has risen to twenty nine dozens of other people are still missing authorities forcibly vacuity of people from five villages at risk of further landslides after days of heavy rains brought on by typhoon man coote the president of vietnam trendy kwan has died at the age of sixty one state media say president kwan has suffered a serious illness and been treated both at home and abroad he's been vietnam's president since april twenty sixth seen. doherty's in peru have recovered more than seventeen hundred ancient artifacts which have been stolen from the country including prehistoric relics from various lost civilizations in the endian nation
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items were repatriated from europe the u.s. and other latin american countries. here in germany a fire that started three weeks ago during an exercise to test military rockets is spreading posing a real danger to two residential communities in the state of lower saxony dense smoke has now found over one hundred kilometers stirred by strong winds and authorities say they're considering evacuating around a thousand people. the small town of stuff is on the front line of the fire the roads here are busy with emergency vehicles weather conditions could change in a moment spreading the fire further east. event delete the when is turning and fun in the far. flung time could be intelligence hole and that
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kind of human watching closely how it develops. authorities of make contingency plans to evacuate the town flying sparks and smoke could pose a threat to the residents near the fire that has consumed eight square kilometers of dry more land although authorities say there's no immediate danger more than five hundred volunteer firefighters have been called up to contain the blaze preparations are being made for a worst case scenario for the mood for the coast it's just in case of an emergency we don't want to evacuation but we need to be ready if lines barks come our way for now the region is affected by storms but the rain isn't enough to extinguish the blaze the german military is being asked to explain why rockets were being tested in dangerously dry conditions. to china now we're up to a million muslims have been sent to so-called reeducation camps in the past year there are reportedly dozens of them and province where mostly members of the weaker
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muslim minority are thought to be held for political indoctrination china has defended the camps as part of a vital security move guarding against militants and separatists something human rights groups were fute germany and france have called for the camp's closure while now there is evidence that weaker children are being detained and sent to state run orphanages far away from their parents activists see these practices as an attempt to dissolve the identity and culture of a proud ethnic minority. with its music and cartoon characters though tun kindness can the garden seems like just another place for kids to have fun but the barbed wire and bada keating betray its real purpose as a de facto prison from the islam children. among those believed to be inside are the children of we got married pet. a deal
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mohamed and abdullah. ho. from clothing to food it's all chinese they're indoctrinating them with chinese culture and chinese customs so they sell their bacon they're now living in turkey all but one of mera pets children were taken away while she was abroad caring for her sex father. i wanted them to grow up with me i feel horrible. there isn't a day that goes by where i don't cry or. state security are always on high alert and she and jang province home to china as we go community. people rocked by past and prone to protest. we were and it is where the government is accused of a brutal crackdown that has seen more than one million muslim center indoctrination camps like this on since last year. official response is
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a deep in the language of anti terrorism. she injunction the measures are intended to promote stability development harmony and people's livelihoods and at the same time strike against ethnic separatists and terrorist opposition movements. back in turkey hard words for grieving mothers like mary pat but faith and family help. i. think. if god gave me another chance to speak to my children i would say that i'm so sorry my children for only. a systematic separation of parents and children that has stalked fears that beijing is on a campaign to raise identity one we get child at a time. you're watching it every news we still have
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a lot more to tell you about including many say unskilled my rents won't never find a job in germany but small and medium size companies are desperate for skilled and unskilled workers have yet is up next with a success story. for that and i'll see you again at the top of the hour. on b. to. his work goddess for tonight. the munchies and feed. the children bomb twenty.


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