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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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time gorbachev and opportunity for peace will starts oct third on w. business. widespread outrage also on the program aid organizations scramble to get supplies into profits as a deal to delay five think of several blocks at risk of tell people get ready to evacuate.
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welcome to the program in a surprising turn of events the party leaders of germany's coalition government have agreed to revisit this week's decision to move the head of the country's domestic intelligence agency. mohsen was told you have to go following controversial comments he made about fog right violence in the eastern german town of candidates but his promotion to a more senior position within the interior ministry sparked an outcry from the conservatives coalition partners social democrats now german chancellor angela merkel says it is time for a rethink. and you buying a comb we have agreed to reassess the situation i think it's right and necessary. so that you know it's right and it's necessary because we need to be fully focused on our tasks in government to turn the many challenges we face at home and abroad.
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because it's our duty to resolve the worries and problems of people in germany. if we want to reach a joint sustainable solution this weekend. that's been in this. so what's going on well let's ask our political correspondent thomas farah welcome thomas why does the chancellor appear to be going back on her her own decision well phil and it's not only the chancellor it's also the other members of germany's grand coalition let's not forget that it was not even the chancellor who first brought this idea of revisiting that decision and why then they are knowledges the head of the social democrats who sent a letter to the head of the c.d.u. obviously and haws a whole father head of the very and sister party to see as you say that it was time to revisit that decision because essentially they had made the wrong decision when they decided not only not to fire mr marson but to promote him to another job within the interior ministry we obviously heard angela merkel just there she's
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stressed once again that it was time to revisit that decision that she believed that that was the correct way forward but this is highly unusual here in in germany that this is happening and this just shows to what extent the germany the coalition here in germany is divided on fundamental issues like the fate of germany's domestic intelligence chief so we'll see how this pans out perhaps this weekend stay with us sir thomas as we take a look at the latest political polls which are out today which make for scary reading for germany's main street party is the latest survey by german broadcaster the show has only twenty eight percent of voters but the chances conservative block that so worst ever showing meanwhile a social democrat coalition partners the s.p.d. are down to seventeen percent and they've been overtaken by the far right alternative for germany the party of eighteen percent that makes the f.t. the second strongest political force in the country calling for the green left and pro-business f.t.p. parties is largely remained the same so thomas sparrow perhaps these polling
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figures explain why the three party leaders have agreed so quickly to new talks in part that's correct obviously because they realize that they do not necessarily reflect. what the public what the german of voters are thinking you can just imagine the criticism that came from german voters after mr marson was promoted and there was an outcry also on social media regarding this decision but i would see and i would interpret these numbers in a more much broader perspective because it's not only about mr marson that we see these numbers it's about a general sense of disconnect between german voters and traditional parties like the conservative bloc all the social democrats and that reflects precisely fill why we are seeing these numbers and why other parties like the alternative for germany have precisely being gaining ground so yes obviously it does have to do with mr marson situation but not only with mr marson situation i would see it as part of
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a much broader problem here in germany to the only political correspondent thomas spyro. on to other matters now the united nations was warned that the deal between turkey and russia to delay a major offensive in syria's province may not prevent all of the fighting there the green light leaves room for syrian forces to take on terrorist organizations many of whose fighters live amongst the civilian population and it's the plight of lives three million civilians many of whom fled fighting elsewhere in syria it has now become a priority organizations like the red crescent are desperate to get aid to them before the bullets start flying again. yulia hand reports from her on the turkish side of the border with syria. how did urging everyone on time it's short these aid packages are bound for the syrian border. but there are still empty boxes here at the red
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crescent depot in how tight. helps with packing even though it isn't one of his usual tasks he's the chief coordinator of his organization's aid to syria we're going to. these things we can care for one hundred twenty five thousand people from head to toe in the camps for displaced people in atlanta but in order for all this to go smoothly it's crucial for the transport to go quickly and be well organized. in one corner of the warehouse there is a display of what the red crescent workers take across the border to shoes toys washing powder hygiene supplies food and cooking utensils food into the getting the need in this most of the families there have been displaced in the province of it live alone there are more than four hundred camps and the people there have a very hard time getting by. most of them have lost absolutely everything they once
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had. turkey has taken in more refugees than any other country about three point five million syrians now live on this side of the border three years ago president out on the side of the country could not host anymore and effectively close the border since then turkey has been trying to keep refugees on the syrian side and give them aid over there. and to further its effort to prevent more syrians from crossing the border turkey has been building a wall it's more than eight hundred kilometers long and still expanding. and the red crescent truck arrives at the border crossing. illegally i am not allowed to accompany them. during journalists are not permitted at the moment to cross into it. i.
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but the aid workers have showed me this video from the red crescent it gives an impression of the scale of their mission. on the outskirts of bombed out syrian cities new tent cities are being built. sort of snowy and not all are as tidy as the camp filmed by the drones these images are from the syrian village of very close to the turkish border more than three million people are now living in the province of it house of them have fled fighting in other parts of syria. has returned from his eighth delivery in it he says the people there are more optimistic since a feared large scale offensive by the syrian army was for now a very it's a glimmer of hope but no more reason to get a little we bring our aid supplies into the people there and we leave again but
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they are always there day and night for them explosions and bomb attacks have become a part of their daily reality for the children too that's very hard for me to take let's hope that this fighting truly comes to an end and all these displaced people can return to their cities because. the red crescent sends aid convoys across the border at least four to five times a week how do you reckon does makes his way back to how tight in turkey the next transports need to be prepared. to take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world tanzania has declared four days of national mourning following a deadly ferry accident on lake victoria more than one hundred thirty people are reported to died after the boat capsized there are conflicting reports about how many passengers were on board the country's president has ordered the arrest of the ferries operator. french prime minister says that bracks said talks with the
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european union have stalled the reason i also called at the dismissal of her blueprint for the exits on the block without proposing an alternative an acceptable this is my. met with a you leader's insults program thursday. several hundred demonstrators took to the streets of malawi to protest against alleged corruption in the government of president peter. march's chanted songs criticizing the president after a league down to corruption euro before to cure is to receiving almost one hundred seventy thousand euros in bribes from a procurement deal. the death toll from the monsoon landslide in central philippines has risen to twenty nine dozens of other people still missing authorities forcibly moved people from five villages the risk of further landslides after days of heavy rain brought by typhoon man could. here in germany a five it started three weeks ago during a militia she had during an exercise to test going to rockets spreading posing
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a danger to two residential communities in the state of lower saxony dense smoke has now found over one hundred kilometers stirred by strong winds authorities say they're considering evacuating around a thousand people an extra port comes from stuff and one of the towns affected by smoke from the flames. the small town of starvation is on the front line of the fire the roads here are busy with emergency vehicles weather conditions could change in a moment spreading the fire further east. event. is turning and finding the fire. could be enveloping. you watching closely how it develops. authorities of make contingency plans to evacuate the town flying sparks and smoke could pose a threat to the residents near the fire that has consumed eight square kilometers of dry more land although authorities say there's no immediate danger more than
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five hundred volunteer firefighters have been called up to contain the blaze preparations are being made for a worst case scenario for the. it's just in case of an emergency we don't want to evacuation but we need to be ready if lines barks come our way for now the region is affected by storms but the rain isn't enough to extinguish the blaze the german military is being asked to explain why rockets were being tested in dangerously dry conditions apple has just launched its new i phone access in thirty countries a few only a few dozen chinese customers lined up outside the apple stores in hong kong and beijing to get their hands on one the ongoing trade spots between the u.s. and china has been on investors' minds. the i phone customers standing here don't care about trade disputes but there were less of them waiting for the doors to open in hong kong and beijing than during previous releases those that did wait came for
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the improvements like the i phone ten s macs with the super sized six point five inch screen. just that. i used i phone five i phone six i phone seven and i phone ten the new i phone has got the jewel sim cards function and the screen is bigger those are the only things i care about. that. china is the largest overseas market for apple six point five million chinese consumers reportedly pre ordered an i phone ten s. although i phones are not affected by the u.s. china tit for tat tariffs would die hard i phone fans the high prices and trade route wouldn't stop them anyway. russians have been pouring into the decision yesterday by the world anti-doping agency to reinstate russia's on t. doping body to full rights after a three year ban for alleged state sponsored doping said the move was a positive step and the right direction did to your god of state director general
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of russia and of the nation she oversaw the former head of the world anti-doping agency criticize yesterday's decision saying it was a triumph for money of a clean sport they would howl and also accuse the agency of bearing to pressure. it's time to remind you of our top stories at this hour just being passive eaters in germany's coalition government of agreeing to new talks about the fate of domestic intelligence chief and jailed mohsen he was removed from his post after controversial comments about far right violence in the eastern german town of candidates was using media promotion to a higher position in the interior minister of interior ministry sparked an outcry. in tanzania has declared four days of mourning after a ferry capsized on like victoria. killing more than one hundred thirty people recovery mission is continuing now officials fear the best hope could rise even higher. that's it you're up to date more at the top of the hour to get you get all
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