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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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out of a job or isn't a well yes but no but yes for now days after sucking hans-georg mohsen promoting him the leaders of germany's coalition government say that going to take another look at this confuse you should be i'm filled in berlin this is the day. the time. and reached a decision that left a lot of people who will. never focus. on top of suggested that we reconsider this decision and we will do just that. it is important and necessary in which the needs of we made a mistake. and we want to find a common and workable solution in this that we have in one people's confidence we
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have lost it. because we owe it to the people of this country to solve their problems. also coming up tonight turkey has become home to millions of refugees fleeing the fighting in syria but on corrupt ones syrians who haven't babies across the border to stay where they. turkey has taken in more refugees than any other country about three point five million syrians now live on this side of the border three years ago president added undecided the country could not host anymore and effectively close the border since then turkey has been trying to keep refugees on the syrian side and give them aid over there. i'm full gale welcome to the program in a surprising turn of events the party leaders of germany's coalition government i've agreed to revisit this week's decision to move the head of the country's domestic intelligence agency hans moussa was told he had to go on controversial
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comments in the head about far right violence in the eastern german town of candidates but his subsequent promotion within the interior ministry sparked an outcry from the conservatives coalition partners the social democrats now german chancellor angela merkel says it's time for a rethink. we have agreed to reassess the situation. i think it's right and necessary. fuel efficient and all its rights and it's necessary because we need to be fully focused on our tasks in government due to the many challenges we face at home and abroad when for demand because it's our duty to resolve the worries and problems of people in germany. the world we want to reach a joint sustainable solution this weekend needs discipline and. so what's going on well let's ask d.w. political correspondent tom sparrow welcome thomas why does the chancellor seem to
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be going back on her own decision obviously we heard the german chancellor just a very it's not only the german chancellor who wants to revisit this decision it's also the other two members of germany's grand coalition in wa and it was in fact one of the other members of the grand coalition namely on their knowledge of the social democrats who first sent a letter to i'm going to call on to the interior minister horsy hoover who is also the leader of the bavarian c.s.u. saying that they had to revisit this decision that they had made the wrong decision and that people in germany voters in germany were disappointed by that agreement that they had reached the screen this week obviously that agreement that they reached earlier this week was one that was met with a lot of criticism here in fact the solution turned to be even a bigger problem than the problem itself as far as many people are concerned and that is the reason why i'm going to call on the other two members of germany's grand coalition will sit down this weekend and try to find another solution after
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they have already found the first one. so we'll see how that pans out this weekend stay with us sir thomas as we take a look at the latest german opinion polls out today which make for a scary reading for germany's mainstream parties. the latest survey for german broadcaster i r d shows that only twenty eight percent of voters back the chance was conservative bloc that makes it their worst ever showing meanwhile the social democratic coalition partners the s.p.d. they're down to seventeen percent and have been overtaken by the far right of target if germany party at eighteen percent that would make the f.t. the second strongest political force in the country if this poll translated into votes at the ballot box the green left and pro-business f.t.p. parties and largely unchanged. so back to tom aspire to these polling numbers explain why the three party leaders have agreed so quickly to new talks about massa
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in part i would say that is correct and that also you can you could also see that in under analysis a statement precisely talking about about the feelings that that decision had generated among many german but i would analyze those poll numbers in a in a rather different a way in a broader perspective by understanding that there is a problem here in germany a problem that has been already identified for a long time now namely as a sort of disconnect between what voters think is important and what may be the traditional parties in germany want to focus on so whereas the news headlines have been focused time and time again on this quarrelling between the members of germany's a coalition many voters in germany are saying that's enough focus on some of the issues that we care about and those issues are rather different to the quarrelling that we're seeing right now thomas farah thank you. britain's prime minister has spoken for the first time since
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a plan was rejected by e.u. leaders as a summit insults but first a threesome may said it was acceptable for e.u. leaders to dismiss a checkers plan without proposing an alternative he says mary has warned that the talks on our store i will not overturn the result of the referendum nor will i break up my country it is something i will never agree to if the e.u. believe that i will they are making a fundamental mistake and i have always said no deal is better than a deal throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect. the u.k. expects the say it is not acceptable to simply reject the other side's proposals without a detailed explanation and counterproposals so we are at an impasse so we
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now need to hear from the e.u. we need serious engagement on resolving the two big problems in the negotiations and we stand ready so is this brinkmanship or are negotiations really at a time past question pil as a former brussels bureau chief for the financial times newspaper is now an associate fellow with the europe program at the royal institute of international affairs he joins us from london welcome to day w how are we looking at two sides genuinely exasperated with each other or is this just another part of the negotiation game. i think we are seeing that there is a considerable degree of frustration actually on both sides a sort of degree of comprehension but we're getting very close to the deadline really they've got to find a solution just some very difficult problems within four weeks six weeks most
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and not it just seems to have any easy answers so i think that what this last two meetings have brought out is actually. the long sleeve used compounded by lowside failing to really appreciate how little room for maneuver the other side. i wanted to come on to that because if we look at what one of the not if the probably be not his problem what to do about the border between the irish republic and northern ireland each side seems to have proposed a solution that they know that they should know the other and possibly a great so why. it is each side is constrained by quite different political processes i think the biggest problem remains on the british side because as as you know i'm sure
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to reason that has a very divided party and she's constantly trying to find a solution which will keep it together so on the question she just hands on the votes of the democratic unionist party in northern ireland who are adamant that no solution should see northern ireland coming under different rules to the rest of the united kingdom on only european side you've got the europeans who say no we can't have a special deal to the whole. thing there but it's no the world will just allow. a effectively within the customs union and most of the single market regulations so then we won't have to have a border that would be a good solution and these two things are not in the same.
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here in germany a fire that started three weeks ago during an exercise to test military rockets this spreading posing a danger to to rest actual communities in the state of lower saxony than smokers now found out over one hundred kilometers by strong winds or start to say they are considering evacuating around a thousand people and that's report comes from staff or one of the towns affected by smoke from the flames. the small town of starter and it's on the frontline of the fire the roads he repeated with emergency vehicles weather conditions could change in a moment spreading the fire further east. event. is turning unfunny to far. could be intelligence homework. watching closely how it develops. off authorities of make contingency plans to evacuate the
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town flying sparks and smoke could pose a threat to the residents near the fire that has consumed eight square kilometers of dry more land although authorities say there's no immediate danger more than five hundred volunteer firefighters have been called up to contain the blaze preparations are being made for a worst case scenario. it's just in case of an emergency we don't want to evacuation but we need to be ready if lines box come our way for now the region is affected by storms but the rain isn't enough to extinguish the blaze the german military is being asked to explain why rockets were being tested in dangerously dry conditions. united nations has warned this deal between turkey and russia to delay a major offensive in syria's province may not prevent all the fighting the agreement leaves room for syrian forces to take on terrorist organizations many of
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whose fighters live amongst the civilian population and it's the plight of ellipse three million civilians many of whom fled fighting elsewhere in syria that's now a priority organizations like the red crescent want to get aid to them before the bullets start flying again. reports from her on the turkish side of the border with syria. did. everyone on time it's short these aid packages are bound for the syrian border. but there are still empty boxes here at the red cross since depot in the tight. helps with packing even though it isn't one of his usual tasks he's the chief coordinator of his organization's aid to syria we're going to. these things we can care for one hundred twenty five thousand people from head to toe in the camps for displaced people an adlib but in order for all this to go smoothly it's crucial for
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the transport to go quickly and be well organized. in one corner of the warehouse there is a display of what the red crescent workers take across the border to shoes toys washing powder hygiene supplies food and cooking utensils for the needs of the. most of the families there have been displaced in the province of live alone there are more than four hundred camps and the people there have a very hard time getting by. most of them have lost absolutely everything they once had. turkey has taken in more refugees than any other country about three point five million syrians now live on this side of the border three years ago president out undecided the country could not host anymore and effectively close the border since then turkey has been trying to keep refugees on the syrian side and give them aid over there. and to further its effort to prevent more syrians from crossing the
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border turkey has been building a wall it's more than eight hundred kilometers long and still expanding. and the red crescent truck arrives at the border crossing. is illegal i am not allowed to accompany them. foreign journalists are not permitted at the moment to cross into it like. i. but the aid workers have showed me this video from the red crescent it gives an impression of the scale of their mission. on the outskirts of bombed out syrian cities new tent cities are being built. a sort of endless night and not all are as tidy as the camp filmed by the drones these images
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are from the syrian village of may very close to the turkish border more than three million people are now living in the province of it house of them have a fled fighting in other parts of syria. has returned from his a delivery and he says the people there are more optimistic since it feared large scale offensive by the syrian army was for now a very it's a glimmer of hope but no more than. a little we bring our aid supplies into the people there and we leave again but they are always there day and night for them explosions and bomb attacks have become a part of their daily reality for the children too that's very hard for me to take let's hope that this fighting truly comes to an end and all these displaced people can return to their cities because. the red crescent sends aid convoys across the border at least four to five times a week. makes his way back to her tie in turkey the next transports need to be
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prepared. a turkish presence rather type the shuttle to visit germany next week ahead of fast turkish finance minister. by iraq has been in berlin was struck by iraq is the president's son in law and some say is apparent but turkey faced host of economic problems growth forecast for this year and next to big hoth the lira has plunged forty percent this year and inflation is running at more than twenty percent and the situation is getting worse every day sickening to knowledge his staff still have work to do but it gets harder by the day. eight years ago he set up on his own as a silversmith in istanbul each piece is hand crafted it's hard work and until recently it's paid off but the currency crisis has changed everything silver has to
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be imported and paid for in dollars as a result the cost has skyrocketed and with people worried about their finances they're buying less jewelry. to move you know if we were to sing for half as much as last year. under in the red in terms of profit. other people are even worse off i've had people who've had to shut down their businesses coming to me to ask if i can take on some of their stuff. for the baths i have is the question really is what i think you want to use the move will be in your small businesses like are especially badly hit but larger companies are struggling to the nearest decline has made loans taken action dollars or euros far harder to pay back all over turkey people can see that the notes coming out of the a.t.m. are losing value. phones have become more expensive they now
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cost fifteen hundred two thousand lire more than before as well as food transport everything. to call it the truth which in all the chocolates i buy for the kids first it cost one lira and one fifteen now it costs to layer a market even at a discount supermarkets are no longer chief she. says he companies are pretty much robbing us blind they put their prices up every month to give them a closer carom alcan is an economist and business columnist of the pro-government newspaper sabah he admits that there are problems but he insists it's not the president's fault and that the conditions for recovery are in place. the model of the growth for the next one and a whole few years mostly be about the export the fix for the growth we will find the way to decrease the government expenditures.
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of the position period we will begin to see easily two point five four percent or higher than four per cent for g.d.p. growth between two thousand and twenty two two thousand and twenty three for. twenty twenty three could be too late he's not even sure if his business will be able to stay afloat until the end of this year. a year ago this week group of young egyptians did something no one in their country had done before i took a rainbow gay pride flags at a rock concert and held them high this provoked enormous backlash death threats and egypt's biggest crackdown on the country's community for years. from deja vu social media has been in touch with the people at the center. so tell us more about what happened that night so as you said exactly a year ago
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a concert. outskirts of cairo actually with over thirty thousand concert goers as you can see here the band the band that was playing this called. lebanese band that . is one of the very few openly gay artists in the middle east has talked and talked about it quite often. it's pictured in many camp awareness campaigns in the region about the topic now it's become a tradition for his fans to raise the rainbow flag at his concerts as a sign of solidarity and it had happened in countries other countries like his home of levanon and also tunisia with no problems but this time in egypt this picture that we see here of some of his fans raise. the rainbow flag went viral or overnight and it caused a huge public outcry outcry it was the opening topic for most of the late night talk shows in the country on national t.v. you had anchors on t.v. equating these concert goers with terrorists that they were spreading public
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debuchy and they were demanding that the state arrest them and stop the band from playing in egypt again and they've got both demands the well surely that is no longer allowed to claim egypt and seven people were arrested on the back of this picture two of them were in east after three months in south asylum in canada and these were the two people that i had the chance to speak with last night so well who all they would have been telling me. of course they were in two three months in prison had quite a traumatizing experience there this is what one of them had to say about her experience in prison. and. the only thing that was going through my head was how to survive this how to survive in a society that is based on hatred for anyone who's not male straight sunni or regime support. anyone who's not like that is oppressed i'm not any of these things
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so it made sense that my place was prison. sort of i guess is a prominent prominent blogger and computer programmer i mean the things that she told me she experienced in prison things like sexual assault electrocution. for about ten hours only on her first night another another concert goer that we were in touch with the man you saw in the picture here he says that despite everything that they've been through he actually regrets nothing and that he would do it all over again and this is this is why he would he would do that again. speak and that is that as well as awful misjudges i get so many good ones too from people who've come to terms with their homosexuality because of what i did and people who become ill g.b.t. allies as well since we did decide to boo top it down it wasn't just cost is now talked about this now was nice for discussion and that's an accomplishment in and
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of itself this is a win to boot has been broken and people are now talking about it on social media and very openly. so how the actions changed anything. the argument that makes is a very appealing argument somehow it started a debate around the issue of. rights in egypt and it has everyone was indeed talking about it but then tensions of the kind of language that people were using in these discussions they were very very or for the most part very demeaning a very demeaning language to talk about the community so did start a discussion but we have to look closer for trying to make a judgment about the quality of the discussion in terms of laws in terms of. what is what is happening for the community on the ground there are still under heavy restrictions their existence is still governed by very dubious laws and that are very much open to interpretation so i would say it's still there's still
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a long way to go for the community to start feeling safe so we're. all right now there in trying to encounter this is where i had. the call with the interview with them last night they're they've sought asylum and canada gave them asylum and now they're going through. the last legal steps of trying as much as they can to pick up their lives to start studying again to adapt to their new environment etc stroking stuart thank you for bringing him the social media thank you. well the day is nearly done but as after the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter at state w news or at phil gayle if you have to use our house to the back of a good day. for
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. most of them.
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