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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from the world and government targets iran's military elite dozens are dead in schools more wounded after a gunman opened fire on a military parade in the country southwest many elites revolutionary guard soldiers are among the dead around military is bound to retaliate also coming up. in germany a wildfire spotted weeks ago by a military test is now menacing several towns with flames threatening thousands of people german defense officials are facing a storm of criticism we'll get an update from the site of the blaze. and of
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a stress test for germany's fragile governing coalition talks could decide the fate of the country's domestic intelligence chief after his removal and subsequent promotions fox widespread outrage. i'm rebecca rich's welcome to the program in iran at least twenty four people a day to more than fifty others wounded after a gunman opened fire at a military parade it happened in the city of near iran's border with iraq during a ceremony marking the anniversary of the start of the iran iraq war in the one nine hundred eighty s. state media is reporting the dignitaries and spectators were among those targeted iran's revolutionary guard has reportedly blamed a terrorist group affiliated with saudi arabia for the attack.
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for more let's talk to sam he can money dagon he's the iran correspondent for london's guardian newspaper and joins us now from the british capital so what are your contacts in iran telling you about what happened in our hours this morning. there was a military parade was it was held in no in center of the city in a boulevard this is this week in iran is that we have to commemorate the eight year war with iraq happened in one thousand eight hundred i don't parade in every city and in our waters and in the middle of the parades goes well for gunmen who described themselves as military personnel and attacked you know what the military people and the civilians from behind are viewing. and i mean as you mentioned the latest after all is attorney an attorney for people who have died including military personnel civilians and at least one children and one child so in the
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terms the time. and i was playing by by a separatist group all right can you tell us a little bit more about that separatist group that is being blamed for the attack. i mean that the group is called our struggle movement for the liberation of i was a separatist group that is a nationalist are obs who believed. i was not part of iran or of off was part of iran. the group has previously carried out a number of similar attacks. on pipelines in the i was in iran's oil rich cause a spawn problem i mean it is it is a province that of course i mean citizens have been unhappy with the situation but not everybody separate is just been a protest and the area because of environmental challenges especially the past year has been a shortage of water. i mean environmental challenges has sparked straight quarters in the area also economy grievances but this particular group is a separatist group i'm in the head of the group i have to say who was killed in the
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hague. in the room or two thousand and ten so it's not clear if this attack was retaliation for that or not and iran's foreign minister has responded to the attack to have ace so raef has tweeted that iran holds regional terrorist sponsors and a us masters responsible for such attacks iran will rule will respond swiftly and decisively so what action is around likely to take now. really iran is already. and a number of other countries including saudi arabia are entangled in a number of conflicts in the middle east including syria including yemen especially iran and saudi arabia there are there are certain and i mean they are the opposite ends of some obvious conflict especially in yemen and in syria so there's already been a proxy wars between the do countries really but this is separatist groups iran has for many years accused saudi arabia and other arab allies of saudi arabia of
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supporting a so this is a particular moment when iran things that. you know this is not you know many times in the past we've seen terrorism in iraq for example last june there was a terrorist in the capital. and also the parliament to seventeen people so attacks like these are not common in iran you know it's common and not a possibility for another was it was quite a surprising development. from the guardian in london thank you very much and. now on to some of the other stories making news around the world the death toll from a following a ferry accident on like victoria in tanzania has risen to more than one hundred seventy according to an official the boat capsized on thursday state media says the ferry was overloaded on the third day of rescue efforts workers found another
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survivor located in a pocket of air. pope francis has touched down in lithuania as he makes the first papal visit to the baltic states in twenty five years he was greeted upon arrival by the country's president. guy ten there he'll celebrate mass and then visit a former soviet k.g.b. prison where many were murdered or sentenced to hard labor. firefighters in northwestern germany are struggling to contain a blaze in the ems land region near the dutch border the fire was fox nearly three weeks ago by military rocket tests german defense minister vonda lion has apologized on behalf of the country's military she's in the region today to survey the damage local officials are considering evacuating thousands of people from several communities near the town of. in the elm flint region in northwestern germany the wind has shifted and it's getting stronger and so could the remaining
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blazes the area affected is an army training site near the city of mecca and it totals eight hundred hectares one thousand three hundred emergency personnel are working hard to contain the blaze to be on the safe side nearby residents were told to prepare for a possible evacuation this year humvee or we didn't have flying sparks yet so far we've been getting off lightly over that song before and i hope it stays this way we don't want to evacuate and we also don't want to see houses burning was on the wildfire was triggered by german army rocket test in the beginning of september the german military has been subject to fierce criticism for not dealing with the fire immediately there are also doubts whether the rocket test was performed correctly. on friday defense minister whose laffan deadline apologized to citizens affected by the blaze it didn't didn't we will find the cause of the fire especially regarding
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the question rather regulations were not observed or misinterpreted there will be an investigation and the results are of course going to be published rushed into. the defense minister is visiting the area today federal prosecutors have launched an investigation into negligent also and they've already searched the test site and have confiscated documents. well d.w. correspondent on a regular is in the town of methane where the emergency response is being coordinated down a fire as we just heard was sparked by army testing rockets i mean how could something like this even happen. well this is the question everyone is now asking rebecca and this is also why the public prosecutor's office in the nearby city of new book has opened an investigation of potential negligent arson the german defense minister. and as we've heard is visiting the area right now as we speak and she will definitely be asked to give some answers as for how come to put
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in despair the german military under her leadership is able to commit such mistakes or is to be responsible for such incidents without the ability to properly take care of that so a lot of difficult questions coming from the residents of this area and local authorities but solutions and answers yet to be given. just give us a sense of the scale of this. i mean is it on the control of authorities got it under control. well we're now talking about roughly eight hundred hectares of more land being burned just to give you some proportion this is roughly one thousand football fields now the fire is under control in the sense that it's no longer spreading and further however it's also far from being over what we know is that or the key word everyone is talking about at the moment is the weather yesterday this area saw some thunderstorms and contrary to what people may think the rain is definitely not enough to extinguish the fire and the strong winds
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coming with this storm are potentially or potential to reignite fires in other areas so again remains to be seen just exactly how this thing will be extinguished under control yes but say not yet and you've been speaking to some local residents there how are they reacting to this file. yes yes exactly well they are i guess understandably very angry they're asking two main questions first what we're all talking about is ha how come how is this possible that such an axis i was even approved under such dry conditions and hot weather the germany seeing in the past few weeks even months but more importantly how could this be that the bundeswehr the german military has more than enough abilities and means to start such fire but seemingly not enough ways to handle it i was talking earlier to
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a healthier percentage of from the city of methane here and he told me that health wise pollution wise it doesn't seem likely that an evacuation would take place but many residents here told me to do to the thick air and this such a bad smell that their experience some of them experiencing some of them even have children with asthma they are actually considering to go away to evacuate themselves regardless of whether or not an official request or official order is given. done a reg of in the town germantown of weapon thank you. german chancellor angela merkel is holding talks with her coalition partners to try to avert a political crisis it centers on the decision to remove the harms gale mileson as head of the country's domestic intelligence agency he was forced out after he made controversial comments about far right violence in the eastern german city of chemists last month but his promotion to a higher paid job in the interior ministry has particularly and good coalition
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partners the social democrats. more i'm joined by a political correspondent fabien from the mock he's here with us now hi fabien. tell us if the interior minister. from cool sister party the c.s.u. doesn't agree to another solution from us and what's likely to happen first of all i believe that he will agree to some kind of a new solution because he has already said that he's willing to talk and meet with me and with the social democrats so he wouldn't have said that if there's no solution thinkable the question is what kind of a solution can they find it would certainly have to be a solution. won't earn more money than before because that was one of the big criticisms in this first solution so they have to find some kind of a post where he earns basically the same amount of money or less and has a different field of work but if they couldn't find a solution at all then the social democrats would be the big losers in this whole
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thing but they couldn't let the government collapse i suppose since they have already once agreed to this come from a compromise that was found so far right and these renegotiations were sparked by the head of the social democrat saying that she and the other heads of the parties made a mistake by from the mountain well what does that say about the public outcry towards this the public outcry is enormous in germany we had huge debates year there was a lot of anger and people who are absolutely outrageous they couldn't believe how the politicians. so much out of touch with the public how they can really think of a solution where someone who should be punished at the end of the day gets promoted but there was also a lot of pressure from the within the social democratic party there are the social democrats who won two elections in a local level that made a lot of pressure there were those who were already skeptical with being in a grand coalition with marriage in the first place and they basically forced. the
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head of the social democrats to write this letter and to renegotiate the deal. and there's a new poll out that suggest that the for the first time they have to have now crept forward into second place ahead of the social democrats what do you make of that well that was that's always in the background those great numbers for the d. the polling situation because all the parties know particularly the social democrats if they would lead a coalition collapse now in fresh elections the if he could be the biggest winner so in a way that makes the social democrats. the hands are tied for them they wouldn't want to risk fresh elections. thanks very much. germany's world famous october fest has begun in munich with the traditional tapping of the first barrel of beer. you. saw.
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the bruins served by the later known as a mass engine the celebration of beer drinking and varian culture last for two weeks. looks like a lot of fun and that's all we have time for we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour thanks for joining me. on. this work congress for two. months and three. twenty. the news analysts. believe since it. changed.


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