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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the government target iran's military elite dozens of people are dead and scores more wounded after an attack on a military parade in the country southwest many elite revolutionary guard soldiers are among the dead iran's military has vowed to retaliate also coming up a german wildfires barked weeks ago by military test rages on the flames now threatening some one thousand residents german defense officials are facing a storm of criticism we'll go live to the site of the blaze. and canyons high
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score it briefly allows screenings of the film exploring lesbian love this in a country where homosexuality can be punished with prison time. thanks for joining us i'm marion evans team we begin where at least twenty four people are dead and more than fifty others wounded after a gunman opened fire at a military parade the attack took place in the city of oz near iran's border with iraq during an annual ceremony commemorating the start of the iran iraq war in the one nine hundred eighty s. state media is reporting that soldiers dignitaries and spectators were among those targeted iran's revolutionary guard has blamed the attack on a terrorist group affiliated with saudi arabia.
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well for more on the story we're joined now by saeed to come ali dake on he's the iran correspondent for london's guardian newspaper thanks so much for joining us aid so what are your contacts in iran telling you about what happened today was this morning i mean this was a terrorist attack for a sailor lose disguised themselves as military personnel and opened fire from behind the being powerful in the city of i was which is in the southwest of iran and you the border of iraq this was a parade to mark the anniversary after nineteen eighties iran iraq war and this is a the week when all iran commemorate start period they were praising to iran as well and then i was as well at least twenty four people died including at least one child that including a journalist as well as well as a veteran of the iran iraq war who was killed in his wheelchair. for hearing the
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some conflicting claims about who was behind this attack we've heard iran state media blaming a sunni arab separatist group but there are also reports that the so-called islamic state has also claimed responsibility what more do you know. well earlier this morning a spokesman some for a spokesperson for separatist nationalist insurgent group told a number of exile television networks in london iranian television networks that the group was behind the attack that those attackers were their members but later on the state said in its official news agency that they were behind the attack sometimes states has there's a tendency to claim attacks in a do to exploit situations like this and say it's been behind them in this situation is really to say where is one said with behind it already separatist
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group has any links with islamic state or not with what we know is that both groups have claimed responsibility for the attack i mean i have to say that attacks of such scale of are quite rare in iran and last year in june there was an attack in toronto tween attacks water the parliament. and seventy people were killed but attacks of twenty four people dead is not something that is very common in iran well iran's foreign minister edge of us our reef has also responded to this attack he tweeted about it short time ago do we have that tweet there it is. very frightening iran holds a regional terrorist sponsors and their us master is responsible for such attacks iran will respond swiftly and decisively so if so what action is iran likely to take now. really iran has going for many years now its regional rivals including saudi arabia of assisting the supporters groups and blame saudi
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arabia many times where it is even today the revolutionary guards directly like mr bari it was not very direct in his tweets but revolutionary guard said very directly to saudi arabia was behind the attack so it is very critical times in the middle east where you have iran and saudi arabia and the opposition and many conflicts you know you have syria you have the yemen war and iran and saudi arabia are on the opposite side of these conflicts so it's quite a very very tense times in the middle east and world groups. see each other as an enemy and i mean particularly these terrorist groups attacking iran is very important it comes. at a time when iran is feeling the pressure of sanctions why the west those are the times when the middle east is quite tenuous. kamali dig on the guardian's iran correspondent many thanks indeed thank you very much. well now to some of the other
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stories making news around the world the death toll following a ferry accident on lake victoria in tanzania has risen to more than one hundred seventy the boat capsized on thursday state media says the ferry was overloaded on the third day after the disaster rescue workers recovered another survivor who was found in a pocket of air. thousands of people have rallied in cities across russia against plans increases in the country's pension age the proposed change would raise the retirement age from men from sixty to sixty five and from fifty five to sixty for women anger over the reform plans have hurt president vladimir putin's approval rating. pope francis has begun a three nation tour of the baltic region amid new concerns over russia's military plans in that region francis has arrived in with wayne here for
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a four day trip that also includes stops in locke's via dystonia is there to mark the one hundredth anniversary of their independence after world war one but also encouraging the face of catholics in the region of the three countries only list twenty and is a majority catholic. pope francis has been addressing supporters in the lithuanian capitol hill knows he can all age the hardships that many face under soviet rule here's what he had to say. this visit takes place at a particularly important moment in your life as a nation for you celebrate this year the centenary of your declaration of independence. it has been a century marked by your bearing numerous trials and sufferings detentions deportations even more. well here in germany a defense minister under a line has been visiting
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a northwestern region that's being menaced by a wildfire her own military started fire fighters near the dutch border are still struggling to contain the blaze near meth and in the region it was nearly three weeks ago by military rocket tests underlying has already apologized on behalf of the country's military local officials are considering evacuating some one thousand people from the area. and d.-w. correspondent donna reg of is in the town of stop there and where residents have been advised they need to be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice hello to you donna so this fire was sparked by the army testing rockets now how could something like this even happen here in germany. well this is the million dollar question in fact this is what everyone is now asking at the moment and this is also why the public prosecutor's office in the
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nearby city of us now book has opened an investigation into a potential negligent arson just a short while ago where i'm standing right now defense minister ursula funder lyon was visiting also taking pretty much the same questions from residents and local authorities asking how could this be how could this be that the bundeswehr the german military under your literal leadership has caused such a disaster with seemingly not such good means to handle it. but apart from an apology that from the line has issued both yesterday and today to local authorities saying that the incident should never have happened the way did they are unfortunately very few solutions at the moment and even fewer answers all right down a we've already mentioned this fire has been burning for about three weeks which is also quite shocking give us a sense of the scale of the fire and are they even close to getting it under control. yes well we're right now talking about something like
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eight hundred hectares of moral and burning which just to give you some proportion is roughly one thousand football fields so the fire is definitely under control as of now in the sense that it's no longer spreading any further however it is far from being over just a short while ago i've spoken to some firefighters who are now taking preventative measures such as watering nearby fields and plantation plantations just to keep the fire hopefully in the same diminishing area that is this is what we hope to keep worried everyone is now talking about is of course the weather what we saw earlier yesterday is a really strong thunderstorms which contrary to what people may think are not necessarily good news the rains might help in extinguishing the fire however the strong wave winds that we've seen here in the area in fact up to eighty five kilometers per hour they are definitely not good news so under control yes but not
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yet safe done a reg of reporting from the town of sovereign many thanks indeed. staying in germany chancellor angela merkel is holding talks with her coalition partners to try to avert another political crisis this follows widespread public outrage over the firing of germany's scandal tainted intelligence chief who was then immediately promoted. mohsen was removed as head of the country's domestic intelligence agency after he made controversial comments about last month's far right violence in the eastern german city of candidates but his promotion to a higher paid job of the interior ministry has particularly angered america's coalition partners the social democrats. well to get some analysis on all of this i'm joined in the studio now by our political correspondent bob in front of mark hello to you fabienne all right so they need to agree on
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a different solution for mohsen but what happens if the interior minister as they hope for from miracle sister party the c.s.u. does not agree to another solution on mohsen what then i believe that he will come up with some compromise idea because otherwise he wouldn't have agreed to meet and talk at all with. the social democrats leader and the question is how could such a solution look like because i mean as you said already the guy was the man who was promoted instead of punished and that is something that caused great outrage so one has to find a solution where there is a new job for him where he at least earn more money than before this is the big issue you know that they have to find if there's nothing on the table at the end of these negotiations that would be a big loss for the social democrats and also because they wanted to have those negotiations but i don't think that the government could collapse because at the
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end of the day the social democrats have already agreed ones to this compromise with. political correspondent up in front of mark thank you. well it made history this year as the first kenya film to be shown at the cannes film festival and now kenya's high court has temporarily lifted a ban on graffiti which is a film that explores lesbian ism the decision came after the film's director sued the government not just to allow it to be screened in kenya but also to make it eligible for a potential oscar nomination. just to be. it's a story about the love that grows between two young women and the pressures they face from both family and society in a country we're going to sexuality is punishable by up to fourteen years in prison . screenings of rifi key which means friend in swahili had been banned by kenya's
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film board back in april over what dick called it's clear intent to promote lesbian ism contrary to the law. the high court has now changed all that. practice of the tragedy did not begin with it but i think. this is a slogan that was up to the brits at work i think in many quarters including. webb is saying it's not legally. one wearies on the court i just did it t.t. is the class will set these questions even on very big single beaks such as comes to charlie to. nairobi can be screened for just seven days which means it meets the oscars criteria for a best foreign language film a nation to be eligible a film must have been shown in the country submitting it. after making history in cannes the cast should be hitting the red carpet again in february this time in
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holy which. and you're up to date now on your news we'll have another update for you at the top of the hour american evan stina from all of us here and for a land thanks for watching. what's coming up for the book loosely you plenty to talk about here on. the going to sleep every weekend here. we make up over but we watch as all the under thirty five we are the seven seven percent.


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