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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin gunmen target iran's military elite dozens are dead and scores more wounded after an attack on a parade in the country southwest many elite revolutionary guard soldiers are among the dead iraq's military has vowed to retaliate also coming up a german wildfire sparked weeks ago by a military task rages on with the flames down threatening some one thousand residents of german defense officials are facing a storm of criticism will go to the site of the blaze. and kenya's highest court briefly allowed screenings of the film exploring lesbian love this in a country where homosexuality can be punished with prison time.
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i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us we begin in iran where dozens of people are dead and many more wounded after gunmen attacked a military parade in the country's southwest several militants opened fire on the crowds marking iranian military history it happened in a city near iran's border with iraq both separatists and the so-called islamic state have claimed responsibility for the attack iran's government has promised a crushing response to the incident. members of iran's elite forces taking cover dignitaries and civilians fleeing for
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their lives as gunmen opened fire on a military parade and as the soldiers were marching in one of the countrywide annual parades marking the start of iran's eight year war with iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. when the shooting started. we suddenly realized that some armed people wearing fake military uniforms started attacking our comrades from behind the viewing platform then they opened fire on women and children because they were aimlessly shooting with no target. members of iran's revolutionary guards officials watching from a stand and civilians were among those killed. it's the bloodiest assault to strike the country in recent years as iran's foreign minister was quick to point his finger at a u.s. ally in the region and threatened to retaliate. he tweeted iran holds
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regional tera sponsors and the us must as accountable for such attacks iran will respond swiftly and decisively in defense of iranian lives. both the so-called islamic state and a sunni arab nationalist movement claimed responsibility for the attack though neither gave evidence iran has blamed its archrival saudi arabia for funding arab separatist groups in the past the bloodshed as a huge shock for the country and likely to raise tensions in an already tumultuous region. well earlier the guardian's iran correspondent site come ali dakin told me that this attack is likely to ramp up tensions between iran and saudi arabia even more. minute iran has blamed for many as now its regional rivals including saudi arabia of assisting the stewardess groups and it's not blame saudi arabia many times what is iran today the revolutionary guards directly like mr bari
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who was not very direct in his tweets but revolutionary guards separated record assad arabia was behind the attack so it is very critical times in the middle east where you have iran and saudi arabia on the opposite end of many conflicts you know you have syria you have the yemen war and iran and saudi arabia are on the opposite side of these companies so it's quite very very tense times in the middle east and on and on and both groups. you know seizure as an enemy and this i mean particularly disservice group deters attack in iran is very important it comes. at a time when iran is in a feeling the pressure of sanctions by the west also at a time has been the middle east is quite tenuous and that was the guardian's iran correspondence eight come on a day can speaking to me earlier from london. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the death toll following
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a ferry accident on lake victoria in tanzania has risen to two hundred nine the boat capsized on thursday state media says the ferry was overloaded two days after the disaster emergency workers rescued a survivor who was found in a pocket of air. thousands of people have rallied in cities across russia against planned increases in the country's pension age the proposed change would raise the retirement age for men from sixty to sixty five and from fifty five to sixty four women anger over the reform plans have hurt president vladimir putin's approval rating. pope francis is in with wayne e. i'm the first stop on his four day tour of the baltic states he's also due to visit and stone him the pope is there to mark the one hundredth anniversary of their independence after world war one of the three nations only twenty m. is majority catholic. now here in germany defense minister funder
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line has been visiting a northwestern region beds being menaced by a wildfire that her own military started fire fighters near the dutch border are still struggling to contain the blaze near methane in the ems land region it was sparked nearly three weeks ago by military rocket tests funder line has already apologized on behalf of the country's military local officials are considering evacuating some one thousand people from the area. correspondent donna reg of is in the town of staal verna where residents have been advised they need to be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice i spoke to her short while ago and asked how something like this could happen as a result of a german military test. well this is the million dollar question in fact this is what everyone is now asking at the moment and this is also why the public prosecutor's office in the nearby city of us now brooke has opened an investigation
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into a potential negligent arson just a short while ago where i'm standing right now defense minister ursula funder lion was visiting also taking pretty much the same questions from residents and local authorities asking how could this be how could this be that the bundeswehr the german military under your litter leadership has caused such a disaster with seemingly not such good means to handle it. but apart from an apology that from the line has issued both yesterday and today to local authorities saying that the incident should never have happened the way did they are unfortunately very few solutions at the moment and even fewer answers well as we've mentioned the fire has been burning for nearly three weeks now give us a sense of the scale are authorities close to bringing the fire under control. yes well we're right now talking about something like eight hundred hectares of moral and burning which just to give you some proportion is roughly one thousand football
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fields so the fire is definitely under control as of now in the sense that it's no longer spreading any further however it is far from being over just a short while ago i've spoken to some firefighters who are now taking preventative measures such as watering nearby fields and plantation plantations just to keep the fire hopefully in the same diminishing area that is this is what we hope the key word everyone is now talking about is of course the weather what we saw earlier yesterday is a really strong thunderstorms which contrary to what people may think are not necessarily good news the rains might help in extinguishing the fire however the strong wave winds that we've seen here in the area in fact up to eighty five kilometers per hour they are definitely not good news so under control yes but not yet safe done a regular reporting from the town of star and many thanks indeed. well it made
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history this year is the first kenyan film to be shown at the cannes film festival and now kenya's high court has temporarily lifted a ban on ruffy key a film that explores lesbian love the decision came after the film's director sued the government not just to allow it to be screened in kenya but also to make it eligible for a potential oscar nomination. for just two people and. it's a story about the love that grows between two young women and the pressures they face from both family and society in a country we're going to sexuality is punishable by up to fourteen years in prison . screenings of rifi key which means framed in swahili had been banned by kenya's film board back in april over what it called its clear intent to promote lesbian ism contrary to the law the high court has now changed all that.
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this is a form of the. web is if not legally. one of the reasons for at this. is class to set out this. sort of. ny refute you can be screened for just seven days which means it meets the oscars criteria for a best foreign language film nomination to be eligible a film must have been shown in the country submitting it. after making history in cannes the cast could be hitting the red carpet again in favor let's tell you in holy which. some sports news now and in boxing world heavyweight champion anthony joshua is on a mission to defend his title when he takes on russia's of xander povetkin at
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london's wembley stadium on saturday with an unblemished professional record joshua is seen by many as the best in his weight division but the twenty eight year old is up against an opponent with a pedigree of his own. no matter the challenger anthony joshua is always boxing boxoffice his last two fights in wales sold out now a stand off on home turf in north london against russia's alexander project ken is slated to attract a crowd of eighty thousand easy to see why josh was on beaten in twenty one contests as a professional fighter but the world heavyweight champion knows he'll be in for a tough fight against an opponent some eleven kilograms might are. you going to be quick you're going to be but i saw those issues in the shot with my
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feet. put that kid in a two thousand and four olympic gold medalist says he's in a much better place than he was five years ago when he lost a vote in the eclipse co in front of a home crowd in moscow. your mobile screwup one thing i can see is that when i fought klitschko i was much weaker and in much worse shape than i am no. what if i'm slow beacher mistress. put that kid is known for throwing killer punch us. but joshua has a strategy up his sleeve always look at it this way they're strong so they had this take about sort of body this jolted avoided today that sooner or later they fall. on the physically strong by the knowledge of what's so difficult but what with josh was four titles on the line the fight has certainly caught the imagination of boxing fans on top of the sound of crowd the fight is expected to set a new pay per view record for. all rights and when this league in now
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and a late goal from chris to pose they can has given ten members adorable and a one one draw at hoffenheim high flying hair to berlin beat gladbach forty two while braman one three two it worked in another thrilling game. promoted nuremberg beach had over and freiburg won their first game of the season at voe spork byron are about to take on shall come on friday stuttgart and fortuna disallowed off was scoreless on sunday live a couzin host minds and obvious live sick visit i'm tough to frankfurt ok here are the been as the standings after the main program of games. have rocketed to the top with their third win in four but biron will regain top spot with a point at shelter braman are up to fourth in the bottom half freiburg have jumped up to twelve while hung over have slipped back well germany's world
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famous october fest has begun in munich with the traditional tapping of the first barrel of beer. there are so. in the brew is served by the leader known as a mosque in german a celebration of beer drinking and various cultural lasts for two weeks. and a quick reminder now of our top story. dozens are dead and scores more wounded after a gunman opened fire on a military parade in southwest iran iran's revolutionary guard has blamed a terrorist group affiliated with saudi arabia for the attack. you're watching d.w. news coming to you from berlin we'll be back again at the top of the hour but in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news information on our
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website just go to d.w. dot com american and steam from all of us in the newsroom thanks for watching. the first time i'm doing is trying to tell me about a quarter of the incredible good.


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