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new frontiers in the sex i'm love we're talking. cut on september twenty fifth. visit d w news live from berlin and pope francis takes off his visit to the baltic states with a song in tribute to the victims of oppression and lithuania some one hundred thousand people were on hand as france's honor those who suffered under the soviets and nazi later help pay tribute to holocaust victims in the capital news or get an update from our correspondent there also coming up. the state of germany's
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a battle dometic intelligence chief threatens to bring the german government to a standstill for pressure to resolve the impasse proved too much for the country's fragile governing coalition. and a kurd kerry was homecoming after years in lebanon it's now safe enough for some syrian refugees to return home we'll see how one family is struggling to rebuild lives interrupted by years of war. thanks for joining us i'm married to evanston. pope francis has paid tribute to lithuanians who suffered during soviet and nazi occupations this in a mass viewed by tens of thousands in the country's second largest city calling us it's this. pope's first stop on a short tour of the baltic states twenty
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a lot and dystonia are marking a century since winning independence from russia after world war one. the pope urged residents of all three nations to draw on their past experience to speak up for tolerance in europe you should. be equally. the poorest in our midst whom we should welcome one hundred years after our word independence who is it that has nothing to give us to make our effort and our sacrifices worth while perhaps it is the ethnic minorities in our city or the jobless who have to emigrate maybe it is the elderly and the lonely are those young people who find no meaning in life because they have lost their roots. so far on this tour francis has heard little or nothing regarding the catholic church sex abuse scandal here in germany though the influential spiegel magazine is out with
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a lengthy report headlined that out shall not lie in german and detailing the pope's a legit grows mishandling of abuse cases we spoke earlier with correspondent constantine fun egerton villainess about whether the baltic trip has diverted attention from the ongoing scandal. it is very spite because this scandal was making a lot of waves in in the voting states and in central europe in general the catholic church and more than seventy five percent everything radiance belonged to the catholic church enjoys high popularity in. the twentieth probably slightly sloping attendance. rate in especially the sunday masses but i think for him it's four days when he'll be away from this scandal and from this constant pressure that he experiences from media and other parts of the west but i do think
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that eventually to probably see into the public discourse in the baltic states too but if you permit me this twenty seconds thing is that the catholic church structures were read bits in fact from nearly scratch. well the early one nine hundred ninety s. and because of that there is much less history and backlog for catholic institutions in these small nations abuse instances like white red least they are reported by the media but very rare so i think that in fact the catholic church he enjoys much that's out in the edge than in other parts of the west. and now to send the other stories making news around the world iranian president hassan rouhani has criticized the united states following a deadly attack on a military parade in the city of vase on saturday gunmen killed twenty five people including twelve soldiers civilians and a four year old girl rouhani said that quote bully u.s.
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and its goal state allies had enabled the attack in the maldives hundreds of thousands of people are casting ballots in presidential elections that have been marred by charges of vote rigging opposition candidate ibrahim mohamed sort of the cast his ballot in the capital molay he's looking to unseat president abdoulaye i mean he's been criticized for cracking down on democratic freedoms. krakatau volcanic island in indonesia showed off a dramatic eruption on saturday night emitting sand and hot red rocks the volcano has erupted an estimated forty nine times since friday prompting authorities to expand the danger zone from one kilometer to two. now the fate of german chancellor uncle americans in battle government hangs in the
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balance today as are three party coalition tries once more to resolve their disputes over this man germany's scandal tainted domestic spy chief hans again mohsen now the controversy broke out earlier this month over far right protest in the eastern city of candidates back then chancellor americal condemned video footage showing what she described as migrants being hounded by protesters bought her spine cheap questioned the authenticity of the video which triggered accusations that he harbored far right views there were calls for mohsen to be sacked but instead the coalition agreed to. transfer him to another position within the interior ministry but that's still not the end of the story and because the transfer in fact turned out to be a promotion that comes with a pay rise the move infuriated american junior coalition partner the social democrats and prompted widespread public outrage on friday the head of the s.p.d.
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said the decision on mohsen had been a mistake and needs to be renegotiated while the gridlock over the muslim case shows just how high passions are running on both sides among those who feel mohsen is being treated unfairly many are in the german police force some in german law enforcement feel they don't get enough respect for doing their jobs and growing disillusionment among german police officers could translate into increased support for the far right. the political handling of the mohsin affair has angered many n.g.o.s many but no it is the former intelligence chief supporters in the security services who are up in arms the chairman of germany's police union said the treatment of hands masson by politicians is simply disgusting. and a former spy chief said many employees of the security agencies are doing their jobs full of pent up frustration the case points to
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a growing disillusionment on the front lines like the scene here at the recent how back forest protests. and there's a lot of dissatisfaction among police officers there on duty for days and nights and then face criticism including from politicians who say they've made this or that mistake certain diesel doesn't squeezed. the face more than just criticism environmentalists trying to prevent the clearance of the humbucker forest through feces that police. some states are introducing spic carts used to prevent suspects from spitting at police officers as you mentioned. we depend on the police to ensure that we can live in a free and peaceful society. these people who often risk their lives are being attacked from. the far right alternative for germany party the f.b.i.
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is trying to capitalize on this discontent targeting frustrated police officers to go its voter base and hastens upcoming states election the list of a.f.d. candidates includes a retired inspector and two seven police officers in the tot. following lively discussions we've had in the community i would say that were deeply rooted in the police put its results are in full tilt and. it's hard to prove but insiders agree the e.f.t. might hold a certain appeal for police if. they give us up for t.v. we suspect the a.f.d. could be attractive to police because the party stands for a strong state of clear rules and clear dominance. clout of the club. for years germany's political leaders have tried to improve conditions for security services providing more passion now better equipment and resources but the massive case may yet prove to undermine such efforts with the syrian
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government preparing to retake the last major rebel stronghold of italy and there are signs the country's civil war could be entering its final stages the war has driven hundreds of thousands of syrians to seek refuge in neighboring lebanon often for years well now beirut wants them to return home to areas that have been deemed safe for one returning syrian family the last five years have been a struggle on both sides of the border. the small village of beit din near the lebanese border is home to mechanic mohamed al buckeye he returned to just a month ago he was forced to leave in two thousand and thirteen when fighting broke out between the syrian army and the opposition. but when we left because of the armed groups my wife my children and i were able to escape when i opened the garridge in lebanon on the floor. at least buckeye and his son malik found
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work in lebanon on many syrians don't the country is small and expensive syrians there also usually earn significantly less than the locals. it was tough we couldn't really live in lebanon comfortably we decided to come back but then as. the high cost of living and the low wages weren't the only reasons they left eleven on after five long years. most people respected us but some kept telling us you're taking away our work in the form of. his former house was badly damaged during the war now his family has to live in rented accommodation but they aren't complaining so it's a wonderful feeling i can't explain it now we are here again in my village after all that's happened this is still my home if you travel or forced to flee as
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a refugee there's only one place you can call home. but just eleven years of age their daughter has lived almost half her life in lebanon now she's starting a new adventure joining classes at the local school. on the first day of school i was really happy that i knew friends at school different friends than those i had in lebanon. from a harvard it's not an easy restart he doesn't know who damaged his former house whether syrian government forces or rebel fighters from ahmed it's an important he's looking to the future. here and it's difficult to see my house like this but we're determined to rebuild it despite everything we're in god's hands and god willing and new house will stand here in the coming year. along with others who have returned mohammed wants to bring life back to the village he once again calls
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home. some other news now and the world's largest beer festival october fest is now officially underway here in germany in the bow there in capital munich some seven million liters of brew are expected to flow at the two week celebration the event attracts revelers from all over the world. was after this he cries it's topped in english the start of the one hundred eighty fifth october fast as announced by munich's mayor. and as tradition demands he's joined by the various state premier. and there's no shortage of pomp and ceremony at the start of the festival both inside and outside the beer tents.
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an estimated six million locals and tourists are expected to descend on munich for the festivities which run for sixteen days and for many they have only one thing on their mind. and very rarely to get a ten in trick all day lots of beer lots of fine let's go. thirty this year there won't be any problems it would be nice to see the hill over there not used as a toilet i just want a festival to be quiet and peaceful. and to ensure that peace and quiet some six hundred police officers and hundreds of stewards will keep order at the fenced off fairgrounds. and once inside revelers can enjoy some tasty german sausages. and did i mention the beer. october fast runs until october seventh.
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and cheers to all of them a quick reminder now of our top story. in lithuania pope francis has paid tribute to those who suffered under nazi and soviet occupation at a mass encounter with wayne is the first stop of his four day trip to the baltic states. you're up to date now on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour american evan steen from all of us in the newsroom thanks for watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers one official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many cat interests and their problems are always the same forward to social inequality
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a lack of the freedom of the press. coverage we can afford to stay silent when it.


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