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time gorbachev the opportunity for. starts october. is d. wus coming to you live from bali three d. turn sour public outrage forces germany's coalition government to backtrack on what to do with its controversial domestic spy chief hans killed muslim didn't get no promotion and not be rising up wrong he just being a special advisor to the interior minister what does all of this means in
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a few honors those who suffered under the nazi and salvia occupations. and china accuses the u.s. of create bullying ism as the latest round of u.s. talents on chinese imports goes into effect one of germany's top economists gives us his perspective on where this dispute is heading. higher warm welcome to you i'm under attack shima a deal with the future of germany's domestic spy chief appears to have preserved fragile government the coalition had been holding crisis talks over what to do with mohsen after his controversial remarks about far right violence and early agreement that give mohsen a higher ranking job with more money met with public outrage after the weekend i go see a sions meccas. defined they came out until. new assignment. arriving
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to deliver a compromise a new solution to end the uncertainty over the future of germany's soon to be former domestic intelligence chief it's if you believe that the current president of the federal office for the protection of the constitution hans-georg mouse and will henceforth serve a special advisor to the interior minister with the rank of department head there he will be responsible for european and international matters. into nuts another and scrutiny said. last week there were calls for hans-georg masson to be sacked after he apparently downplayed recent anti migrant violence in the city of cam that he was to be removed from his post and then set to get a promotion in the interior ministry that sparked widespread public anger prompting new negotiations between i'm going to merkel c.d.u. they're both very and sister party c.s.u.
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led by hostile and the social democrats s.p.d. leader andrea nonis gave her reaction in berlin following the whole phase and i am cement thing. i have spoken again with the c.d.u. c.s.u. leaders and i think that it's a very good sign that we took the criticism of our decision on tuesday seriously and could result it i would like to thank i'm going to call and horsey hoffa taking up my initiative. should have that in theory at least should spell the end of the massive crisis and help lift the latest cloud over i'm going to merkel's government. for more on this story i'm joined by the obvious political correspondent simon young welcome simon is so mohsin would stay in the interior ministry but he will not get a promotion do you think this compromise will work and will actually. lessen the
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outrage being felt by the public over this issue well i think it's going to silence some of those particularly in the social democrat party who are very angry that their leader had agreed to allow marson to move to a better paid job which incidentally would have meant that. another man in the interior ministry one of the s.p.d. supporters because some senior civil servants have an open party affiliation he would have had to move to another job so it wouldn't have been a good solution for them now. to move keep the same pay grade and that would keep the conservatives happy to a why this episode about germany's domestic spy chief cause so much of anger and outrage in germany well i think because it links to this question of migration that a lot of people are focused on here in germany at the moment particularly the idea that intentionally or otherwise comments by heads for instance questioning the
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authenticity of a video showing migrants being chased down the street that those kind of comments have given. anti immigrant feeling and indeed to far right groups in this country so it's really touched a raw nerve but i think in truth if you ask the man in the street as it were what he thinks about this probably if he's outraged about anything it's not so much about what job this man gets but the incompetence of the political leadership given all of that the government seems to have reverted to getting on the political crisis with this new deal but how damaging has this episode been for the coalition while the government does look pretty bruised this morning there have been three crisis meetings within ten days you know squabbling about jobs when you know there are plenty of tough issues climate change and just to name but one for the
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government to get on with and there's a sense that with this internal wrangling this is a government that is concerned more with itself with dealing with the problems that face the country so i think there's a lot of work for politicians to do that. these political correspondent thank you very much for that analysis now pope francis is in latvia today the second stop on his four day visit to the baltic states he's visiting the three countries as they mock hundred years since winning independence from russia after the first world war now the pontiff arrived in latvia as captain just a short want to go he meet the country's president and later hold a mass in the village of i've known him before arriving in latvia francis spent two days in the three india where he addressed the atrocities committed by the nazis and later during the soviet occupation his message of the create for remember the suffering as
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a way to god against hate in today's political landscape. as many as one hundred thousand people attended pope francis's mass encounters a huge turnout but it's less than half the number of jews murdered in the holocaust lithuania uses this day when seventy five years ago the nazis fully liquidated the ghetto in the capital vilnius to remember that destruction it was the pope's moment to remind the country now eighty percent catholic of the dangers of forgetting the murder of more than two hundred thousand jews but your mind more to let us think back on those times and ask the lord to give us the benefit of hindsight to prevent the return of that resurgent attitude. we must remove any with of anti-semitism among those who did not experience the holocaust and can therefore be seduced. the pope prayed silently at the vilnius ghetto
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memorial and met members of lithuania's jewish community today numbering about three thousand people one woman who survived the ghettos liquidation now ninety six years old was there. the level a if this is important it's shameful that in the world today there are people who say the holocaust is a lie that there were no ghettos and no such thing happened but what is most important is that the pope came here prayed it shows that he supports us morally no doubt oh that's right you're right. pope francis then told a former k.g.b. prison in vilnius it's now a museum documenting the hundreds of lithuanians from a murder and thousands more including many priests shipped off to forced labor camps in siberia the soviets for decades occupation is still fresh for many little rain ians. we are there but all of us and we really appreciate that then shown on
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the pope on the what can follow independence actually before thought were freed on and especially the quality isn't as a christianity it actually helped us. to fight against their soviet regime and. the pope will end his trip with a visit to latvia and estonia fewer catholics leave but francis hopes his message to remember will still resonate. there's been i bring you up to date that some other stories making news around the u.s. senate is on vista getting new claims of sexual misconduct against supreme court nominee rich cavanagh a former classmate says he exposed himself to her at a college party cavanagh is already facing allegations of sexual assault brought by going to versity professor christine a forward he's denied any wrongdoing. one person has been killed and several others
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injured in clashes between police and anti-government activists in the nicaraguan capital managua protesters are calling for an early election but current president down in ortega says a fresh vote would have to wait until his term ends. and in trying this in advance and more the has been lost and you have the insurance problems this freak out of range the hof a billion of the country's poorest citizens this comes ahead of national elections next year questions have been raised about how the government will fund the so-called more the scheme. the main opposition candidate and more deeds is claiming a surprise victory in the country's presidential election provisional results give it to him mohamed soon it ran over fifty percent of the vote against the incumbent of the mean the e.u. and the united states have threatened sanctions if the vote was not free and fair.
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celebrations on the streets of the capital of mali as the reign of a mean is supposedly over. the winner mohamed soli led a combined force of two opposition parties and had the support of past presidents they united with one goal in mind to lobby on an anti corruption platform that would defeat mean however the victory is still surprising mainly because it's believed that you mean control the country's electoral commission and public broadcaster among other institutions yet he also made several very unpopular decisions such as imprisoning or exiling key political opponents and arresting two judges from the country's supreme court voter turnout was very high with all but two ballot boxes counted a local newspaper reported that opposition leader slowly got more than fifty eight percent of the votes while the amine got less than forty two you mean had hoped to rule for a second term the winner was ecstatic this is
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a moment of happiness this is a moment of hope this is a moment of history for many of us this has been a difficult journey. a journey that has led to a prison so. it's been a journey that a complete politicization of. public institutions. congratulating the country's new president was a former president of maldives mohamed nasheed who himself lives in exile in sri lanka. but to let all of the grandmama thought it. seemed be. that it's g.m.t. clinton. didn't allow for point is first meeting started with just. no word yet from the loser the final results will be announced within seven days according to the chief of the maldives electoral commission. turkey's president.
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is due to visit chimney later this week relations between the two countries have been strained following turkey's fit into coup two years ago and the subsequent government crackdown yet there is also strong connection between germany and techie several waves of migration over decades have resulted in germany being home to the largest largest population outside the home country to date they are nearly three million people who are turkish roots in germany half of them one point five million have a turkish possible among those who voted into his presidential elections in june loyalty to president was strong and got sixty five percent of the. vote that's nearly two thirds and that's significantly higher than overall result of fifty three percent. concerns about the rise of the far right in germany plus the
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question of how germany if you're from an immigrant family also affect sports that specially the case for football teams many of them have players from known german backgrounds even though they've often played an important role in their team success they are sometimes viewed as different visits one of those teams the berlin aka under nineteen squad couldn't have asked for a better start of the season today they're looking to extend a four game winning run more than half of the players have roots in turkey as such they're often referred to as the turkish club which angers some of the team. the only thing that distinguishes me from a complete german with german roots is that i also have to talk to my parents or turkish but i think that should not matter that i was born here i'm as much german as anyone. german turks or germans with
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a turkish culture we live in this culture and that's completely ok. germany is generally a country with many cultures very and also has a different culture than someone from hamburg. my needs was this bustling community club is proud of its diversity the club are keen to point out that the head of the use department doreen and goalkeeping coach anna are germans without migration backgrounds but they say their club lives and breathes multiculturalism to know. the m. for i n m six and we have twenty six youth teams where twenty to thirty different nations play together integration has never been an issue for us the boys play football here no matter where you come from. croatia nigeria wherever it i will hear. but it's not all kicking a ball in the room next door youngsters who can sometimes train four or five times
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a week are sitting through a lesson provided by the club it's a firm believer that the kids also need good school grades to get on in society but it's their diversity that brings adversity club president of mehmet ali han says racist hate messages and threatening phone calls are on the rise for his club it's increasingly difficult to play clubs from the former east he was particularly afraid of the game in kemet after recent far right demonstrations there. they say they're fans of hitler everyone knows what hitler did. are don't even want to think about it any more. barbeque night with one of the players families an opportunity to play football and share frustrations about what they see is
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society turning a blind eye to the attacks it's over cous cous and sausages that this club forges its reputation as a success story for social cohesion like. turning now to the weekend sporting action by night live the crew is in had a difficult start to the season goes in their first three matches sunday's home clash with mines was an opportunity to finally get some points on the board and they got off the mark thanks to another great performance from their young star. a europa league double for kerry however some thursday when she was a shoo in to start against mines later cues and dominated in the first half as they went to desperate search of their first gold as they got points recent jimmie call of harvard shooting over. after the break and against the run of play mind set the ball in the nets but the video assistant rule dropping quiescent had used and the goal was choked off. then just after the hour you the implant
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crossed uncovered became live accuses hero again having most into the month books on march the nineteen year old is on fire. however shines as labor queues and get their first win of the season a much they fall just like last term piko haley has a real gem on his hands. from for ten rb lamson have also struggled in the early stages of understood a season with both clubs in the bottom half of the table ahead of sunday's showdown but neither side could take charge as a mixture of injuries and suspensions need for an even the match to fair. away from life he took to the field without forwards john kevin out the stand and defend nobody mckayla the pair was suspended by coach ralph running this week over disciplinary issues his defense could do with some tough love as well judging by how easily frank threw them in the twenty seventh minute look at yo bitch with some
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sort of wing play in the build up jillson fernandez with the simplist the finishes off the sebastian islands head it was saved. it wasn't until the second half that like to give ventura show some gumption philip costa chan bull gifted the visitors a chance for twelve yards. and will host bird slot at home coolly to pull his side level in the fifty third minute one one the final score neither side offering much in the way of performance or discipline. monica joins me now from business news in china has accused the u.s. of create bullyism and that after a new round of u.s. tariffs on chinese goods kicked in today at the stroke of midnight washington started imposing tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products beijing retaliated by targeting sixty billion dollars of u.s. goods with extra duties and this is the latest escalation in
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a bitter trade dispute that's rattled financial markets so far neither side has signaled a willingness to compromise we've been ripped off by. ramping up the rhetoric both sides remain i'm willing to give in afraid of backing down would be seen as weakness and so the fight continues to escalate last year the u.s. imported five hundred five billion dollars worth of goods from china this summer president trump impose tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of them and on monday further duties came into effect another two hundred billion dollars worth of goods on the other side china its imports from the u.s. in twenty seventeen totaled one hundred twenty nine billion dollars in the summer china also imposed on some fifty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods in response to u.s. tariffs and retaliating now to the latest round of punitive measures from washington it's added u.t.s. to a further sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods as a result almost all imports from the u.s.
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to china and now subject to terrorist meanwhile chump continues to threaten further levies deepening the tit for tat downward spiral the question now how do both sides get out of this trade dispute without losing face. let's put that question right away to claimants first president of the institute life in its institute for economic research at the university of munich good to you with us how can washington and beijing resolve this trade route without losing face. good morning yes this is going to be very difficult because trump needs to be seen by his supporters as someone who is tough on the chinese and chinese imports that was one of his promises probably the chinese will yes react but try not to escalate this debate so what i would expect is that this will take some time i think the next crucial moment will be the end of the year when trump will have to decide will
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these tariffs go to twenty five percent from ten now and depending on his decision and. we'll see but i think we are very far from a deescalation of this round will raise see how hundreds of billions of u.s. dollars are tariffs on chinese goods sixty billion dollars worth of chinese terrorist on u.s. goods which side hurts more. the u.s. economy can hardly replace the chinese goods so it's not like these goods will be produced in the united states what's going to happen probably is that prices of the chinese goods will increase maybe the chinese currency will devalue a little about in the end it could very well be that the u.s. is the loser or the u.s. consumer is the biggest loser in this thing so it's not clear that this will hit the chinese more than the u.s. now into giants like washington and beijing fight with each other where does that
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a dispute lee feel right. well europe has no interest in global protectionism increasing on the other hand there are opportunities for european companies now there are opportunities for europe to get to stay out of this route so it could be that on the one hand the chinese will make concessions to the europeans to intensify trade with europe and it could also be that some european companies those competing with chinese companies in the u.s. markets. may increase their market share so this scenario where the conflict is mostly between the u.s. and china is in fact quite positive for europe off cause we know trump is very volatile so he could easily to europe very quickly but for the for the time being europe is in a more comfortable position. claim as who's their president of the institute like
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this institute for economic research at the university of munich thank you so much thank you. german chancellor i'm going to makeover met his on sunday to discuss additional measures to avoid lauch scale diesel vehicle bans here in germany especially in cities the so-called diesel summit ended inconclusive and there will be more talks later this week meanwhile the automotive industry is taking the initiative at the i am a commercial vehicle show in hanover trick cars take center stage. this band could be something out of a science fiction novel the urban eric will be able to master the road without a human driver. trades been run he likes that. that's despite the fact that he's looking for something a little bit less futuristic. doesn't it or two cars are just futuristic concepts
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we obviously need practical models and affordable vehicles right now i think the industry understands there's a huge demand if. chinese car makers are here to avoid he rented the maxus e.-v. eighty from cyc a half a year ago and he's happy with it it's not luxuriously equipped but it has other advantages most importantly fast charging technology. benefit and effect this vehicle has a range of almost two hundred kilometers you can carry a load of one ton i can load a drawer system in there and it has a huge loading area and all that for a relatively interesting price i'm still waiting for the germans to make something like that. that. done there is presenting the evasions of its classic sprinter and veto models and void of ski could be one of the first customers he's preordered an electric veto for forty three thousand euros but he still has one concern the full battery only has
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a one hundred kilometer range. a solution would be a standard installation of fast loading technology which would enable drivers to recharge quickly but the main german car makers are dragging their feet could be customers don't need more range. ya as it was out and it's we aim for one hundred kilometers under all conditions also in winter and with heating and that's according to what customers said is the norm when it comes to their needs they drive sixty to eighty kilometers a day six times a week they can charge at night but that should be sufficient. once to get a real feel and takes the vehicle first banned from the outside the event it was very similar to its diesel engine cousin. already has ten diesel vetoes in his fleet. so his workers would hardly have to adjust but it's the more davies models were available now i'd be ready to say i don't have to settle for vans from nissan
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or the chinese ones because i'd also be taking repairs and service in the long term into consideration you know for long as there's no follow from small transporters to heavy trucks with electric engines there's no more time for present and future prototypes buyers need production ready e.-v. it goes now. you're watching news coming to live from berlin and we'll have one at the top of the hour for now we leave you with these images from a kite festival here in the german capital this weekend he said.
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these men are risking their lives trying to get to me you give bosnia-herzegovina on a route that's riddled with landmines. the country is struggling to cope with growing numbers of refugees providing them with the bare necessities before they can. news on their dangerous trip. on.
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the next. kicks off the cash register. leads to come see digital big claims. against reform of money in the middle mr bangs in the banking monogamy doesn't exist. is that the future of business transactions and the end of banking as we know it. referenced. in sixty minutes.
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it's. a low and welcome to focus on europe i'm brian thomas europe's nationalist and far right parties are continuing to make gains in europe and in germany that's especially true in the country's east one of the consequences germans out on the streets protesting against immigration are now finding themselves side by side in demonstrations with skinheads and they are nazis.


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