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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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when paul came over the city from cameroon to berlin and starts oct fourth on t.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin chancellor mackall it made she last talks with the people in the dispute over germany's domestic spy chief. michael says she will pay more attention to voters' concerns in the future but after the missteps over the intelligence chief how damaged is her coalition government. also coming up an agricultural scientist who's pioneered
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a simple but effective solution to deforestation we look at why his work is one what's known as the alternative nobel prize. and what sort of drugs britain's threesome may face as intense pressure to dish your plan following a difficult e.u. summit leaders rejected key parts of her proposals for taking the u.k. out of the you. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we start here in berlin where chancellor on a macro has apologized for being out of touch with voters because leading members of her coalition became embroiled in a dispute over how to remove an outspoken intelligence chief she has since the paula job that her government got too caught up in disagreements i forgot the concerns of voters. admitting
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a mistake and then apologizing for it is something you rarely see in german politics but that's what german chancellor uncle americal did when she called last week's decision about how mohsen unconvincing. i was too focused on the workings of the interior ministry and gave too little consideration to what people think rightly when they hear that someone is getting promoted i deeply regret that this could happen. you see in quanta that's been the interior minister horst hope for delivered the compromise reached this weekend over the future of germany's soon to be former domestic intelligence chief it's a few presidents the current president of the federal office for the protection of the constitution. will henceforth serve a special advisor to the interior minister with the rank of department head there he will be responsible for european adventure national matters. said
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last week there were calls for one skerrick muslim to be sacked after he apparently downplayed recent filings in the city of chemists he was to be removed from his post and then to get a promotion in the interior ministry that sparked widespread public anger prompting new negotiations between on the american c.d.u. their bavarian sister party the c.s.u. led by horst c. who for and the social democrats s.p.d. leader on delay in knowledge gave her reaction in berlin following ze hope for his announcement. i have spoken again with the c.d.u. and c.s.u. leaders and i think that it's a very good sign this we took the criticism of our decision on tuesday seriously and could resolve it i would like to thank i'm going to call and horsey hoffa
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taking up my initiative to see men in the city for. an initiative that in theory at least should spell the end of the mountain crisis and help lift the latest cloud over unlimited calls government. so will the clouds now be lifting to be a political correspondent simon young joins us now for more assignment on america there conceding she made a mistake but will this be enough to silence her critics. well i think it should help calm things down brian you know it's not very often that the chancellor comes out makes a public apology like she's done to a couple of years ago she was sort of forced to admit that the country not being prepared for the large number of refugees who were arriving in she said she was sorry about that but here she said that what she's done is really a response to the fact that people in the country at large couldn't really understand why this man marston who would seem to make unwise or even dangerous
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comments had received a promotion and she said that she was sorry that she hadn't taken that into account in italy let's just have a listen to some of what the chancellor was saying today. there's of each to go if that's not true it's all the more important of course that we now start solving people's problems we have resolved some of them but in some areas during the past months we were too concerned with ourselves that has to change. or there is a plural pronoun here we have not been solving people's problems now this public outrage has been focused on anglo-american but she's just one of a number of people and it's in the coalition who are getting the blame right now and and this is all underscored the gap hasn't the tween politicians in the coalition and the broader public has this decision addressed that gap. well i think this is
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a decision that all saw aides it appears can live with the debate was really about what kind of job this man could miss or even get a promotion the promotion has been. cancelled now and he'll just stay at the same pay grade which is just about acceptable to many in the social democrat party although it's pretty clear that on that side of things people are still very unhappy and there are comments emerging from the social democrats today you know suggesting that they're still not really comfortable with this but i think it's a sort of compromise that everyone can live with it is the chancellor was saying what really matters i think to people around the country is that the government gets on with some real work rather than squabbling and fighting about these rather technical matters i mean mention the social democrats not being happy but it's not just them we're hearing that a crisis has been avoided but voices inside the s.p.d. and the conservatives say this government is hanging by
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a thread. well that's quite a drastic sort of way of putting it certainly it does look like a crime of crisis you've had three crisis meetings in the last ten days and you've has certainly had people within the coalition parties talking about the end of the coalition if certain things are not achieved but as i think as i say the chancellor was saying today it's time to get back to the nitty gritty of real political issues housing jobs pensions breaks it was an issue that the chancellor mentioned when she was speaking earlier there are plenty of things for people to do and frankly the electorate won't understand it in this particular squabble about an internal matter in the ministry carries on being fought out in public simon young first or a simon thanks very much for. now for some of the other stories making the news
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today russian opposition leader alexei in a volley has been detained just moments after walking free from jail live ali had been serving a thirty day sentence for organizing and on authorized protest this both woman says he's now accused of violating a different protest law could face another twenty days in prison. u.s. senators are investigating new claims of sexual misconduct against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh a former classmate says he exposed himself to her college party cavanagh is already facing allegations of sexual assault by university professor christine blasi forward he's denied any wrongdoing. pope francis has praised lothians for winning their freedom after enduring decades of occupation at a ceremony with president raymone a yawn as francis said live in new the price of freedom after suffering under nazi and then soviet occupation latvia is the second stop on the pope's visit to the
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baltics. we want to shine the spotlight now on those who work to make the world a better place each year the right livelihood award on his people and organizations offering smart solutions for the environment for development a swedish philanthropist created the award because these areas are not honored by the more famous nobel prize and they wards therefore known as the alternative nobel prize there are four winners this year we'll be looking at them throughout the day here on the dub you one of them is tony we're not zero. he's pioneered a simple but effective solution to deforestation that has earned him the nickname the forest maker or not us technique involves growing trees from existing root systems which are often still intact using simple majnun practices talk byron auto farmers around the world can regenerate and protect local veges that occasion. now the agronomist believes it has the potential to resource stored degraded dry lands
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with an area of the combined size of india here he is in his own words talking about the success of one project in northern ethiopia. so what we see here in this valley is a wonderful example of the integrated approach to resilience and livelihoods this is a deep valley with steep hills they've started the soil erosion control at the top of the hill very important to reduce the speed of the water flowing off that it's hills said that console banks that putting check stands. before they started all this work there was no grass at all this was just sand but the soil moisture levels increased and that's been enabled them to bring in other species that we can benefit from and now this is very very useful pasture land paper very vulnerable in the eighty's and around that time it fluctuated between experiencing drafts one year and then if it did rain instead of soaking into the ground is that that's now
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it would flood often even if they had it's successful come roaring it would be destroyed by the floods so there was starvation people didn't die the environmental and interventions checked and it's growing trees through if i'm an arm planting all of these activities have. acted like a back fire to the variation in the weather so that when there's a drought it's less severe or it's impact is less severe because this moisture to draw from in the soil and when there's a year of heavy rainfall it doesn't have that opportunity to cause damaging floods because it's quite at every level coming down the valley. there are a lot of sad stories famine and drought in norway where it's about what they've achieved in a very low rainfall area under extremely harsh conditions shows that if you work with night share. possible you can turn the landscape around even in
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a dry. region with regular rainfall you can turn that around when you work with nature to make it a highly productive in stable system and if you want to find out more about tony one auto and the other winners of the right livelihood awards you can just go to our website you have you done. to britain now and that country's messy divorce from european union prime minister treece amazing expected to face intense pressure to ditch or plan that a cabinet meeting coming up over the next few hours this follows a difficult to say the least last week in salzburg austria where the ministers rejected key parts of her proposal to leave the bloc. back prompted proponents of a no deal bracks is to demand that may abandon her plan completely but the prime minister has insisted her proposal is the only one on the table right now. let's go straight to london and josh bloom who's covering this for us from the british
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capital josh the british prime minister there saying her back to the checkers plan is that as it's called is the only one on the table but it is increasingly under fire can today's cabinet meeting be a step towards getting it back on track. it's very hard to say i think what this company's show is everyone's version of right so be slightly difference what checkers was in the u.k. was a version of rex's which was politically acceptable more last in most parts of the conservative spectrum but now the european in have rejected in large parts large parts of it as it will bats a joint or not only what's acceptable the evil will be acceptable for a party of those anons i think it's going to be keeping a quarter out of the irish the military's america also comes on the support of the t.v. in northern ireland and trying to point something which does work through assays but it's going to be a very tough sell ok well what's holding up a deal right now what is the main sticking point. there are two main ones the first
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one of course is the e.u. called him picking and choosing boris johnson and sick or having a keygen easing into the e.u. or disliking the manner in which he came to pick and choose the best bets of being involved in a year overseas in green the movements of goods and services without exacting the free members of people who are freedoms at the evil ways that it advisable the u.k. as it was in somewhat different for that and also more politically more of a little headache for two reasons made this northern ireland not reason may have really nice is the poles of the d.p. the uniqueness of northern ireland to keep. people majority in parliament is worth nothing to reason most conservatives do nots had a clear majority in the british parliament there are no other support the northern ireland unisys data and any solution that saturates northern ireland from the u.k. will be will be said right away from the northern irish. have been the d.a.p. in northern ireland improper reason is governments are not going to miss tricky part but not receive the e.u.
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they reject asked any hard border on the republic of ireland nor marsh. ok and we should know more about where this is having following that cabinet meeting today josh bloom thanks very much for that from. well will german cities be banning diesel cars and trucks ben we'll have more on that coming up in the business. and. a contentious figure at home. in germany. gorbachev was one of the great heroes of the twentieth century mikhail gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change.


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